Evil Facebook now banning any link from Brighteon.com or NaturalNews.com in PRIVATE messaging!

As Joe Rogan is now leading a mass exodus away from the techno-fascist Google / YouTube universe, Facebook is ramping up its censorship to a level that will give Attorneys General across the United States plenty of ammunition in their antitrust lawsuits against the social media giant.

After blacklisting the sharing of any link from Brighteon.com — a free-speech video platform — and NaturalNews.com, Facebook is now blocking any mention of Brighteon or NaturalNews in private messaging on Facebook.

That means this is much more than just censoring the public sharing of Brighteon videos or NaturalNews articles: It’s really about punitive, antitrust oppression of competing sources of user-generated content. Facebook is going “full mafia” and entering the realm of clearly criminal conduct that goes far beyond any protections of Sec. 230 of the DMCA.