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(from 04/01) FBI warned about 'biosecurity risk' after Chinese nationals snuck suspicious vials into US. This was an attack. We were attacked

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Holy SH^%

Are (((they))) releasing vials in specific targeted areas creating the COVID 19 outbreaks!

Think NAVY ships (Military readiness)

Think nursing homes (cause panic)

Think Schools (POTUS closed them so they cannot be targeted)



INVISIBLE ENEMY sneaking around breaking the COVID 19 vials releasing the virus!



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The notable for this should clearly state that ALL these breaches were CAUGHT lest the fake news and other bad actors run with the fake story that "POTUS was warned yet failed to prevent" as I'm sure they likely will.

Here's the pertinent part of the sauce:

…."The bureau’s Chemical and Biological Intelligence Unit pointed to at least three separate instances in 2018 and 2019 where Chinese nationals tried to bring undeclared samples of bacteria and viruses, some of them potentially highly dangerous, into the U.S.

"All of the failed attempts were stopped"

by Customs and Border Protection at Detroit Metropolitan Airport."….


If anyone thinks that there's been anything less that the largest manhunt in U.S. history for these "infiltrating" enemies and bio-terrorists, they are either naive, slow or part of the problem.

Remember that ONE "community case" in the middle of bumfucksville that spooked everyone? And as anon points out, the fact that nursing homes have been targeted?

POTUS told the World last week:

"This was an attack. We were attacked"

as he was being attacked by the weaponized fake news reporters who appear to be acting in concert with the Silent Enemy. UCMJ awaits.