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Notables for May 8, 2021

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CM updates on Maricopa audit - including Jack Sellers stmt

McInerney on Jack Sellers stmt

McInerney: image of Obama & Fauci in Wuhan Lab in 2015

Dr Michael Yeadon: "I know of more vax deaths than covid19 deaths"

Former Maricopa Co recorder on 2020 county election strategy (vid)

All-white Disney exec team decries white privilege - ya sure, you betcha

Last Refuge thread on Kaitlan Collins charge re Trump admin seeking info on WAPO reporters

Border Democrat accuses Biden of playing a 'shell game' to mislead the public on unaccompanied minors

BLM Founder Who Bought $3.2 In Real Estate Also Funneled Business To Her Baby Daddy's Company

Gen. McInerney Twat "Speculation On the Maricopa Audit" /anon thoughts on/connecting dots

pf report(s)

Cyberattack Shuts Down Massive East Coast Gasoline Pipeline-forbes

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Reverse Repo operations week of May 2nd, 2021-$757.09b-total of $2.148T since April 8

Japan asking all prefectures to set up mass vaccination centers-japantimes

GOP Conference Vote To Get Rid of Liz Cheney Scheduled for Next Wednesday, 9am-theconservativetreehouse May 7

The Financial Times reports, Enemies speak out of both sides of their mouth

Facebook Is Doing Planned Parenthood’s Bidding In Banning Pro-Life Group LifeSiteNews

Virginia Military Institute To De-Person Stonewall Jackson, Re-Attribute Quotes in Soviet-Style Purge

Plano, TX - cops should be ashamed of themselves for not enforcing the law

Tune in at 6p Arizona time to hear important updates in our lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s reckless immigrations policies

Contacts, Websites, Other Info

Mike Lindell: 'I'll Give Dominion a Little Scare, We Have the Machines'

It has now been one month since the Texas Rangers began allowing full crowds in their stadium

monty python returns. kek

U.S. military predicts Long March 5B debris to fall to Turkmenistan Nothing has been confirmed yet!

McInerney is following the ROUTERS discussion:

Hedge Funds Are The 'Most Short' Junk Debt Since Lehman

Scavino n Q's

Pompeo n Q's

CM: Did you know that last November in Maricopa County, VOTER FILES WERE HACKED?

Marker 9- Chinese sat tumbling to earth?

Target, Mar A Lago?

The AZ Voter “Empowerment” Task Force is Trying to Shut Down Liz Harris’ Canvassing Operation

Chinese rocket re-entry

Two men in custody after caught with more than 7kg of radioactive uranium

US jobs report is a "disaster"


Original D5 Comm Map

Adrian Fontes describes how he worked w/AZ recorders to prep for 2020 election

5th Fleet intercepted thousands of weapons Iran was supplying to its militias

‘Humbled’ Sadiq Khan re-elected as London mayor

Anon on Scavino tweet & Q #1046, #210, #4953

USSOCOM Vice chief of Naval Ops toured the Human Performance Training Ctr

Notables for May 8, 2021

43 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest