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Notables for May 4, 2021

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Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN)

‘Not Only Are They Friends, They Are Roommates’/McCarthy, Lunz/Q#4919

Funny how these Indian villagers don't see vax pushers as their saviors

Fauci's Cult

Craig Wright is suing to prove he is the creator of Bitcoin = Satoshi Nakamoto, worth $60bil

150,000 freedom protectors march in Montreal on May 1

Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

FDA is set to authorize the Pfizer vax for teens 12 - 15 early next week

Report: GOP Looks to Replace Liz Cheney with Another Woman

Tucker Carlson Drops Bomb: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz Are Roommates! (VIDEO)

China Is Trying To Break Up The Five Eyes Intelligence Network

The Coup Continues: Soros’s Open Society and Globalist Allies Partner with Far-Right Neo-Nazi Party in Hungary to Oust Orbán

Planefaggory aloft

U.S. trade deficit hits a record high amid pent-up demand

Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Sends Out Warning to Staff: Watch Out for Black Lives Matter Protests Downtown Phoenix This Week!

DS comms? with bonus miniature Carter's and furniture???

Standoff Ends as FBI Shoots, Wounds Armed Man Outside CIA Headquarters

Corn tops US$7 a bushel for first time since 2013

Dogecoin Spikes 50% Intraday, Cripples Robinhood's Crypto Trading

Iran’s criminal regime is criminal/Al Qaeda

Minneapolis Target Store That Was Ransacked By Rioters Now Features Mural Celebrating Rioters

45's telegram list

Neuro rights

Gen Mc


The Bee: Chinese Officials Violently Raid Another Church But Don't Worry That Will Never Happen Here

Kneepads on the go

Grassley comms

Another building “jumper”


Pompeo: energy costs/Iran

$17.5 Million In Revenue And $5.4 Billion In Losses: Archegos Was A 300x-Levered Time Bomb For Credit Suisse

UHC app services: Noted are the removal of rights and data confiscation for all device addresses

Honeywell Admits Sending F-35, F-22 Part Drawings To China

Charlie Crist Calls Quits on the House to Run for Governor as Pelosi’s Majority Crumbles

Soros-Connected Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, Snuck an Arizona Outsider Into the 2020 Election Audit

State Dept. Releases Phone Transcript Of Hillary Admitting She Knew Benghazi Was Planned Attack

Schumer ‘Actively Exploring’ Granting Citizenship to Millions of Illegal Immigrants Without GOP Support

planefaggin GOLD

Fed's Kaplan says jury is out about inflation outlook

FBI: Man shot outside CIA headquarters has died

Here’s the $47.6 Billion Stock Portfolio Bill Gates Will Keep to Himself after His Divorce from Melinda

Caitlyn Jenner First Campaign Ad: California Needs a ‘Compassionate Disrupter’

Jordan & Biggs to FBI: why is FBI still abusing its surveillance authority?

Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto, Bans the Election Zuck Bucks

Conservative think tank Heritage Foundation stops taking Big Tech donations

Antrim County Plaintiffs Introduce New Evidence in 2020 Election Case

DC FINALLY Specifies PCR Test Cycle Threshold For Vaccinated Individuals

The Big Vaccine Spin: msm vs truth

Delores Cahill speech in Cork: "We are sovereign individuals"

More on DePerno's finds in Michigan lawsuit - cracking Dominion's code

Cascade Transfers $1.8 Billion of Equities to Melinda Gates

Meme: Evidence that the pandemic was planned

Fiserv, Inc sold by KKR&Co.: $2.70b-May 3

Columbian gov't using deadly force on CV-19 lockdown violaters

Donald J. Trump vid from Gen McInerney

TecnnoFog: Derek Chauvin's attorneys have filed a motion for new trial

D'Souza: Abolish the FBI

Arkansas Ends Sales Taxes On Gold & Silver; Additional States May Soon Follow

It’s Brakey Time: “My role in this audit is to bring Transparency

Moar election fuggery confirmed


Kevin McCarthy’s Luxury Rental Firm’s Largest Shareholder Is Mao’s Grandson

“From the Desk of Donald Trump”

Va Teachers Unions Plan Power Grab, Critical Theory Curriculum After Public Sector Collective Bargaining Legalized

federal judge has ordered the release of a legal memorandum the Trump-era Justice Department prepared for then-AG Barr

former staffer for @SenFeinstein continued to pay large sums of money in 2019 to former British spy ChristopherSteele

Pink Shirts – Observers Representing Katie Hobbs

Records Show Iowa State Officials Coordinated with Big Tech to Censor 2020 Election Posts

Pfizer says COVID vaccine generated $3.5 billion in revenue in Q1

Being the Chairman of a minority party, it is very important to ensure that all our votes count

Push for U.S. 'vaccine passport' grows as Canada announces its own

Czech this site: Thousands of medical doctors say the pandemic was planned

@USArmy #USArmy researchers developed a technique that allows robots to remain resilient

Shady Democrat Operative Ryan Macias Misrepresented Himself as Media to Get on Audit Floor

@DeptofDefense F-22 Raptor flies alongside an @AusAirForce

Gates and Bezos Divorces

George Soros-backed prosecutor in St. Louis was ordered Tuesday to face a professional disciplinary hearing

Netanyahu fails to form coalition government in Israel

@NationalMallNPS Happy #StarWarsDay

Nowhere in the constitution does it say you need the CDC's permission to do anything

For the keks!

$1.2 M reward offered for proof COVID-19 virus exists

Cruz with 45

Freedom-Extortion Team 17

Bill Barr Went to Rome to Hear a Secret Tape From Joseph Mifsud, the Prof Who Helped Ignite the Russia Probe

Biden’s Stimulus Springs Leaks as March Trade Deficit Explodes to Highest Level Ever

Judge sends @Arizona_LP packing on its claim that it (and other parties) were entitled to be observers at the extra audits

FBI blackvault open for business

Scavino: Travel and tourism is on fire in Portland

“The unprecedented surge of pro-life activity in state legislatures this year proves life is winning in America,”

Notables for May 4, 2021

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