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Notables for Apr 7, 2021

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2nd wave of Corona will mean the non-"vaccinated" will get sick from the more contagious virus, but will benefit from their natural killer cells fighting back

stab at q like decode

QE2 Metals Ceremony, Shipping Magnate JP Morgan, Human Genome, and curiously SONOR

Hungary Tripled Gold Reserves as Central Banks Turn Buyers Again

planefaggin GOLD

Myanmar coup latest: Explosion reported at Yangon shopping mall

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller launches group targeting Biden’s policies

Flynn interview vid with url to recommended by AJ

Clay Clark's Health & Freedom Conference 2021 | General Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell


For the first time, Iranian state media acknowledges an Iranian ship in Red Sea is a Revolutionary Guard base and it is currently under attack

Archegos woes prompts Japan watchdog to probe risky transactions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey #Lavrov and #US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John #Kerry had a brief unplanned meeting in Delhi

Russia, Russia, Russia…

NOAA Fisheries Announces Gear and Harvest Limits at Artificial Reef Sites in the South Atlantic Region

An appeals court has rejected a bid by the former operators of Backpage.com to recuse a judge in Arizona

Doormen Who Witnessed NYC Attack On Asian American Woman Fired

United to train inexperienced pilots

“1,000 'woke' companies unite against election-integrity laws!”

White House: Americans Not Required to Carry ‘Vaccine Passports’

THE TIMELINE - Donald Trump, Q and The Great Awakening - VA Patriot

Ukraine’s admission to NATO will only exacerbate crisis in southeast, Kremlin says

Peeps to watch on social media

Drone-Ception: Valkyrie Drone Launches Mini-Drone in New Air Force Test

China sent more fighter jets into Taiwan's air defense zone today; Taiwan says it will fight to the end if there's war (Reuters)

President Biden to unveil executive action on gun control Thursday - Politico

GMaxwell: Now prosecutors have revealed the full scale of the mountain of evidence in the case, which stretches to within a stone's throw of three million pages

The Bee: Democrats Warn That If HR 1 Isn’t Passed, Republicans Could Win Some Elections

Kansas: Great conversation with Peter Thiel at the @nixonfoundation seminar last night


Kate Brown Criminal Governor of Oregon makes terrorist threats against political opponents

US Embassy Head of Security Found Dead in Nairobi Hotel

Biden says China "counting on American Democracy to be too slow, too limited, and too divided to keep pace."

Fed officials expect it will be ‘some time’ before it starts tightening policy, minutes show

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Says The Quiet Part About Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Out Loud

Tesla Delays Delivery For Refreshed Model S And Model X Vehicles

The WHO Is Re-writing History, They're having a hell of a time selling the vax/'gene therapy' so need to redirect the narrative

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey to let statewide mask mandate expire Friday

FinCEN Begins Making Rules For Corporate Transparency Act

BACN is a comms relay/gateway system that provides military commanders with a versatile means of exchanging information from multiple air, ground, and maritime sources

Nancy Pelosi Rents Office Space To Group Designed By Pedophile, Connected To Pedophilia And Child Porn

Idaho Governor signs executive order banning vaccine passports

HBO Exterminate All the Brutes Radical masterpiece of white supremacy, violence and the History of the West

Ohio court, mask mandates unconstitutional

‘Protect Democracy Project’ – The Group Threatening Arizona Auditors Is Connected to Obama, Soros, China and Biden’s DOJ

Military attache has "occupied" embassy, Myanmar UK ambassador says (AP)

Scavino Channel Telegram

Psaki fam digg intro: DS connections

Russia dug on Psaki when she was Obama's press secretary. apparently, she is still psakiing. rt

Psaki fam: Unitarian Rev. Kirsten Psaki

New Mexico ends qualified immunity for all government workers

Stephanie Psaki, Senior Advisor on Human Rights and Gender Equity

Stephanie Psaki: The Girl Innovation, Research, and Learning (GIRL) Center

planefaggin' GOLD

Indiana AG Todd Rokita launches investigations into five Big Tech companies over censoring conservative content

Prosus raises $14.7 billion from Tencent sale in world's largest block trade

Occidental Petroleum Corp. sold by Carl Ichan:$179.55m-Apr 5-6

Biden EO: White House Announces Six 'Initial Actions to Address the Gun Violence

BREAKING: Georgia to lift all Covid-19 restrictions starting tomorrow

Stephanie Psaki: Judith Bruce & Paz de la Huerta

Stephanie Psaki: Judith Bruce & Population Council/Girl Center

The 5 States With the Most Underfunded Public Employee Pensions

Stephanie Psaki, Judith Bruce & Paz de la Huerta

Notables for Apr 7, 2021

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