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Notables for Apr 5, 2021

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iran/syria First million barrels to be refined outside petrodollar system

60 CBS Spooks - DeSantis Defiant in ’60 Minutes’ Hit — ‘It’s Wrong, It’s a Fake Narrative’

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India shuts down Mumbai after reported Covid surge ('sup?)

Scavino: 3 crosses light up metropolitan sky

6 dead, at least 27 others wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago-b911

S Immanuel tweet "I just came out of Walmart. In Texas don’t have to wear a mask..."

Task Force Pictures Hate Crime Suspects Behind Series of Violent Attacks on Asian Americans-gatewaypundit

Black Panther Minister of Defense ‘Brother AJ’ Brandishes Guns at the Georgia Capitol-gatewaypundit

Raffenberger petitions GA court: doesn't want to hand over ballots for audit-gatewaypundit

Kentucky passes a philosophical exemption law for vaccines so they can’t be forced on people ‘21RS SB 8’-KY legislature and soc.media

Social Media chimes in on 60minutes piece on FL Gov. DeSantis

Suez rescue of 1000 kids from container ship is FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS

Look who showed up for Easter Sunday services at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida…45

Biden fails to mention Jesus in ‘Easter Address,’ speaks of COVID

Biden's Absolute Zero Timeline-worlddoctorsalliance

Into The Storm (HBO): Here are all episodes except 5+6


Earthquake LA now

Biden Schedule Monday April 5, 2021

Planefag Reports

GME Shares Plunge As Company Moves To Sell 3.5M New Shares

Satellite images show Russia amassing unprecedented military might in Arctic, readying “super weapons” tests & securing key shipping route. (CNN)

Derek Chauvin Trial for 4/5/2021 10:00 am est

Putin Signs Law Paving Way to Rule Until 2036

Clarence Thomas suggests that social media companies may NOT have a First Amendment right to regulate speech on their platforms…

Re: , Clarence Thomas suggests SM co's may NOT have 1st Amendment right to regulate speech on their platforms…

Human smugglers use Facebook to connect with migrants and spread "false" hope of reaching U.S. (NBC)

A former staff for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) Mon afternoon to hold press conference regarding recent encounter with the FBI. 12 p.m. EST. (The Hill)

Strange Inert Military Explosive Device Is Found On Florida Beach

Senator @marcorubio: to @MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred asking him if he’ll relinquish personal membership at Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club…

Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials. Starting soon

Fox News Derek Chauvin trial continues | Day 6

British PM Johnson provides COVID-19 update as country turns to mass testing after lockdown | LIVE

NASA reveals more hidden Easter eggs aboard Mars rover

French authorities investigate 'clandestine' dinner parties in Paris

Anons who didn't take the white house virtual tour may want to check out the photos today

Wigberto "Berto" Berrios arrested & charged w/five counts of exploitation, criminal attempt child molestation & criminal attempt of enticing a child

BREAKING: 2nd GOP Governor Joins Florida’s Ron DeSantis in COVID Passport Opposition — Mississippi’s Tate Reeves

Whats Night [1]? (Datefag)

Did Hunter Biden implicate himself in a crime? (Jonathan Turley)

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Fauci hits back at rightwing criticism and says attacks on him 'bizarre'


U.S. Treasury's Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax-reuters

followup vid - A Canadian pastor quite literally exorcised the local police from his building after they apparently tried breaking up his church service over COVID rules-tmz and y/t

Planefag Reports

President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Tradition of Easter at the White House

Beijing Accelerating Timeline for Possible Invasion of Taiwan, Expert Warns

Supreme Court dismissed fed appeals court decision holding former Pres. Trump violated the Constitution by blocking critics on Twitter

Posobiec twat and article : Justice Clarence taking the lead on social media adjudication, watch that section 230 soc media and rawstory.com and Section230 reminder

JUST IN: The Supreme Court has dismissed a federal appeals court decision holding that former Pres. Trump violated the Constitution by blocking his critics on Twitter-b911

Governor Abbott Declines To Throw First Pitch At Texas Rangers Game Due To MLB’s False Narrative On Voter Integrity Laws

High court nixes Alex Jones' appeal in Newtown shooting case

Latest update from Lindell and Flynn. 35 minutes ago

DeSantis, Manatee officials work to prevent 20-foot wall of wastewater at Piney Point-tampabay.com

Teen girls accused of killing DC Uber Eats driver reach plea deal ensuring they will not 'be placed in a prison facility'

JUST IN: United Airlines issues statement on voting procedures

KANSAS Twat: "Requiring Americans to show proof of vaccination, or a ‘vaccine passport,’ in order to engage in society is outrageous and un-American..."

Chinese aircraft carrier and 5 ships pass Okinawa on way to Pacific-nikkei

GameStop to capitalize on 'stonks' rally with $1 billion stock sale plan-reuters

Russia Russia Russia back in the news- "Russia's growing nuclear arsenal and President Biden's inaction on nuclear weapons may put American allies in grave danger, Republicans and defense experts say."-washingtonstandard

Video shows Oklahoma City inmate take guard hostage before being fatally shot

Capitol Police officer killed last wk when a man rammed his car into 2 officers outside the Capitol does not appear to have been stabbed, slashed or shot (WAPO)

GameStop to Sell Stock After Reddit-Fueled Trading Frenzy

Family were thrown off a Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando to Atlantic City, just because their barely 2 year old daughter was eating without a mask on

State Dept Daily Press Briefing Live

Press Briefing by Jen Psaki. Still on the waiting screen

The Wayback Machine: Statement by President Eisenhower Upon Signing the Communist Control Act of 1954-Death For Treason-presidency.ucsb.edu

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BlackRock Breaks Ranks With Wall Street in Performing Race Audit-bnnb-berg

Beijing Accelerating Timeline for Possible Invasion of Taiwan, Expert Warns-Apr 4 epochtimes

JPMorgan’s Federally-Insured Bank Holds $2.65 Trillion in Stock Derivatives; How Did It Avoid the Archegos Blowup?-wallstonparade

Scavino: “@MLB requires photo ID to pick up tickets from Will Call, but boycotts Georgia for voter ID law”

It’s A Good Time to Die?

A Rundown Of Major U.S. Corporate Media’s Business Ties To China

Fauci: Federal government won’t mandate vaccine passports

Massive Chinese military deployment to Myanmar:

PDJT GAB on NYT article

Japan and Germany plan to hold the first-ever talks between their foreign and defense ministers as early as next week

An NYPD precinct commander fatally shot himself in the head inside a department vehicle near Kissena Park on Monday

The Arkansas Senate voted to permanently block the state's governor from ever imposing another mask mandate. House must vote in

Apple Inc. sold by Chief Operations Officer: $16.83m-Apr 5

KKR raises $15bn for largest Asia fund

PF reports

Credit Suisse Starts Unloading Stocks Tied to Archegos Collapse

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski Now Trails Republican Challenger By15 Points

Suga gets his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

Interesting Myanmar Links (& pics of G Soros)

National Justice - FBI plans to refabricate image whilst smearing opponents

CFR State and Local Officials Webinar: A Conversation With CFR President Richard N. Haass (vid)

Japan Finance Minister backs new SDR allocation, U.S. calls for minimum corp tax

The UGLY truth about the Covid-19 lockdowns – Nick Hudson, co-founder of PANDA

Notables for Apr 5, 2021

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