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Notables for Jan 27, 2021

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People turn in family members, ex-partners they recognize in Capitol riot footage

US National Security Commission suggests to continue exploration of AI-powered weapons

President Biden offered his most extensive comments since taking office on President Trump's impeachment trial, telling CNN's @kaitlancollins, "I think it has to happen."

Jacinda Ardern outlines where Kiwis could travel in 2021

Lebanese lawyers seek to halt liquidation of UK-registered firm possibly linked to Beirut blast

Created a Twitter Account using https://sharklasers.com for a disposable email address

Correction on first president that invoked the insurrection act

In 2013, Biden admits he asked Xi Jingping for help to become Presiden

Sidney Powell: Reports are that Italy Prime Minister Conte is resigning tomorrow

Q22 and President Trump New office Proof, What FORMER PRESIDENT used the military to save the republic and what occurred exactly? No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift

Two Dead Following Hostage Situation In Austin Texas


Veritas suing the New York times, NYT prints 100 corrections in the last two weeks out of dirty double thinking tactics


US Space Command Tweet Decode

Sen Patrick Leahy Taken to Hospital

Many buses and people entering the WH around 3:45 yesterday night. Did we ever find out more about that?

SC Police Release Heavily Redacted Report In The Murder of 3-Year-old Victoria Rose Smith

United States Corporation Compny Now In Bankruptcy Court Case No: 20-40375-Kks Last Filing 01/25/2021

YouTube strips Epoch Times of ability to monetize video content

"Transition Integrity Project" that formed before the election, headed up by Rosa Brooks, Max Boot, Podesta, (Cap)

Melvin Capital Requires $2.75 Billion USD Cash Infusion After WallStreetBets' GameStop Rally

Will Omar be banned for accusing McConnell SC seat fraud?

Eric Schmidt and others call for U.S.-China tech "bifurcation"

General Flynn interview on the x22 Report Talking of Washington’s 30 More Days

Cuck Post front page story..they are scared!

Crumb 30 - Think xkeysc on steroids

@NicholasTrainer asks Has she circled back yet?

anon opines:They called the state NG their to takeover DC by force after a stolen election, and therefore an insurrection has occurred

PF Reports

hit piece / badge of honor: The Far-Right Feeding Frenzy on QAnon Leftovers: Fresh Blood?

hit piece: Trump’s Right wing supporters seek what to do with their anger

Nasdaq President Adena Friedman:We monitor social media chatter and will halt stock if we match chatter with unusual activity in stocks

Mark Meadows joins CPI as Senior Partner


anon opines on Grass roots boycotts as related to gamestop bankerbreaking

anon opines on the QR effect on current events in DC

John Gilbert Getty Died from Fentanyl Overdose … Heart Condition Also Factor

anons opine on the gamestop dog-pile to screw over the short positions, get involved! buy even a fraction!

ANON STRATEGIZES BIGLY: Make BidenBitch accelerate the shit!

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins conservative Hudson Institute in DC

anon digs on What is Flynn’s background?

The Teachers Unions vs. COVID Microschooling


4 fronts of readiness, LtGen Charles Flynn

Vatican acquits retired bishop

Nationwide raid: Cologne police: 52 children freed from clutches of pedophiles (date?)

Bomb disposal unit called to AstraZeneca vaccine plant in Wrexham, United Kingdom (BBC)

Lin Wood Telegram forwarded from Sidney Powell: …You will be stunned and cannot imagine how #Dominion could sue anyone for defamation about its machines!

Inside the ‘hoarder’s paradise’ linked to Getty family, where 1,000 guns were seized

anon opines AMC shit is a bugman post ?

gerbil's noble glowable bundle

dead Getty digs continuing

eyes in the sky (GOLD not a cyclops)

Senator Tom Carper introduces the Washington, D.C. Admission Act to make D.C. the 51st state of the USA


Clinesmith due to be sentenced this week


Goldman Board Slashes CEO Solomon's Pay By 36%

compare this video to the WhiteHouse live stream fireworks

Italy’s Prime Minister Resigns

Texas TRYING to Secede from the Union?


Notables Archives

YouTube suspends Donald Trump indefinitely


Prooffag Chimes in



White House Annonucement



Delingpole: ‘Trussst Usss! We’re Not Evil’ Claims Davos WEF Great Reset Promo Video


Police bust Anambra (nigeria) baby factory, rescue 5 babies #SaveTheBabies

YouTube extends Trump suspension, slaps new restrictions on Giuliani


Love yourself (Create Your Own Destiny)

Merck Discontinues Development of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates

Reminder Vice president joe biden makes unannounced trip to iraq

Gamestop expained: unfolding/check the loses on insider trading YES!

Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials

Delingpole: ‘Trussst Usss! We’re Not Evil’ Claims Davos WEF Great Reset Promo Video

Biden Learns What It’s Like to Have Federal Judges Block His Immigration Agenda. (Ha HA HA)

Trump painting

3 Corps. run 3 Cities: London, DC, Vatican. (CAPS)

BlackRock may have raked in $2.4 bln on GameStop's retail-driven stock frenzy


Kek - Elon Just Guaranteed GME Going To 1K?

PF Q4 SCORE 36 up over the eastern shore (4th Quarter?)

3 yr delta's Dopey/Dorsey


Trump conviction unlikely after GOP votes to nix trial

Anon Opines - The symbolic meaning of octagon deals with:

Declassified U.S. intelligence bolsters Wuhan lab theory in coronavirus outbreak

No conditions to reset Russia-US relations — Kremlin No Reset

See the attached instructions on how to upvote/Bump

CCP on Verge of Collapse?

DJT v. Boockvar

Joe Biden's Mental Acuity Slips 50% in 4 years

Twitter opens tweet archive to academic researchers for free

Trump will be the last (R) President in my lifetime.. perhaps ever

Sen. Carper introduces bill to make Washington, DC, the 51st US state

17 arrested in Lubbock prostitution sting

Sen. Barrasso Calls Out Biden’s Energy Sec. Nom Granholm’s Failed Energy Record As MI Governor

DND Create Office To Weaponize Propaganda to influence Attitudes, Ideas And Beliefs Of Canadians!!!

Gariba Neutori, 35 and Gmabani Gariba, 21 have been arrested by the Tatale-Sanguli District Police for allegedly trafficking children

Senate committee advances Biden's DHS pick despite Republican pushback

Second DC police officer commits suicide weeks after Capitol riot

US Navy UFO Patent

‘Democrats Are In A Box’: Graham Says Pelosi’s Impeachment Push Is Backfiring In Senate

Gamestop saga unfolding on wall street

Putin calls out Big Tech in Davos


Proud Boys Leader Was 'Prolific' FBI Snitch: Court Docs

nypost: Ashli Babbitt shooting

Austin doctor shot, killed by another doctor

Biden Team Considers Banning Conservative Media from Press Briefings


53 dead after blaze engulfs bus and fuel truck in horror Cameroon crash

Mike Lindell said Tuesday that he will “not be erased” (like kun?)

Second DC police officer commits suicide weeks after Capitol riot

Spacetime Modification Weapons

Putin calls out Big Tech in Davos

US Court of Appeals ups cyber security in light of voter fuggery

DuPage County Illinois Signed “Anti-Transparency Contract” with Dominion Voting Systems – Company Pushed County to Resist Release of Information

US eases ban on security investments that finance Chinese military companies

hightened terror threat declared until april 30

baker handoff

GOP lawmakers want briefing regarding continued National Guard presence at Capitol

Rewriting history? Newsweek edits 2015 story to align with disputed claim that GOP Sen. Tom Cotton lied about his military record

131 Arrested on ‘Calmer’ Night of Dutch Coronavirus Curfew

Another DC police officer commits suicide weeks after Capitol riot

Conservative MP Calls for GPS Tracking of Quarantined Britons

900 Holocaust survivors died of COVID-19 in Israel last year

DHS: National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin warning "there is currently a heightened threat environment across the United States that is likely to persist over the coming weeks."

U.S. B-52 bomber again flies over Mideast amid Iran tensions

Conservative MP Calls for GPS Tracking of Quarantined Britons

Sen. Rand Paul says this impeachment is "antithesis of unity"

Sen. Tom Carper Introduces Washington DC Admission Act to Make Nation’s Capital its 51st State

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claims Twitter took over his account and secretly posted as him - before his permanent ban - as he lashes out at Big Tech 'censorship'

#16254, #16255, #16256\2

Biden starts staffing a commission on Supreme Court reform

Gabriel Plotkin Bio, Returns, AUM, Net Worth

@USMC Touch Down

@18airbornecorps Episode 3 of the Doomsday Clock podcast-Cuban Missile Crisis


Obstruction boomerang: FBI knew DOJ was preparing to fire Comey long before Trump ordered it

The DOJ just indicted a social media influencer for posting memes encouraging voters to vote using incorrect and false procedures

INSANE: Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Banning the Term “China Virus”

Devin Nunes Podcast Published January 27, 2021, What's Next For Trump with Michael Anton

The Bee: Septic tanks arrive in DC to begin refilling the swamp


It's fine, this is fine

Baker Contribution bun, adding what's missing and moving on


Welcome back to Post Pearl Harbor America: Suspicion of Chinese-Born Researchers Threatens US Innovation-Not Trump's Fault

Shit, what'd we do now… Oh, it's an insurrection?

On the Origin and Congruence of Sprituality, Perception, Reality, and God

PF Reports

President Biden Delivers Remarks and Signs Executive Actions on Tackling Climate Change, Creating Jobs, and Restoring Scientific Integrity

Biden administration reviewing Trump administration decision to designate China’s oppression of its minority Muslim Uighurs as genocide

com\.org sciencey stuffs (New Agey Comms?)

Moar Build Back Better Bullshit

CORTES: Trump Can Turn the Impeachment on the Insiders and Put Congress on ‘Trial’

Mask on Mask off

The Occupation Of Washington Is Pure Panic Porn — And You Are The Target

KrakenWood Telegrams

Discord Faggots?

Two doctors dead in apparent murder-suicide following hostage situation at Texas children's medical center

StockFaggotry Digs

Opine on Grasping Public Opinion

Wanted Mexican Official Linked to NSO Spyware Deal 'Seeks Asylum in Israel'

More crazy people wastingoxygen: Sunny Hostin: 'There Is No Rift' in GOP, They Are the ‘Far Right Extremist Party’

Soon it will be unavoidable: Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates has acknowledged

HACKS: CNN, MSNBC Barely Touch Antifa Riots in Portland

Trump Card Incoming?

Man Claiming to Be CNA in Nursing Home: Seniors, “Dying Like Flies” After Getting Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Biden Becoming Less Popular With Likely Voters Every Day—and So Are His Policies

These people must think that we are just as retarded as they are. Do they realize that we are autists, not retards?

FLASHBACK: Biden Said ‘You Can’t Legislate By Executive Orders Unless You’re A Dictator’

Declassified Documents Prove FBI Knowingly and Willfully Lied to FISA Court to Spy on Trump Campaign

FLASHBACK: Biden Said ‘You Can’t Legislate By Executive Orders Unless You’re A Dictator’

Wisconsin Senate Votes to Overturn Democrat Governor’s Statewide Mask Mandate

JUST IN: DHS Issues National Terrorism Advisory, Takes Veiled Shot at Conservative Media, Trump Supporters – Admits They Have No Info to Indicate Specific, Credible Plot

Do Apollo's Ties To Jeffrey Epstein Run Deeper Than Leon Black?

And you thought nose swabs were bad! China begins using anal swabs to test for Covid in Beijing because 'they are much more accurate'

Widespread net outages Northeast US

If Trump had done this…' BREAKING: Democrats Introduce Legislation To Make DC The 51st State (And Give Dems Full Control Of Senate)

Wisconsin Senate Votes to Overturn Democrat Governor’s Statewide Mask Mandate

'San Francisco can't figure out how to safely open schools but they have time to cancel Lincoln': Fury as board votes to rename 44 schools honoring 'racists' such as Washington and Jefferson

Xinjiang Genocide Means US Firms Can’t ‘Continue to Deceive Themselves’ About China: US Commissioner, Pompeo


President Trump Endorses Sarah

Pompeo Calls on Biden to Acknowledge CCP’s Role in Pandemic After Memo Release

Senate Votes on Confirmation of Linda Thomas-Greenfield as US Ambassador to UN

Mrs. Melania Trump on the move - Melania Trump hires staff and establishes post-White House office

Biden’s Order to Stop Trump’s Border Wall Construction Will Be Costly and Also It’s Likely Illegal

Dig R\q? Verify?

Biden’s Energy Nominee Divvied Millions In Taxpayer Funds To Alternative Energy Startups That Went Bankrupt

Dem Rep. Clark: More Money Needed in Next COVID Bill to Help Women with ‘Pay Equity’

Jim Dey | What's in crime bill? No more cash bonds

"Let us Think for you…" Kerry says Biden is offering displaced fossil fuel workers 'better choices'

Proud Boys Leader Was 'Prolific' FBI Snitch: Court Docs

"Reset AU?"

Social Media Influencer Charged with Election Interference Stemming from Voter Disinformation Campaign - Defendant Unlawfully Used Social Media to Deprive Individuals of Their Right to Vote

Department of Justice Launches Global Action Against NetWalker Ransomware

Anon Theory ~


The Ten Stages of Genocide "(You) are at 7"

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has joined Hudson Institute

Mets fans worried over Steve Cohen’s GameStop involvement

“We’re Not Going to Ban Fracking” – Biden Mumbles Through Climate Change Presser, Signs More Executive Orders – Then Calls a Lid

Kek…DC rioter told friend: ‘I’d storm the Capitol for you any day’


Marker [2]…

Stupid fuckers making them make new rules to pay new people off to do the same thing anyway… Report: SEC To Begin Limit Individual Investor’s Access To Financial Markets And Then Donate to Themselves for Write Offs

Today, the Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) Chairman Jim DeMint announced that former U.S. Congressman and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has been hired as a senior partner. CPI was founded in 2017 to train, equip and unite the…

SPOOKY 3yr delta

Dark To Light Marker

Razor Wire and troops gone from at least the WH compound. Livestream

Mickey watch ?

Neon Revolt? Techno Fog?

18 U.S. Code § 241 - Conspiracy against rights

Biden Assembling Commission To Study Supreme Court Reform

Maniacle Ramblings? Or Coherent Conclusions?

Full Digital? Joe Biden’s School Reopening Plan Excludes High Schools

Ezra Retweets… From the Eisenhower Library on #HolocaustRemembranceDay

Protests Continue in Tunisia as Authorities Reveal Identity of Dead Demonstrator

At Least 9 Officers Injured After Protesters in Lebanon's Tripoli Attack Police With Live Grenade

Democrats Suddenly Want To Reopen The Economy — Why Now?

Leahy's hospitalization shows Dems' majority hangs by thread

Over 40 lawmakers sign letter urging Merrick Garland to prioritize abolishing death penalty

BrownCoat Twitter Policy ~ Twitter Opens Floodgates to Public Moderation But Experts Warn of Abuse

Call for a dig on Seton Ascention, there are way more directions to dig into that this one anon can handle

Biden & NWO

Russia’s Putin says U.S. social media giants are now competing with elected governments

Xi Twists Biden’s Arm at Davos ~ The Chinese president pitches his vision of globalism to the world

Shit They are starting to peer through the veil ~ Biden’s Virus Response Resembles Trump’s, Adds Bureaucracy - Aside from a handful of exceptions, Biden’s actions restate predecessor’s agenda while infusing pandemic response with 'equity' agenda

CVS begins in-store COVID-19 vaccinations

Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, Brother of Michael Flynn, Tapped to Head U.S. Army Pacific

Bill Gates: COVID vaccination passports could help open up our economy 'faster'

3 yr delta soon Gamestop

Datefagging, Don't do it. Theorize and Hypothesize


Live: UN Pushes for Permanent Lockdown, Forced Inoculations, Three Masks And More

"Stop Yappin" CIA reportedly cautions ex-spies against talking too much, working for foreign governments

Former NAB employee jailed for eight years over $5.5million fraud

Do Apollo's Ties To Jeffrey Epstein Run Deeper Than Leon Black?

Look There Not Here

Saudi authorities said they had arrested seven businessmen and 12 bank employees for a scheme that involved transferring 11.6 billion riyals ($3.1 billion) of unknown origin abroad

Big tech ‘kowtow to China’ in an extremely dangerous reality

Biden sued for halting federal oil and gas leasing


Biden sued for halting federal oil and gas leasing

Baker Hughes sold by General Electric Co.: $735.05m-Jan 23

PF Reports

Outages Across NorthEast Continue?

"JUST IN - S&P 500 drops 2.6% in the biggest loss since October and a week after Joe Biden took office." +StocksStuffs

What does this even MEAN? Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya says he closed his GameStop position after the stock's latest surge

Putin, just now at World Economic Forum…“It is clear that an era associated with attempts to build a centralized unipower World Order is over. These were attempts and just that. It is over. Such attempts were inherently contrary to the cultural and…

All Over AMC and Gamestop:? REALLY? Like The Baseless Q Conspiracy Thiing Right?

Psychology, It's Simple! ~ Review of Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development+An Anon's thoughts

Thank God they are crazy enough to tag DOD


If Trump Supporters Did This… Deputies investigating after threatening letters sent to Trump supporters

Hedge Fund Maplelane Loses About 33% on Short Bets This Month

"Get a load of the faggots at yahoo. Contradicting stories just minutes apart."

Balkan Bread Shinin'

New Tenn. legislation could prevent businesses from denying goods, services to non-maskers

"Reddit Trading"

til Death Do Ye Part Congrats Maam

A California man charged with possessing five pipe bombs talked about targeting Democrats, along with the social media giants Twitter and Facebook, as part of a discussion about going “to war” to ensure former President Donald Trump remained in the…

New Tenn. legislation could prevent businesses from denying goods, services to non-maskers

Hahahaha Let's Publicly Say Fuck You and Fuck That Shit Thanks, No Thanks, Bye bye

U.K. PedoFiles

SOUTHCOM statement on the passing of Colombian Minister of Defense Carlos Holmes Trujillo Garcia

Bulgarian VP Test Positive for COVID

Norway Closing Borders

PF Reports


Are We Watching the Bidan Movie?

We Are The Voices of Autism - Speaks and Shares

Why are they really killing themselves? Second DC cop commit suicide

Interesting Wealth Disparity

"sounds like china is on the brink of collapse"

See below email reply from Sen. John Cornyn (TX) rec'd today:

GOP to "stay neutral" should Trump run again…

Testimony from Chellis Glendinning?


Sealed V. Unsealed Ghislaine

Media blames Trump and 'white supremacy' for Reddit-inspired stock surges

Three Individuals Affiliated With the Oath Keepers Indicted in Federal Court for Conspiracy to Obstruct Congress on Jan. 6, 2021

"Dead Cat Bounce"

John Paul Rice, producer of Hunger games says - Edge.org is a multi-billionaire club of people financed by Jeffrey Epstein with Bill Gates as a contributing member


Behold a Pale Horse… Remembering Bill Cooper and related

PF Reports

Jen Psaki On GameStop Stock Surge: ‘We Have The First Female Treasury Secretary’

The Dechert LLP summary report for Apollo Global Management detailing the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Leon Black

Since the #TwitterPurge of conservatives, I’ve lost 350,000 followers. While that is a sad commentary on the illusion of free speech in “liberal America,” ………

James F. Moriarty Posthumously Awarded Silver Star Medal Today

Have fun Big Brain Man

PF Reports

The Redditfags deliver their terms to the SEC

DHS uses federal alert system for first time in a year to warn of domestic terrorist threat

How much funds are being used for this "Re-Naming?" San Francisco Mayor London Breed blasts school board for having a plan to rename schools by April but not a plan to reopen

Purple Stuff (Comms?)


Apple's Blockbuster Quarter: Revenue Tops $100BN, Record China Sales, Across The Board Beats

Mexico's Richest Man Carlos Slim Hospitalized With COVID-19

"Gerbil" Stopped by

Cannibal Comms - Cicada Mania Begins This Spring; Hungry Americans May Be Eating Insects

Rutgers University research professor Andrew Brooks, who played an integral role in the development of the first approved COVID-19 saliva test, died suddenly over the weekend

Insanity Wrap #133: China Virus, China Virus, China Virus

Producer of “Hunger Games” talks about Hollywood pedophiles

SEC Issue Statement

Corsair Gaming Inc sold by EagleTree Partners: $289.10m-Jan 26

Corsair Gaming Inc sold by EagleTree Partners: $289.10m-Jan 26

The Common Peoples Plight God Bless You

Lights out night 6 at the White House

Kek . . . Exchanges Ban Trades, Biden Administration ‘Monitoring Situation’ After Reddit Drives Wall Street Hedgefunds to Brink of Bankruptcy in Gamestop Short

Slain tech CEO Fahim Saleh left behind $6M: court papers

DC Mayor Bowser Demands Businesses “Pull Down” Boards Erected to Defend Against BLM Rioters

Pennsylvania family of four found dead in murder-suicide

Biden climate envoy Kerry says all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies will work to combat climate change

Fucking Imprison these people already! WE WOULD BE THERE! Sen. Dianne Feinstein fails to disclose husband's stock purchase

[VIDEO] Man Shares New Stunning Camera Angle of Joe’s Bizarre “Inauguration”

OC health care worker dies after receiving 2nd COVID-19 vaccine shot; official cause of death pending

"In a Paranoid Nation, “Treason” Is Everywhere"

Maricopa County Officials Sell Out America! Refuse Audit of 2020 Ballots – GOP Senators Vow to Fight On

Egyptian Officer Says Army Needs Help From Russian PMCs To Confront ISIS In Sinai

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Individual Rights and Freedoms Under Siege in Era of COVID

Discord just caved to media pressure that falsely accused WallStreetBets of being "white nationalists" and banned the whole server

Vice Feeling The Grip ~ AAAAAND, HERE WE GO AGAIN WallStreetBets and Gamestop: Reddits Lingering White Supremacy Problem & How Trumpism explains the GameStop stock surge…Jesus H Christ these people are stupid

USMIL@ WH Arresting congress?

Curse of Rising against the Blessed more like…

The Hunger Games director Lurks on 8kun? Spills the beans on Hollywood Grime

Silver now fluctuating? Businesses too risky?

Discord allows illegal software modding servers but bans ~ Breaking: Discord bans the r/WallStreetBets server

How Convenient… Global Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes

Bill O Reilly Stayin' Wiley

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) announced plans this week to hold a rally in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Thursday afternoon. This comes after Liz Cheney, the third most powerful House Republican, smeared and voted to impeach President Trump

Emotet: The world's most dangerous malware botnet was just disrupted by a major police operation

PF Reports

NASDAQ temporarily shuts down stock trading after internet trolls destroy hedge fund with GameStop stock

Compare if you will these two images…

Lin Wood, FBI agents are now going after various prolific twitter users for posting memes during the 2016 election

…Although Trump reportedly signed the documents to turn over control to the military under a limited scenario of emergency powers, the military did not want to move against Biden on Inauguration Day out of fear that a nationwide civil war would…

But Pedophiles and Visceral Corruption roam free… FBI agents are now going after various prolific twitter users for posting memes during the 2016 election

Direct Indirect Comms Aimed at Hunger Games Director?

@DonaldJTrumpJr I’m not sure whether it’s hilarious or scary as hell that they’re essentially indicting someone making Memes

Sen. Chuck Schumer: "There will be a trial and the evidence against the former president will be presented in living color for the nation and every one of us to see."

Autism Speaks! Secret Cheat Codes

A Bizarre and Revealing Biden Interview Death and the All-American Boy Joe Biden was a lot more careful around the press after this 1974 profile

Bill Gates: COVID vaccination passports could help open up our economy 'faster'

45office.com ?

Square Inc. sold by @jack: $22.28m-Jan 25

"Trusted to be corrupt.?"

Jaime Rogozinski- Founder of Wall Street Bets on the shutting down of Melvin Capital

The President laid flowers at the Leningrad Hero City monument in Alexander Garden to mark complete liberation of Leningrad from Nazi siege

Hillary Clinton: Most GOP Senators Voted for Trump to ‘Get Away with’ Inciting Capitol Riot

DC Police Chief Bashes ‘Tepid’ US Army Response to Capitol Riot, IDs Second Officer Suicide

Hey uh… "Journalist\Investigative Reporter" Can ou do Americans a favor and ID the BLM\ANTIFA Also or are you just going to score some drugs from them later? HEY DOJ, WE FOUND ANOTHER ONE! Liberal Reporter Tweeted SAME EXACT MESSAGE in 2016 as Trump…

Rob Reiner: Senate Must Convict Trump, ‘New Leader of the Confederacy,’ to Win ‘Our Continuing Civil War’ ''The war that [THEY] started…

‘We Build the Wall’ Founder Brian Kolfage Knows Where Illegals are Busting Through the Border Wall Right Now and Big Media is Ignoring It



Biden Creates ‘Bipartisan’ Court-packing Commission Led by Democrat

Baker Ghost

"Social Media Companies Want To Defend Biden”: The Scoop CEO Steeve Strange Says He Was Permanently Banned From Facebook After Creating ‘Patriots Against Joe Biden’ Group

Lawmakers now being targeted and PUNISHED for demanding election integrity

Biden suspends sale of advanced F-35 fighter jets to UAE

Social Media Influencer Charged with Election Interference Stemming from Voter Disinformation Campaign

Social Media Influencer Charged with Election Interference Stemming from Voter Disinformation Campaign (It Was A Meme FFS)

PF Reports

The former aide of then-Senator Joe Biden has come forward to accuse the 46th “president” of being a sexual predator

Alicia Garza - co-founder of Black Lives Matters is named as part of the 2020 World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders List

Malka Leifer faces first court hearing in Australia over child sex abuse charges after extradition from Israel

None shall Know who Anon is

How a Bunch of Redditors with $600 Stimulus Checks Outsmarted Wall Street Hedge-Fund Managers

California Confirms $11 Billion in Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

Clock Talk

Clockfag anon update

Biden’s UN Ambassador Nominee Defends Past Praise of China

Has it been noted that President Trump's impeachment lawyer is currently an Air Force Colonel?

Pedo CP Round up 01/27/2021

Child Porn News Roundup

HEY DOJ, WE FOUND ANOTHER ONE! Liberal Reporter Tweeted SAME EXACT MESSAGE in 2016 as Trump Supporter Who Was Indicted Today –WITH VIDEO

US put on ‘heightened terrorist threat’ alert through APRIL, DHS cites concerns over politically ‘frustrated’ Americans

White House Climate Czar John Kerry claims Biden's multi-trillion dollar climate plan can stop hurricanes

GameStop up another 134% as officials raise possibility of foul play

Anon Summary- No Salutes

Moscow issues hefty fines to US state-run media RFERL for failure to declare ‘foreign agent’ status on material aimed at Russians

To Insults Of U.S. Troops, Biden Administration Adds Forcing Female Soldiers To Shower With Men

Wallstreetbetsnew: Autists Unite!

Pennsylvania- Data: 200,000 More Ballots Cast than People Who Voted

Correct The Record: Biden Makes 33 False Or Misleading Claims At The Debate (Sep 2020)

When can we expect Kristina Wong's indictment? "Vote for Trump on Nov 9th"

Melania Trump setting up post-White House office in Florida

Top GameStop investors reap billions from dizzying stock surge

Whats a k shaped recovery?

FBI arrested a 31-year-old Doug Mackey's , a "conservative journalist" in Florida, now facing 10 years for disinformation "in the form of memes."

Army chaplain calls transgender people ‘mentally unfit,’ ‘ill’ on Facebook – now he’s under investigation

Schumer’s Dark Money Group Increased Election Spending by 825% in 2020 Cycle

“[President Trump] Had About 80 Million Votes and Biden Had Much Less Than That” – Sidney Powell Continues to Speak Out on 2020 Election (VIDEO)

STUNNING: Reddit Shuts Down WallStreetBets Subgroup — Blames Racism and Hate Speech — After Rookie Investors in General Public Make Money Causing Hedge Funds to Go Bust

WHO Rep disclosed that WIV conducting gain of function in corona viruses

Filthy on the world 'Ghislaine Maxwell' Attempts To Get Charges Dropped By Claiming Jury Is Too White

Paul Joseph Watson on Gamestop

Zuckerberg whitewashes Facebook plans to stop recommending political groups in bid to 'turn down the temperature' White winter comms???

New article posted by Lin Wood on his Telegram acct

Proud Boys leader was government informant, records show

The Russian and Chinese Planned Nine Pronged Attack Upon America Is Already Underway

Joe Biden takes action to address new threat of domestic terrorism

San Francisco School Board Removes 44 Names from Schools: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson

Somebody is going to have to explain why a public Reddit thread calling for individual investors to buy a stock is not ok

“[President Trump] Had About 80 Million Votes and Biden Had Much Less Than That”

Michael Flynn Shot Down ‘Ridiculous’ Allegations Of Improper Contact With Russian Academic That Were Floated By Intelligence Operatives

Israeli Defense Minister Gantz Denounces IDF Chief's Remarks on Iran 'Nuclear Threat'

Dave Portnoy Out to dinner and somebody just sent this…. TONIGHT WE DRINK…TOMORROW WE GO TO WAR

US COVID Cases Tumble Across The West & South

RNC Will Not Back Trump in Primary if He Runs Again, Will Stay Neutral

Study: 14.5M Illegal Aliens Living in U.S., Costing Americans $134B a Year

SolarWinds and AWS are in an umbrella partnership with Orion

Dominion is suing Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell for $1.3B each, but it’s far from done holding people accountable for their election lies

Witness Arkancide?

@elonmusk Even Discord has gone corpo …

Dave Portnoy has raised $32M, which he is giving to small businesses to help them survive this COVID bullshit

Leaked Email Shows How GOP Leaders Botched Election Ops for Trump in Key Battleground State

Dave Portnoy Emergency Press Conference - The Suits Shut Down @wallstreetbets @WSBChairman

Democrat proposes move to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress

baker handoff

Biden’s top cyber adviser donated a lot to Israeli lobby AIPAC, say leftist reporters – and get accused of anti-Semitism

Prince Andrew Scandal: Longtime Pilot Of Jeffrey Epstein Cooperating With FBI, Report Says

PF reports

Some docs about Blackrock fuckery

“It’s Because of Who I Am and What I Might Say” – Trump Official Peter Navarro Banned from Twitter after Not Tweeting for Weeks

Biden administration delays Chinese military investment ban

rep marjorie taylor greene causing PANIC in DC

Bills Introduced In Mississippi And Tennessee Would Repeal Sales Tax On Gold And Silver

at least 17 million californians are under flash flood watches tonight

Dems losing Perspective of Reality Rep. Jimmy Gomez announces he will introduce a resolution to expel Rep. Greene from the U.S. House of Representatives

‘Let Us Break the Chains’: Cuban Priests Urge Rise Against Communism

Biden's Climate Orders Will Flip America's National Security on Its Head

Has the Mercer President Bill Underwood and Mercer Board of Trustees been made aware of Dean Cox’s ties to Dominion Voting Machines and associates

Since Election Day, Over 100 Dominion Employees Vanish (Nov 2020)

One election-system vendor uses developers in Serbia the Voting machines are privately manufactured (2016)

'Red lines are drawn in closed rooms': Israeli Defense Minister Gantz denounces IDF chief's remarks on Iran 'nuclear threat'

President Trump spotted at golf course today. Man filming says "Mr. President, thank you for your service." Trump says "Thank you. Thank you very much. We haven't finished yet."

NY-FED Statement Regarding Repurchase Operations

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler destroys covid narrative with Truth

Catherine Herridge, DHS issued a rare nationwide terrorism alert Wednesday

Malka Leifer silent in first Melbourne court appearance on 74 charges of child sexual abuse

Reddit's WallStreetBets is back up after going private. $GME $AMC $NOK

US Weighing Action Against Russia For Navalny Detention: Secretary Of State Blinken

Hunter Biden continues to hold a 10% stake in the Chinese private equity firm BHR Partners

US issues 'heightened threat' alert after transition

Three affiliated with Oath Keepers indicted for role in Jan. 6 Capitol chaos, coordination alleged

Japan's main parties agree to withdraw coronavirus punishments from law revision proposals

Following the wives, FEC records show the wives' of FIRED FBI employees Comey & McCabe gave $20,000 to Dems

Anti-Lockdown Rebellion Sweeps Europe

Aussie stocks bleed $55 billion as market plunges

Biden Walks Away When Asked About the Sacrifices He’s Asking American Workers to Make as He Kills Thousands of Jobs

Producer of Hunger Games talks about Hollywood pedophiles w/ resources

Twitter Giggles as Analysts Quickly Assume 'Foreign Powers' Are Behind the GameStop Short Squeeze

Anon: Could Black Rock Capital be the ' Temple '?

hunter still holds a 10% stake in chinese private equity firm BHR

Walmart To Build More Robo-Warehouses As Amazon Fight Intensifies

European Aviation Agency Clears Boeing 737 Max to Fly Again

PF reports

Reddit-Inspired Stock Surges @Reddittrading At 200,000 Followers Wall Street Bets Family

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