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Notables for Jan 25, 2021

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Trump's Potential Legacy: 50 Million+ Enemies of the State

U.K. university creates protections for 'student sex workers'

Should the lights go out…

Did a UK judge conditionally order Assange's discharge on the 4th of January? That would seem to be the case…

Peaceful Protest in Progress

Gov. Newsom to lift CA’s stay-at-home order Monday

DC monument cam out

Eyes on…

Another Antifa pushback. This is wrapping up in Tacoma

Some of the soy boi brigade is leaving Tacoma

The CDC Finally Removed the Claim that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” From Its Website!

In January 2021, more than 90 million new users from around the world joined Telegram

Malka Leifer extradited to Australia to face child sexual abuse charges

WH dark, anons interested, larp takes advantage, anons investigate, larp rejected

Powers Out in DC

Steve Wynn listing Beverly Hills Home @$110mil

Texas To Fully End Taxpayer Funding Of Planned Parenthood By Feb. 3

US vs Assange legal judgment

"The UK is facing a constitutional crisis"

Uganda: Court orders Military to stop surrounding opposition leaders home, been under house arrest since pres. elections

Antifa in Tacoma updates

White House completely dark inside and out for a week straight?

Donald Trump left office last week. What could be next for the former president?

Anons digging around on the "Paint the Picture" post from Dan Scavino

Pjmedia: Tulsi Gabbard on Dems' Terror Law: ‘We Don’t Have to Guess About Where This Goes or How This Ends'

Daily mail finally picks up on the fact that the so-called "MAGA rioter" is really the brother of Secret Service agent who once led Michelle Obama's detail

Darkness in DC: National Park Service Reported to be Investigating (now that attention has been drawn to it, kek)

Levin: ‘Nothing That Joe Biden Has Done Since His Inauguration Speech Demonstrates Any Form of Unity — It’s Conformity’

MI County GOP Unanimously ‘Censures and Condemns’ Rep. Fred Upton Over Trump Impeachment Vote

The Swamp is terrified of Trump – literally the only recent President that truly fought for The People. Are they are afraid of The People being awake?

Ben Carson to Americans: “Pay Attention to What’s Going On” with Biden’s Policies

WashTimes: Sarah Huckabee Sanders running for Arkansas governor

Epoch: Former Trump Adviser: Biden’s Early Priorities Uniting Country Against Him

Dem Panic: Trump impeachment: Nancy Pelosi to formally send article of impeachment to Senate today – live updates

pjmedia: Biden Voters Experiencing Buyer's Remorse Need an Authentic and Compelling Message From the GOP

Lin Wood: Rod and the Dirty Squad pt 2

Here come the casualty events: Different kind of evil': 5 dead, including pregnant woman, as Indianapolis suffers 'mass murder' shooting

Brother of Secret Service Agent Facing Serious Charges For Capitol Riot, Including Assaulting a Capitol Police Officer. Is this the so-called "maga guy", or a different person?

Anon opines: Now we got to figure out how to send {the good ones} national to replace those traitors in D.C

Crazy: ‘As Far As We Can’: Bernie Sanders Plans To ‘Push’ Joe Biden To The Left

[They] hate America: Biden to sign executive order reforming 'Buy American' rules

US warships conduct exercises in South China Sea

Faux: California campaign to fire Newsom nears threshold needed for ballot

JustTheNews: Funds came from federal government, through science nonprofit, to Wuhan virology lab suspected of involvement in the initial outbreak of COVID-19

The cage deathmatches begin: 'Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it,' Fox News contributor writes

US NAVY w/CAP: Getting the Goods

PostMillenial: Twitter censors journalist Jack Posobiec for repeating Amazon's stated position on mail-in voting

Newsom feeling the heat:Politico says he's lifting stay-at-home orders across California

Spectator is already reporting that the Trump Impeachment is DOA in Senate

Media pushes for vaccine candidates

NYPost gets with the consensus: It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America

CBC: Muh 'Storm’ never came, and QAnon believers are big mad. (This is why anons are comfy as fuck. They knew the whole time!)

CBS: Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he has tested positive for COVID-19 as his country registers the highest reported levels of infections/deaths to date

Planefag reports

Newsweak: Hawaii Republican Party Official Quits After QAnon Defense Posts. Another big mad identity pol bites the dust…

Federalist: Rubio is not down with another impeachment

Circle jerk: MSN reports that CNN reported yesterday that Washington Monument closed 'until further notice' due to Covid-19 …two days ago

More book deals for dickheads

Ruling classes for thousands of years have understood the power of intentionally invoking fear in their subjects

Biden and his aides lobby Congress regarding his $1.9 trillion "America Rescue Plan." … Maine Sen. Angus King told CNN they were waiting for more data from the White House that backed up their costings…

Lindell: Navarro just Dropped the Election fraud report

Newsweak: Democrat Governors from California to New York Have Lost COVID Scapegoat Donald Trump

'Its not what you think'

Planefag reports

#Guardians, the Space Force portal is open! See all the helpful links and get spun up on the knowledge now:

Several Super Bowl Advertisers Bow Out over Fear of Offending Viewers

Dick Morris: ‘Democrats Are the Most Vicious Winners There Are’

Former Gov. Christie being a DNC apologist on ABC. Go figure

DW: "Qanon" becomes a fad in Japan

Anon nom: Anon analyses the sleight of hand that may have taken place on Inauguration Day

Democrat Governors from California to New York Have Lost COVID Scapegoat Donald Trump

The Belgians are starting to look at the "big mad qanon" narrative

WHAT is joe Signing today… being touted as HIS “Buy American” Executive Order?? THIS was signed 1/19/21: (pic related)

Mike Pompeo @mikepompeo I worked with @SarahHuckabee. I’m all in to support her campaign to become next governor of Arkansas

GP: NOT A SINGLE COURT has allowed Election fraud evidence to be entered/argued

Yahoo: Trump lawyer Giuliani faces $1.3 billion lawsuit over 'big lie' election fraud claims

Baker change


Biden Speaks To The U.S. Conference Of Mayors (#NotmyPresident)

Our Universe may have been created by superior beings in another universe (There is only the UNI-Verse)

eye in the sky


CHEMTRAILS are back!

Dominion starts a 1.3Bn case against Rudy

Supreme Court dismisses emoluments cases against Trump

Texas To Fully End Taxpayer Funding Of Planned Parenthood By Feb. 3

Sen Josh Hawley files ethics counter-complaint against seven Democrat senators

Sidney Powell announces forming of Restore the Republic PAC


'The Painting' and you thought it was completed

Dee created a language called Enochian

Timestampfag chimes in

Planes that would be AF1 and AF2 in the air

#CamerOn vs #CameraOff

Trump Declassified Memos Prove FBI Gave Clinton Campaign Pass on Foreign Donors

DOJ Must Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate Evidence of Biden Family Corruption (Petition)

Nasdaq Veles California Water

Powerful drug (ELIMINATES-free-will)

US Supreme Court has brought an end to lawsuits over whether Donald Trump illegally profited from his presidency

Bidens first big bill. This will destroy America as you know it

Graphicfag drops

Warroom is on https://pandemic.warroom.org/

PF Reports

Germatria fag chimes in

all systems go? Nope

This is all it takes to get GOOGLE search engine off the internet

Washington Post Smears Michael Flynn’s Brother For Things He Didn’t Do

H.R. 1, For The People Act, aka "democracy reform" bans Voter ID

Using Team Evil's playbook against them? (Why Yes I do)

Supreme Court calls emoluments lawsuits against Trump moot


Planefag Reports


Crash was in the vicinity of the "Finger Lakes"

Biden's first big bill. This will destroy America as you know it

WHO probe into COVID origins taps scientist who funneled NIH grants to suspect Wuhan lab

Declassified memos detail effort to get McCabe to step aside in Russia probe over conflict

Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio won't seek reelection

It begins: Markets Are Breaking Left And Right As Stocks Tumble

Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio won't seek reelection

US Marines w/CAP: Regardless of what may come, we are prepared. Happy Monday Marines!

Dominion Voting sues Rudy Giuliani for $1.3 bil, giving him opportunity to compel the voting machine contractor to produce internal documents in discovery

China is spreading conspiracy theories that the coronavirus was created in an American lab and that a US-created vaccine is killing the elderly


GP: Military Occupation in Washington DC Will Continue During Length of Opposition Leader’s Impeachment Trial

Horowitz announces initiation of investigation into “whether any former or current DOJ official engaged in an improper attempt to have DOJ seek or alter the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election”

#BREAKING US Department of Justice Inspector General opens "an investigation into whether any former or current DOJ official engaged in an improper attempt to have DOJ seek to alter the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election."

ARE YOU AWAKE NOW? $SP500 - S&P 500: Longer Than Expected Restrictions, More Liquidity, Higher Equities

Epoch: Dems are taking the scorched earth option against Trump

Hawley filing ethics complaints over Dems' accusations

IG Horowitz to investigate DOJ

Democrats Explore Using 14th Amendment ‘Insurrection’ Clause to Bar Trump From Future Office

Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Announces Initiation of Investigation


Biden: Today, I repealed the discriminatory ban on transgender people serving in the military

Lin Wood: "I believe the military is in control", "Joe Biden is a fake president"

Space Force Portal Open

‘Have you declared martial law?’: Former US presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard takes aim at Biden administration

As of this morning, the MAGA Patriot Party has filed with the Federal Election Commission

New Patriot Party Officially Filed With The FEC!

Putin believes rumors of his 'palace' were used in attempt to brainwash Russians

Biden cleans house at VOA after revolt over Trump changes

Twitter announced today they'd be introducing #Birdwatch, labels it a community-based approach to "fighting misinformation"

Democrats Push Bills to Purge Military of Racists, ‘Extremists’ in Wake of Capitol Riots

New York City's biggest pension funds voted to divest $4 bln from fossil fuels

Chicago NOT Rotchild firm getting fingers into bitcoin pie

RUDY BRINGS THE FIRE: Giuliani Responds to $1.3 Billion Dominion Lawsuit AND IT’S EPIC

Newsom Lifts Strict Stay-at-Home Order From All CA Regions Even Though Covid Cases Are Higher Than When Order Started in December

Senator Hawley urges Americans to push back against corporate ‘muzzling’ of free speech as liberals continue shouting ‘traitor’

Darkness in DC: Washington Monument Lights Go Out without Explanation, National Park Service Investigating

Mar-A-Lago winter WH

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte Close To Resigning, Reports Local Media

new follow the pen: "And so it begins…" marker

Italy's Prime Minister Looking to Resign, Then Form New Government: Jan. 25, 2021

GOP Sen. rob portman announces he wont run again

Good news. Students fighting back. Not giving in to the elites at ASU law. Why the law school is so scared of Dr. Eastman is obvious

Russia’s Baltic Fleet begins large-scale combat readiness drills

DOJ Watchdog Probing Whether Officials Tried To Interfere With 2020 Election Results

Xi Jinping Opens WEF In Davos, Pledges Support For The “Great Reset

Biden Secretary of State Pick Caught on Hunter’s Laptop, Linked To Chinese Funding

Twitter is now going to fact check humor

Supreme Court Dismisses Suits Over Trump Finances

Democrats Announce Trump Impeachment Trial Will Start February 8th — GOP Senators May Ask for a Secret Ballot to Hide Their Vote from Constituents

Recession is over for the richest few, while billions will live in poverty for at least a decade

Swalwell: We Can’t Give Trump a Chance to Do This Again, He Must Be Disqualified from Office

Health Sec Says It’s a ‘Long, Long, Long’ Way off from End of Lockdown

Migrant Toddler Smuggling Scheme Discovered in Texas Border City

US Pharma Giant Merck Says Covid Vaccines Don’t Work

Leahy, not Roberts, to preside over impeachment trial

full moon Jan 28

MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell eyes run for governor of Minnesota, claims Trump endorsement

Millions of Users Flee WhatsApp After Update to Terms of Service

Hawaii GOP official resigns over now-deleted tweet defending QAnon supporters

8kun image server fuckery?

MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell eyes run for governor of Minnesota, claims Trump endorsement

HSI, Australian Federal Police identify 245 victims of child exploitation by predator posing as popular YouTube star

Beijing tests for COVID-19 using anal swabs, where virus may survive longer

FBI Vault just released info on Tesla

call to diggz on pioyx3 vid dump

HSI, Australian Federal Police identify 245 victims of child exploitation by predator posing as popular YouTube star

Biden Is Blundering Us Into World War 3

fauci highest paid govt employee with 400k+ salary

SA says strong relationship with USA will continue with biden

press sec: biden admin approaching china policy with patience

italian PM to resign on tuesday

Translation: 80% of Americans Believe Biden Will Destroy America

biden's signature has changed

Biden begins Syria military build up. Region braces for "Assad Must Go" narrative

Facebook deletes Netanyahu post and suspends chatbot, alleging privacy violation

Biden's 'nothing we can do' comments on coronavirus trajectory cause stir

Trump trolled with "worst president ever" banner flown near Mar-a-Lago

How the FBI Created Domestic Terrorism: 80 Years of Psychological Warfare Revealed

Ex-LA City Councilman Mitch Englander Sentenced To 14 Months In Prison For Pay-To-Play Scheme

Swiss Court Sends Beny Steinmetz to Prison for Bribery in Guinea

Chief Justice Roberts Will Not Preside Over Trump Senate Impeachment Trial

Volume III of Navarro report of election fraud dropped

biden WH managing their ratios

Volume III of Navarro report of election fraud dropped

Arab Spring is back on

Joe Biden Executive Order Could Have Taxpayers Fully Funding San Francisco Homeless Hotels

ex VA doctor who misdiagnosed patient sentenced to prison

Grace Tame, sexual assault survivor and advocate, named 2021 Australian of the Year

What Medical Data Is Israel Sharing With Pfizer - and Is It Protected?

britians got talent almost certain to be scrapped this year due to covid

Citadel and Point72 Asset Management will invest $2.75 billion in Gabe Plotkin’s Melvin Capital

@SenatorLeahy on presiding over the #TrumpImpeachmentTrial

virgina giuffre proided key evidence in jean luc brunel arrest

Killary Dog Comms

Google workers reportedly forming a global union alliance called “Alpha Global”

Tesla vault explored

NG will occupy DC through impeachment

FedEx storing thousands of body bags

pelosi signs articles of impeachment

athletes who dont get vacc'ed are gonna have "extremely difficult" times at tokyo games

@usairforce Fighting Cyber Crimes

rand paul questions constitutionality of impeachment w/o chief justice roberts

FBI arrests #WalkAway founder brandon straka

CIA Chief Gina Haspel Resigns; Richard Grenell Says “There’s so much more to this story…”

The Notorious Dark Web Pedophile is a New Zealand national

Troops from New Mexico National Guard return home from Washington, D.C

Nancy Pelosi has disclosed stock options in Tesla, Disney and Apple

US police arrest juvenile suspect in Indianapolis’ largest mass shooting case in years

WHAT A JOKE! Joe Biden Delivers a Rambling Speech on “Buy American” – Only 3.5 Thousand Tune In

An Israeli leader consoled Nancy Pelosi in 2016 with a poem. It sustained her throughout the Trump presidency

Apollo CEO Leon Black to Step Down Following Review of Jeffrey Epstein Ties

Twitter officially looking for snitches and mobs to commence if yor tweet is frowned on:

#Syrian armed forces have set up military positions on the Syrian side of Mount Hermon, SANA reported tonight

BREAKING: The FBI has arrested Walkaway Founder Brandon Straka in relation to the Jan 6th Capitol incident

Israeli authorities uproot thousands of olive trees despite Palestinians' appeal

IMPORTANT NOTE: IG Horowitz does not have the authority to compel testimony of individuals who are no longer DOJ employees

Black Woman Who Brutally Murdered Adopted White Daughter Performed Standup Routine Joking About Child Abuse

White House:We can’t guarantee COVID-19 relief by March

White House:We can’t guarantee COVID-19 relief by March

FBI DC field office has zero cases on antifa, despite the number of cases on MAGA

SolarWinds – Targeted by Massive Cyberattack – Hires Kamala Harris’s Husband’s Former CCP-Linked Law Firm As Lobbyists

Alleged Leaders of Gangster Disciples Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

Democrat Patrick Leahy To Preside Over Trump Impeachment Trial Instead Of Chief Justice Roberts Insanity

Leon Black Steps Down As Apollo CEO After Review Of Jeffrey Epstein Ties

Former Veterans Affairs Doctor Sentenced to Prison for Sexual Abuse of Veterans

Biden Admin Ramping Up Effort to Remove Andrew Jackson and Put Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill

Omaha FBI agents arrest founder of WalkAway Campaign for actions during U.S. Capitol attack

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Tweet

New Catherine Herridge RE: IG Horowitz does not have the authority…

N.Y. Times editor fired after claiming to have 'chills' watching Biden’s plane land

Attkisson v. Rosenstein - govt. agent admits illegally spying on Sharyl Attkisson, implicates govt. colleagues

New Evidence Implicates FBI Higher-Ups in Dishonesty of Anti-Trump Lawyer (Clinesmith/Durham)

Attkisson vs Rosensein/Attkisson stopped from reporting CP

Link to The Price of Free Speech in a Modern Dystopia

Republican Congress-critter Steve Stivers of Ohio is proposing that in order for one to receive $1,400 in “stimulus” from the government, you must have the Wuhan virus vaccine

Lauren Boebert Moves to Block Biden E.O. on Paris Treaty by Demanding Senate Confirmation

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is set to hand in his resignation on Tuesday

WP makes racists comments re “British and South African variants.” of the China Virus

US Senate Confirms Janet Yellen to Be Next Treasury Secretary

Swedish Gangs Armed By Balkan Weapon Traffickers

Mexico Warns Citizens of Fake COVID-19 Vaccines

Judge says state plan allowing ballots without postmark was illegal

Bankruptcy Judge Approves Weinstein Co. Liquidation

WHO info notice on PCR Test Interpretation Cycle Changes

DoD announces: Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn to lead U.S. Army Pacific

Apollo Global's Leon Black to step down after probe into Jeffrey Epstein ties

Donald Trump Announces ‘Office of the Former President’, Pledges to ‘Carry on the Agenda of the Trump Administration’

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood fired by teen (Nicholas Sandmann) who faced off with Native American in viral video

Unspecified 'events' keeping Guard in DC as agencies dodge threat questions

Senate confirms Janet Yellen as first female Treasury Secretary; 84-15

Biden administration 'exploring ways to speed up' process of placing Harriet Tubman on $20 bill

Keystone XL general manager: 'Hundreds of guys' have already been laid off after Biden executive order

Clowns clowning and trying to bring cases and impeachment against Trump still

Governor Noem: South Dakota unemployment rate now lower than pre-pandemic level

Another Q hit job: QAnon followers are convinced Trump will become president again on March 4

Nicholas Sandmann severs ties with L. Lin Wood, Lin Wood Responds

Seattle City Council approves ordinance to bring back "hazard pay" for grocery workers

Dominion Voting Systems news

Stop the Steal organizer charged in Capitol riot

A source coming out against the "Corporate US" stuff on the boards lately

SD governor @govkristinoem: Today, I introduced a bill to ban abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome

Trumps Regain Twitter Followers Since Biden Took Office

Twitter's 'Birdwatch' a 'Community-Driven Approach' to Fight Misinformation

Giuliani: Dominion lawsuit is act of intimidation by hate filled left. He is filing a counter suit

Virginia Rule Allowing Late Ballots Missing Postmark Was Illegal, Court Rules

Biden Fires Trump’s White House Doctor – Brings In His Personal Doctor to Replace Him

NG in the Capitol Steps. Packed in like sardines. This show is getting great

Kyrsten Sinema Breaks Chuck Schumer's Heart

U.S. Attorney announces extradition of Kenyan national for large-scale trafficking of rhinoceros horns and elephant ivory and heroin distribution

Why the Biden Agenda Might Come to a Screeching Halt in the Senate

Opinion: The World Watches While the US Elite Wages War on America

West Virginia Woman Sentenced for Willful Retention of Top Secret National Defense Information and International Parental Kidnapping

Goya Foods moves to muzzle its Trump-supporting CEO

Back to the Endless Wars: US Military Convoy Enters Northeast Syria

Race baiting anyone? "Demand" for reparations in Australia

How To Stop Using Google Search On Your Computer And Phone

Article+vid: Dutch and Danish police clash with anti-lockdown rioters

Dutch mayor warns the country is heading for 'civil war' following violent anti-curfew protests as France and Italy admit they're facing ANOTHER Covid-19 lockdown

The Media Destroyed America (with fake “storming of the US Capitol” on January 6 by a “white supremacist insurrection” narrative)

@paulsperry_ Did anyone else catch the creepy Mafioso-style embrace and kiss Hunter gave The Godfather after his inauguration speech? What did Hunter whisper so forcefully in his ear?

Trump's travel ban was racist and xenophobic, but Joe Biden's is not because it's "comprehensive."

Biden’s 100-Day Plan Includes Attack On Gun Industry

Leon Black Steps Down As Apollo CEO After Review Finds He Paid Jeffrey Epstein $158 Million

Biden White House Signals to Press: More Kitten and Ice Cream Questions Please

Trump Campaign Disavows Link To 'Patriot Party' In Official Filing

1776 White House whitewash and cover-up; Chuck Norris takes on Biden for deleting commission's scholarly report on Day 1

Does the military view Biden as a foreign dignitary?

‘New weapon’ to kill COVID? UCSF-led team finds anti-cancer drug Aplidin could be far more effective than remdesivir

Israel extradites alleged child sex abuser to Australia after long delay

The Police State Is Coming For “Religious Extremists”, “Evangelical Christians”, “Pro-Life” Activists And “Libertarians”

Italy’s Conte Expected to Quit Within 24 Hours to Plot Comeback

Anon thoughts on FBI's Tesla vault/files and "teleforce beam", declassified since 1980?


The more the Democrats do things against Trump after he’s out of office the more it looks like they pulled a coup

The Secret To The Stock Market: Just Buy Tech Companies That Are Losing Money And Watch Profits Rain From The Sky

Trump had to be talked out of going to Congress to defend himself against impeachment, says report

House managers walk to the Senate to deliver an Article of Impeachment against former President Donald Trump

When Thieves Seek a Lock on Power: The Democrat Election Fraud Act

44,000 School Buses Use "FirstACTS" To Secretly Identify And Track The Behavior of 5 Million Students

US Bankruptcy judge approves Weinstein company plan to pay victims $17M

Man Who Allegedly Plotted Attacks on White House, Trump Tower, Admits To Conspiracy

As Apple, Google, Amazon Ban Parler, Twitter Allegedly Profited by Refusing to Remove Child Porn

Vid: The great reset

Unconfirmed: Twitter may soon purge all NSFW content

Analysis: More Than Half Of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are FAKE and Were Just Created in January

White House Welcomes Biden’s Dogs Champ And Major

National Guard Has No Plans to Investigate Leaked Photos of Troops in Parking Garage

Police threatening a man in Texas for not wearing a mask

Democrats Have Released a Roadmap to One-Party Rule

Nick Sandmann: Lin Wood's comments about me are untrue, unfair, and unfounded

Hollywood FX Can't Save Bankrupt USA Inc

"For the People Act of 2021" - bill to destroy election integrity forever

Reminder: US Foreign Aid To ISRAEL Is Too Damn High

Dig: What former president used the military to save the republic and what occurred exactly?

Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to ISIS

Joe Biden lied about having a plan to "get this virus under control"

Vid: Mask wearing causes dangerous CO2 levels

nCino Inc. sold by Salesforce.com (Mark Benioff): $44.57m-Jan 11-25

Apollo C.E.O. to Step Down After Firm Finds More Payments to Jeffrey Epstein

Sextortionist Ul Abideen Rasheed impersonated YouTuber, sexually blackmailed 245 child victims in US

General Flynn’s brother Charles Flynn has been reassigned - now commanding the Pacific

Arrests at Australia Day protests urging Indigenous recognition

Donald Trump announces new 'Office of the Former President'

India permanently bans TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps

China Admonishes US Navy For South China Sea Carrier Patrol


Notables for Jan 25, 2021

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