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Notables for Jan 24, 2021

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The Dis-Uniting of America thru warprd liberal social experiments

The Vermont school teacher who made Bernie Sanders’ mittens, featured in the most recent viral meme, said she had to stop making them after the federal government taxed her too much

Ted Cruz Twitter war with Disgusting Hollywood communist Pedophile Seth Rogen

More on Castle Rock city

Stargate Collection: Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process, 9 June 1983

Planefag Report(s)

Barkeep is a the MNR infiltration Q has warned us about

HEY BV, DO I GIVE A FUCK (namefags gonna namefag)

The greatest dilemma ever faced by an incoming Presidential Press Sec

Never seen it discussed here. Anonup? Anyone?

Lin Wood secretly joins zoom call and records it. This is priceless

They're doing it to reinforce the idea of an ongoing war that barkeep is the hero of. (decide for yourself)

Heavy ashfall in Kozyrevsk after strong paroxysmal event at Klyuchevskoy volcano, Russia

Joe Biden Uses First Call with Mexico’s President to Bash Trump

Bernie Sanders predicts Dems could be 'wiped out' in 2022 midterms

Hawaii GOP on the "Q" Phenomena

Bun of anon drops of Trump mp4s

Dan Scavino posted this to his Insta page -was later deleted

St. Louis aldermen endorse 18-hour aircraft surveillance

@AlinejadMasih, Iranian activist: Jack Dorsey giving a platform to dictators helps them to kill us

Anyone know when this is from?

Moar violence in the Pacific Northwest

Instagram forcing Biden WH 'follows'

Standard Hotel, Bohemian Grove (Belenoff-Glamis Group) closing

Jeff Bezos against mail-in voting (kek)

Another Night in Portlandia…

Patrick Byrne confessional

FBI finds 33 missing children

ONE Khameini account closed b/c he threatened Donald Trump's life

Biden Will Keep US Embassy In Jerusalem, Unlikely To Reverse Trump's Israel Policies

Tacoma police officer drives an SUV into group of pedestrians then runs over another person

Antifa in Washington state have already organized a riot to take place in Tacoma

WHO: "nasal swabs are not sufficient" AFTER 24m Americans are diagnosed using nasal swab test

Corey's Digs on Davos Schedule

Russians Protest against Putin's rule; snowball fight between protestors and police

Oh look, Seattle BLM already showed up to Tacoma

Newly Declassified McCabe Documents Just Released

COZY! WashPost 'Fact Checker' Admits They Won't Count Biden's False Claims (its pronounced 'comfy' but I'll let it slide)

Rampant Speculation Over How Biden Will Replace the Mysterious Red Button Suddenly Missing From Oval Office

Portland Leftists Targeting Federal ICE Facility in Late Night ‘Protest’

Instagram Is Forcing Users to Follow Biden White House Account So That It’s Not So Pathetic Even When Users Repeatedly Un-Follow the Page

Contact These Arizona Officials to Demand a Deep Dive Audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County Election Results!

Israel and US officials to hold first talks on Iran, Abraham Accords

Denmark sets a target of ZERO asylum seeker applications to protect 'social cohesion'

Fierce Cuomo Critic Janice Dean Might Challenge Him In 2022

New York Times feels the wrath of angry libs after story on Biden wearing a ‘luxury’ watch

anon nom: Justice Department considers NOT charging up to 800 MAGA rioters who caused havoc at the Capitol 'since most of them just trespassed and were not violent'

Just so everyone is aware: Durham can't be touched because of his special counsel status

Baker change

Report: Samsung may build $10 billion advanced chipmaking plant in Austin

Why are they still calling this guy president-elect? Fluff piece about picking insecure people for admin spots that require assurance

anon nom: Amazon presses for in-person voting for unionization election in the midst of a pandemic

Rand Paul: Are They Going to Impeach Bernie Sanders for Inciting the Guy Who Shot Steve Scalise?

Oh, so it wasn't the Maga people after all?? Destructive protests by anarchists and extremists signal divided left as Biden administration begins

Surprise surprise: Democrats 'waging a scorched earth campaign to silence' opponents

Anon dig: The White House blackout timing

Limbaugh: Couric, AOC really do want to 'deprogram' Trump supporters. Don't fluff it off

Big mouth gets his day in court: Texas court greenlights Sandy Hook defamation suits against Alex Jones

Germany to start trials on the meds Trump used to beat the covids

Ward Narrowly Takes Arizona GOP Chair Win After Trump Endorsement

Allegedly, Democrats Make Federal Election Standards a Top Priority. (yeah, right…)

Pfizer signs up children, aged 12 to 15, for vaccine testing

The Daily Beast is hanging the fake media's strawman for 75 million voters very far out there

Maybe the Daily Beast should read this article: Left-wing riots rattle US cities even after President Biden's inauguration

FAUX: Biden quickly purges Trump allies from Voice of America, parent agency: reports

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Prices Collapse As Diners Ditch Restaurants Amid Pandemic

Slate reports that the fake media's injected 'qanons' are not fairing so well… Media sock puppets outing themselves?

Rape Revenge: Emerald Fennell explains herself in an interesting dress

Quakefag reports: Shetlands still shaking around this morning…

Abscondo oped: This talk is about how to nurture our relationships in an era of fake news

Biden ousts Coates: Coates had been tapped to head the government-funded Middle East Broadcasting Networks under Trump

Politico: Ga. State Republicans push new voting restrictions after Trump’s loss

Grab the Popcorn: Free Speech Foe Gets Threatened with Prison for ‘Blasphemy’

President Joe Biden used his first telephone conversation with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico on Saturday to bash his predecessor, President Donald Trump

Anon dig on a notable: Dan Scavino posted this to his Insta page -was later deleted… notable: Dan Scavino posted this to his Insta page -was later deleted

Meanwhile, Hollywood broadcasts that it is scared shitless

Breibart: Democrats Attempt to Purge Civil Servant from Job over Prior Work for Nunes, Trump Administration

Welcome To The Suck: Lefty Union Workers Wake Up Unemployed as Biden Kills Off Their Jobs

Anon nom: JUST IN - Kremlin accuses Biden administration of interfering in Russia's "domestic affairs" amid #Navalny protests that erupted yesterday (AFP)

UK government ‘quietly’ extends local authorities’ lockdown powers in England until July 17 – media

NBC: Tech flight: Why Silicon Valley is heading to Miami and Austin, Texas

jpost: CENTCOM general to visit Israel as Biden admin. looks to deal with Iran

XVIII Airborne: –Jimmy Carter administration announces US will sell military equipment to communist China. This is a reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan the month prior

The Biden gaffe files: They are in a hurry to show us it's real…

Dan the man Scavino deleted IG post

It's almost like they suspect elections are fixed… postmillenial's article on Amazon's desire for in person voting

Anon Opines: In Information Warfare words are ammo. Choose them wisely

Q Research Midnight Riders World Report #9 Great Movies Great Actors! Edition Jan 24 2021

FAUXBIZ: San Diego appeals court reverses order letting strip clubs, restaurants reopen

Arizona Republicans Censure Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake and Governor Ducey

Skynews: Journalist Andy Ngo flees Portland after increased threats from ‘Antifa extremists’

Spectator: CNN is already running PR for the Biden admin

jpost: Ashkelon mayor charged in multiple serious crimes

Thousands across Russia rally for jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny (ytube embed)

Powerful storm to slam West at end of week

Did Donk_enby save over 70 Terabytes of user info, including Military persons, and give to biden admin? (needs confirmation)

Newly installed senior counterintelligence official names China as top long-term threat

Lil' Wayne released this song after getting pardoned by Trump

Joe didn't receive a 21 gun salute ? Presidential Salute is 4 guns, Biden got 3 guns

Joe didn't receive a 21 gun salute. Presidential Salute is 4 guns, . Biden got 3 guns

Man who punched cop during Capitol riot has brother in Secret Service who is friends w/ Michelle Obama

Klaus Schwab's "Magic Money Tree" Prediction Is Coming True

If you look up dark winter, you find novels about Bioterrorism, Power Grid attacks, computer system attacks/hacks

Anons nom - An expert explains how we have been restored to a republic

Antifa Militants In RIOT GEAR Force Federal Officers To RETREAT Outside ICE Facility

33 missing children found in anti-human trafficking operation in California


@donk_enby #Parler data shows users moving from Trump rally to the capital on 1/6/2020 using Parler's location data

Dutch police arrest 'Asia's El Chapo' Tse Chi Lop, a Chinese-born Canadian national

VIDEO shows smoke rising over Houses of Parliament in London. (vid embed)

Space X LAUNCH (ytube feeds embed)

'He's hurting people' | Over 1,000 anti-Bibi protesters gather in Jerusalem (ytube embed)

Senate Repubs fear McConnell will cause primary challengers in 2022

UAE cabinet approves establishment of embassy in Tel Aviv

Anon request DIgg help - Scavino, Flags, and EOs

Anon request DIgg help - Scavino, Flags, and EOs

History Fagging - Thomas Jefferson to William Smith, Paris Nov. 13. 178

Live @ Lincoln Memorial (ytube embed)

Defense chief orders review of military sex assault programs

Anons report - John Solomon on Maria saying he is hearing Durham is building a "small number of indictments of the top level of the FBI

@SpaceForceDoD - Clapping Hands emojis RE: SpaceX Launch

Rand Paul tells Stephanopoulos he's calling for an investigation into the 2020 election

Democrats Planning to Use Senate “Reconciliation” Process to Enact Amnesty Legislation

Indictment Charges Bridgeport Gang Members with Drug Trafficking, Committing 4 Murders (Durham)

No gerbil this time but YO WTF WAS THAT??? RE: Space X Launch

Wall Street’s luck has run out with Biden’s SEC head Gary Gensler

Q#4770 - Why would He (Q) designate March 2021 ?

Per linked off bread sauce, South Shetland Islands experiencing seven earthquakes


Man in Tacoma Washington get ran over by a police cruiser (Vid)

Linefag Report

Baker Changed

DJT appears to be painting in a cathedral, thoughts?


Am I imagining things or does this look like a replica of the Untied States?


Optics (Vids)

Indonesia has seized tankers from Iran and Panama

Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial is what will keep 5,000 National Guard troops in D.C

Anti Lockdown Riot

@laurenboebert hits the ground running and is pushing back with three bills

False Alarm: Earthquake in Antarctica sparks panic in Chile

Buckle up, Anon

Pictures can be strange. So many can be in one. (CHQT)

President McKinley is to JFK as…

Donald Trump per Beckernews via WaPo - MAGA party

Roy Blunt Arrested


Train derails over Cincinnati bridge

Biden launches COVID-19 NAP

Straight from HAVA Act:

Wonder why a single person in Michigan won the largest lottery in history? #metoo #DominionLotto

FB WhiteHouse

PF Reports

15 Chinese aircraft enter Taiwan Air Defense Zone for 2nd day

Suicide by pilot (^^^ unrelated)

israel-news govt-to-shut-the-skies


Biden's Portland Problem

A must watch video from the Reagen Library


JP - biden-appoints-former-palestinian-unrwa-official-as-director-of-nsc-intelligence


"The Painting"

Bohemian Grove property appears to have been sold. F&G?

IED Explosion Reported at Los Angeles Church

Californian dies hours after getting COVID-19 vaccine

List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 81 Cases Total, 30 Still Active

"Court logjam" selectively affects election fraud cases

UK government ‘quietly’ extends local authorities’ lockdown powers in England until July 17

JPOST: UAE cabinet approves opening embassy in Tel Aviv

15 Chinese Aircraft Enter Taiwan Air Defense Zone For 2nd Day

US Carrier battle group

Eyes On

this guy defending her seems to be throwing out Comms

qanon-enters-new-period-of-danger (#QanonsForBiden)

Remember some anon or youtuber said that POTUS had already signed the insurrection act

Pete Buttigieg Says Gasoline Tax Hike Possible

HSBC ‘Colluded’ with CCP to Debank Democracy Activists: Hong Kong Watch

US spent $60 billion rebuilding Iraq, there is virtually nothing to show for the money

Justice Department considers NOT charging up to 800 MAGA rioters who caused havoc at the Capitol

How do you impeach a president that, theoretically, is not the president?

ELECTION PSYOP 2020: The Well-Hidden Back Story

African leader: Trudeau treats us like ‘neo-colonial master’


181 Dead in the U.S. During 2 Week Period From Experimental COVID Injections

Anons might want to check notables/[dough]… (THIS)

QAnon enters new period of danger, opportunity

Presidential Impeachment: The Legal Standard and Procedure

Here are the executive actions Biden will take this week



Impeachment of an Ex‐​President Is Unconstitutional

Declassified memos detail effort to get McCabe to step aside in Russia probe over conflict

Just do it!


Were you in DC on Jan 6?




The Panama Canal Could Become the Center of the U.S.-China Trade War


protests at the kremlin were organized by US embassy there

Do you miss Trump yet ?

‘Hypocrisy is a tool of US diplomacy’: Russia slams Washington’s claim about ‘suppressing’ Navalny protests

Prepare for Extreme Tyranny

US and Japan add pressure on Beijing over the South China Sea and the Senkaku Islands

For 1st Black Pentagon chief, racism challenge is personal

28 times media and Democrats excused or endorsed violence committed by left-wing activists

Mexico's President Obrador to call Putin two days after speaking with Joe Biden, possibly re: Russian Vaccines

Back to the Obama’s Failed Policies and Blinkered Personnel

Cancel Culture Intensifies

The Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Elections Forever


REMINDER: For Years Democrats and the Far Left Media Called for Violence and Murder of Donald Trump

Explosion Reported at Los Angeles Church That Was Recently Criticized for ‘Anti-LGBT’ Language

Biden Signs Executive Orders But There Is No Evidence He Has Any Idea What He’s Signing


Regarding Notable:

Disney+ blocks under-sevens from watching 'racist' Peter Pan, Dumbo

Can you see

We are proud to announce the formation of Restore the Republic PAC

Soybean price is down 70 cents per bushel in the last two days

Look at 0:10



Banks closing former President Trump's accounts

interview with the Heather Higgins with the Epoch Time

Sauce on Patriot Party Documentation

23 Iraqi Fighters Killed, Injured In Large ISIS Attack In Saladin

Another Mega Group Spy Scandal?

At what stage in the game do you PLAY THE TRUMP card?


US ‘Plundering’ Syrian Oil to ‘Send to Israel’

PF Reports


Teens in Urk, Netherlands protest against curfew, burn down CV testing facilty

The Free and Fair Elections Amendment

A growing number of Republican senators say they oppose holding an impeachment trial

A Message For President Trump From our Troops at the Lincoln Memorial (ytube)

As Schools Reopen Amid COVID, Kids Forced to Kneel for Hours, Get No Recess, No Art, & No PE

Ray Dalio: "We Are On The Brink Of A Terrible Civil War"

Justice System in California in Chaos as Prosecutors Rebel Against Soros-Created DA

Law Professor Confirms Election Fraud Evidence Is “Significant”

Expert Michael Yon Looked for Cells at Capitol Protests and Immediately Identified Antifa and Others

“2:00 pm yesterday marked Biden's 50th hour in office. Here's where we're at

The day Joe Biden was sworn in, America had the single highest one-day death total. 2 days later…

The New York Times argues with itself about coronavirus

Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset

Klobuchar says Senate impeachment trial of former official is constitutional: 'We have precedent'

For UK Fags - The UK version of "The Corporation"

Australia to join 100 nations in climate resilience pledge ahead of UN summit

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert introduces bills to resist Biden's executive orders on Paris agreement, WHO, and mask mandate

General John William Vogt Jr. And His UFO Sighting

U.S. Censorship Mania: A Threat to Independent Media

Alphabet , codes , language

"Now Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." Heb 11:1

PF updates

Maxine Waters: Trump Will ‘Take over Legislatures, Little Towns and Cities’ If Not Convicted for Insurrection

"Didn't we miss this anons? POTUS points outside and says "I've never seen anybody out there" starts about 5:50

Lin Woods releases new intel on [RR]

Lin just dropped new FBI whistle blower vid on telegram

President Trump Message to Patriots (5:53mins)

Vatican dark, Pope out of sight and comms about poor dead “Edwin” 46

Army regulations on military salute

Electrical socket and rectangle molding distance does not match Biden’s new Oval Office . Biden’s in a fake Oval Office

Comparison of Biden's and Trump's 21 Gun Salute (Cap)

The BITE that has no CURE: Band Interrupt Tactical Emitter

http://qresearch.com Returns a site on Chinese children

Clinton Foundation charged with evading up to $2.5 billion in taxes

Potus got a 21 gun salute when leaving?

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild abandons her Jules Verne Trophy record attempt

Asia Argento Accuses ‘xXx’ Director Rob Cohen of Sexual Assault

Mar-A-Lago Diggs

Half chan DJT is still President

Four Palmas players, president dead in Brazilian soccer Plane crash

Trump To Be Sworn In 19th President of Restored Republic NCSWIC

11 miners rescued from Chinese gold mine

@DeptofDefense 50th formation. USS Mount Whitney, forward-deployed location of Gaeta, Italy

Interesting decode / side x side based on a DJTJr tweet from Jan 23


The biggest damn clue in your face is if China Joe is president, why are the blackhats still here?

What you order on Wish vs. What actually arrives for keks?

Tulsi Gabbard: Domestic-Terrorism Bill Is ‘a Targeting of Almost Half of the Country’


Full list of 2020 election court cases: 81 cases total, 30 still active, NOT A SINGLE COURT has allowed evidence to be argued

George Conway hands Biden's DOJ a roadmap to make sure Trump ends up in jail

Harry Reid 'not particularly optimistic' Biden will push to eliminate filibuster

Build Back Better compilation

x22 Ep. 2386b - The Great Awakening, See The Difference, How Do You Inject Legal Evidence? Optics


Tulsi Gabbard: Domestic-Terrorism Bill Is ‘a Targeting of Almost Half of the Country’

Mexico’s President has just tested positive for #COVID19

EYES ON This bill makes various changes to the federal framework governing the sale, transfer, and possession of firearms and ammunition. Among other things

Sounds like MeWe jumped the shark…

Joe Biden Removing Sunshine Laws


"He Has Sold Us Out" - Mobs Of Farmers Swarm New Delhi Protesting Modi's New Ag Reforms

More commie purging on the way: Lawmakers move to oust extremists from military

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will throw her hat into the ring for Arkansas governor tomorrow

@nypost New Mexico zoo sends endangered wolf pack to Mexico comms?

10 days later she arose Comms? Surprise Monday?

Chinese Navy Commanders get fire orders against Foreign warships in South China Sea

BOTUS Using Offical account to notify the public, We can all rest securely now that the sycophants know that our Dear Leader Biden likes chocolate chip ice cream

Lin Wood bares all

The day Joe Biden was sworn in, America had the single highest one-day death total

WHISTLEBLOWER on Rod Rosenstein QR

Clinton center museum has a replica oval office…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders expected to announce gubernatorial bid

Lin Wood drops on Telegram

EXC: Biden Just Picked A CIA Director With a 7-Year-Long Relationship with Chinese Communist Party Fronts

H.R.1 - For the People Act of 2021

21 Gun Salute diggs

Newspaper goes full 1984, offers to memory hole vandalism charges in the name of racial justice

Russia to respond in kind to US embassy’s attempts to "cover" unsanctioned rallies

Remorse on voting for Sleepy Joe

Double-masking is a sensible and easy way to lower your risk when you have to spend more time around others. (NYTimes)

Moar remorse from the left

Scientists developing color-changing test strip to stick on face masks and detect COVID-19

Planefag reporting in

Sarah Huckabee Sanders to run for governor of Arkansas

This is the second release of whistleblower testimony by Lin Wood

Whistleblower on Rod Rosenstein - Released 1/24/21 by Lin Wood

Crackhead Hunter Biden Is Reportedly Advising Joe Biden on China

Biden 2020 Run Backed By $145 Million In 'Dark Money'

You Knew Trump Sacrificed While Working for Free as President, Now We're Learning How Big a Financial Hit He's Taking

Birx: Someone was delivering a 'parallel set of data' on coronavirus to Trump

Mexico’s president says he’s tested positive for COVID-19

New Mexico leaders bash Biden admin's order targeting oil / Native America tribe torches Biden admin over oil

MORE VIDEO EVIDENCE Shows the ‘Riots’ At the US Capitol Were Infiltrated by Antifa and Other Radicals

Kayleigh McEnany twitter pointing to 17

Fresh clashes in Bnei Brak as Haredi leaders blame police for violence

SpaceX Falcon 9 boosts record 143 satellites into orbit on "rideshare" mission

After Calling Trump a Xenophobe For Travel Ban, Biden to Impose Travel Ban on Non-Citizens From South Africa, UK, Parts of Europe

President Trump Is Drafting ‘Enemies List’ of Dirtbag Republicans to Primary — Is Moving Forward with Plans to Create “Patriot Party” for the People

Tulsi Gabbard sounds alarm: Biden MUST denounce Schiff and Brennan, dangerous domestic terror push!

Prospects of convicting Trump erode as GOP grows vocal against Senate impeachment proceedings

1 in 5 Americans have confidence Biden can unite the country: poll

Mustang Medic

New York Times Slammed for Labeling Joe Biden as ‘Most Religious’ President

Tulsi Gabbard: Domestic-Terrorism Bill Is "A Targeting Of Almost Half Of The Country"

Joe Biden to Mexico: We’ll Cut Migration by Raising Migration

Tech censorship of President Trump raising 'national security' worries

Report: Intel agencies can exploit loophole to simply buy Americans' private data without a warrant

Dems Seek to Root Out White Nationalism in Military After Capitol Siege

Dems Seek to Root Out White Nationalism in Military After Capitol Siege


Chicago Teachers Union Votes To Defy School Reopening Plans, Demands Vaccinations Before Returning To Classrooms

Biden's return to the Paris accord is a gift to China

Palm Beach County Sheriffs department reporting a single engine airplane has gone down just off the coast

Indonesia Seizes Iranian and Panamanian Tankers Over Illegal Oil Transfer

IBM paid down billions in debt and its stock plunged. Why? Wall Street is hammering any company repaying debt

Gun Violence Prevention And Community Safety Act 2020

Why Does China Think American Military Planes Have Benn Spying on Them?

Whistleblower on Rod Rosenstein (ytube embed)

NKU President Appointed to Board of Federal Reserve of Cleveland in Cincinnati

LIVE: Large group of antifa terrorists blocking an intersection in Tacoma, Washington. Police not yet on the scene

LA Trafficking Ring Bust. (VID)

Mossad Head To Meet Biden, Present Israeli Position For New Iran Deal

Missed this from earlier today

Facebook Feeding Messages to FB

"I saw the president presenting graphs that I never made. So I know that someone … was creating a parallel set of data and graphics that were shown to the president. I don't know to this day who." – Dr. Birx

Shaun Bridges, fmr gvt agent admits to illegally spying on Cheryl Atkinson

Scuffles are already breaking out at the Tacoma, Wash. #antifa gathering

Mexico's president says he tested positive for COVID-19

It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America (NYPost)

If "Facebook Is Private", Why Are They Feeding Users' Private Messages Directly To The FBI?

The other side of the red pill. Social Crediting, Cryptocurrencies and the Smart Grid

The Official Twitter Account for The Duke of York. Tweets sent by HRH are signed - AY

Dedication of Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies features living testimonial to advanced technology

"LEFT: Joe Biden's current signature RIGHT: Joe Biden's previous signature Different "B"… different Biden"

Tacoma protest underway

Levin: Biden's not demonstrating unity, just conformity

OKC lab testing COVID vaccine on children

The exterior lights of the Washington Monument are currently out. (Minibun)

To protect staff and visitors from COVID-19, the Washington Monument is closed until further notice

Notables for Jan 24, 2021

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