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Notables for Jan 23, 2021

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Danish prime minister wants country to accept 'zero' asylum seekers

Former BLM activist Warns Americans About being used as pawns by the political elite

Schumer said a mouthful KEK (17 seconds) Erection (Cap)

DEEP STATE HISTORY LESSON Sargent Robert Horton explains the REAL AND TRUE history of America

Strategic Purpose kill POTUS, start WW3

REuters: British lawmakers seek investigation into UK-registered firm possibly linked to Beirut blast

Politico: ‘Really quite shocking’: Inside the ugly transition at the Pentagon

TheHill:Judge says Treasury must give Trump 72 hours before releasing tax info to Democrats

GP: President Biden Invades Syria


@MrAndyNg antifa are planning another gathering in Seattle this weekend

An anon's government resignations dig

10 USC 252: Use of militia and armed forces to enforce Federal authority

The Medical and Dental Council says it has suspended the licenses of Nigerian doctors who were involved in the trafficking of two babies

Plane update repost

Man and woman indicted on human trafficking charges arraigned in Allen County

Two recent major jackpot winners

Listen CAREFULLY: another look at Trump video

More inauguration video analysis

Watch the Ball

Attorney Gary Zerola, 49, who appeared in 2001 list of "America’s Top 50 Bachelors" charged with rape

Baseball legend Hank Aaron got virus vaccine earlier in January; then dies

a United States Corporation Company filed as a Domestic Business Corporation in the State of New York onThursday, October 2, 1902

Jon Heely Disney Music Group Exec Charged with Child Sex Abuse

Biden EO Federal Workers $15 Minimum Wage

Disney VP 73-year-old Michael Laney was convicted of four counts of first-degree sexual abuse of 7 year-old girl

Three soldiers killed in NY Guard helicopter crash were warrant officers who served in Afghanistan

Disney producer Jack Morrissey tweeted that MAGA kids should go into the wood chipper, and Disney did nothing

Fake news HITPIECE "The President Threw Us Under The Bus”: Embedding With Pentagon Leadership In Trump’S Chaotic Last Week

National Guard Allowed Back Into Capitol After Eviction To Parking Garage; Trump Offers DC Hotel Rooms

Gregory Sierra, Actor on 'Barney Miller' and 'Sanford and Son,' Dies at 83

Biden's Oval Office Swaps Andrew Jackson, Military Flags for Family Photos, Civil Rights Leaders

If you don't understand the central banking part then watch this: U.S. has been under contract for 119 years

Lin Wood Listens in on a zoom call about him @ Mercer law and sets the record straight in a surprise defense

Castle Rock. Final stage explanation. (vid 5:34mins) WATCH THIS WWG1WGA

Kamal Harris she’s a fucking disgusting human being

CRISPR-based enhancers of DNA vaccines for COVID-19

Looks like USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier has entered the South China Sea: Boatfagging

China authorizes coast guard to fire on foreign vessels if needed

"Syria's UN ambassador calls on US to withdraw troops, 'stop acts of aggression"

Biden maskless (Cap)

One way of looking at things

BIDEN SIGNED EXECUTIVE ACTIONS - Not Executive Orders as reported on the news, even OAN

None of the people telling you to worry about coronavirus are worried about coronavirus

Taiwan records 7 incursions by Chinese air force within 2 hours

Why did Switzerland recently give CHINA access to Dox Bilderbergers?

Arrest Tracker of key figures

Straka: TY President Trump for rooms for the military

Pepe is a stone

Unions show signs of voter remorse after Biden reality sinks in ‘Insulting and disappointing’:


Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning CCP involvement in US Power Grid

Right On Cue For Biden, WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce COVID False Positives

rockets landed near U.S. troops at Camp Victory in #Iraq

A Trump Holdout in Atlanta

A Large US Military Convoy Rolled Into Syria On 1st Day Of Biden Presidency

Microsoft Patents AI-Chatbots That Imitate Dead People

Most.Popular.President.Ever…? 9,400 thumbs up compared to 43,000 thumbs down

What grade do you give Biden’s first couple days in office?

Why do we follow a U.S. Code? We have a Constitution already

Twitter Suspends Antifa-Linked Accounts Following Inauguration Day Riots

Memo: Defense Intel Agency Purchased Smartphone Location Data Without Warrant

Anon tell it how it is, Twitter is corrupt and interferes in information flow

Lin Wood - Fireside Chat 9 | Is Joe Biden Really the President of the U.S? | + 2 Other MEGA Shows

You just need a browser, no app needed https://t.me/s/TrueGreatAwakening

Indoor dining gets OK in big cities – just after Trump leaves office

D.C. Mayor Bowser: Dem-Led House, Senate Will Pass D.C. Statehood, Bring It to Biden’s Desk

Trump Makes First Public Comments Since Leaving Office

Democrats Announce Plans to Arrest and Prosecute Trump Supporters as Domestic Terrorists

Biden's People EO's 9 so far on the EO register


Maxine Waters admits she threatens Trump supporters ‘all the time’

Arrest Tracker of key figures

First hour Pizzagate researcher here

11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC

Play them at their own game

Are the lottery machines made by Dominion? (Frens asking)

Gretchen Whitmer Reopening Michigan Restaurants Now That Biden Has Been Sworn In

Snow White - supercomputer

Larry King dead

QAnons For Biden (TRUST THE JOE,BRO)

The attack on the Capitol is the culmination of Trumpism, and the GOP owns this

National Guard to keep 7,000 troops in DC until March


Pattern or coincidence?

Petition Inside NPR Accuses Them of a 'White Supremacist Culture'

Pro-Abortion group disrupted Religious worship

how many world leaders in the last 2000 years also had their names decoded to 666? (is that you saturn)

The NPC "code switch team" switched the codes!

With a flip of the switch we turn it on (((them)))

REUTERS: Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force


World judge orders arrest of first man accused of plotting to attack US capital (For Keks)


Amazon is seeking to postpone a unionization vote at a warehouse in Alabama

Lin Wood secretly joins zoom call and records it. This is priceless

West L.A. Man Arrested in Federal Stalking Case

Thousands of National Guard Asked to Remain in DC Until Mid-March

House Democrats call on Biden to commute all federal death sentences

White House Announces It Will Codify Federal Abortion Law

The Constitution’s Option for Impeachment After a President Leaves Office

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Create An Official Bigfoot Hunting Season

Yellow Vests back at it?

Members of the far-right militia group Oath Keepers used Facebook Messenger during the Capitol siege to hunt for lawmakers, FBI says

launch scrubbed til tomorrow 10am

New York lost 1 million jobs in 2020 due to COVID-19

Man who allegedly entered Senate chamber with taser, cuffs is ordered released pending trial

Must look at this twatter account!

#Qiden EO?- They were Actions, not Orders

Washington city's mayor rushed to safety after homeless-advocate rioters storm City Hall

LineFag Chimes in - Hold the Line Faggots

Chipmaker Intel Corp. blames internal error on data leak

Dozens sue Amazon's Ring after camera hack leads to threats and racial slurs

SPHE Scan Based Trading

The government is hiding the cavemen

Claim of Chinese investment in Dominion Voting Systems confuses

Biden is Q! (or not)



Biden graphic

Plane Fag Reports

this is what they want you to think, this is the truth newfags learn your Q's

Still think they're actually the Pres and VP?

Matheson’s joke was aimed at Melania Trump


lin wood is part of their harvard cabal?

Chao has fired the presidents of Radio Free Europe


Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò - A Prayer for the United States of America

Future proves past [events unlock]

datefag chimes in



I'm going to spell it out one time only for those who are lost and not registering the 100's of clues I've been dropping

Clinesmith Sentencing


Biden instituting Cloward Piven strategy

Larry King, broadcasting giant for half-century, dies at 87

Two days in & Biden says never mind about stopping COVID



Signed -Fellow Slave

Andrew Torba (Gab), Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer connection


Broadcasting legend Larry King dies at 87



Serious question Anons. Please advise

Unit 8200

Lockdown sceptic Sir Desmond Swayne MP predicts Britons will “rise up”

Follow the foot?

Reminder: Barr doesn't expect Obama, Biden criminal investigations


I'm sorry you don't understand

Reminder… it's QAnons/Q_Anons for #Bidanon (-Anonymous)

Rep. Bill Keating (D-MA) confirmed that he confronted a maskless National Guard member

Odd that the Supreme court won't let you see what's going on the last week of March 2021

NEED a good PlaneFag to report/post asap

Newfags…[DO NOT] (dont tell me waht to do?)

>12683372 MEMES


The beast is afraid… of The Deplorables. There are eighty million of us after all#219

Wonder why that cunt Cathy Cox wants to defame Lin Wood?

Scaramucci to Trump: 'Get out of politics' and go back to business

Trump Impeachment Trial Will Start Week of Feb. 8: Schumer

Sarah Palin Calls out Disney's Jack Morrisey MAGA kids Wood Chipper comments

Anons discuss 10th Mountain Division in DC , Combat Patch or Not?

Q #132 confirmation graphic

Baby dead 2 days after pregnant mother given COVID19 vax

Herridge - #NationalGuard Statement on maintaining 5k (soldiers in DC) through mid-March

Boston Globe to Allow Revision of Past stories?

Alphabet (Google) done exploring the idea of using a fleet of balloons to beam high-speed internet in remote parts of the world

This literally makes no sense. Did Syria attack us???

EXCLUSIVE: State Dept Docs Reveal Pence Chief Of Staff Referred Biden Bud Frank Luntz For Secretary Role

Facebook can suck my cock. 1.6 million Illinoisans could get about $350 from Class-Action lawsuit

Macron has a message… "We will not give the abusers any respite, none"

We're on the verge of breakdown: a data scientist's take on Trump and Biden

Who really controls the guard in DC? Is the military watching to dockets? (Supreme Court digg)

'Lolita Express' pilot who allegedly flew Prince Andrew tracked down by media

Amazon is seeking to postpone a unionization vote at a warehouse in Alabama b/c mail in voting

One person was #killed after a tour bus on its way to the #GrandCanyon

Germany Opens Jails for Those who Refuse to Quarantine

Microsoft suspends donating to politicians using MSPAC

Groundbreaking study explains ‘preexisting immunity’ to Covid-19 among some populations

Anons nom an Anon Opines - It matters not what one believes or has faith in with respect to the Q material

The real faggots tried to blow up and burn down my church in Los Angeles last night/early this morning

Biden Expected To Soon Release CIA Report On Who Killed Khashoggi

PF Report -TETON31 32 38 Wyoming ANG C-130s departed JBA back to Cheyenne

And now its time for China Joe to repay his Big Tech pals for all their help

German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in ‘politically explosive’ decision

Major Tour Operator Refuses To Book Holidays For The Unvaccinated

Of course - dear leader Harris may not look bad in the official propaganda arm of the DNC. -WaPo Revision

ICE Agents Ordered to Free All Illegal Aliens in Custody: ‘Release Them All’

Foreign investors flooded China’s stock market in 2020, adding about 1.5 million new accounts a month

State Dept Docs Reveal Pence Chief Of Staff Referred Biden Bud Frank Luntz For Secretary Role

After Destroying Thousands of Jobs, Biden Raises Minimum Wage To $15… But Only For Federal Workers

Biden’s Border Security Director Tapped From UN ‘Open Borders’ Agency

‘Emotionally Manipulative Propaganda’: UK Govt Releases ‘Stay Home’ Coronavirus Scare Video

Senior MP: British Public Will "Rise Up And Bring Down" Lockdown If Exit Plan Isn't Outlined

Sweden: Child Rapes Drove Overall Rape Increase in 2020

China Caught Importing 'Doctored' & Rebranded Venezuelan Oil To Evade US Sanctions

hank aaron died after getting the vaccine like a lot of suspicious elderly deaths

CBP to Build New Migrant Entry Center in Advance of Biden Policies

soybean and corn prices dropping

Two mothers arrested for trafficking children online

US Backs Al-Qaeda in Yemen while Dubbing Its Houthi Enemies ‘Terrorists’

Nancy's!? Botox46, planefag report(s)

inauguration day live stream fucker

Google made $3.7B off Australia and paid $46M in taxes. That’s a tax rate of barely more than 1%. And now that the Australian govt is demanding more than 1%, Google is threatening to cut off services

Facebook goes down: Thousands of users across the U.S. and Europe are locked out of the site while others report PORN in their video feeds amid fears it has been hacked

In a first for Spain, Jesuits admit to decades of sex abuse

FBI: 33 missing children rescued during Human Trafficking Awareness Month

ICE agents ordered to free all illegal aliens in custody "release them all"

PF reports

Biden tells Mexican president he will end Trump's 'draconian' immigration policies

Iran’s Zarif Calls on Biden to Lift Sanctions

With Border Wall Funding Cut, New SecDef Must Decide Whether to Withdraw Troops

Anon on Quantum Internet and Entanglement/vid by JC Kaye

@Jack censors the lords prayer

In Text Messages, Biden Voters Already Regret Their Vote

'A Trap?' Clinton's Russia collusion research started much earlier, made Steele nervous

Calls grow for 9/11-style panel to probe Capitol attack

New: sandy hook parents can sue alex jones/infowars

'A Trap?' Clinton's Russia collusion research started much earlier, made Steele nervous

Anti-Putin Demonstrations Erupt Across Russia

Amazon urging halt to union mail-in vote at Bessemer warehouse

"It Was All A Lie": Biden-Linked WHO Adviser Says COVID-19 'Likely' Leaked From Wuhan Lab

Situation in Amsterdam as First Curfew Since WWII Imposed to Curb Spread of COVID-19

Day 3: taiwan reports large incursion by chinese air force

kareem abdul jabbar celebrates inauguration, slams maga puppets

PF reports

Past Presidents-whitehouse.gov

PA GOP fighting back against illegal election rule changes

whitehouse.gov lists biden as PAST president

Brennen tweet, The exact moment when the CIA decided to prop up the regime change operation in #Russia

russians take to streets in support of alexey navalny, DOS condems russian actions

ted cruz/seth rogan twitter slap match

manipulated video about trump supporters goes viral

BREAKING REPORT: Hot Mic Catches Joe Biden Saying 'I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M SIGNING,' Signs Executive Order Anyway

Confirmed: USS Theodore Roosevelt entered the South China Sea on January 23

China has authorized its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels and destroy structures

Pope Francis is once again cancelling public appearances due to nerve pain

Pope Francis is once again canceling public appearances due to nerve pain after getting vaccinated

Man accused of taking police gun in riot faces murder charge

KY GOP reject resolution urging cocaine mitch to stand with trump

candace owens gives birth to her first born son

"It Was All A Lie": Biden-Linked WHO Adviser Says COVID-19 'Likely' Leaked From Wuhan Lab-zh

Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force

explanation of 11.3/11.4 law of war theory


Anon needs a little help with some norrnies and some advice

Sidney Powell Has Started A Super PAC

FB gives FBI DMs of capitol "rioters"

Ohio Republican congressman Steve Stivers has said $1,400 stimulus checks should only go to people who take the coronavirus vaccine

‘Big Tech in Bed With US Government’, Manipulating Policy Decisions Slammed as Travesty by Expert

DATA EXPERT: 200,000 Pennsylvania Ballots Were Modified After Election

CBS: Now That Biden Is Here, Hopefully ‘Dark Days’ of USA Racism Are Gone

HOT MIC: Biden Says ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Signing,’ Signs Executive Order Anyway

Pro-Abortion Group Storms Catholic Church, Knocks Over Table, Shouts Profanities

The Purge and Reeducation – How Radicals Are Quickly Implementing a Communist Coup of America

Fauci: ‘Chilling’ How Science Was Distorted, Rejected by Trump

PF reports

Effort to Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom Attracts More Than 1.2 Million Signatures

War With Russia – Last Hope Of Globalists

Farticus: "the senators aren't only jurors, they're victims"

"Gross Interference": Russia Livid That US Embassy Posted Times & Locations Of Navalny Protests

Biden Expected To Soon Release CIA Report On Who Killed Khashoggi, Will 'Embarrass' MbS

Trump's young guns: The five former White House staffers setting up his Mar-a-Lago office

UPDATE - Viking shaman now detained by Russian police in Moscow

Last night on CTV Winnipeg news there was a concern fag story about the poor Anons and how their world had crumbled

'Putin is a thief': Hundreds arrested across Russia during mass anti-corruption protests

New Star Wars Show Host Has History of Anti-White, Racist Tweets

Police are investigating vandalism and an explosion at a church in Los Angeles

New Jersey gym owner charged in Capitol riot

Capitol rioter charged with threatening to 'assassinate' Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a US Capitol Police officer

Pakistani girl chained up, raped for five months while police did nothing

Police Arrest Over 2,000 at Russia Protests Backing Jailed Kremlin Foe Navalny

The Islamic State group jihadists used light weapons and the cover of darkness to ambush fighters from #Iraqi state-sponsored Hashed al-Shaabi force, killing at least 11 and wounding 10

Trumps SCOTUS case is docketed

‘Really quite shocking’: Inside the ugly transition at the Pentagon

PDJT's First Public Comments

KEKS: WH Press Secretary, “Ummmm.”

Texas AG Puts DHS on Notice: Removal Pause Violates Agreement

Joe Biden clears out Trump loyalists from federal broadcast agency

DOD Succession Plan Remains in Effect

MyPillow CEO Hires Gawker-Killing Lawyer to Go After Daily Mail for Jane Krakowski Affair Story

"JUST IN: Gov. Pritzker’s health team officially gave the green light Saturday for restaurants and most bars across Chicago and suburban Cook County to invite customers back inside for indoor service."

censorship experiment ends with non surprising results

central banking documentary: “The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America”

dig request: ID possible provocateurs at scene of ashli babbit murder

Some researchers are even suggesting we should put lithium in drinking water as a way to reduce suicide

did bidens signature change?

Colombia was hit by a 5.1 magnitude #earthquake, though no damages or injuries were immediately reported

Taiwan Reports 13 Incursions By Chinese Air Force In One Day

Trump’s Former DHS Secretary Lobbies Senate to Approve Biden’s DHS Pick

Biden Made America Less Safe with Single Pen Stroke, Says Former CBP Head

FIREWORKS: Arizona GOP Meeting Erupts As Grassroots Disavow Ducey, McSally, Establishment Boos

ricky schroder on the 2020 erection

The New York Times is tweeting in Chinese now re: wuhan

remember when dems challenged all trumps EOs in court? where is the GOP?

Texas 'AG' Ken Paxton Sues Biden for 'Unlawful' Halt to Deportations

DOD: coming in hot into USMC camp lejeune

biden calls a lid. presidenting is hard work

Boris Johnson Delighted With His First Phone Call With Biden

VA moves toward banning capital punishment

California Refuses To Disclose COVID-19 Data Used To Drive Lockdowns

Twenty Reasons Mandatory Face Masks are Unsafe, Ineffective and Immoral

Sputnik: Asia’s most wanted drug lord nicknamed ‘El Chapo of the East’ arrested in Netherlands - report

NBC: NG's mission in Chicago starring covid19

baker change

Here come the ayys: Sputnik: 'Maybe something had crashed': Satellite discovery in Antarctica prompted scientific investigation, media says

Oped: Many experts expect Biden to hold off on the public saber-rattling and use of U.S. policy toward Taiwan as a way to push back at China that typified the Trump approach

Northrop Grumman and L3Harris were selected by the Defense Department’s Missile Defense Agency to each build a prototype sensor satellite capable of tracking hypersonic and ballistic missiles

7.3 Quake in the Shetlands. No tsunami expected

White House Calls a Lid on First Saturday of Administration – Biden Goes Into Hiding for the Rest of the Day

Two girls in human trafficking net rescued by Uttar Pradesh police; Kingpin Aftab arrested

Anon dig: Curious that we have so many United States Corporation Company listings across our nation…

Germany opens jails for those who refuse to quarantine 'Forced detention' facility scheduled to open in Dresden

nypost: China sends warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace: report

BOOM: Trust In Mainstream Media Just Hit An All-Time Low

GP: President Biden Orders All Illegal Aliens Released Immediately

Meanwhile, a NY Times editor fired after expressing opinion

NYPost Oped: This is why Trump’s post-presidential popularity could rise

’Baby-harvesting’ and child-trafficking syndicate arrested in Ghana

Trump says ‘we’ll do something’ but ‘not just yet’ in first post-presidential remark

Joe Biden stresses COVID, immigration in first calls with foreign leaders

Top Conservative Leader Tom Fitton Is Still Suspended by Twitter 7 Days After a 7 Day Suspension for Tweeting the Truth on HCQ

Ngo: "People who destroy property during protests will be arrested and prosecuted under a new policy, announced the Seattle police chief. #antifa #SeattleRiots"

The CCP ask for applause for its double lung transplant on a coronavirus victim. But the fact that two matching lungs were found in a few days raises new suspicions oforgan harvesting, just as London’s China Tribunal releases his final judgment

Now that elections are over, Seattle police chief announces tougher policy of prosecuting protesters who vandalize

Earthquake reports and digs South America/Antarctic

wnd: Trump plan tries to prevent progressive activists from imposing their will on business

Anon notes that on Gab someone's pointing out Biden's apparent lack of a Secret Service callbox

Anon digs continued: Process Agents for: UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY and other stuff

Junk Bond Sales Set to Break January Record; Pouring Cash into Risky Assets

'BEYOND THE PALE' Capitol ‘rioter’ Jeffrey Sabol ‘who dragged cop to be beaten with US flag tried to flee to Switzerland to kill himself’

Sputnik: Head of Mossad to Outline Israeli Demands to Biden for Rejoining Iran Nuclear Deal - Report

Anon nom: 'RELEASE THEM ALL' Joe Biden executive order – ICE ‘told to free all undocumented migrants in Texas custody’ after halted deportations

@DineshDSouza; Progressive historians like Kevin Kruse say the 1776 Commission Report leaves a lot out

Newsmax: 7 Reasons the Senate Trial Is a Sham (And Why They Really Want to Nail Trump)

Media plays Red Button off as Diet Coke button

Epoch: #Twitter did nothing to stop #Antifa planning and promoting #Riots in #Portland and #Seattle weeks in advance, according to Journalist

Vatican: Pope to Miss Events Due to New Flare up of Leg Pain

SLI Compliance 'certifies" Dominion Voting machines also 'tests and certifies' HealthCare IT

Former Iranian Hostage Slams Biden’s Iran Envoy Pick

Planefag reports

REPORT: Joe Biden Rode Record-Breaking ‘Dark Money’ Donations Into The White House

Petition to Reinstate @realDonaldTrump to twitter

Grassley Wants To Know How DOJ Found ‘No Wrongdoing’ In Michael Flynn Leak Probe

Antarctica bombshell: NASA baffled after snapping ‘something rising above ice

‘This Needs To Happen’: Megyn Kelly Joins Calls For Janice Dean To Challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Calls for Investigation After Democrats Order 5,000 National Guard Members from US Capitol to Sleep in Cold DC Parking Garage in Dead of Winter

USAToday kicks the fake news qanon strawman around

Did Joe get the covid? Express.co asking questions about Biden's health

Gab Deactivates Its Twitter Account

Walter Bernstein, once-blacklisted screenwriter of 'The Front,' dead at 101

Overweight and healthy is a big fat lie, obesity study finds

FBI launches investigation after bomb is thrown at anti-LGBT church in California weeks after pastor received arson attack threat and locals called its teachings hate speech

Rush Issues Dire Prediction: 2022 Isn't Going to Save Us, 'Wake the Hell Up'

The Sun: "President Donald Trump Used Brighter Gold Curtains". KEK!

DOUGLAS MURRAY: The Left can't stop fawning over Joe Biden but I fear this won't end well for America… or Britain

US Capitol protester charged with threatening to ‘assassinate’ AOC

Infowars: Democrat NGO’s To Direct Military / CIA & FBI In Purge of Conservatives

Australian Federal Police raid Queensland properties linked to shutdown of DarkMarket website

CDC and UK health orgs quietly changes Covid vaccine guidance to OK mixing Pfizer and Moderna shots in ‘exceptional situations’

Man charged in Capitol riot was ‘following the schedule Alex Jones’ promoted

Rumors are flowing: Trump and Justice Dept. Lawyer Said to Have Plotted to Oust Acting Attorney General

They're saying lots of false positives. They're saying now we can reduce those. They're saying a lot of shit…

Bohemian Grove Divestiture: Belenoff-Glamis Group Int./Rosebel Ind. sold all interest in Monte Rio property

Most of Rose McGowan’s Claims Against Weinstein and His Lawyers Dismissed by Judge

Amazon's Bezos opposes mail-in ballots for company union vote

Anon correction: I wasn't continuing the dig. I was pointing out that the previous Notable was a shill-narrative smokescreen

Facebook Fascists Disable All Commenting on New “Patriot Party” Page

Klinesmith related court docs

Checkmate: Twitter users are digging around on Twitter's algo

Larry King has died at 87

Inauguration Mystery girls disappear and reapppear during swearing in ceremony

Clinton Foundation Financial Investigators/Whistleblowers: We are filing some major Motions this coming week

Couch: EXCLUSIVE: MELTDOWN! FBI Admits it Now Has 20,000 Pages and Seth Rich Laptop After Years of DENIAL

Trying to get Ghosts into the Machines…

Proclamation on the Termination Of Emergency With Respect To The Southern Border Of The United States And Redirection Of Funds Diverted To Border Wall Construction

Anon nom: Meteorite in Chile

The Strawman Shaman does his strawman job

Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library

Now that Biden is p-resident, we get to buy the "cures" to pneumonia related diseases…

USArmy: One team, one fight! Flag of United States

5.5-magnitude quake hits Papua New Guinea, USGS says

WaPo goes full NewSpeak: To understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness

CBS LA: 33 missing children rescued in Los Angeles trafficking operation, says FBI

Samanage was SolarWinds’ first acquisition of an Israeli company

One of world’s most wanted drug barons – billionaire Tse Chi Lop, 56, dubbed Asia’s El Chapo, and aka The Grandfather – was arrested in the Netherlands on Friday

FEARPORN of all out war between China and the United States have surged after Beijing passed a new law permitting its coast guard to open fire on foreign vessels in Chinese claimed waters

Obvious bait is obvious, Don't respond to shills

Hirono: Goal of Impeachment to Hold Trump Accountable, Stop Him from Ever Seeking Elected Office Again

Red buttons

Morgan Stanley CEO Gorman Hauls In $33 Million In 2020

Saudi TV says missile or drone intercepted over Riyadh

Self nom, agreed. Military is in control

Epstein Pedopilot

Governors pull National Guard from D.C. amid parking garage incident

PF reports

Vatican bank's former chief found guilty of money laundering, sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison

Remarks by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy on an Untrue Report by American Media on China-US High-level Meeting

The Senate trial of former President Donald Trump will begin on Feb. 9

U.S., Israel sign $38 billion military aid package (2016)

Scavinos insta story

Rockefellers Toss A Housewarming—In 9 Installments and then the rain came (1975)

@nytimes President Biden is perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century, said Satan

Anon opines three scripts

Buh Bye GOP We will not tolerate a token, opposition party in the bag for the DNC

Patriot Party by 2024 Time stamp 23:23:23

@thehill Authorities investigating explosion at Los Angeles church http://hill.cm/StTfhb3

Instagram Is Forcing Users to Follow Biden White House Account So That It’s Not So Pathetic Even When Users Repeatedly Un-Follow the Page

New entry into dictionary this year: Bidened = Buyer’s remorse


Anon SOAPBOX, Anons stop this stupid talk we have all the power we need to start boycotting big tech

@donwinslow Threatening A bigger threat. (just so they have more time to make up more shit)

@NotBarron1946 John Barron's twitter + anon theory

Plane Reporting

San Clemente: The Navy’s Secretive Training Island Off the California Coast

Notables for Jan 23, 2021

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