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Notables for Dec 9, 2020

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Scavino RT his own video with the Rudyard Kipling poem

America's Highest Paid Hooker Sues Nevada To Reopen Brothels

Swalwell with the Hooker that knew too much

HCQ worked

Resignations in the news

Dig on Barcelona Servers

Dig on Avid Technology Inc (Feinstein Husband)

Our digs are making them panic bigly. (They used to ignore us. Then they ridiculed us. They're not laughing now.)

Iron Eagle - must watch

James Woods - Don't they take an oath to defend the Constitution?

Kamala Harris sat on the Hunter Biden Senate Investigation

How the US really works from a Chinese perspective

Nearly 30 Million acres of US owned by Foreigners

Gavin Newsom's Winery is open for dining

World Health Organization trying to weather the coming Storm

Lin Wood: CCP infiltration, sea to shining sea

16 small earthquakes across the Western United States

How To Properly Use The Filter

Perkins Coie LLP is representing "Proposed Intervenor-Defendant Biden Electors"

New Law allows Australia to scrap China Belt and Road plans

CM: November 2016, Rick Snyder and Mike Duggan visit China on an extravagant “investment mission”


Gabriel Sterling got 6000 poll workers from the aclu, i looked them up and they seem to be a blm kind of organization, is that not a conflict of interest??

New Law allows Australia to scrap China Belt and Road plans

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell Screamed About Russia for Four Years – But He Was Cozy With a Chinese Spy


/pol/ threads on spoopy "F16" crash

The Supreme Court only denied emergency injunctive relief. In the order, it did NOT deny cert

The FDA says Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is safe and effective. But trial participants warn of intense symptoms after second shot

CM: Snyder was a busy man

Cynthia Johnson Ping Pongs for Chinese Solidarity

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder - 8 visits to China in 8 years!

Trump Campaign lawsuit in GA is now available online. It consists of 1585 pages outlining significant evidence of fraud

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelly Ward Update on AZ Supreme Court Case

Democrats seek intel on QAnon from DHS, FBI as backers join Congress

NXIVM cult linked to Congressional Oversight Auditor Assassination

all press is good press, Cynthia!

RICK Snyder and the state of Michigan procurement document and contract with Dominion Machine purchase 2017

THREAD: Trump Campaign lawsuit in GA is now available online. It consists of 1585 pages

TRUMP MARCH schedules

Ask The Experts (Covid-19 Vaccine) - Now Banned on YouTube and Facebook

Warning after two patients have allergic reactions to Pfizer Covid jab

Bernie admits Dems blocked COVID relief bills

Video Q linked to now at 600,000+ views

Fears of chaotic end to Brexit as Johnson heads for last supper in Brussels

McCarthy: Swalwell ‘Should Be Removed from Congress,’ When Did Pelosi, Schiff Know about China Spy Issue? McCarthy: Swalwell ‘Should Be Removed from Congress…

CM: Why did Michigan State Representative Cynthia Johnson present TRIBUTES to the Chinese Consul General in Chicago?

Justice Department Debunks Silicon Valley’s ‘Worker Shortage’ Claim

"Zhao Jian explained [to Gov Whitmer] COOPERATION IS THE ONLY CORRECT ANSWER."

4chan moderna insider?

Kayleigh: Arkansas joins Texas in suing Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin & Georgia over election irregularities!

A useful site for tracking Chinese investment…

The Story of a Chinese Spy and Bay Area Politicians Highlights U.S. Vulnerabilities to Influence Operations

General Flynn: Commitment to our country & each other is a life long endeavor

reminder from May 9 2020: Dee Snider’s daughter Chey rescued from Peru by US Embassy

Ossoff’s Father Met With Chinese ‘Dignitaries’ While Touring His China-Built Yacht


HISTORY MADE: Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Scores Ratings Win Over FOX News Host Martha MacCallum for First Time Ever

Georgia County Can’t Certify Election Results from Recount Because They Can’t “Duplicate Results” on Voting Machines

When Asked if Dem Rep. Swalwell Had Intimate Relationship with Chinese Communist Spy and Honeypot, His Office Said ‘No Comment – It’s Classified’

Cynthia A Johnson: Domestic Terrorist and Traitor to our great Republic. Panicked, showed her hand too early

PF reports

intricate breakdown of the UCMJ changes (including Article 15 changes) effective January 1, 2019

Two human smuggling operations busted in Houston in less than a week

Georgia Senate Issues New Statement on Election Fraud — Challenge Shady Raffensperger’s Deal with Democrats on Ballot Signatures

President Trump’s Executive Order Regarding Foreign Intervention in US Elections Could Result in Perilous Consequences for Biden Family and

Missouri Joins Texas Taking The Election Fight to Supreme Court. Related: TX lawsuit is yuge

#Swalwell Blames #Trump for Leaking China Spy Information. This is the predictable #Dem strategy at this point…

DJT - We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case. This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!

Patrick Byrne: Dissecting The Election Steal

Canadian Forces member called on fellow soldiers to Ignore Orders to help distribute COVID vaccine and to question the Cover Hoax

The Trump campaign’s Nevada lawsuit identifies almost 4,000 non-citizens who voted there

DJTjr r/t another prominent Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee has gotten tied up with a suspected Chinese spy

Who Will Be the Fraud Deniers?

The Texas lawsuit in the Supreme Court is huge


Nonlegal factors that SCOTUS justices might have to consider in deliberating Texas’s lawsuit

Brandy Vaughan found dead yesterday. Brandy was a former Merck Sales Rep and founder of "Learntherisk.org."

Missouri Is Latest State to Join Texas in SCOTUS Lawsuit Against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

anon opines on the state of notables

Pompeo: Thanks to Trump, Chinese Communist Party ‘Has Now Shown Itself’ and Is Exposed


4 volunteers develop FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases’

HEALTHY 47 YEAR OLD Vaccine exposer (Brandy Vaughn) found dead - cause unknown

planefag reporting

PF reports

anon opines now we know why the MSM/dems were going after ken paxton (tx AG) a few months ago before the election

PF Report

Texas filings to SCOTUS



PF Report - AF2 USAF VIP C-32A departed JBA to Cape Canaveral for NASA meeting on Artemis Moon Program

Mich. Representative Cynthia A Johnson Making Terroristic Threats Against Trump Supporters

World gone mad. Germany reopens concentration camps calls them quarantine hospitals

DJT - We will soon be learning about the word “courage”, and saving our Country

live now, Pompeo re: China (…400,000 chinese students in us….)

Chemical plant in West Virginia Explodes

Texas case shows responses for 2 of the 3 motions due by 3 pm tomorrow

Youtube to remove any allegation of voter fraud content concerning 2020 Election

PF Report

Cry'n Chuck w/CAP: QAnon is a threat to our democratic institutions. Their disinformation has amplified hatred and violence

Ossoff’s Father Met With Chinese ‘Dignitaries’ While Touring His China-Built Yacht

Texas suit in SCOTUS link

financefag reporting

Connection between China Virus and Swine Flue vaccine

PF Report

Artificial Intelligence Just Revealed a Potential Concern for China Virus Vaccine Makers

Top Congressional Leader Calls For Swalwell To Be ‘Removed From Congress’ After Chinese Spy Bombshell Story

Anon opines on 'C before D' in Texas SCOTUS filing


Dig on Eric Swalwell and the Chinese connection

Interesting and true twitter opine on the plight of fake conservatism

Nolte: Media Don’t Want You to Know About Alleged Shooting Attack on Trump

New Ben Garrison re: Swalwell sleeping with the enemy

Michigan lawmakers prepare to subpoena Dominion Voting Systems CEO

@GenFlynn: "There’s an anti-American sense inside of some of these institutions (DOJ/FBI/State/CIA)

CIA rejection of FOIA request on Q due to information being 'classified'. KEK

RSBN suspending operations on Youtube due to censorship

Anti vaxxer Brandy Vaughn dies at 47

RSBN censored on YouTube, watch on Twitter or Facebook

@AZGOP - Should we appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court?

“Make Them Pay!” Michigan Dem Cynthia Johnson Issues Threat – Calls Out ‘Soldiers’ to Take Care of Trumpers

Dollar turns higher as U.S. stocks weaken

Geomagnetic forecast from NOAA

Here's a little @10MTNDIV history to kick off the day…

Dig on Q Posts with the word 'Courage'

PF Report

Don't Let China Virus Lockdowns Become a Permanent Power Grab

YouTube to Delete Content Alleging Presidential Election Fraud

DJT Jr retweet of Cerno - Let's see it all. (Declass)

Tucker Carlson: Why is Eric Swalwell still on House Intel Committee after Chinese spy revelations?

Chinese Professor Reveals Plot in Shock Video: US Elites/China Have Teamed Up to Take Control Of America

Pompeo: Thanks to Trump, Chinese Communist Party ‘Has Now Shown Itself’ and Is Exposed

Networks Censor Bombshell on Chinese Spy-Swalwell Relationship; Tucker Buries All of Them

Editor of Psychology Ttoday is daughter to former Powell/Rice State Department lackey

Rep. Swalwell wants investigation into who leaked information

President Trump to Attend His Third Army-Navy Football Gam

Joe Manchin questions China’s promised $84 billion investment in West Virginia

Democrat Rep. Swalwell Claims Blockbuster Axios Chinese Spy Report Is Trump DisInfo

Mike Pompeo at Georgia Institute for Tech - Speech on Chinese threat (video)

Secretary Pompeo: ‘America First Will Have a Lasting Legacy’

Do not take Pfizer’s China Virus vaccine, UK regulator warns

Current Naval Deployments

Another Trump appointee has show his colors - District Judge Carl J. Nichols

Four Volunteers Who Took Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Developed Bell’s Palsy

Texas Opens A Huge Can Of Worms (at SCOTUS), But Nobody In The Media Will Cover It

Dominion Received $120 Million From 19 States And 133 Local Governments To Provide Election Services

Vice President Pence Chairs the Eighth Meeting of the National Space Council

Fauci skipped President Trump’s event celebrating the development of a coronavirus vaccine

WH Advent COMMS Dec 9th

St. Anthony resident receives anonymous letter chastising them for their Christmas light display

Read Trump’s Massive Georgia Lawsuit, Highlights Include 66,247 Underage Voters and 2,560 Felons

Eric Swalwell was accused of taking hundreds of thousands in bribes from a "land developer" in 2012

Fulton County Commission Took $6.3 Million from Mark Zuckerberg

NY AG James: Even With Pardon Trump ‘Cannot Avoid Justice’ New York State

Anon dig on 'Sky Event'

Beyond WH 2020 Advent Calendar

Despite Guilty Plea, 50 Child Porn Charges, Cop Gets NO JAIL, Will Not Register as Sex Offender

Man Confronts School Cop for Texting ’14yo Niece, Asking for Sexy Pics’ (Vodep_

The Seth Rich Drop today we will be making is going to be Biblical!

Here’s The Evidence Of Widespread Election Fraud (video and article)

Facebook Fact Checker ‘Fact Checks’ Critique of Itself

New Swedish Children’s Bible To Have ‘Diversity and Gender Perspectives’

Anon dig on markers/Q Posts

Venice floods after city authorities decide against inflating barriers (video)

Charlie Peeler Announces Resignation As U.S. Attorney For The Middle District

Members of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) gathered to participate in this year's Toy Drop

DJT - If somebody cheated in the Election, why wouldn’t the Election be immediately overturned?

MI Attorney Gives Incredible Behind The Scenes Account Of Forensic Examination of 16 Dominion Machines In Antrim County

Netherlands: Three Polish Supermarkets Bombed in Two Days

2 notables from late last bread

Pentagon contractor who worked on U.S. missile systems faces criminal charges for sharing classified documents

This lady worked for Merck and came out and started telling people what was in the vaccines

Here are the two outcomes for Texas' lawsuit vs. swing states at SCOTUS

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler's husband dramatically reversed his stock selling spree days before China Virus Bill

1 found, 2 missing in power plant collapse in Ohio

DJT - At 10:00 P.M. on Election Evening, we were at 97% win with the so-called “bookies”

CDC tells states to provide personal details of vaccine recipients

China-Funded ‘Fact-Checker’ Lead Stories Pushes That Fulton County “Suitcase” Scandal Was Debunked

comms? French Robots!

Anon decode of Trump Tweets / Q Post 11

Vice President Pence Chairs the Eighth Meeting of the National Space Council

Gun violence hits 14-year high in New York City with more than 1,400 shootings

Dig on 'Information Poisoning'

John Kerry’s Think Tank Calls for War With Russia Over Climate Change

PF Report

IDF court okays community service plea deal for soldier who killed Palestinian

Pompeo offers warning on China in Georgia speech ahead of Senate elections

McAuliffe announces bid for second term as Virginia governor

Ex-Con Hired by D.C. as Violence Interrupter Arrested, Charged with Murder

Michigan Witness: “Van Full of Ballots Showed Up at 3:30 AM

Russian Foreign Ministry summons Israeli ambassador over ‘Post’ interview

Anon opines on SKY event - Sandusky airport code is SKY

Time to throw Eric Swalwell off the House Intelligence Committee

China talk on US influence/Biden and future with US

Questions persist over early dismissal of Atlanta poll workers, alleged secret ballot counting

YouTube Says It Will Start Deleting Content Alleging 2020 Election Voter Fraud

Israel - Anyone who gets vaccinated against China Virus will receive a "green passport."

Another Domestic Terrorist in Government position! She has threatened Trump supporters and now our great President

Pentagon to get 44,000 initial doses of China Virus vaccine

Ossoff’s Father Met With Chinese ‘Dignitaries’ While Touring His China-Built Yacht

Kevin McCarthy demands answers from Pelosi on Chinese spy infiltrating Rep. Swalwell's office

More on Hunter Biden / Burisma / Ukraine Senate report

Flynn: Americans 'Sick and Tired' of Waiting for Answers

Companies part of group founded by CA governor collectively get nearly $3 million in PPP loans

Parler has problems

Texas AG Paxton: Election Lawsuit a Bid to Protect Integrity, Constitution

Twitter's Dorsey Donates $15M To Mayors' Universal Income Program

VIRGINIA: School Board Erases America’s History, Renames Thomas Jefferson Elementary, George Mason High

House Intel Republicans not told about Eric Swalwell’s relationship with Chinese spy

ICE, CBP seize more than 100,000 counterfeit surgical masks intended for hospital workers

Michigan Witness: “Van Full of Ballots Showed Up at 3:30 AM” (After Deadline) Approximately 50,000 Ballots

Doctor pleads for review of data during China Virus Senate hearing

Georgia’s Republican Governor Tells Lawmakers They Won't Be Picking Electors for Trump

U.S. Poised to End Anonymous Companies, UN Urged to Follow Suit

Why Does Corporate Media amplify John Brennan’s never ending Lies?

Pelosi has 'full confidence' in Swalwell

@USMC Marines Time to execute

PF Report

CM tweet - Make no mistake, the rest of Big Tech will be following Youtube's lead shortly

Several high-powered law firms got PPP loans as well

Q post # 523 CHECKMATE

Peaceful protests in Portland. They are losing control there. (video)

MI Rep. Johnson Has Been Stripped of all duties

Simply put, they’re all in bed w/China - Kimberly Klacik tweet

Ca. Personal Trainer Arrested After Son, 12, and Daughter, 13 Are Found Decapitated in Family Home

Fresh Amazing Polly on Bitchute

Netanyahu Sets December 27 Target Date to Start Vaccinating

Member of Neo-Nazi Group Sentenced for Plot to Target Journalists and Advocates

Could China Virus vaccinations become mandatory?

General Flynn on the awesome digital soldiers and call to dig on Smartmatic Panama SA

President of Russia - Heroes of the Fatherland Day is celebrated in Russia today. 'Hero' in POTUS tweet?

Big breakthrough for the Trump Campaign Texas lawsuit - 62 electoral votes at stake. This is the case that could change the outcome of the election.vid

YouTube says it will DELETE videos claiming 2020 election was fraudulent

VP Pence tweet - Today is a Great day for our Military, Florida & America!

@CodeMonkeyZ Make no mistake, the rest of Big Tech will be following Youtube's lead shortly

Here’s what Brig Gen Leonard is reading



MI State Rep. Cynthia Johnson is stripped of her assignments and is under investigation for her threats against Trump supporters posted on social media on Tuesday night

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) tests positive for China Virus

FTC Sues Facebook for Illegal Monopolization

YouTube says it will DELETE videos claiming 2020 election was fraudulent 9 Dec, 2020

BREAKING: The FTC and 48 states seek to break up Facebook, accuse the tech giant of becoming a social media monopoly by illegally squashing competition buying up rivals

We Will Soon Be Learning About the Word “Courage” (video)

Fake Stream Corporate CCP media: "NO EVIDENCE of election/voter fraud!"

Archive Update "o7" Edition

PF Report

ICE to discontinue inherent bias training for executives

RSBN & BANNON WARROOM WEBSITES Public service announcement, now that YT is censoring just about everyone…

Democrats seeking to circumvent constitution to abolish electoral college

What's Wrong With Being Dead? The kek begins at 1:07 (Still Report Video)

DOD tweet - Green means go!

SECRET MILITARY DOCUMENTS: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

Rudy tweet - Rudy call to dig?

@GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy asks for #Swalwell to be ‘removed from congress’

Florida to fight AGAINST Texas Lawsuit?

Wisconsin Fighter Jet Crashes In Michigan's Upper Peninsula

CASTLE_ROCK _clear Go on green_

MI Rep Cynthia Johnson just stripped of all duties in Legislature for promoting violence against Trump Supporters

Attempt to block Lin Wood's video "Plandemic In doctrination"

Qish post #1

Anon opines - 'Start re-reading Q Posts from December 2017 to January 2018. It will become clear

Indiana AG getting pressured to join in the fight

GOP Judiciary Committee Twitter Nukes Swalwell from orbit 'Did Fang Fang tell you to tweet this?'

Facebook about to be zucked

17 States have filed a brief backing Texas' effort at SCOTUS to overturn Biden 'Election Win'

FBI has over 20,000 pages of evidence on 'Seth Rich Murder' - Matt Couch tweet

West Virginia's Attorney General joins Texas' brief to the Supreme Court on Election Irregularities

United Kingdom Assures UN of Its Commitment to the Global Compact on Migration

Why does the Miami Herald care how GA gets it's Vaccine? Why don't they have this story but about Florida?

Madcow legal team admits she doesn't present facts

Websites for eyez on

Georgia County won't certify 'patently inaccurate' Recount Results

RNC files lawsuit to uphold voting laws ahead of Ga. runoffs

US Govt, States Sue to Break Up 'Predatory' Facebook

The FBI now admits it has Seth Rich’s laptop

Baltimore to destroy all small business restaurants using 'China Virus' as the excuse

CCP wants Biden, says they can't fix Trump

Russia deployed ground-based laser to blind American space sensors, US intelligence chief says

Spacex youtube feed of Starship Hop

SKY event?

DOD tweet - Green means GO

Brandy Vaughan Dead: Prominent Anti-Vaccination Activist Dies

Michigan's Top Court Spikes Election Lawsuit by Trump Allies

Democrat U.S. House Rep Eric Swalwell is removed from House Intel Committee after Chinese spy link found

Kim Kardashian West Asks Trump to Halt an Execution

@realDonaldTrump At 10:00 P.M. on Election Evening, we were at 97% win with the so-called “bookies”

CBP Apprehending More Children and Families at Border

@realDonaldTrump At least 17 States have joined Texas in the case against Election Fraud

List of States who joined Texas so far

Arizona joined in

NY to make China Virus vaccine mandatory

After 4 Years of Stonewalling Corrupt FBI Finally Admits They’re Holding Seth Rich’s Laptop

Who knew it would take China publishing all details between their agents and our officials to keep our officials

Smartmatic Owned By Venezuelans: US Library of Diplomacy Cable 2006 - Wikileaks

POTUS tweet: Wow! At least 17 States have joined Texas

Smartmatic Venezuelan election fraud: US Library of Diplomacy Cable 2011 - Wikileaks

Q2793 post refresh re platforms going down: [Zero-Day] Countermeasures in place

Smartmatic accused of fraud in the Venezuela - 2004 US Cable: Wikileaks

Re-group possibility at http://greatawakening.win/ - to keep in mind

US Senate backs massive arms sales to UAE after Trump veto threat

Ten results for "Smartmatic" in the DoS FOIA reading room, earliest from 2004/5 Venezuelan Embassy:

UK warns people with serious allergies to avoid Pfizer vaccine

DJT Jr for the Kek - Swalwell shat himself live on TV

Workaround for posting on clearnet

Vincent Kennedy on Ric Grenell commenting on the Swalwell situation - 'Tip of the Iceberg - Pelosi'

Firefox plugin workaround for Clearnet posting

Hunter Biden Criminal Probe Bolsters Chinese Scholar's Claim Of Beijing Infiltrating 'Top Of America's Core'

Dominion Voting Machine Flaws – 2020 Election Coffee County, Georgia Video 1


Briefly Noted: Roberts' Folly

Baker Change

Another workaround for posting on clearnet, WITHOUT disabling CORS

New Dan Scavino tweet (video cap 2nd link)

New ECW tweet - NROL44 launch Dec 10

Banning outside dining has no scientific merit

General Flynn tweet - #OVERTURN

Notables for Dec 9, 2020

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