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Notables for Nov 28, 2020

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Lin Wood Propaganda media is setting up false narrative that means Communists/Globalists/Deep State Bad Actors are the ones who will attempt a coup

WSJ Next Step in Government Data Tracking Is the Internet of Things


Judge McCullough Rules 2020 PA Election Likely Unconstitutional – Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors

PA Court Rules 2020 Election Likely Unconstitutional

CM Sends Tweet to Lead Attorney on Spring 2020 Venezuelan Voting Machine Warehouse Fire, Call to Impound US Machines for Critical Forensics ASAP

Royal Commission stamps 30-year suppression on evidence given by Cabinet ministers and chief executives on March 15 terror attack

UNICEF Implementing the 20/20 Initiative

Bill Gates and Smartmatic CEO Photo 6/23/2015

What A Biden Administration Means For Border Security

The Hunter Foundation UK


Los Angeles County, CA anons who are not amused by the new stay at home order, here is some information that should be useful

20/20 Rule for Corn planting

Lt. Gen. McInerney introduces Navid Keavarz-Nia & says Trump should not leave office until election fraud is resolved

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney Thanksgiving Podcast in 3 parts (Caps)

Pornhub - MSM connection? Pornhub is HQ'd in Canada as well like Dominion Voting

Agenda 21: Sounds good…but was a Global Control Mechanism (Mandate…$) down to the Local Level

Twitter issued out a patch to resolve their dispute messages for RealNews…

Lt. Gen. McInerney's interview (mp4s)

NRO tweet on Corona

Interesting Tweet from Hillary

Sir Tom Blane Hunter and Clinton Foundation

Sworn stmt of Navid Keshavarz-Nia (votes were switched from Biden to Trump - and much more)

More on cyber-expert Navid Keshavarz-Nia

Dark Winter was pandemic war games

One of the best meme videos ever

More of our history hidden from us. General Order no. 11 1862

Comms - food / money shortages?

Coronavirus Resurgence in China?


Another under 50 year old billionaire is dead - Tony Hsieh, co-founder of Zappos

General Order No. 11 - 1863

Kraken Thread - Election 2020 and DoD, National Guard, and NSA

@codemonkeyz tweet - While Venezuelans were busy uncovering election fraud from their country's electronic voting machines, a warehouse storing the machines was burned down

For the first time in 70+ years we've separated Henry Kissinger from the US Government, courtesy of President Trump

Biden 'It's a time to heel'

Anon opines about the White Hat / Black Hat worldwide war being waged

Pornhub dig

Hearing on AZ Election fraud Monday, November 30

Dig on certification of Nation's voting systems

Lin Wood interview -The John Fredricks Show - "I believe that Brian Kemp is corrupt, and I think he was corrupted with Chinese money."

Interview of General McInerney - Detailed Notes Key topic: a sworn stmt by a high level intel guy

Large Study From 160 Countries Over 8 Months: Lockdowns NOT Linked With Lower COVID Death Rates

How One of the Reddest States Became the Nation’s Hottest Weed Market


Large Study From 160 Countries Over 8 Months: Lockdowns NOT Linked With Lower COVID Death Rates

Authoritarian scumbag @Qantas boss Alan Joyce gets pie faced

DOD vs CIA firefight in Frankfurt Germany as covert war against DeepState rages across the globe

Twitter prevents you from reporting fake Sidney Powell. They did the same thing to Rudy G. All assets deployed

Judicial watch finds there are more people on voter rolls than are eligible to vote in PA, MI, GA, NV

Apache / 20/20 / 4am talking points / dropbox

Anon opines on Wizards and Warlocks

Fake Sidney Powell account is pushing veiled threats towards Jon Voight PANIC

Three Gorges Dam's hidden function raising question; Dominion's connection with China explained

Are there any other people from Vote Foundation that are involved in companies possibly providing comms for election fraud?

20/20 Replant Eligibility and Crop Insurance dig from lb

good red pill material from the Q drop 2000 era, needs updating

The Kraken: What is it and why has Trump's ex-lawyer released it? BBC

Smartmatic "Glitch" in Philippines election May 13, 2013.Giuliani: Team Trump Looking Past Election Suits to State Houses​

Justice Is Coming: Carter Page Takes Comey, McCabe, Strzok to Court in $75M Obamagate Lawsuit

anon opines current and future necessity of battery of psychopathy tests for anyone seeking office, or any position of authority

Pennsylvania Judge Rules 2020 PA Election Likely Unconstitutional – Trump Case “Likelihood to Succeed” – Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors!

CM Getting the word out: Please help retweet this document from the NIST published in 2010. @realDonaldTrump, @RudyGiuliani, @SidneyPowell1, and @LLinWood need to see it as soon as they wake up this morning

#StopTheSteal: Patriots Needed in Arizona for Public Hearing With President Trump’s Legal Team — Rudy and Jenna Ellis in AZ Monday

Pennsylvania State Judge Upholds Halt To Certification, Finds Likelihood Mail-In Balloting Procedures Violate PA Constitution

CIA cyber-crime expert: Hundreds of thousands of votes flipped to Biden

An eerie term is trending in the popular lexicon: The Great Reset. What exactly is it, and what will it entail?

Affidavit in Sidney Powell's Suit Claims Evidence Ties Vote Machines to Iran, China

(2010) less than a week before elections, more than 76,000 faulty memory chips from the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines were recalled by Smartmatic-TIM

Pennsylvania State Judge Upholds Halt To Certification, Finds Likelihood Mail-In Balloting Procedures Violate PA Constitution

Helga Zepp-LaRouche – Central Banks Plan Permanent Lockdown & Genocide - PDF

CM: “Dominion, Now the Largest or Second Largest Voting System Company, Is Foreign Controlled and Depends Upon Secret Source Code Created and Owned by Smartmatic, a Foreign Controlled Company With Ties to The Venezuelan Government Led by Hugo Chavez“

Christchurch mosques terror attack evidence suppressed by Royal Commission for 30 years

Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says (MARCH 24, 2009)

South Carolina Man Converts to Islam, Plots ‘Netflix-Worthy’ Jihad Massacre

Software bug disrupts e-vote count in Belgian election (from May 2014)

anon opines on gematria etc. DELIAN mirror is NAILED

The Biggest Disclosures In Michael Flynn’s Case

anon opines: half or more of the Jewish people are bred as sacrificial lambs, only meant to be placed in harms way to create the victim narrative that will carry the bloodlines to the next host nation

31 post anon opines on discernment of shill techniques

The EAC OIG discovered the EAC has not reported any grant funding since fiscal year 2011! (PDF from June 2020)

The really cool thing is anytime Biden promotes someone to his administration In any capacity, he’s outing all co-conspirators so the government doesn’t have to guess when roundup time comes

Yahoo admits Trump Was Right to Pardon Michael Flynn (59 post news shill, like a stopped clock, is right twice a day)

New @GenFlynn

CNN is literally admitting they lied about Biden "winning" and are admitting they literally lied about the election results as nobody has won yet

PA trial court rules the 2020 election was likely unconstitutional in PA

anon requests help digging Isis statue meanings

Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling: 10 peculiarities also lack compelling explanations

CNN just explained how Trump could still win. They know he's about to win and are hedging their bets

What is with all this Cavill stuff lately and why is he being mentioned so much? Another shill method I have yet to notice or does this actually have something of value within it?

There IS a way to report fake Sidney Powell on Twitter

Fake News from Washington Beacon: Pompeo Passes Torch to Biden Admin Touting a Fundamentally Realigned Globe

Katie Hobbs connection to Sojourner Center (Phoenix AZ) dig continues, Gordon Sims, Darrell Sennich, Alyce Anne Meadows, Ruby Payne

CISA says 62,000 QNAP NAS devices have been infected with the QSnatch malware

Marshal noted it is the federal judiciary that is the Keystone of the arch found in article iii

does Trump’s shuffling of the Defense Policy Board mean something?

Sen. Mastriano in PA: we are introducing a Resolution to exercise our obligation and authority to appoint delegates to the Electoral College

2 screamingly OBVIOUS questions for respectable non-hack media reporter microphone holders:

Phillipines TV interview of Malloch-Brown reveals licensing arrangement between Dominion and Smartmartic

anon opines in reply to anon question: You are 'scared' because the info data stream is being flooded by the Chinese Sunway TaiHuLight super-computer giving advice to DS/5th column.INFORMATION WARFARE

CM call to dig: Looking for the contracts between Dominion and the states/counties that used Dominion machines

CDAN Reveal: Saudis used blackmail material they had on Jenna Bush and Ashley Biden to ensure the escape of top Saudi families from the US post 9/11 (yesterday)

This Gun Coffee Brand Was MAGA Royalty. Then It Turned on Kyle Rittenhouse

I downloaded all the Dekalb county, GA voter total PDFs in case they took them down, well guess what they took them all down

this is an old lawsuit from NM, could a more caffeinated anon read this?

ANON NAILS IT: It seems that these cases and issues have been brought up multiple times but somehow in the judiciary it always gets silenced

Disney donated gobs of cash to BLM and the like, then fire mainly black and brown employees, can't make the insanity of the left up

interesting War Between The States history, Callaway County (Kingdom of Callaway)

Johns Hopkins & the removed report: Briand found that "the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19" (KEEP PUSHING THIS!)

Did Democrats Recommend Pre-Printed Ballots and Provisional Envelopes for Up to 40% of Registered Voters to Be On Hand So They Could Steal Election for Biden?

Noted for CM: Contract for White Pine County, Nevada

ERIC database for voter registration cross-reference with DMV, Deaths, etc. See pic for member states

The ‘smartest man in the room’ has joined Sidney Powell’s team

FAA approves plan to fly it in dry ice at -70 degrees and US prepares for mass inoculation program

this contract is for Michigan but ties to NM tying together for prior posts

Hey CM: San Francisco RFI here

FOR CM: GA intent to award, ESS' GA RFI, and GA Initial finding re Voting System from 2019

TRUST Kansas? Kris Kobach ran for Senate for Kansas and former Kansas SOS and was appointed Vice Chair by Trump to look into voter fraud

whole new list of [child trafficking] groups to look deeper into

Baker Changed

swordy chekn in


Seven Unexplainable Results that Reveal Democrats Didn’t Even Try to Hide Their Fraud

Jon Voight Calls for Trump Supporters to Stand Strong

Combat vet arrested for no mask

Trump Wants Biden to Prove His 80 Million Votes

boss Alan Joyce gets pie faced

AnonOpin What is psychopathy?

CM needs some help

gematrixfag clocks in

Bannon "LIVE NOW"

anon shared this screenshot yesterday, no sauce

Does founder Matt Drudge even work at The Drudge Report anymore?

15PT Where Do Foundations Go to Perfect Foundation-ism

PF flying

Mapfag Lin Wood seems to be in the Q-team?

Conspiracy-spewing ex-CEO claims he’s funding ‘various odd people’

CoNcast offering free HBO and Showtime for a free week

this is how 'they' sow division ex1

Has anyone done a digg on the past court cases?

anonOpin Bannon is a true Patriot and so is Jack Posobiec

Those affected by pedophilia start calling all police officers and soldiers worldwide

Reuters think they are so smart, but the reveal dominion machines used in 28 states

BOOM!!! Patrick Byrne Dropped Major Bombs Yesterday in an Interview

HCQ is effective against the parasite plasmodium - not against viruses

coasttocoastam radio talk show. I was hoping someone might know were I could download

Where Do Foundations Go to Perfect Foundation-ism? The Council on Foundations of Course

Live Paris

Psalm 11

info linking 5G and kung-flu virus

10 posts per hour

jack, you testified to Congress that the reason you are putting warnings on Trump's tweets was to "broaden the conversation"

Tony Hsieh, retired Zappos CEO, dies at 46

Arm chair medical scientist chiming in here

The defiant chief rabbi of the Hasidic sect that held a massive secret wedding in Brooklyn

Corrupted poll workers used computer fraud & mail ballot fraud to interfere with our national election

A cyber-crime expert declared in a sworn affidavit in a Sidney Powell lawsuit that hundreds of thousands votes were shifted from President Trump to Joe Biden

#VoteFraud #FlipStates #TrumpLawsuits

Did the NY Post just admit the Covid is bull shit?


CEO introduces @BillGates to Smartmatic’s efforts to improve elections

Is cabal loosing control of the narrative?

KILL_CHAIN was in a post yesterday



Dominion "Glitch" in New Brunswick 2014

"Iranian officials, expressed fury and vowed revenge over assasination

the word regulate is in yesterday's post and is part of the phrase in the SAMR

Some important things Sidney said in this interview, was not only the check stubs they have, paying people to vote but

CALL TO DIG - contracts between Dominion and the various battleground states/counties

China snaps up Japanese scientists, sparking fears of technology outflow

Anon - Can't find the post I was looking at atm…

From: "Pascal, Amy"

Florida Nurse: A single person can have as many as 5 positive test results


A Prayer Of Spiritual Warfare

The QAnon conspiracy is fake. The harm it's doing to child welfare groups is real

Communist China used Dominion, Sequoia voting platforms to seize control of American elections


Come and get it, Carter Lawsuit 59 page PDF

Pornhub's parent company MindGeek also involved in crypto processing?


#VoteFraud #FlipStates #TrumpLawsuits


According to an affidavit in the MI lawsuit, one Michigan precinct/twnship had 781.91% turnout

MSM narrative is shifting

In Jesus name, Amen


PF - Doomsday heading to florida

20 Foods High In Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Where is the (NEW) MAP?

get state order of protection preserving chain of evidence of Machines!

Judge Jeannine thinks she's being censored in phone messags - ANONS DIG

Lord Mallock-Brown interview on Smartmatic

Jenna Ellis on withdrawing the certification of PA election

Paris riots over new laws that would prohibit sharing images of police

WINNING! Three swing states to hold election fraud hearings

Jenna Ellis on OAN today with 'important update'

Lin Wood: Ron is a truth-giver. When Ron speaks, listen carefully

US Navy Tweet

Iran's supreme leader vows revenge over slain scientist

DJT tweet - The Wisconsin recount is not about finding mistakes in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally

Matt Braynard: Evidence of Vote Fraud Enough to Easily Flip States

U.K. appoints vaccines minister to oversee COVID-19 inoculations

Last Lunar Eclipse Of 2020: November Full Moon Is Also Called Beaver Moon

Sean Parnell, who’s running for Congress in PA, was an officer in the 10th Mountain Division

Is there a legit reason why the Pence campaign would take $129k from Hunter Biden's lawyers?

Cook County/Chicago, IL Dominion Voting Systems/U.S. Dominion Contract

THOUSANDS of Fake Votes Found at Wisconsin Recount in Dane County

Force Vaccinating Children Without Parental Consent


Pennsylvania Judge Upholds Injunction, PA 2020 Elections Likely Unconstitutional

Pennsylvania State Legislature Files Resolution to Dispute Statewide Election Results…

INTERVIEW: Jeffrey Prather lays out how Trump, the DoD and Chris Miller DEFEAT the deep state traitors and save America

Talking About Ongoing Coup w/ Guest Lt. General McInerney

Biden's lawyers were in thetop 20 donorsto Pence, to put it in perspective

@LLinWood tweet - Ron (CM) is a truth-giver

Uh-oh democrats, Sidney Powell has the receipts — ‘We have pictures of check stubs to pay for ballot harvesting’

14th Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM

@Elaijuh re-tweet of PA Sen Mastriano PA Official Vote number as of 11/24

Pope Francis Criticizes Groups Protesting COVID Lockdowns

‘Criminal act’: Ex-CIA chief urges Iran to wait on ‘return of responsible US leaders’ before reacting to nuclear scientist killing

@rushlimbaugh tweet - Hey @jack was just wondering - do you have an entire department dedicated to censorship? It’s a solid effort

Bill of Rights Common Law Explained

SwedAnon chiming in (one of us anyway, I know there are more SwedAnons here, hi frens!) Just want to report of the sheer panic in Swedish MSM now

Video Released of Phone Call Recording to Chinese Manufacturer Requesting a Bulk Order of Fake US 2020 Ballots

Wisconsin Supreme Court Petitioned to Declare All Drop-Box Ballots Illegal, Block Certification

BLM raises 500K$ for GA Senate Races

@RealDonaldTrump tweet - The number of ballots that our Campaign is challenging in the Pennsylvania case is FAR LARGER than the 81,000 vote margin

Numerous’ persons of interest identified in murder of Barry Sherman, wife

DOJ Reinstates All Death Penalties For Federal Crimes, [Electrocution, Hanging, Firing Squad, Gas Chamber, Lethal Injection]…Friday 11/27/2020

Report: Joe Biden Plans to Pick Cindy McCain as never to be U.K. Ambassador

@realdonaldtrump tweet - PA Ballots

Misprision of Treason

Cindy "opportunist" McCain become never to be fake UK Ambassador

Prayers for Sidney Powell team requested

Dr Simone Gold. How to GET HCQ

Scott Pressler files report on death threats

Any anons know what this represents? The enemy sure does


Biden Team tweet - 15 minutes of fame dwindling away

Kingdom Builder tweet - If a health professional tries to persuade you take a vaccine ask to see section 13 of the insert. This product has not been tested for carcinogenic potential or impairment of fertility

Anon opines on bread fuckery

@LLinWood - "Does it anger you that Governor @BrianKempGA refuses to take action on fraud in election but had time for quail hunting with his family yesterday in Tifton?

Hold the line anons - Many attacks

MillionMagaMarch in AZ

"SUMMARY: The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is revising sections of OMB Guidance for Grants and Agreements

Daniel Scavino Jr. Congratulations to a Great American Patriot, General Michael T. Flynn

FOLLOW THE MONEY…..if any anon wants to know exactly how our tax dollars work in the Federal Programs

@LLinWood "Let’s switch from @BrianKempGA to @GaSecofStatefor a question.Is anyone curious as to why Georgia Deputy Secretary of State hired Stacey Abram's photographer, Chris Savas, to document the GA audit

Japan Trump Rally Against Election Fraud

Over the target anons BardsFM tweet

@RepDougCollins: "David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler will be reelected – Georgia stays red. That's the script."

Savage response to Brennan tweet

Charlie Kirk - Today Botswana decriminalized homosexuality

Where rich people hide in Kenya ?? Nairobi's million $$ neighborhood

WI recount entering phase 2

Sidney Powell’s Allegations in Georgia Serious Enough to Alter the Election Results: Expert


Lin Wood tweets

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Seek To Decertify State's Election Results, Citing 'Substantial Irregularities'

GA Investigation Uncovers Over 56K Non Residents In Absentee EVIDENCE- pulled from @GaSecofState Office

“We Have Clear, Clear Paths to Winning for This President!” – General Michael Flynn Comes Out Swinging for Trump in First Post Pardon Interview

CODEMONKEY request for Dominion contracts: Cook County, Chicago - This is more of the information CM requested

Lin Wood Trump won pass it on tweet

#15089 1/2

Lt. General Michael Flynn's First Interview Since President Trump's Pardon


OAN interview of Trump Campaign Attorney Jenna Ellis

NY man claims a scammer plastered his sex videos on Pornhub, iPornTV

Hold the line

New mini moon found orbiting Earth

Sean Penn and his nonprofit organization, Community Organized Relief Effort, known as CORE, has coronavirus drive-through testing facilities


Dig on Rothschilds

@LLinWood Today is a great day to visit my home page on Twitter & RETWEET the TRUTH

COVID Antibody Drugs From Regeneron, Eli Lilly Raise Concerns About Supply Shortages

More PA Election result conflicts

Microsoft's low-code tools: Now everyone can be a developer

HRR Situation Update

Next Step in Government Data Tracking Is the Internet of Things

DJT tweet - "The number of ballots that our Campaign is challenging in the Pennsylvania cas is FAR LARGER than the 81,000 vote margin

General Flynn tweet - his Patriot @visionfarm provides an honest, fair, clear (and short) thread of @SidneyPowell1 filing in GA. Worth the read

Clowns are pissed tonight (Paul Furber tweets)

Babylon Bee tweet - Trump rows across the Great Lakes in surprise attack to liberate Michigan

Prayers for Sidney Powell team

Swedish Air Force Pilots show the JAS 39 Gripen fighter to U.S.Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon Pilots 28th November 2020 https://youtu.be/wYnk8vuRpwA

re-tweet from Sidney Powell -@EmeraldRobinson If you’re wondering how five lawyers have managed to discover more election fraud in 3 weeks than the GOP has managed to find in 3 decades then you’re not alone

We're the ones we've been waiting for

Bank on fire in Paris during protest over new security law

NASCAR Pit Crew Member William "Rowdy" Harrell and His Wife Killed in Car Crash On Their Honeymoon

Dig on Dominion

Hong Kong's Leader Says She Relies On 'Piles Of Cash' Because Of U.S. Sanctions

Number of Detentions at Anti-Lockdown Protest in London Rises to 155, Police Say

Antifa attacks citizens in France during the 'Marche des Libertes'

@JennaEllisEsq Amazing times when I agree with CNN and even more when I agree with Fareed Zakaria. Trump always wins and deserves his two scoops every night for the next 8 years

Forensic Computer Scientist: Up to 120,000 Questionable Votes in Pennsylvania

Anon opines 'Wasn't it Gen Flynn who said something along the lines of 98% of population follow the 2% leaders?'

Anon asking for feedback - I can see a phone call between biden/xi/others leading to his doom?

Cool meme - 'Night Ship'

Antifa attacks citizens in France during the 'Marche des Libertes'

Goodbye Hillary. Goodbye Barry

Almost every news outlet should just disappear when a journalist takes a poll of the naming of Biden’s cat

Anon opine on Criminals Joe Biden and Cindy McCain - Courier system?

Here's the Part of Kamala Harris' Past the Media Won't Show You Damn… Dinesh D'Souza grabs Kamala by the short hairs….kek

Insanity in the UK. Check this out, security guards try to make a bystander delete his footage from his phone

[D]ominion + [5] contested states = D5

This presidential act has some teeth. It’s an easy read. It executes precisely 45 days after the election: December 18

D5 DE DelawareD5


Tony Hsieh, iconic Las Vegas tech entrepreneur, dies aged 46

Thread on Sidney Powell's Georgia lawsuit

Rudy: We have a lot of evidence, we don't have a lot of time

Sidney's GA lawsuit seeks the impounding of voting machines for a forensic audit

Penn Supreme Court Tosses GOP Lawsuit on Absentee Ballots, Lifts Block on Certification of Election

Army Twat: how to get confidential support 24/7

General Michael Flynn's first interview since being pardoned

SharpEdge: Listen to Gen'l McInerney describe the Kraken and the CIA raid in Frankfurt

Was a controversial image covered up by Twatter in a Tom Fitton RT?

Anon calls for dig on Dominion Voting

Michigan Dominion Contract was signed 2017 / Whitmer Inaugurated 2019 / Contract was signed under Gov Rick Snyder

History Repeats Itself

A happy little story about Candace Owens smacking down the "fact checkers."

Used election machines from Syria shipped via SK to Los Angeles, with a shipping code indicating nuclear materials

Judge Bibas donated to Senator Toomey’s PAC

More rescue dogs from China's meat trade arrive in NYC Dog comms galore


Kek - Hunter Biden comes to WH dressed as a Turkey looking for a pardon

CIA / DOD firefight in Frankfurt Germany

Dark to Light

Shots Fired by Investigators Protecting District Attorney Jackie Lacey's Home, LAPD Says


Michigan Vote Equipment Bidding Process Docs

More mink comms - anon has a good theory

Anon opines on the 305th MI and Gen Flynn

First doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has flown to US from Belgium: report

Sauce on thread:Soros Buys Pa. Supreme Court Judges!

The demand in the complaint to secure all voting machines, The proof HERE is in the OMISSION and not the active COMMISSION of fraud

US Special Forces engaged CIA to capture server farm in Frankfurt. Servers secured

In July, a state panel recommended parole for Leslie Van Houten, who was convicted of helping Charles Manson and others kill L.A. grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary, in August 1969

Is General Flynn the Kracken?

I missed this earlier today, Gen Flynn quote tweeting CM. Posting it in case other anons missed it as well

The Oakland County, Michigan Child Killings. In 1976 and 1977, four (4) pre-teen children were abducted and murdered over a thirteen-month period

Gen Flynn tweet - "I'm in" Any ideas of what that means, anons?

Dig on Thomas McInerney

Listen to General McInerney describe the Kraken and the raid of the CIA facility in Frankfurt, Germany

Anon dig on Monolith

anon reposts following wives and money, CHRIS AND AMY LANTRIP (LLC HELLSCAPE RABBIT HOLE)

Take a wild guess who the fuck had control of "Hammer" & "Scorecard" according to Lt. Gen. McInerney?

Trump's Executive Order made in 2018 will see the end of the treasonous MSM in the US

In-flight emergency prompts aircraft to dump fuel in Westmoreland County

Schrodinger, Inc sold by Gates Foundation: $127m-Nov 24

Check this site to see if the vaccine is made with aborted fetus

The link Between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the CCP

2021 Would Be a Great Time to Audit the Fed

WaPo fear porn Article is about the 504th (kraken) worried about an app that could infect their team

Pompeo Passes Torch to Biden Admin Touting a Fundamentally Realigned Globe

Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured

Joe Biden Tweet Defeat this virus

Ted Cruz

What I once did a lifetime ago Thomas Wictor

Dennis Montgomery, inventor of the Hammer

PlaneFag CNV4721 MKE-SAN on a Saturday night…what's so urgent?

SNOW WHITE & 7 DWARFS - Super CIA Computers and Corona that were all shut down by us

Just a Reminder POTUS E.O. of Sept 12, 2018 is due to begin 45 days after the election

Brennan reminding Rubio of the blackmail they have on him

Anons, hold the line! I think we will see more light soon… Absence of an audit log means Biden can't counter when POTUS produces evidence from confiscated servers

WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn's First Interview Since President Trump's Pardon

Watching The Waters ye.. Tanker abandoned, adrift in South China Sea

Fear PORN Actor Sean Penn: "Now is the time to really quadruple down on all of the common-sense efforts of masking, social distancing."

Anon discussion on the next 2 weeks

Brits planting trees to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 70th coronation comms

Dancing panda rides the Zoo Lights Express and we are here for it comms?

Notables for Nov 28, 2020

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