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Notables for Nov 25, 2020

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From Half: The Secretary of State in Georgia is helping fix the election

POTUS Re-Tweets Lin Wood Re-Tweeting Sidney Powel Kraken is DoD program reference

Biden’s lead is now back to being listed as 10,377 in AZ

Creepy stuff has been going on with officers Shreveport-Bossier City - suicides and animal sex

Arizona GOP to challenge signature verifications for mail-in ballots

Trident with Q-tips @ 4:30 - This press conference is from April 19th 2020

The KRAKEN Disorientation Device

Prisoners committed fraud, Scott Peterson…

New Dan Scavino

Watching the Water

In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off

'Drain the Swamp': Denmark's Former Hardline Immigration Minister Slammed Over 'Trumpist' Rhetoric

POTUS Schedule for WEDNESDAY - November 25, 2020 (none scheduled)

Noted Researcher @DrREpstein Provided His Research To Congress Showing @Google Likely Shifted Millions Of 2020's Voters To @JoeBiden By Targeting Them!

Mississippi Cops Can Now Use Your Ring Doorbell Camera To Live Stream Your Neighborhood

Anons, BYRNE has laid out his analysis of the ELECTION FRAUD with a single-page, 3 minute read, on his website DEEPCAPTURE.COM

Trump started a fire

Weird Star Wars Freaks–Nunes

CONFIRMED: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Used Dominion's Eric Coomer as Witness for the State to Defend LAST MINUTE COMPUTER CHANGES

PF: U.N. 747 headed towards Asia again from Anchorage, AK

Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

There were many more flu hospitalizations last year than Covid cases this year (Corey's Digs)

RFK Jr. - The congressional committee’s lead investigators concluded that current and former CIA officials had masterminded JFK’s killing

BREAKING: Thomas More Society has filed an emergency petition in Wisconsin after identifying 150,000 fraudulent ballots

BREAKING REPORT: “We spoke with a top Trump associate tonight. This is what we were told…repeatedly… ‘Trump is going to win.’ It’s going to be a good couple of weeks ahead.”

CM: Maricopa Co admits Dominion employees worked at its tabulation center

Lin Wood: GA Sec'y of State Brian Kemp should resign - patriots in GA, demand a legit recount!!

Kennedy Administration, 1961-63 - National Security Action Memorandums(NSAM)

Lin Wood: 20/20 is not year 3rd party bad actors planned to overthrow duly elected President at ballot box. They knew they would be caught red-handed. They were

(re-notable) POTUS: Re-Tweeting Lin Wood tweet of Article Re: Sidney Powell's Kraken is DoD program

Lin Wood: Getting Biblical (Prayer Warrior)

Sidney powell plans to file her epic presidential election fraud lawsuit today, which is jfk jr’s birthday (kek, timing is everything)

Moar Lin Wood: The real plan in 2020 was always TO ATTEMPT A COUP

Black Rifle Coffee Co. head donated to anti-2nd Amendment Democrats

Lin Wood: When angry with his children, a perfect father will administer perfect punishment

United States withdraws from Open Skies treaty with Russia

MAP: South African Cabal

The Whites of Their Eyes: Bunker Hill, the First American Army, and the Emergence of George Washington

California Pastor Temporarily Turns His Chapel Into a Strip Club to Be Deemed 'Essential'


Thousands in GA registered at commercial addresses

Statistical Analysis Points to Fraud in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia

I mean…

COVID-19 outpatients: early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series study

Direct sauce to Black Rifle Coffee Notable (not patriots)

Double Trips Literally Never Lie


Looks Like Flynn getting Pardoned (or MSM just glitched itself)


Digits dont lie

Kashyap Patel, a name to remember, is heading up Biden transition


Work has begun. The Kraken will not rest until the job is done

Durham old article 2001

It is satanists and they are organized

Nobody escapes this

Malloch-Brown's father was a diplomat that was exiled from South Africa

Durham article 2009

Remembering where we caome from, praising KEK

Computer Repairman Who Threatened Biden's Electoral Prospects Goes Into Hiding

Sidney Powell: In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off

Tight NY Congressional Race Casts Glaring Light On The Flaws Of Mail-In Voting

Durham 2008

Secretary of state pick Antony Blinken met twice with Hunter Biden

GOP poised to flip 4 House seats in California, more than any other state

Trump Campaign Focusing on Unlawful Use of Absentee Ballot Process to Avoid Wisconsin ID Requirement

This meme puts me in my place real quick, whenever I get restless for habbenings…

No Mind Has Imagined What God Has Prepared

A case made, by the digits

Chicago Election Board - Emergency Meeting - 2020-03-19

CONFIRMED: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Used Dominion’s Eric Coomer as Witness for the State to Defend LAST MINUTE COMPUTER CHANGES

Joe Biden: Amnesty for Over 11 Million Illegal Aliens Going to Senate in My First 100 Days

US, UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War On Independent Media

Former Illinois Gov. Confident Election Fraud Will Be Exposed: Trump Team Can’t Show Cards To MSM

Lin Wood - The Kraken is a DoD cyber warfare program - All links from the Marshall Report article

Boris Johnson is connected to Klaus Schwab‘s Young Global Leaders

Durham's son John J Durham leads Joint Task Force Vulcan to take out MS13 leadership

Sidney Powell: Enemies are foreign and domestic

In the background of the Durham picture is JD Hayworth from Arizona???

Louisiana Governor, Comrade John Bel Edwards, Shuts Bars Effective Tomorrow Until after Christmas…

The five deadly Ds of the Air Force’s cyber arsenal

Sidney Powell drops a MOAB on AZ dems - could flip the state

POTUS' recent tweets and r/ts

Here is Bill Gates’ Injectable Biochip, for Those Who Think it is Conspiracy Theory

New Scavnio AUDIO Reagan Speach


The Bridge to Life

Daily Mail: The greyhound who always wins by a neck! (comms)

Soy should be banned

CDC May Shorten Their “14 Day Quarantine” Recommendation

President Trump to attend election hearing in Pennsylvania with Rudy Giuliani

Los Angeles to shut off water and power to homes hosting large parties or gatherings

Tech millionaire Patrick Byrne funds hacking team; ’20 election 100% rigged'

Near-Infrared Optical Nanosensors for Continuous Detection of Glucose - CoI Statement

Sidney Retweets We WIll Not Concede

Trump campaign adviser: DOJ 'asleep at the wheel' amid systemic election fraud allegations

anon opines: A few thoughts about unemployment fraud in CA, handed out to prisoners

This seems like it would be a good thing to retweet if one has Twitter

If you watch these and other similar videos (and the earlier videos on these links) and you avoid the Deep State Controlled media, you won’t be discouraged and disheartened

anon opines on Powell

Rudy G - Biden opposes AMERICA FIRST

General Flynn Reports

New Sara Carter and Bongino

John Soloman Side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine won’t be a ‘walk in the park,’ doctors warn

Who hired democratic poll workers?

R I C O Rudy is itching to handle this portion of election fraud

Secret Mission of Targeted Individuals Revealed

But the best part of this book? How AWAKE the top-rated REVIEWS ARE

anon opines: Could this Q post actually be referring to the election fraud?

Lin Wood - Taunter in Chief

Sean and Linn Sue Cooney dig

anon opines: it's clear that this whole election fraud operation has been on the radar for awhile

New Zealand Soldier Faces Spying Charges in 1st Such Case

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims increased to 778,000

Planefag Reports

POTUS rt John Solomon

Oil futures remain higher after EIA data shows drop in crude inventories

Pennsylvania State Senate Plans Meeting to Air Complaints of Voter Fraud/LIVE

PRO V & V, INC./ COBB/Company that certified Dominion Voting for GA PRO V&V

likely DS 187 threat detected?

LinWood on "gates"

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said he would “absolutely” serve on President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 task force if asked

Temp agencies were amongst those involved in hiring poll workers for Election Day

Trump's planned trip to Gettysburg, PA presser cancelled after member of campaign test positive for Chynavirus

@INDOPACOM Sailors and @PacificMarines


Gettysburg presser closed to public, and SS everywhere

Facebook works with Appen and YouGov for fact-checking


UT Monolith has been there for years according to google earth

PA judge blocks state from certifying election results

Planefag reports

Vault 7: Kraken

How is a software update made on the night of the election to machines that are not supposed to be connected to the Internet?

Dig on Paul Pelosi, son of Nancy

NEWS: Pennsylvania judge blocks state from certifying election results in presidential and all other races

Lin Wood tweet storm

World Economic Forum: By 2030 ‘You Will Own Nothing’ (New World Order Detailed)

The Trump administration is rushing to approve dozens of eleventh-hour policy changes

Convicted Killer Scott Peterson Among Death Row Inmates Who Scammed Over $400,000 In Fraudulent COVID Benefits

US to impose fresh Iran related sanctions on four entities

greek tanker damaged by mine at SA terminal

US Army tweet: The Army is an organization that relies on teamwork

Sussex County woman charged with concealing terrorist financing to AlNusra

recount volunteers/staff wearing poop emoji bracelet cause fuck election integrity

PA state legislature election hearing live

USMC tweet

China's Xi Belatedly Congratulates Biden On Victory, Hopes For "Win-Win Cooperation"

GA SOS My family voted for, donated to trump, and are now being thrown under the bus by him

REPEAT: Georgia Sees 800,000 Absentee Ballot Requests For January Election

Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasts NYPD for refusing to enforce Thanksgiving restrictions: Those people aren't real law enforcement officers

Chinese Communist Party Pays US Mainstream Media to Distribute its Propaganda

Chinese buyers of American soybeans to call off contracts as processing margins collapse

Josh Hawley Presses Facebook, Twitter on ‘Coordinated Censorship,’ Tracking Users

Major Channel Migrant Human Trafficking Network Busted in France


Italian Businesses Threaten Tax Strike If Closed Under Lockdown

Hungary’s Orbán: George Soros Is ‘the Most Corrupt Man in the World’

Penguin Random House Canada employees get buthurt over publishing jordan peterson

New Grenell: Biden loyalist who pushed the secret drone attacks without Congressional approval is celebrated by the Left wing partisans

Kylie Moore Gilbert freed from iran jail in prisoner swap

Major Channel Migrant Human Trafficking Network Busted in France

RSBN live from PA election presser

US sanctions libya's kaniyat militia, leader

Sussex County Woman Charged with Concealing Terrorist Financing to Syrian Al-Nusra Front, a Foreign Terrorist Organization

TX man charged with illegally entering WH complex, armed w/knife and the pot

Amazon Web Services suffers amid widespread issues with online applications

Computer repairman at center of 'Biden laptop' scandal closes shop, disappears amid purported death threats

people with type O or negative blood less likely to get/die from covid

New Lin Wood tweet

Report: Afghanistan’s Booming Meth Industry May Rival Its Heroin Trade

Report: Afghanistan’s Booming Meth Industry May Rival Its Heroin Trade

Bertelsmann to acquire Simon & Schuster for more than $2 billion

They Are Developing A “Digital Passport” For International Travel That Will Show If You Have Been Vaccinated

Huge court win lets Trump present ballot evidence, could overturn Nevada result


Over 300 bot accounts tweet the exact same tweet asking for internet censorship for people worried about vaccines

Potus: But 2020 is a long way from over!

Seattle is cutting their police budget by 18%

After warning to avoid travel, Denver mayor hancock flies to visit family for holiday

Former Acting ICE Director Says Mexican Cartels Are Celebrating Prospect of Biden Presidency


They Are Developing A “Digital Passport” For International Travel That Will Show If You Have Been Vaccinated

Netanyahu, UAE Crown Prince nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Planefag reports

Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions vid

ARGENTINA: Football legend Maradona dead at 60

Settlement minister says PM has agreed to move to legalize West Bank outposts

Dutch court rejects defense team’s request to probe alternative MH17 crash scenarios

Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

huge solar flare downs radio comms on earth

Sen. Cotton says Biden’s Cabinet picks signal return of Obama's ‘disastrous’ foreign policy

Live: Giuliani attends election hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

PA legislature election hearing live stream

U.S. Marshals Task Force Arrest Fugitive, Recover Children Missing Since 2012

Planefag reports

Demanding Silicon Valley Suppress "Hyper Partisan Sites" Over MSM News Is Fraud: Greenwald

Patriot Business owner tears up $15k COVID fine on TV

115k and rising watching PA election hearing

Justin Trudeau Tricked By Greta Thunberg Impersonator, Asked To Set Up Meeting With 'Terrence & Phillip'

new POTUS tweet: Rudy Giulani is right now on @OANN

Traitors in Military: Military Order of the Purple Heart Congratulates Biden – Harris and Claims Election Was Free and Fair

Amazon reported an outage tied to its enormous cloud-computing operation that affected many customers in the eastern U.S

BREAKING PA election hearing witness: they have the ability to use a spectrometer to see if the ballots were mass produced by checking the fucking INK!!!!!

Democrat Mayor of Denver Boards Flight to Houston to Visit Family Minutes After He Reminds People Not to Travel For Thanksgiving

Canadian MP says Biden may be more inclined to drop charges against Huawei CFO

FBI Jumps Into Action — Ignores MASSIVE Voter Fraud and Instead Investigates Threats Against Political Hack Brad Raffensperger

Archbishop of DC says he will give Holy Communion to Joe Biden

State Republican Steps Down Only Three Weeks After Winning Reelection

CT Gov. Lamont: Businesses that violate COVID-19 rules can be fined $10,000 per violation

This is where we are on certified states…

Dozens Of Turkish-Backed Militants Killed In Failed Attack On SDF In Northern Raqqa

U.S. Remembered Leader Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Is A Wanted Terrorist

Military Situation In Syria On November 25, 2020 (Map Update)

With Trump set to leave office, Tzachi Hanegbi says he has agreed with Netanyahu to present a plan to the cabinet: move to legalize West Bank outposts

New Flynn tweet

Lin Wood tweet: Appellant's Emergency Motion for Expedited Review and Opening…affensperger et al.pdf

China claims 'quality' problem with Australian coal as $700 million worth sits idle off ports

Kash Patel in Afghanistan serving Thanksgiving Dinner to Troops

Prince Philip ‘obsessed with aliens and UFOs’ since Mountbatten revealed details of unexplained encounter

Fed officials discussed evolving role of asset purchases in November meeting

Trump loyalist pushed out of White House now leading a shake-up at the Pentagon

Antibody testing likely undercounts the number of people who have had COVID 19

FBI Jumps Into Action — Ignores MASSIVE Voter Fraud and Instead Investigates Threats Against Political Hack Brad Raffensperger

PA election hearing live

BREAKING: Millis, Massachusetts Town Clerk Lisa Jane Hardin CONFIRMS GLITCH That Resulted In Hundreds Of Mail-In-Ballots Sent To Voters That Didn’t Request Them

What Viacom’s Sale Of Simon & Schuster Means For The Company

New ‘Study’ Claims ‘Far-Right Terrorism’ is ‘Bigger Threat to West Than Islamic State’

Tesla Issues Two Recalls, More Than 9,500 Vehicles Affected

Tornado Touches Down In City Of Arlington, Texas

Thank God for RSBN and OANN….The MSM has decided this isn't worth their time…

Barry Sotero tweet: do thanksgiving online to save lives

Red Sparrow whore writes a book

Planefag reports

Democrat hush money paid to Imran Awan

Al Gore: "i think its a criminal conspiracy to subvert the election for partisan purposes"

Beijing has poured $100 billion into its new-energy vehicle (NEV) sector

Return of the dead: Swollen mink cadavers emerge from their graves in #Denmark

Rudy's opening statement at the PA hearing is up as a separate video now. Kickass with good info

They were not trying to steal the election at the ballot box. They have other plans. Trump is ready

One witness mentions ink forensics to find if ballots were mass produced

Food for thought: COB

President Trump has pardoned General Flynn!!!!!

"In Arizona, neither House Speaker Rusty Bowers, R-Mesa, nor Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott, have scheduled or approved any such hearing."

Q proof: done in 30+28 days

in PA 1.8mn mail in ballots went out, 2.5mn came back

POTUS tweet : It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to @GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!

PA Lawmaker: Democrat Governor Wolf MANDATED Dominion Voting Systems — It was NOT Voted on by Lawmakers

Planefag reports

PA Lawmaker: Democrat Governor Wolf MANDATED Dominion Voting Systems

"We can secure an election in Afghanastan and Iraq, but we cannot secure an election in Pennsylvania??? Beam me up Scotty"

US Space Command tweet: Being a warrior doesn’t just mean toughness on the battlefield

PA election hearing continues

FREEDOM stringers.3 year delta today

G20 Leaders Agree to Follow FATF’s Anti-Money Laundering Measures

“Baggies of USBs” – PA Witness Gives Explosive Testimony: I Personally Observed USB Cards Being Uploaded to Voting Machines – Now ’47 USB Cards are Missing, Nowhere to be Found’

With a net worth of 14 million dollars, its the biggest drug bust in the history of the Chilean navy

Liddle Adam Shiff pardon panic

Cartel Gunmen Kill Local Police Chief in Mexican Border State

US lawmakers move to end anonymous shell companies in national defense spending bill

Acting Pentagon Chief Christopher Miller to Visit Mideast This Week to Discuss Regional Issues

Ben Garrison Flynn cartoon

Now ’47 USB Cards are Missing, Nowhere to be Found’

African Economies Haunted by Oil-Backed Loans as Traders Call in Debts

Trump administration denies permit for controversial Pebble Mine

Weird @PressSec RT of POTUS Flynn pardon tweet

G20 Leaders Agree to Follow FATF’s Anti-Money Laundering Measures

Faux news rating crash continues

Berkeley Lights Inc. sold by Walden Riverwood Ventures: $129.25m- Nov 23

Democrats, Led by Adam Schiff, Have Meltdown Over Flynn Pardon

Doctors Warn Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccine "Won't Be A Walk In The Park"

President Trump should pardon himself to stop ‘radical left,’ Florida Congressman says

new follow the pen bun: DOJ not consulted on Flynn pardon, given heads up but pardon is appropriate

Trump Says Giuliani’s Election Efforts Will Be His ‘Crowning Achievement’ During Surprise Phone Call Into Pennsylvania Senate Hearing

Dan Bongino talking shop with the Boss

AWS outage kills Black Friday sales for many Amazon merchants, causing billions of dollars in lost revenue

Done in [30]

Black Lives Matter activist who helped lead Louisville marches shot dead

Trump admin aiming to bring back firing squads, and electrocutions

anon theory: Flynn pardon could also be for any Flynn action during obama admin while undercover

moar done in [30]

Battle Hymn of the Republic, US Army Band and Choir

Fed, IMF Sound Warning That More QE Could Lead To "Unintended Consequences"

CNN: Construction of the parade platform for President-elect Joe Biden's GEOTUS' inauguration festivities is well underway

Herridge: #FLYNN

Trump Says Giuliani’s Election Efforts Will Be His ‘Crowning Achievement’ During Surprise Phone Call Into Pennsylvania Senate Hearing

General Michael Flynn is pardoned on JFK Jr’s birthday

Election results could have been altered without being hacked

Mark Malloch-Brown (Chairman of SGO Corporation Limited, holding company of SMARTMATIC) admits to licensing agreement between Smartmatic and Dominion

Mars was once hit by flood of unthinkable proportions, claims new study

U.S. Senators Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) announced legislation Wednesday aimed to bring mask mandates to the entire U.S

This vid explains the enemy General Flynn has warned us about

Here comes the boom (DoD)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has pushed through a measure banning local cities from enforcing mask mandates

‘Average’ effectiveness & unexplained side effects: 7 QUESTIONS that AstraZeneca needs to answer about its Covid-19 vaccine

Flynn Jeremiah 1:19

Biden says Americans WON’T STAND for election results not being ‘honored,’ while Trump says it ‘must be turned around’


LOL Dems panicking and saying this “wasn’t a real hearing.”

DJT: “Data group exposes wide spread Mail-In Ballot Fraud.” @ChanelRion @OANN

Flynn Family Statement To The United States Of America November 25th, 2020

Five Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Charged with Murdering Informant

‘The Fraud Has Been Institutionalized’: Inside The Partisan GOTV Efforts In Indian Country

Forcing The Sick And Elderly To Die Alone Is Crueler Than COVID-19


Q: "Flynn is safe" in 2017


“It’s Also Clear There Was Foreign Intrusion into Our Voting Systems” – Sidney Powell Joins Lou Dobbs — Lawsuit Expected Tonight but No Later than Tomorrow


One year Delta - You are the News Now

A well know and well liked BBQ joint in downtown Portland, Reo's Ribs, has been burned to the ground last night

Police raid homes across Sydney in crime gang crackdown

Jenna Ellis, Esq: Do your worst. I’m not intimidated. I won’t back down. My mission is Truth, my God is the Lord Jesus Christ, and my client is the President

Telstra admits to unconscionable conduct, faces $50m fine for 'exploiting' Indigenous consumers


More on the Pennsylvania commonwealth court decision and the actions of the leftwing attorney general running to the rogue PA Supreme Court for help

The comparisons are crazy in this chart . Very scary times #TrudeauDictatorship

@GenFlynn Matthew 19:26

Lin Wood: 11th Circuit granted my Emergency Motion for Expedited Review of lawsuit challenging validity of GA election procedure

Planefag updates

Article: Mattis failed to disclose his role with global consultant tied to China in bombshell column

Twitter suspended @SenMastriano, Quickest suspension overturn in the history of twitter

Rudy Giuliani Recaps Election Fraud Lawsuits With Lou Dobbs vid

4 people waving at Biden Motorcade - PATHETIC

Nevada Judge agrees to hear vote fraud evidence from Trump Campaign Legal Team

Illinois borrows more from Fed as lending program nears expiry

Federal Judge strikes down Governor Beshear’s order halting in-person instruction at private religious schools in Kentucky

Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results

Anon opines - Flynn giving bonus comms?

Meanwhile at MSDNC…

COB had a bad day yesterday. KEK!

Anon dig on Sidney Powell tweet

Live Now….Bards interview with Joe Flynn

Plane Fag report - 'Pretty quiet overall'

Maricopa County AZ dig on Vote Fraud

Biden will be in Rehoboth Beach, DE for Thanksgiving

Second Amendment Under Threat After New Third Circuit Decision

The GOP in #JeffersonCounty, #Colorado, is calling for an #Audit of the 2018 and 2020 #Elections


Clear Ballot "controls" King County, Seattle in 2020 Election

Patriot Anons Q team Remember this day


Jeremiah 1:10 Q Drop 119

Godfather III returning to theaters with new ending

Days before Christmas, Jupiter and Saturn will look like one bright star — some believe the alignment is the same described in the Bible

PA: Dems panicking and saying this “wasn’t a real hearing.” Article II is very real

Put on the armor of God

Biden gets 1000 viewers for his 'Thanksgiving Address'

The "March for Trump", organized by Women for America First, will launch in Palm Beach then wind its way through 16 states, concluding Dec. 12 in Washington, D.C

Corn Harvest?

Facebook sold by Mark Zuckerberg: $30.38m-Nove 23-23

@SidneyPowell1 E Filing soon. Complaint over 100 pages plus exhibits will post as soon as it hits

BREAKING: Phill Kline, former Kansas AG & current Director of the Amistad Project: “We already have suits in 6 states, but we’re filing more based on this new data./Zuckerburg

@JosephJFlynn1 To all of our friends, extended family, Patriots and #DigitalSoliders we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts

Joseph Flynn tweet remarking about liberal meltdown over Flynn pardon

From Larouche in 2008, the Soros, Rothschild, Malloch-Brown story

Ahhh yes just in time for the holidays Some nice associated press fear porn for ya

Sheriff Roscoe tweet - 'Bend over Bitch MOAB on the way' KEK

Patrick Byrne is the founder of Overstock.com He’s now putting all of his effort, time and money into Stopping the Steal

Mark Malloch-Brown dig

@JamesOKeefe: Millis, Massachusetts Town Clerk Lisa Jane Hardin CONFIRMS GLITCH Resulted In Hundreds Of Mail-In-Ballots Sent To Voters That Didn’t Request Them

ITALIAN NOBEL PRIZE CANDIDATE 2018 Dr Scoglio explains the Covid19 test fraud, there is more to this than false positives

The guided-missile destroyer John S. McCain conducted a freedom of navigation operation in the Sea of Japan

Sen Doug Mastriano who led the charge in Gettysburg PA reportedly having meatballs with POTUS. Oh, and twat suspended his personal acct

Sidney Powell tweet = Read the Georgia complaint and exhibits we're filing tonight

Dig on Mollach-Brown

Techno Fog opines Weissman protests because Flynn case implicates the Special Counsel corrupt investigation of POTUS / Flynn

USMC: Here comes the boom

Flynn Family Statement To The United States Of America November 25th, 2020

So I'm reviewing POTUS tweets from the last few hours and think I've got a nice comm here

If a court ruled in favor of the Pennsylvania Republican lawsuit it would invalidate all votes cast by mail in the 2020 election

Florida Attorney Found With ‘Life-Like’ Child Sex Doll, Child Pornography Pleads Guilty To Charges

Minzhi Research Institute study dated 6/22/19; A Panoramic View of U.S. Attitudes towards China-The Governor; referenced by Mike Pompeo at 2/8/20 NGA conference TRANSLATED to English

Sidney just retweeted this Lou Dobbs interview of her from 11/10

SGO SMARTMATIC- Sir Nigel Knowles

Q team - 11.3 11.4 D5 Theory

Sidney Powell: My friend, you are FLAT wrong

Link to Sidney Filing incomming very soon (tonight -ETA ~30 mins)

Monolithic integrated chips

Days before Christmas, Jupiter and Saturn will look like one bright star — some believe the alignment is the same described in the Bible

Lin Wood - Light Worker and Prayer Warrior

Notables for Nov 25, 2020

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