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Notables for Nov 16, 2020

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Petition demands deeper testing of new Georgia voting system

John Poulos is on the Board of Toronto's Hellenic Heritage Foundation charity



We should try Denmark's Cure for Pandemic - good ole pots & pans

GAME THEORY… "If you look you can see." - Q

Are they panicking so bad that they're lying again?

Watch SpaceX Crew-1 Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

How the intelligence community controls your vote. -by Gerry Bello

Is Twitter utilizing Joseph Goebbels? (anon hive-mind activated)

Re: Executive Order on Election Interference

The Real-Life Mob Families of ‘The Irishman’? Donald Trump Knew Them

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, a career diplomat who served as ambassador to Washington and President Bashar Assad's close confidant, known for his loyalty and hard-line position against the opposition, has died at the age of 79

CodeMonkey on OAN

Vote counting company tied to Romney

New Scavino on Insta: Is that a certain CHAN on Dans phone?

Smartmatic explains wrong PPCRV count

Congressman makes an official statement THERE IS NO PRESIDENT ELECT AS OF NOW!

Obama TSA admin Neffenger (Harvard grad) who is connected to Biden Transition and was rtd Admiral of Coast Guard… and financial exec for Smartmatic company

Michigan Dominion Voter Fraud Witness Melissa Carone -Whistleblower

How a Philly mob boss stole the election — and why he may flip on Joe Biden

What Is John Brennan So Worried About?

Potential election interference in Canadian provincial elections? Oh yes, with Dominion

Enlightenment Capital


Habbenings in NYC: God pissed

Resignations in the news 11/9/2020 thru 11/15/2020

March 11, 2020: DOJ International Crisis Group Report: Imagining a Resolution of Venezuela’s Crisis

Halfchan: Here's a great dig board for those interested. It has all of the Dominion workers across country on LinkedIn

Is Q team using Bible "Code/Comms" in certain Drops?

The UK attempted (again) to interfer in US elections


Trudeau on building back better and the pandemic reset

Lets reveal that the Commonwealth of #Virginia is indeed a Red State. (Gateway Pundit)

Vatican control of World Health Organization population policy

Vancouver/Clark county had a 102% voter registration rate

Dominion voting machines is on the CLINTON FOUNDATION webpage (DELIAN Project)

GEMS comes from GES (Global Election Systems) & is the product of felon Jeffrey Dean

Pompeo Begins 7-Nation Tour Amid Global Lockdowns and Trump Election Battle

Crashes down nationally, fatalities linked to more substance use

Why Boris Johnson quarantining if he already had it? Is he trying to duck a storm?

Do Not Trust The Medical Or The National Security Establishment!' With Guest Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

"Kraken Military": 'Kraken' provides needed intelligence, force protection at NIE

GEMS comes from GES (Global Election Systems) & is the product of felon Jeffrey Dean


In its lawsuit against Colorado Judicial Watch argues…

For any anons doing digging on Smartmatic, there is some really good historical evidence here

1 Year Delta Drop #3599

1 Year Delta Drop #3600

1 Year Delta Drop #3601

1 Year Delta Drop #3602

Kraken was a Cray XT5 supercomputer that entered into full production mode on February 2, 2009

President Trump Late Night Tweet's

Smartmatic/Dominion's problems have been a scandal for years around the world. Example: the Philippines. (Mark Malloch-Brown)

Bill Gates Hired BLM ‘Students’ to Count Ballots in Battleground States

Reliance Industries Ltd. to Invest $50 Million in Bill Gates & Grorge Soros Owned Breakthrough Energy Ventures

BREAKING: Michigan House Member Files to Impeach Governor Gretchen Whitmer

YET AGAIN: Univision Hides Antifa Violence Against Trump Supporters

Claiming 'Staggering Evidence of Election Fraud,' Trump Attorney Sidney Powell Says She'll Soon 'Release the Kraken' On 2020 Election

CNN's Jake Tapper: 'Christmas is probably not gonna be possible' this year

If You Haven’t Quit Watching FOX News Yet… Watch this Clip of Leland Vittert laughing at a Trump Spokeswoman and You Will — VIDEO

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Reversals and Proportional Vote Entries In Virginia on Election Night after 11 PM Indicate Election Fraud Occurred in This State Too

“It’s Massive, Criminal Voter Fraud! – It’s Going to Blow the Mind of Everyone In This Country!” – Sidney Powell on Dominion Systems (VIDEO)

Biden Would Be the Weakest President Ever

Starr on Trump legal challenges: 'Allow this litigation to run its course'

The New World Order That President Biden Will Inherit

Trump to go down in history for what he did for GOP; on par with Lincoln and Reagan

From Phone Banking to Fundraising, Hollywood Celebs Go All in to Flip Georgia Senate Seats

Lefties attack MAGA marchers in DC — and the media shrug

Stacey Abrams: ‘More Than 600,000’ Georgians Already Requested Mail Ballots for Runoff Election

India to get more eyes to monitor Chinese presence in IOR & SCS: Navy to get P8i Aircraft

MSNBC reporter does hilarious serious live shot at MAGA March: ‘They’re following us and chasing us!’

Trump To Enact Series Of ‘Hardline’ Policies Going After Communist China In Final Weeks Of Administration: Report

Chinese drone flying app includes 9-dash line, angering Vietnamese

Obama Compares Trump to Dictator — ‘There Has Been a Sense’ He Would ‘Do Anything to Stay in Power’

60 Minutes’ Scarily Ignorant Interview of Barack Obama

12th South China Sea International Conference opens

Trumpism won, despite election results: Devine

COVID-19 is distracting us from another medical emergency (muhMeasles)

Meet the classified artificial brain being developed by US intelligence programs

‘LOCK HER UP’: Trump Supporters Rally Outside Hillary Clinton’s Home After News That Biden is Considering Her for Ambassador to the UN (VIDEO)

Russia Could Cooperate With China In The Naval Field To Achieve Parity With The West – Part 1

Vegas Oddsmaker Says, “The Fix Was In, Trump Was Robbed, This Election Was Stolen”

Biden claims Antifa isn’t real. Democratic presidential hopeful claims domestic terror group is just ‘an idea, not an organization’

Biden Taps Reparations Advocate for Treasury Transition

Why China and a Bloc of Nations Led by Vietnam Just Met but Ignored Asia’s Biggest Maritime Dispute

China’s ballistic missiles and uncertainty at sea

Macron to walk diplomatic tightrope while hosting Trump ally Pompeo

CNN's Cabrera and Leftist Professor Push Insane Conspiracy

Bahrain FM Heads to Israel to Meet Netanyahu, Pompeo

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: "We're Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States"

COVID-19 may have been in Italy as early as September 2019: study

When Does A "Glitch" Become A Coup?

#14895 1/2

new DJT: NO WAY!

New DJT: Most fraudulent Election in history!

The Court Jester Speaks Truth

northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh: 6-Year-Old Girl's Mutilated Body Found With Several Organs Missing, Occult Link Being Investigated

NEW POTUS: Thank you Andrew!

FBI conducts search at house of PUCO chairman Sam Randazzo

New DJT: Dominion is running our Election. Rigged!

Sean Davis eating his words:

Dominion Voting site map. Some sections are secured with a username and password

POTUS: I strongly stand with Kelly & David. They are both great and MUST WIN!

Pastebin.com takes down "Election Fraud Compilation" page: new one here

Scytl site map: over 200 pages

Unraveling the Latest Deep State Coup: Pompous US CEO’s Hold Secret Meeting to Discuss Removing President Trump Because They Know Best

these servers belong to the CIA, not Dominion or Sctyl

NEW DJT: I won the Election!

New DJT: Fake recount going on in Georgia means nothing

DJT says Try watching @OANN. Really GREAT!

Fact check: The document released on Nov 12th is NOT from the DHS

anon opines: How do you get all the conspirators and co conspirators for treason in front of a Military tribunal instead of a liberal court?

From sea to shining sea, we are America's Army

Specifically, the examiner reports raise concerns about whether the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system is suitable for its intended purposes; operates efficiently and accurately; and is safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation

Smartmatic voting machines Neffenger named to Joe BIden's transition team

CodeMonkey: Did you know that Dominion's voting software "Allows staff to adjust tally based on review of scanned ballot images"?

DJT: Another Vaccine just announced. This time by Moderna, 95% effective


US Navy Tweets

Planefag Reports

Clearvote diggz - What is it? One of the products of ClearBallot, the parent company

Planefag Reports

Several videos of Trump supporters outside Hillary's home chanting "Lock her up"

@CBPMarkMorgan 400 miles of national security. On to 450 miles!

‘Green revolution’: Boris Johnson set to announce plan to make UK world leader in renewable energy

New York sheriff takes defiant stand against Gov. Cuomo's COVID restrictions impacting Thanksgiving

Huck Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, Other Classic Books BANNED in California Schools for “Racism”

@MajorPatriot: BOOM "Smartmatic's fingerprints are all over this.WATCH CA (goRed)"

Police Ignore BLM Attacks on Restaurant Patron, Staff in San Francisco Suburb

5G Wireless Communication and Health Effects

China’s Huawei Looks for ‘Reset’ Boost Under Biden White House

CALIFORNIA NOW added to the list of massive voter fraud investigation by Giuliani and Sidney Powell

French President Macron accuses American media of 'legitimizing' Islamist violence

PF mil_ops

DJT: [C]onsent [D]ecree?

As New Vaccines Near Delivery, General in Charge of Distribution Says He's 'Ready to Execute'

Ex CIA Robert D Steele: "We have it all"

Syrian military moves closer to liberating occupied Idlib


VIRGINIA: Portsmouth Police Chief Fired After Charging State Senator, NAACP For Destroying Monuments

Venezuelan National Guard Destroy US-Registered ‘Narcojet’ and Jungle Airstrip

Congress Tells Biden He’s Not President Elect in Letter

DOJ: The China Initiative: Year-in-Review (2019-20)

Denver Business Owner: Dominion’s Eric Coomer Is an Unhinged Sociopath — His Internet Profile Is Being Deleted and Erased

BOOM! Sidney Powell just said that states that certify these election results would be certifying a fraud and may launch a class-action lawsuit to prevent them from certifying fraudulent results

DJT Jr RT: Dinesh: Remember that man who sucker punched a Trump supporter in DC and knocked him out? Turns out, he's a registered child sex offender

Barack Obama: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ‘Will Restore a Bunch of Norms’

for the Keks

Alaska bears animals accidents transportation. Odd choice of pictures AP

Huge Solar Blast Inbound 30 Hours! Nov 17th

Jim Jordan Expects Durham Report on Spygate 'Real Soon'

@GavinWax "Why was Dominion software specialist Tomas Bellinghausen donating to Act Blue in $2.70 increments? Like an artist signing his work? Or like a serial killer leaving a memento at the scene of the crime? Asking for a friend…"

Fed Electoral Commission Chairman Says the 2020 POTUS Election Was Rigged



Obama Calls for More Big Tech 'Fact-Checking' in Wake of Trump Getting 71M Votes

Former FBI Chief Andrew McCabe Threatens Trump: Secret Intel Could Cast You In A 'Very Negative Light'

Facebook moderators manually censored New York Post story regarding Biden family corruption, to protect Democrats before the election

US Senate Republicans trying to block POTUS Trump nominee to FCC

Military.com: Marines Prep for Possible War in Europe During Massive East Coast Training Exercise

Russians Got Situation Under Control In Nagorno-Karabakh. 25 Posts Deployed. Demining Of Lachin Corridor Started

Daughter finally unmasks paedophile dad

U.K. Seizes $1.58 Million Linked to Flat Bought with Graft Money

Heart doctors more likely to implant devices from manufacturers that pay them, new study finds

Scientists Create Meat from Human Cells But Claim It’s Not Cannibalism

Sweden sets new ‘absolutely necessary’ Covid-19 restrictions, limits public gatherings to 8 people

Tyson Foods Employs COVID-19 “Tracking Algorithms” At Meatpacking Plants

Trump Lawyer Tweets Article Alleging Philly Mob Boss May Reveal How They Stole The Election In Exchange For Full Expungement Of His Criminal Record

A @USMC lance corporal scouts the area during training at @CombatCenterPAO in Twentynine Palms, Calif

Military raid in Germany, voter fraud clowns related

EO Addressing the threat from securities investments that finance communist Chinese military companies

Sidney Powell gets endorsement of FEC chair

Retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor accused Pompeo and senior politicians of taking money in 2012 and 2019

Senior Trump Official: Politicians Get ‘Very Rich’ by Supporting Israel

For the Keks

Sidney Powell website is down/blocked

GOP Congressman Andy Biggs Requests 100% Audit of Maricopa County, Arizona Ballots

UK Health Study Found 26,000 “Extra” Non-COVID Deaths At Home Amid Lockdowns

Alaska’s Senator Sullivan Has a Choice to Make: Vote For Trump’s FCC Nominee or Bow to Big Tech

Rothschild : Venezuela creditors meet with Rothschild, Cleary in London-sources

Facebook and Twitter Continue Censorship Campaign Against President Trump

BREAKING—Pres Trump has been called to an emergency meeting at the White House with his legal team. Massive legal filing imminent

Jim Jordan: ‘Don’t Cancel Thanksgiving’; Instead, ‘Cancel Lockdowns’


Hillary Clinton, Marlins comms?

Former FBI Chief Andrew McCabe Threatens Trump: Secret Intel Could Cast You In A 'Very Negative Light'

Kamala Harris Is The "Vice-President Elect" Why Hasn't She Resigned From The United States Senate Yet?

They got Stonewall!!! Unfortunately, a RT from the President is the new Kiss of Death!!

Newsom Dethroned: Judge rules he overstepped authority in CA, by mandating vote-by-mail ballots

POTUS 'emergency' meeting @ WH

Scytl / Swiss Post proof of vote altering hack/backdoor

Report: President Trump’s Legal Team Summoned to White House for Emergency Meeting

New Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell asked for this while speaking on Rush?

Lin Wood My IT experts spoke with Ron Watkins last night. They confirm that Ron is a truth-giver

FAKE NEWS Trump national security adviser says it looks like Biden won, promises 'professional transition'

Space X

Francisco Sagasti Elected Head of Congress of Peru, Can Now Temporarily Assume Presidential Seat


Sidney Powell, Anti-Trump Engineer Of Dominion Voting Systems Said "I Made Sure Trump’s Not Gonna Win" In Secret…

Are supply chain attacks to be the next crisis? Reports

Americans better start demanding Bill Barr get his ass put here and tell us what he is doing about this or the Military Police better handcuff him and get him out of here

Sex abuse claims made against Boy Scouts near 90,000

National Hurricane Center Hurricane Iota

McEnany to Levin: Democrat Officials Redesigned the Election to Prop Up Joe Biden


March for Trump Dec.12 Washington D.C

POTUS: The rate of rejected Mail-In Ballots is 30 X’s lower in PA this year than it was in 2016

Dominon voting master notables list posted oldest to newest post number

POTUS Mail-In Ballots is 30 X’s lower in Pennsylvania this year than it was in 2016

Alec Baldwin: "The Republican party needs to CUT TRUMP'S THROAT AND GET RID OF HIM"


Biden Transition Leader Says He Wants To Restrict Free Speech

Poll: 58% of voters now believe Biden won the presidential election, up 9 points from last week

Trump campaign pares back federal suit over Pennsylvania election results


Meet the "Kraken"

McEnany to Levin: Democrat Officials Redesigned the Election to Prop Up Joe Biden

POTUS Twit DJT: [C]onsent [D]ecree?

Clockfag Here's a make-shift extended-dates version

Mika Nudges Atlantic Editor to Urge Facebook to Censor 'Very Dangerous' Conservatives

The president has checkmated all of the key players

GOP Congressman Andy Biggs Requests 100% Audit of Maricopa County, Arizona Ballots

PF 00000000 Seahawk BOXER40

Radical Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls President Trump’s Campaign Rallies “Klan Rallies” (VIDEO)

Rioter who punched out Trump supporter in viral video is registered child sex offender

Trump campaign claims WaPo report that part of PA lawsuit was dropped is 'fake news'

Sixy-Five World Health Organization staffers infected with coronavirus

COVID restrictions cannot exceed constitutional rights

Michelle Obama Pops Up Her Head to Weigh in on Presidential Transition — Says “This Isn’t a Game”


Trump urges challenge to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine after he called Biden winner

California significantly rolls back county reopening plans amid ‘unprecedented’ COVID-19 surge

Sublime: Gun Control Support Collapses 10 Points as Relentless Antifa-BLM Violence Continues

Big Mike's PROJECTION I couldn't forgive Donald Trump's 'racist lies' about my husband - but I met Melania for 'the sake of our country': Michelle Obama slams White House for refusing to start transition to Joe Biden

Pnyx.core: The Key to Enabling Reliable Electronic Elections A Description of Scytl’s Cryptographic e-Voting Security Software

George Soros buys a stake in big data firm Palantir

How a Philly mob boss stole the election — and why he may flip on Joe Biden

Newsom Announces New Covid Lockdown Order – Punishes Orange County with Most Restrictive Tier, Closes Indoor Dining, Gyms – POSSIBLE STATEWIDE CURFEW

Newsom Announces New Covid Lockdown Order – POSSIBLE STATEWIDE CURFEW

Secretary Pompeo Celebrates International Education Week

Correction: No new source of German Scytl raid confirmed (yet)

Donald Trump Jr. You’re never going to convince me this isn’t peak masculinity

2,631 Ballots found in Clayton County in norther Georgia that Dominion Voting Systems DID NOT COUNT

Of the 2,631 votes sources at the elections office told CVN that it appeared that between 1,600 and 1,900 were cast for President Trump

Just In: FBI Arrests Joe Biden’S Campaign Director For Electoral Fraud


Lin Wood Outlines Case for Rampant Voter Fraud, GA Vote Corruption; GA Election will Be Nullified


Rare Electric Narco Submarine Seized in Colombia - USNI News

PM Bibi Netanyahu Boasts about the Israeli NSA Unit 8200 Israel is the Second Eye of Five Eyes

Joe Biden says “more people may die” of coronavirus if President Trump continues to block transition

CM retweet


The stage is set… Dragons Lair

Should police officers still believe in what they are doing – or should we hunker down for the storm?


Linwood on fire! called out GA Governor


BREAKING—Pres Trump has been called to an emergency meeting at the White House with his legal team. Massive legal filing imminent

Lou Dobbs Hitting Home Runs over the fence!

Trump Gains At Least 1,600 Votes, Biden Over 800 in Georgia Recount After Floyd County Finds Over 2,600 Ballots Not Counted (Alleged Dominion Glitch)

CP Roundup 11/12/2020

WTH? — CDC Lists 26,557 Heart Attacks as COVID Deaths, Lists 7,919 Accidents and Poisonings as COVID Deaths

Barbara Flynn "All hands on deck!

Guilt by Partial Association: Airbnb Cancels Trump Supporter’s Account, Citing ‘Hate Group’ Ties

Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs 16NOV20

WaPo sets sights on Graham

Lin Wood Lots of odd events occurring with my cell service. Is anyone else noticing cell issues or is it just me?

Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer Slams Media ‘Lovefest’ at Biden Presser: White House Briefings Will Look ‘Very Different’ in January

Lin Wood: "Donald Trump won in every state, I believe a massive landslide win"

BREAKING: Dominion caught on Glassdoor back in '13

Biden "Build Back Better" meaning (Using Disaster as a trigger)

Biden Supporters Violently Assaulted Peaceful Demonstrators in D.C. And Democrats Still Haven’t Condemned It

Irish group Paragon buys Scytl through Service Point

Who has the Original Mask Painting, the Whole Thing from the Denver Airport

Project 25is mentioned in this NCSWIC

Streamer is doxxing conservatives/q followers

BREAKING: Former Dominion Project Manager Who Helped Execute $25 Million Contract With State Of MI Was Democrat Mayor At Same Time

Tom Fitton on Lou Dobbs 16NOV2020

Video shows package insert of Covid 19 Astra Zeneca containing lung tissue 14-week aborted Caucasian male fetus

Dominion Linkedin

Sudanese Rebel Holdout Reportedly Preparing to Join Peace Talks in Juba


Biden says he's getting intel through Kamala Harris via the Intel Committee

Dominion employees list on LinkedIn before they got deleted

December 18, 218 BC

POTUS Big victory moments ago in the State of Nevada Anons buckled in? Brace for "Major impact"!

Clark county 153k ballots or 1\6 of ballots have discrepancies

PLANE FAG This C-32B supports the US Government's "Foreign Emergency Support Team" (FEST) which is a on-call, short-notice team to respond on crisis worldwide

The stage is set…DRAGON LAIR

Our fearless FBI leader is helping implement The Great Reset for keks

Lin Wood We have not yet fully engaged enemy. We will soon. Truth will prevail

Mayor Kelly Garrett: The contract between Dominion and the State of Michigan which Ms. Garrett helped executed. $25 million

Former Dominion Project Mgr Helped Execute $25 Million Contract With State Of MI While Working As Democrat Mayor At Same Time

Police Raided German Spyware Company FinFisher Offices



6% of the votes discarded in Floyd County, GA alone

New Veritas

Thread on Clark Co Nevada by local reporter

Buffett's Berkshire bets on Big Pharma, invests in four drug makers


Can anons help? Channel Rion retweet

MASSIVE amount of radio chatter anyone know what the fuck is going on?

ANON Opinion The absolute fear that is now gripping the left's operatives, power brokers and puppet managers

21 Great Military Quotes

World Economic Forum DELETES Video On The Great Reset That Says "You'll Own NOTHING" After Backlash

45 days from the election is Dec 17

Mind war, non linear war, is a highly developed form of conflict

Looks like Judy Shelton will get a Senate Floor Vote on #QDay

IN THE NEWS, Articles

51-38 Kristi Haskins Johnson to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of Mississippi

Former Dominion Project Mgr Helped Execute $25 Million Contract With State Of MI While Working As Democrat Mayor At Same Time

China's Biggest Bank Pulls Massive Blockchain-Backed Bond Issue As Defaults Build

Iowa Governor Declares Disaster, Mask Mandate For Everyone Over Age TWO

Breaking: Top Lawyer Releases Archive of 2020 Fraud Evidence

CM Its now proven Dominion representatives were present in the Maricopa County Central Tabulation Center for the General Election 2020

Guilt by Partial Association: Airbnb Cancels Trump Supporter’s Account, Citing ‘Hate Group’ Ties

HIT PIECE Trump Sought Ways to Attack Iran's 'Main Nuclear Site' in 'Coming Weeks'

Compromised by Design – How The Election Was (Likely) Hacked

For Sydney, Lin, and Rudy

Target Immediately Pulls Bible From Shelves After Church Of Satan Complains for keks


Spaniard server conformed

Sidney Powell actually retweeted Ron?

Project Veritas: Georgia Recount Auditors Call Multiple Ballots For Joe Biden That Were Actually Marked For President Trump

Lou Dobbs + Sidney Powell - Release The Kraken - Full Interview

Trump administration preparing move to decrease Medicare drug prices

The Obama's have a terrible memory, Trump is coming for payback

Trump nominee to replace Amy Coney Barrett on appeals court sent to Senate

CM Page 33 of the Maricopa County and Dominion contract indicates the Dominion project team will play a key role in assisting Maricopa County with tabulation and results reporting

Tucker's going all in tonight. Talking about Vigano's letter to POTUS

BHO Going to face the music? Comms?

UK: £1 Billion Fraud Probe Delayed Again, Victims Left Uncompensated

Podesta: Biden Transition Team 'Hobbled' As Trump Refuses To Concede

Photos: Colombian Navy Finds Rare Electric Mini-Submarine During Drug Raid

Georgia Secretary Of State Lashes Out Over 'Baseless Allegations' Regarding Signature Mismatches, Dominion

Biden likely to pick Michele Flournoy to lead Pentagon; will be 1st woman to lead department

NEW FOOTAGE: BLM Activist Brandished Knife, Said ‘I Will Kill You’ Before Being KO’d

Lads, We are going to need to upgrade BOOM to a new bigger word

LinWood The Truth. Face it. Embrace it. Live it. The 2020 Election was rigged & fraudulent

Twitter brings in notorious hacker who worked at Google and DARPA months after celebrity megahack

Merkel forced to postpone further Covid-19 restrictions amid pushback from German regional leaders

Sydney Powell on Dobbs today: 14:50 mark

Biden's dangerous COVID taskforce pick says living too long is a loss

The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters

Kissinger Warns Biden: Anti-China Coalition Could Cause "Catastrophe Comparable To World War I"

Russia declassifies Soviet documents about Moon race with US

Georgia Recount Reveals 2,600 Uncounted Ballots In Pro-Trump County

DEVELOPING: DOJ IG Michael Horowitz is actively investigating the FBI's handling of the Hunter Biden laptop

‘He came back from the dead’: US hiker survives heart stopping for 45 minutes

Youtube is trying to scrub this specific frame of the video of Lou Dobbs and Sidney Powell?

Sauces on W.T. Stead Investigative Journalist died on Titanic

Just looked at Joe M's Parlor and saw this pic of Sydney. Is her watch like 1 hour ahead of Mickey's watch?

Netanyahu, in slip, almost refers to Biden as ‘president’

List of CEOs and Union bosses at Biden/Harris meeting

Twitter accounts for Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood were ‘search banned’ today


"The CIA was completely excluded from this operation."

Disputing the "Most secure election in history" narrative

SIDNEY POWELL Drops a BOMB on Mark Levin Show: We Have Witness Who Was at Creation of Smartmatic System- Used to Change Election Results


“Skinny Joey” Merlino may be the connection to the Four Seasons Landscaping. Was it a message to him to step forward?

Cop-Hating Portland Commissioner Apologizes For Her Behavior In a Lyft. Just Kidding, She Blamed 'White Supremacists'


Citing 'Overwhelming and Widespread' Irregularities, True the Vote Sues Michigan to Challenge Election, Calls for Quick Action

Republicans led mail in ballots in Ariz but "never filled in for Trump"

Who Did They Kill On Titanic?

Senate Republicans Say They'll Continue Hunter Biden Probe

Joe Biden on Thanksgiving Gatherings: 5 People, 10 Maximum ‘Socially Distanced, Wearing Masks’

PANIC Dominion Voting changes their home page, denies rumors

Conservative Treehouse DEplatformed


FSociety: 2020 Election: Could Trump’s claims have merit? An analysis of voting data from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

Maryland manufacturing company has donated 200,000 face shields to be distributed statewide

AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine Is Made With Aborted Human Fetal Tissue

Pentagon fails audit yet again, could pass around 2027, comptroller says

Sidney posted same image twice

Dominion people deleting their profiles on Linked In

Sidney Powell With Mark Steyn (in for Rush)

Trump campaign lawsuit to be heard tomorrow in federal court in Williamsport, Pennsylvania


Facebook, Google and Twitter coordinate to censor, they have an internal platform to manage it

Arrr! Loyal Shipmate Leigh Dundas - Executive Order For Election Interference


Enemy of the State

Sidney Powell's sense of humor, I trust drinking out of a toilet in Tijuana more than I trust the FBI and DOJ

Must Watch 9/11 Truth

Huawei ditches budget phone brand after U.S. cuts chip supply


2013 Roths Banking


Part 5: In Competitive States, Once Biden Gained the Lead with MASSIVE Vote Dumps, The Remainder of Votes All Possessed Same Biden to Trump Vote Ratio — THIS IS INCONCEIVABLE!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Claim They Are Receiving National Security Briefing Tomorrow (from CYNA and KGB?)

FAKE NEWS Trump says Ohio governor's race will be 'hotly contested' after DeWine acknowledges Biden win

Jewish immigrant and top Pfizer scientist hails role of US immigrants in vaccine

Ilhan Omar Cuts Ties With Husband’s Consulting Firm After Nearly $3 Million In Campaign Payments

MSNBC’s Wallace: Right-Wing Media Pushing ‘Alternate Reality,’ ‘Interviewing Lunatics’

Fauci says never

VP Pence leads delegation at Dover AFB tonight for the Dignified Transfer of five fallen US soldiers

Virginia Police Chief fired after charging state and city leaders with felonies after a protest

Fortune 500 CEOs Will Intervene if Joe Biden Isn’t Inaugurated by January 20

Disability Service Coordinator Blows Whistle on Vote Fraud in Group Homes

As California Braces for Curfew, Some Lawmakers Gather in Maui

It's inconceivable

Wisconsin: Trump Must Pay $7.9 Million If He Wants a Recount

Pelosi's former Chief of Staff is a Dominion lobbyist along with a Boxer staff member

TUCKER: Elites See COVID As Chance To Impose ‘Unprecedented Social Controls’ On Populace

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci joined Rashida Jones to talk about the world post-COVD; Gates mentions that "we have to assume that [the next pandemic] could be three years from now"

11/5/18 Future proves the past DJT Tweet

Sidney Powell begins to release the Kraken


Gina Carano under fire for tweets about QAnon, election, and COVID-19

Dominion Part of Council That Disputed Election Integrity Concerns in DHS Statement

Computerworld 2016 article mentions Dominion Voting Systems



FEDS: Georgia Police Officer Was a Gangster Disciple Hit Man

Venomous cottonmouth vomits 2 other snakes on operating table at NC animal clinic

Congressman Louis Gohmert reveals results from US Army raid on SCYTL in Frankfurt, Germany

Dominion is a Member of Council That Disputed Election Integrity Concerns in DHS Statement

Sidney Powell Says CIA Director Gina Haspel Should be Fired Immediately

Populist Govts of Hungary, Poland Veto EU’s Globalist Power Grab Budget

Philadelphia Area Xfinity "Glitch" Only Affects Newsmax and Fox News

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: 'We’re Getting Ready to Overturn Election Results in Multiple States'

Minot Air Force Base Almost B-52sday and we couldn’t wait to post this one from our #BTF at RAF Fairford! Our World Famous Bomber Barons out there looking #BUFF!

Biden Team Begs For $30M To Fight Trump Lawsuits Despite Claiming Electoral Victory

Richard Grenell, Clark County, Nevada officials said they weren’t investigating voter fraud because they didn’t have the time or resources

Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg will face Congress again, this time about the election

POTUS Schedule for TUESDAY, November 17, 2020

Court denies appeal by Michigan voters claiming election fraud

Blackfriars bridge. Someone famous was hung "gods banker" (2019)

Airman Magazine B-52 comms all day Are we missing something?

Someone at Cracker Barrel in East Windsor need to explain why there are nooses on the ceiling…


Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Institute 501.c.3 org is supported by the Knight Foundation, RockTheVote, and Wordpress; NSA's former Dep Dir, others are Strategic Advisors – REQUEST TO DIG

The circumstances & events are eerily reminiscent of what happened with #Smartmatic software electronically changing votes in the 2013 presidential election in Venezuela

The Verifier: The most comprehensive public data set on Polling Place Equipment

Donald J. Trump Retweeted

2003: Con Job at Diebold Subsidiary

2006: Election Pros Are Cons | Seattle Weekly

Notables for Nov 16, 2020

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