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Notables for Oct 25, 2020

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Greece’s Top Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Faces Removal

/comped/ trying to D&C

Legally, it is very likely that Jack Dorsey and other social media executives (like Mark Zuckerberg) are actively committing a crime by censoring information

ANTIFA/BLM Rioting in Seattle Suburb: Mayor Robinson has declared a civil emergency in the city and signed an emergency order prohibiting weapons

That DEFINITELY sounds like Natalie Biden

Rudy: The biden crime family reminds me of the Castellano mob family

POTUS Schedule of SUNDAY October 25, 2020

China's GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

"Did Obama's daughter take drugs with Hunter?"


Archived GNews

Eyes in the sky in Santa Barbara, CA! SB Anon here, was happy to see some other Patriots!

Communist China

Vadym Pozharskyi, the top Burisma adviser emailing Hunter asking for “advice on how you could use your influence”

The United States is a nation of slavery, prove me wrong

The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop is spreading everywhere in China and the United States, with an estimated 50M worldwide views in less than 6 hours after its release

Elizabeth Warren is setting the stage for an election coup

Tomorrow morning, Sunday, 10/25, Dr. Maria Ryan and I will be UNCOVERING the truth about Biden criminality

E6 Watch

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Choosing between two Democrats in a statewide race is probably not the most optimal position for a Republican voter

This very strange publicly available picture, that was not hacked or obtained through hacking, is recirculating on Chinese social media

Current Shill Talking Points

I don’t know who this is or what it means but a lot Chinese internet users are sharing it everywhere and saying it’s related to the Biden family?

This is a text from Hunter Biden to his daughter admitting his 30 year role as a bagman in the Biden Crime Family

Chinese Group Behind Release of Biden Tapes Claim Bidens Offered Up CIA Agents Who Went Missing in China in 2010 -2012

Listen to her voice here and do your own comparison - Natalie Biden

Beverly Hills - Trump supporters cheering on in the streets!

Donald J. Trump Retweeted - The metadata on the Biden family’s pitch materials to the Chinese Communist Party show that the doc was created on Jim Biden’s computer

Death Toll From Kabul Suicide Attack Rises to 30, 70 Injured

Four Israelis arrested in Ukraine for attempting to smuggle cocaine

BLM Activists Assault Black Veteran, Steal American Flag in Los Angeles

Trump accuses doctors of faking coronavirus death count for money

eyes on the ball> soccer ball (remember when putin gave POTUS a soccer ball?)

Rifle-carrying trans Muslim Antifa arrested at riot in Phoenix

It all started with a prank anonymous post on 4chan, and now #QAnon is having a real effect on how people vote in the US election!

Video of Images of Hunter Biden

Mike Pence's chief of staff Marc Short and the VP's senior political advisor Marty Obst test positive for COVID

National File: Paul Pelosi Jr. under scrutiny for corruption, ethical lapses

EXC: Joe Biden’s Texts to Hunter Show Ex-VP Had “No Hesitancy” in Helping Son Get $1M From Chinese Communist-Linked Business Partner

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now

Coons addresses infamous photo of Biden, daughter during swearing-in ceremony

Dance Party Starting! Hundred points symbol


"Former Republican" is triggered seeing nuns at MAGA Rally

Biden Daughter's Diary Details 'Not Appropriate' Shows with Joe As Child

The Patriot "SOON"

Watching DDOS attacks around the world tonight

Hunter Biden seemed to be concerned as far back as 2010 that @EricSchwerin would "rat" to the "Feds

Who Are The Zionists?

Syrian ISIS terrorist 'who stabbed tourist to death in Germany' wanted to slaughter Christians and cut out their tongues - and was under observation on the day of the attack

Trump’s Super Recovery from covid. Biden’s Depression from … well… everything

Warning: Very Disturbing. The adult voice is HRC’s campaign chair

I tend to agree that WHEN Trump wins, if the Senate gets fucked in the process, especially the GOP it will be a great message to the Political class and their donors. That shit does not fly anymore. But I still think GOP takes the Senate and Trump…

Bipartisan Support for Gina Haspel's Nomination to e CIA Director From Distinguished National Security Leaders

Senator Coons' underage DAUGHTER on laptop from hell


Jonah was kidnapped in 2013

There are pics of Pelosi’son and Hunter partaking in an orgy that includes a child

CIA Releases New Streaming Ad: “Discover the CIA: Your Nation is Counting on You”

Hunter Biden is dead. Prove me wrong

Mossad head: Saudi normalization ties to be announced after US election

"Sources close to and with deep knowledge of the investigation, have informed me that Chris coons' daughter in addition to seven other underage girls are also featured on [hunter biden's] laptop"

John Podest MP4 (Think ya HOT SHIT DONCHA)

Democrat Senate Candidate Mark Kelly's Yearbook Shows him Dressed As Hitler

Trump supporters crash Biden rally, Joe calls them 'chumps;' Trump says Biden rallies have 'tiny crowds'

Hunter has tattoo of Finger Lakes NY on his back. That’s where his mom was born (Neilia Hunter Biden - deceased)

CIA Director Gina Haspel Speaks at Auburn University


According to NBC, If Trump loses the election, QAnon will also lose support — and eventually disintegrate

Five-star and four-star book reviews for journalist Shane Dowling’s new book: Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket

‘God is the ultimate’: How Trump talks about his faith

Eyes On Check line 119 $4$#$*(

Hunter pic: strap on dildo detected

You mean The Young Turks still show their faces on YouTube after the 2016 election?! Wow

That's from Lauren Witzke who is a US Senate Candidate

Guantanamo detainee trials could be broadcast online thanks to House measure

New girl in pic

Posted in halfchan, There’s an autist doing god’s work over there right now. Building timeline with metadata

Herschel Walker Supports Trump For This Reason

Just how much do the jews hate Jesus Christ?

Trump Supporters Praying Before Rally

Tweets, "Biden 'child porn' shock

quality images

look at this sorry sack of doxing nuns

Put on the Full Armor of God

Wanted to make sure he's not lock out of here…based on this post. Not a coinky dink that CM commented on the condition of the board

TGP absolutely LIT with Biden drops. Booted off twat. Anybody posts any thing hunter immediately banned. Streisand effect

he's got the 13 rabbis who run the world

Far left wing radicals are now targeting nuns for antifa violence

Creepy Joe is Creepy

The location and date on pic related, Annapolis MD, May 26, 2018

Don’t think you are if you simply do not understand that these people aren’t simply perverted pedophiles. They care not for the flesh. Soon you will know what that means. Just because you MAKE another hole…

Chinese Pepe says "heavy information" incoming

Say what you will about Hunter, but the dude sure loves his dick

THEY GOT too close to POTUS using faith and bibles

The Big Money Behind the Narrative—Sharyl Attkisson on Media Bias & Spin

I thought you Anons might get a kick out of this— Five-Thirty.eight polling. Look at who the Editor is!!!! ANNA ROTHSCHILD!!! Mother Fuckers!!!

Exclusive: DNA Confirms Hunter Biden is Father of Arkansas 1-Year-Old 99.9%

U.S. Moving Self-Propelled Artillery To Border with Quebec; Reports of Uniformed Chinese Troops in Canada

Update @ #14384, the gore flood continues. These streams are connected, and we may find ourselves presented with another "submit or die" offer. It's manufactured, takes a lot of energy so it's decline doable


THE INVISIBLE ENEMY: A five-part original series

Vogue head Anna Wintour’s racist past revealed

10:25 on the watch Oct 25

TRAILER: The Invisible Enemy: Inside the U.S. Senate Response to COVID-19

James Alefantis Image with Baby, "That little baby loved the farm

Natalie/Hunter Info Collage

Hunter Biden Trending in France

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury / HILLARY CLINTON CHILD TORTURE VIDEO DESCRIBED BY EYEWITNESS

RBG Dead On Jewish New Year: the Start of Jewish "10 Days"

request to mp4 video

Analysis of date stamps of Hunter Biden's pics and extrapolating the dates


Zoe Kestan (aka @weed_slut_420) cont

We are checking if your journey is essential! Stay at home!

Coordinated attacks have been happening all day here in the Seattle area. The rioters have been targeting communities just outside of Seattle proper. It is hard to find anything more than this from the east side

Analysis of date stamps of Hunter Biden's pics and extrapolating the dates (updated)


Nancy Pelosi is next to get burned by the drops

If you think I am fucking with you, I am not fucking with you… but Godspeed to all of you now matter how it shakes out

Spectrum comparison


The Israeli Army Unit That Recruits Teens With Autism

9/11 and CHABAD JEWS

Biden, c'mon man

Posted on Thursday but didn't get much traction at the time. Anons think Mnuchin is a sleeper?

The Reconstruction of Reality

Biden weighs into the election campaign

The Biden's Earned $16.7 Million After Leaving The White House

Doug Ducey Tweet shows Cindy McCain with a familiar leg brace

Some fucked images from pizzagate + epstein temple


WATCH: Brad Pitt narrates Biden ad airing during World Series

Chinese Communism Info Graph

Dual Loyalties

Some creepy ass images

David Bowdich in the news

Kid has got some talent, I'll give you that

(2014) Ukrainian Energy Firm Hires Biden's Son as Lawyer

Review of Hunter Buden ABC Interview Oct 18, 2019

Insisting that the Hunter Biden laptop is fake is a trap. So is insisting that it’s real

what if Hunter was the VIP Anthony Bourdain saw at Chateau marmont?


The Hidden Tyranny

4D theory - I told you so

Interesting graphic

In the 3D material world, we attach a “me” to a body and to that “me” we attach multiple defined identities. How real are those defined identities?

Chelsea Handler ‘reminds’ 50 Cent that he is “a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump’

The Zionism of Winston Churchill

Felt cute, might smoke crack idk (Hunter Biden Images)

Time Magazine International November cover

Article detailing Prince Andrew's plan to return to government

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT??? Celebs getting naked?

Biden’s first wife’s death likely wasn’t an accident. She was trying to kill herself and the kids to get away from Joe’s molestation. Diary drop leads to that possibility

Barry and Maggie…and WENDY?

Hack the Program: Weaknesses & Limitations of Gang Stalking Oct 21, 2020

Chinese Group Behind Release of Biden Tapes Claim Bidens Offered Up CIA Agents Who Went Missing in China in 2010 -2012

New Text Messages Show Joe Biden Reaching Out to Hunter’s Associates for Financial Help for His Son — After He Said This Never Happened

Kamala Harris caught on hot mic asking an aide which city she was in

Above the Law: Leaked Texts Show Hunter Biden Wanted to Avoid Registering as a Chinese Foreign Agent

The Miniaturization of Media Dinosaurs

American Thinker article covering the Hunter Biden sex tape story in detail

The media promised to do better after Trump’s 2016 win — instead, they got worse

Half-chan thread digging into Hunter possibly staring in only fans content

I wonder if Natalie is self harming/cutting herself due to trauma from incest with Joe and Hunter

Democrats, trying everything, fail to derail Amy Coney Barrett confirmation

‘Buyer’s remorse’ in play after ‘can you change your vote’ surges in searched terms

Why Trump Has a Serious Chance of Winning

Amy Coney Barrett’s Historic Moment

Kamala Harris clangs a communist gong

James Woods Tweet,"'Biden 'child porn' shock"

MP4 downloads for the first 12 Hunter Biden videos are available

Joe Biden " addresses " sexual assault allegation in old interview on the view

Massive lines span NYC blocks as early in-person voting starts

excellent filtering advice

Federal Agency Secretly Offered FBI Documents On Trump Officials, Senate Report Says

Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell Showing How The FBI Trapped Michael Flynn

Roadkill and Its Dangerous Temptations

Husam Abd-al-Ra'uf

Hunter Biden child porn

Moar (Joe) Biden

Audio Voice comparison Natalie Biden/unidentified female from footjob vid

Biden tat leads to underground tunnels?

Is Kamala interfering at the polls

According to the report, CIA agents' identities were provided to the CCP by the Bidens

Voice Comparison: Natalie Biden / Unidentified female from Hunter "FOOTJOB" video

Biden rips Trump supporters who crash his Pa. campaign stop

Do not fall for divide and conquer tactics

#Patriot found something very interesting today

Hunter Biden to Joe Biden: “If you don’t run ill never have a chance at redemption,”

Now that nuclear weapons are illegal, the Pacific demands truth on decades of testing

Madeliene Albright Ancestry

Results of Anon 3 year Q Drop Vatican RCC CIA Research File

Lisa Murkowski to back SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett during Senate session

Our President moves to stop the vote count in Vegas-area


NOTABLE. War of LIGHT and DARK appears to be upon us…

Sauce for Hunter Biden laptop drops

More Joe Biden created extensive Voter Fraud Organization

Afghanistan killed top al-Qaida propagandist

Lude Media banned on Twitter - Announcement just released. English translation not yet available

Sexual assault survivors issue blistering statement against Amy Coney Barrett


Dr. Limeng Yan’s Mother Arrested by The Chinese Communist Party

Re: Hunter's Finger Lakes tattoo: Joe's first wife Neilia killed in car accident was born there

Planefag Reports

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father wrote a novel in 1982 called “THE VIRUS” about government purposely releasing a virus as a cover for population control via FORCED VACCINATIONS!

NEXIVM's stomping grounds looks close to Hunter Biden tatoo

Huge, Six O' Clock Decode Q Drop - Bidens

Hunter Biden Leaks

Lude is live (with live translation):

Mercenaries in the Civil War / Adrenochrome Harvesting

Covid $6 Trillion Dollar Vaxx Man

We, the New Federal State of China, have made the video public

Did Joe Biden Use the Pseudonym “Peter Henderson” When Trading Emails with Son Hunter?


OPERATION: #SaveOurChildren

Tropical Storm Zeta forms south of western Cuba as the 2020 hurricane season is thrown into the record books



Biden’s most revealing gaffe yet

Biden Family’s Corruption Is Nothing New And Largely Legal

As Biden Eyes Expanded Electoral Map, Memories of 2016 Linger

“Just Vote Again”: Ballot Shenanigans Rampant In Oregon

Al Qaeda's second in command on FBI's most-wanted list killed in Afghanistan: reports

Planefag Report

There is only one principled vote on Amy Coney Barrett: No

NewsVice President Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff, Marc Short, tested positive for the coronavirus on Saturday

PF Report

Possible Q proof/sauce

Catherine Herridge Tweet re: Pence

Dan Scavino Tweets

Democrats working against America

Contract tracing in CO

Obama lies more and more and more

Why FBI dropped Biden Investigation

Biden pic sources

Steve Cortes tweet re: Watters World segment

#7 Vote Republican @frankpallottanj


Black Women for Trump Speak Up

How to Quickly Spot a Clown

While we were fighting the sham impeachment, the FBI had evidence of #QuidProJoe, yet they did nothing

Natalie reading Profiles in Corruption

Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and Chris Heinz Diggs

Interdasted in WHY FBI Sat on HB Laptop?

Finger Lakes digs

3.5 million from russia

We're back! @GatewayPundit

POTUS plane 92-9000 just made a right turn in descent

Operation Dark Winter war gamed a smallpox release in the U. S. It didn't go well

New @Whitehouse

Jesus, bring new wine out of me

Diving into the legacy of the beasts of the Finger Lakes

A true story told by former #CCP diplomat

Search continues for missing teen in Monroe County area

Misspellings matter

Man Doxxes Trump Supporting Nuns

The rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire put an end to the worship of Ra

Jim Carey on the Office , talks about Finger lakes at 1:05

President Trump landing in New Hampshire…


BREAKING: Historic letter by leading Orthodox rabbis in the United States in support of President Donald Trump

GOP lawmaker: Republican appeals to QAnon supporters show "we've lost our way"

This isn’t true

Famed U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin appeared to endorse Sen. Martha McSally

Governor Grandma killer now threatening Jews

Early Voting Is a Cancer on the Electoral Process, and This Graph Proves It

GSA Gave FBI, Mueller 'Secret Access' To Trump Records


The Election to End All Elections

WOW: Massive Jewish Trump Supporters Car Parade on Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Jill Biden a pedo DS fixer

FBI opened its most recent investigation of Paul Manafort in January 2016

JUST IN: Al Qaeda's second in command & on FBI's most-wanted list—Abu Muhsin al-Masri—killed in Afghanistan

Expert's stunning conclusion: China's killing Americans 'deliberately'

Chinese Group Behind Release of Biden Tapes Claim Bidens Offered Up CIA Agents Who Went Missing in China in 2010 -2012

Jim Biden Lashes Out at Tony Bobulinski When Confronted About His and Hunter’s Shady $5 Million Side Deal With Chinese Energy Firm

The former lead prosecutor on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, Andrew Weissmann, is leading a virtual fundraiser next week for Joe Biden's presidential campaign

Here is a better map of the finger lakes railway system including abandoned lines

EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child

China’s Communist Party is backing the left’s revolution, seeking our downfall and subjugation

Biden grilled on 'transition' away from oil and gas comment in Pennsylvania TV interviews

The USN has a deep submersible research station on Seneca lake's deepest part. It's 633 feet deep

There are 38 missing children in Upstate NY right now. Have you seen them? - from 2019

Dark to Light?

BREAKING: More rocks being thrown at Jews for Trump caravan rally in #Brooklyn, New York

(1985)(Xi Jinping) Vice Mayor - Xiamen, Fujian, China → (Baltimore, MD) = Long History

HB laptop is the LEGAL KEYSTONE


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was the only absence on the procedural vote today

GOP clears key hurdle on Barrett's Supreme Court nomination, setting up Monday confirmation


As i already mentioned: i'll publish EVERYTHING on https://resignationanon.de

Biden Corruption: Trickle Of Information Becomes Flow Becomes Flood Becomes Avalanche

Canandaigua NY, known as "the chosen place"

Hunter Biden's Company Partnered With Chinese Military to Acquire Stealth Tech, Assisted By The Big Guy and John Kerry

The candidates reportedly include - Biden AG

California middle school student threatened with jail for missing online Zoom classes

New Hunter pic

POTUS is dripping out more footage of crooked joe biden at his New Hampshire rally

Anti-lockdown and pro-choice protesters descend on Warsaw, traffic blockade & women’s strike planned next

Pope Francis includes first black American, a noted Trump critic, among 13 new cardinals

Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘The Vice President Has Been Caught in Repeated Lies over Biden Inc. About His Family’s Businesses’

Washington Post: Treat Hunter Biden Emails as Foreign Intel — Even if They Probably Aren’t

Germany's top Covid-19 research body firebombed overnight in possible politically motivated arson attack – police

Pelosi Commits to Running for Speaker if Democrats Keep House

Rockefellers Combating ‘The Human Cancer’

Forget the Hunter Biden sex tapes. The real news is much bigger than that

Google Searches for ‘Can I Change My Vote’ Spike Following Hunter Biden Sex Tape Release

How The Finger Lakes Was Named: Part 1

Early Vote Counts Contradict Some Swing State Polls

People Will Die’ if They Spend Christmas Together, Says Disgraced Fmr UK Govt Scientist

FIVE of Mike Pence's aides test positive for COVID: VP's chief of staff, his senior political advisor and three more of his staff members get infected

Has ‘Chinagate Scandal’ Rattled Mainstream Media?

Tom Fitton says there is more than enough evidence of corruption to warrant an indictment of Hunter and Joe Biden


Jon Voight - In God We Trust (video is POTUS's words)


Cocaine Mitch for the Win

Readable: Biden Emails

Expensify CEO David Barrett Sends Millions of Customers Email Claiming Support for Trump Is ‘Vote Against Democracy’

NYPD and Trump supporters brawl against crackhead Antifa in NYC

LIVE: NYPD announcing unlawful assembly; threatening arrests. Not sure what is going on; I see a lot of Trump signs, USA Flags, and 'Chinese Americans For Trump' t-shirts

He Was Convicted of War Crimes and Pardoned by Trump. Now He Wants to Reform Military Justice

In echo of Cold War, the West's 'Five Eyes' spy alliance focuses on China

Putin says US presence in Afghanistan good for security

Mail-in ballots: the US elites’ ‘plausible deniability’ ploy to retain power

BREAKING: Joe Biden Calls a Lid and Hides in His Basement with 9 Days Until Election Day

Trump Plays Biden Hairy Legs Video at New Hampshire Rally

The irony just drips off this one, The press using Russian President Vladimir Putin to defend Biden

USN: #DYK that subs are referred to as "boats"

Pakistan's PM Khan Accuses Macron Of 'Attacking Islam'

Dan: Air Force One is wheels down in Bangor, Maine

This thing is a train too

Bank Of America: Fed Will Use Digital Dollars To Unleash Inflation, UBI & Debt Forgiveness

Biden Laptop / Hunter News

There's so many Trump supporting Jews in New York City shut down the Brooklyn bridge

POTUS Scheule

FCC paid $27 million to fraudulent Hawaiian communications company

Planefag reports

One Year Ago Today, Biden Tweeted Warning That ‘We Are Not Prepared for a Pandemic’

This thug is throwing rocks at Trump supporters in New York City

Memo suggests FBI opened Manafort probe before Trump hired lobbyist but gave no warning

With the Hunter Biden Expose, Suppression is a Bigger Scandal Than The Actual Story

WATCH: Trump Plays Biden Hairy Legs Video at New Hampshire Rally

Vermont Goes “Tone Deaf” On Free Speech: Principal Fired Over “All Lives Matter” Statement

Possible Pirate attack on British Ship off the coast of UK

Obama/Biden Pandemic Dig

Millionaire owner of iconic Strand Book Store in NYC pleads with public for help despite receiving $1 MILLION PPP loan and buying more than $100,000 in Amazon stock while laying off workers

Putin Addresses Trump's Claim Russia Paid Biden

California Mandatory Requirements for All Gatherings

Pelosi Dismisses Dem Calls for Compromise on Coronavirus Stimulus

The Roadmap For The 2025-2028 Pandemic Already Published By Event 201 Organisers

Ice Cube: 'I'm not playing politics' by working with Trump campaign on 'Platinum Plan' for Black Americans

South Dakota’s Richest Man, T Denny Sanford Digg

Quantitative Easing Goes Global

Israel Seeks to Give Police Unrestricted Access to COVID Contact Tracing Data

Alan Dershowitz Un-Redaction Request

Media Deliberately Ignore U.S. Intel To Keep Falsely Labeling Biden Bombshells ‘Russian Misinformation’

Durham's Investigation Has Taken an Interest a Person Named Daniel Jones

TRUMP Livestream

Alleged Hunter Biden sex tapes are uploaded on Chinese video site linked to Steve Bannon

HIT PIECE How Trump’s Hunter Biden Disinformation Campaign Failed

Fox: Rep. Jim Jordan on reviewing and authenticating purported Hunter Biden emails

Biden / Hunter News

Schiff Nina Jankowicz Digg

Rogan: Matthew McConaughey bashes cancel culture

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is shutting off power for 361,000

Planefag reports

Corey: In Maine with @realdonaldtrump at an “Off The Record” stop

MAINE Ass. Atty. Gen. James Cameron, was sentenced to just over 15 years (rewind)

GOPer threatens to quit party on live TV over QAnon Republicans

EricT: Phoenix, AZ! We have 8 days left!!! / The polls are wrong!!!

Meet @AzadM_52 who filmed himself throwing eggs at Jews For Trump

The 17th hole

Dan: @realDonaldTrump stops at Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant, Maine

Asked Judge for Adjournment of Raniere’s Sentencing; Claim FBI Tampered

Russian Bankers Seek Deposition Of Steele Dossier Source Igor Danchenko

(2016) Article on Vote Changing

JFlynn Why China LOVES Oregon: Unless you’re digging you will never find out

Printout of a tweet from Polling USA on seat of every reporter (Trollmaster)

CNN: Biden's lead over Trump is holding

Planefag reports

TWR: With President Trump, America is poised to SOAR!

DJTJr: My Big Guy Destroyed Hunter's Big Guy

What would the world be like with no Evil??

Bartiromo plays an audio of President Trump outlining the motive for DC

Breaking. POTUS brokers PEACE between Armenia and Azerbaijan today

Joe campaigns for Obama: OUCH

MaTrixx: "Do not assume I’m not corrupt." Joe Biden

Treasury Sanctions Russian Government Research Institution/Triton Malware


Piracy Followup: Seven people detained after security incident Isle of Wight

DJT: Video from Levant Orchard

Planefag reports (cont)

Who Did The 9.5-Inch-Penis Pierce Through?

Guy who doxxed nuns worked for Hastert!

NYPD Suspends Officer For Saying “Trump 2020”

Planefag reports

Old Guard Tweets - “it was an honor” about presence at RGB funeral

Anons, just found a shit-ton of info on the Bidens and all their connections in these two sources. LittleSis & DiscoverTheNetworks

lb , lb,President Trump to immediately fire 'FBI Director Wray, CIA Director Haspel & Defense Sec. Esper' if he wins back the White House. (Daily Mail)

FLOTUS & POTUS Host Halloween at the White HouseLive Now!

Has Covid killed off the flu? Influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe


"They say it is the most accurate polling firm", "watch the polls tighten this last week"

See Something Say Something

R.I.P.: U.S. Navy Lt. Rhiannon Ross of Wixom, Michigan and U.S. Coast Guard Ensign Morgan Garrett of Weddington, North Carolina were identified as the service members who died in the crash

"This too connects doXxer and Haster". Blog entry: Dining with a child molester

Ex-headmaster guilty in US child porn case - Biden's Hometown

Survivor of human trafficking explains why she’s voting for Donald Trump

BLM-antifa held a street march today in Lake Oswego, Ore., a wealthy suburb near Portland. They were angry @LOPolice protected a truck driver who had Trump flags

Finger Lakes Adrenchrome?

Dr. Arthur Caplan: Organ Harvesting in China and Killing on Demand

This site is created and maintained by former Blxware employees that wanted illegal FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs to be exposed to the public

Putin says information received from US repeatedly helped #Russia prevent terror acts

Thomas Paine

Q post First and Second

PF DC getting crowded

Nation-wide pedophile ring uncovered as child exploitation spikes during COVID

AG Beau Biden op-ed in Delaware paper announcing partnerships with child advocacy groups after he cosigned lenient plea deal for Dupont pedophile

Fake polls

POTUS hands out candy to visiting schoolchildren in advance of #Halloween

Joe Biden’s Campaign Calls a Lid on In-Person Campaigning

James Woods (Vid Cap)

ADDICTION: Diary Entries Show Ashley Biden’s Alleged Battle With Cocaine, ‘Hard’ Drugs – Whistleblower

Big Tech Panicking – Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Working Around Platform Controls…

Andrew Kauders


BOARD OF DIRECTORS for Beau Biden Foundation for Protection of Children

Nickname(s): Skantown Skan

Reuters Fantasy Hit Piece

Kek! Trump played creepy Biden video on mega screen at his rally today

JAMES WOODS I’ve never seen spontaneous outbursts of support like this in my lifetime. The last president that had anything like this was John Kennedy

Searches for “can I change my vote” surged on Sunday


Reports: Wray Had Hunter’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Since December — Kept It a Secret from President Trump

Big Tech sounding the alarm

Richard Grenell

Joe Biden Cuts Off Reporter During Question on Hunter Biden

By this time tomorrow, this man will be irrelevant. "Judge' JOHN ROBERTS

Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset

California Begins Cutting Power To 361,000 Customers As Fire Risk Surges

Child Advocacy Center of the FINGER LAKES

Flase Flags list

Sunday Chaplinanon Pray

9 E D 12 10 I.E.D. on 12/10/2020 Improvised Explosive Device on 12/10/2020?

HIT PIECE White House lawyer helped shop controversial Hunter Biden story to Wall Street Journal: NYT

Kauders - Podesta Group. (2007 photo)

ATTN: NewFags New here? Q Proofs & Welcome

Hunter Biden's phone - Taken with a Huawei P9 Lite

Sean Parnell Huge Victory in Federal court regarding 29k incorrect ballots sent in Western PA. The election here in #PA17 will be free & fair thanks to our lawsuit

“Democracy” vs. COVID: A No-Go. The Great Reset is the Antidote of Democracy

Election 2020: America’s class war disguised as race war may cause a civil war

El Paso, Texas, issues stay-at-home order due to surge in COVID cases, says "all area hospitals have reached capacity"


World wide attack map


‘Just like posts on Holocaust’: Pakistani PM Khan calls on Facebook to ban all ‘ISLAMOPHOBIC’ content

In 9 days one of these things is going to happen

Incest! Fallen Biden family

Dupont pedophile

Reports: Wray Had Hunter’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Since December — Kept It a Secret from President Trump

Biden and Big Tech Have Poland and Hungary in Their Crosshairs

‘Over My Dead Body’: Bill Cassidy Torches Joe Biden’s Plan to Shut Down Oil, Natural Gas

Expensify users drop company after left-wing CEO sends unsolicited email telling users to vote for Biden

Can location pins be placed on Google Maps by random people, or does Google have to verify pins to allow them on the map?

Putin Defends Bidens, Becomes 'Visibly Irritated' When Asked About $3.5 Million Moscow Payment To Hunter

Heads Up Hunter Biden Tattoo of a map leads to a place called Silent hill

More than 1,000 People Rally for Trump in New Jersey

Joe Biden puts a like on Campaign. No more events. He'll be at home till Nov 3rd doing Zoom events. Wow… Trump Supporters scared him back into the basement

Finger Lakes digs there is a group of cabal celebrities that own property on Keuka Lake

Hunter Biden SILENT HILL Tattoo Cryptic Posts Referencing what looks like a Cabal statanic location…like JE's island

Australia Premature baby found abandoned in a terminal bathroom at Doha Airport is ALIVE - as Scott Morrison demands answers after 13 Australian women were 'invasively strip-searched on the tarmac without their consent'

Did Kamala Harris Violate Ohio Voting Law?

Kamala Harris Awkwardly Cackles After 60 Minutes Host Questions if She Presents a “Socialist or Progressive Perspective” (Capped)

Call for Digg Rosemont-Seneca

The big Trump rallies you don't see

Buzz Aldrin endorses Republican Martha McSally for Senate in Arizona. Rejects fellow astronaut and leftist Mark Kelly

Jaw dropping In-Depth Interview on HOW WE GOT HERE

Hillary Clinton: Most Republicans are "cowards" on Trump

Facebook Adds Label Defending Mail-In Voting to Breitbart News’ Post of Trump Rally Livestream

Thank You! To the anon who gave us this code…CODE for js to blur images on 8Knun

Biden's remarks relief efforts Haiti

Holy Crap, Guise, FOLLOW LUDE MEDIA On Every Platform

The 'missing' manuscript of the creation of the 14th Amendment

Why the FBI may have sat on the HB Laptop

Systemic racism ‘runs very deep’ in Canada, Freeland says

Trump to immediately fire Haspel / Wray after Election Axios is reporting

LUDE PHOTO and OBAMA's Schedule APRIL 4, 2016


Silent Hill

Ballot boxes being set on fire in Boston

Move over, Clinton Foundation: Here comes the Beau Biden Foundation for Protecting Children

“Biden’s Staff Told Us He Misspoke” – Joe Biden Confuses His Agenda in 60 Minutes Interview so His Staff Steps in to Correct the Record

Voting Numbers

Amy Coney Barrett numbers

Who Built the Cages Joe?

Leo Farnesworth vs Biden Family

Child Advocacy Center of the Finger Lakes?

Silent Hill, maybe there's an underground tunnel system around the finger lakes?

Biden blames Trump for pandemic in OCTOBER ‘19

The U.S. Senate voted Sunday afternoon to end debate on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, setting the stage for a final confirmation vote Monday evening — just over a week

Protesters hurl eggs at Rudy Giuliani, pro-Trump demonstrators in NYC

Cancelled Silent Hill Game Footage Surfaces Online

Seneca has Buckeye Partners LP pipelines running thru the Finger Lakes. CALL FOR DIGGZ Rosemont-Seneca

‘Fu*k Donald Trump’: 50 Cent ‘Comes to His Senses’, Withdraws Support For POTUS After Ex’s Critique

10/25/2020 CIA Whistle blower: from 2015 FBI & DOJ have been hiding evidence Biden Deal with CCP

Trump Had One Last Story to Sell. The Wall Street Journal Wouldn’t Buy It

Silent Hill Game Description

BOOM JS on the Case- Exposing WW Scientific Manipulation

Biden Daughter's Diary Details 'Not Appropriate' Showers With Joe As Child

When was Hunter Biden last picture in public?

47Months vs 47Years QPROOF


‘Biden Center’ at UPenn Under Fire over Financial Ties to China


Seven arrested after armed forces storm tanker stopped in English Channel

Wonder what Hunter & “Obama” we’re discussing?

Joe Biden claims he 'became a professor' at UPenn…but never taught a class

Buckeye pipeline run through Finger Lakes



At a Major Bangkok intersection to renew calls for Premier Prayut Chan-O-Cha to resign


(2018) Hillary Silent As Police Discover Dead Body Hidden In Huma Abedin’s Dumpster

Hunter's Biggest Vice

MP4 downloads for the first 12 Hunter Biden videos are available

President salutes a tiny soldier

Fox News president, top anchors advised to quarantine after coronavirus exposure

Finger Lakes and Buckeye Partners pipelines

LIVE: US Senate debates Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination

'Virtual Open Hearing on Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories Online'

POTUS Schedule for MONDAY October 26, 2020

Thousands Drive Around I-275 Loop in Cincinnati for Second Trump Parade

Jill Biden is board chair at Save the Children Federation inc

Andrew Kauders wife is Halie Soifer the Executive Director of Jewish Democratic Council of America

Hit Piece Joe Biden: Hunter Biden Email Story ‘a Smear Campaign’ (RT News)

Joe Biden’s Transition Chair Backs Proposal to Impose Term Limits on Supreme Court

Another day, another reason to defund NPR

How Sen. Kamala Harris Became "Incredible Friends" With Joe Biden's Son Beau

Biden corruption claims all but confirmed with Hunter emails Devin Nunes

Indo-Pacific and China to be focus of high-level India-US talks Military pact on intelligence sharing likely during Pompeo (KANSAS on SAM727-Espers on TITAN25)- New Delhi visit

NO THANKS Air Force Selects BAE Systems To Design Combat Drone For Skyborg Program

Ayyyyyyeeeee Steve… gotta bet with a friend. Do you listen to more Biggie or Sinatra?

4.5 earthquake in Switzerland, no history of seismic activity in the area

Hunter Biden Ex-Biz Associate Was Livid Over $5MM Side-Deal With Chinese

Confirmed influenza cases hit rock-bottom, puzzling infectious disease experts

Senators resume debate on Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination

Gov. Polis quarantines

Q #4414 Q #4144 Countdown to -17 as we are now on -7

Natalie Biden and more Images

Hunter and Obama Image

Antifa / BLM

Notables for Oct 25, 2020

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