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Notables for Oct 24, 2020

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Biden again Dark Winter Reference today 10/23/20

Israel and Sudan agree to normalize relations in a U.S.-brokered deal


Did Biden family's overseas dealings affect Obama-era foreign policy? (4mins)

This Week At State - The Department of State Week in Review

Dan Scavino

The Hill running a story on Frank Luntz

Voter Fraud and the Upcoming General Election

Colorado covid surveillance app will be automatically installed on Apple phones

Copper and other metals and compounds can be used to synthesize adrenochrome…

When Biden told us to prepare for a "dark winter"

James Woods (Cap)

SpaceX aims to build a Starlink mega constellation around MARS

Joe Biden‘s Energy Plan Would Eviscerate Wisconsin Sand Miners


On June 22, 2001 the United States launched Operation Dark Winter

Dark Winter

U.S. President Barack Obama Visits China (2009)

Dark Winter - Segment 6

GNews - Lots of Possible Biden Drops - Questionable Source

The Sordid Family History of John Kerry whose family has been in the opium trade the longest?

Biden made a major genocide announcement: Dark Winter

Peace is the prize” ~ President Donald Trump

Walmart new Black Friday start 2020 Black Friday COMMS?? Day after the election?

Judicial Watch NEW

"We're Learning To Die With Coronavirus… Dark Winter Ahead": Joe Biden

The 4 Grand Daughters of Joe Biden

Jim Banks Demands State Dept Immediately Disclose Biden/Xi Private Meetings After Govt Initially Gave 3-Year Response Time

Morocco: the hellish world of sex tourism


How the GSA and FBI Undermined the Presidential Transition Process

Natalie Biden talks abut Hunter Biden, body language mark 1:23 and 1.59

Q drop 1 The start. 3-year delta, this Halloween eve

The Left and the Right Speak Different Languages—Literally

The Lords Prayer

If You Don’t Know That ‘Coyotes’ Are Human Smugglers, Shut Up About The Border

Politics is Often Stranger than Fiction

Our President, Donald Trump, will be doing 3-4 rallies A DAY from now until the election

Remarks by Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger to London-based Policy Exchange

Every Penny That Europeans Spend on Oil and Gas is Taxed to the Biden Family!

Guided Tour Inside the E-4B NAOC Doomsday Plane

Hunter Biden Dated his brother Beau's widow Hallie for 2 Years, while her daughter Natalie Biden was 12-14 years old

Speaking in Pensacola, FL, Trump hits Biden on remarks about fossil fuels, says, "Somehow, they didn't like that in Texas and Pennsylvania and a lot of other places."

How to Track Your Absentee Ballot by State

Hunter Biden venture eyed Gov. Cuomo, Chuck Schumer for deals: documents

UK Foreign Office is funding opposition-linked 'transparency' project in Venezuela

UK Foreign Office is funding opposition-linked 'transparency' project in Venezuela, journo reveals

Prince Charles supported move by Queen's representative to sack Australian

The Loan Agreement signed by Hunter Biden to get finance for the 10% equity interest in Bohai Harvest RST

Video: Even FOX NEWS is Censoring Criticism of George Soros - Here's Why

Trump’s approval jumped nine points from Thursday to Friday, going from 37 percent on Thursday to 46 percent on the morning following the presidential debate

Support for President Trump among Latinos has jumped 8 points in one month in California

Biden "child porn" shock - Hunter becomes the Hunted

Off Their Rocker: Conspiracy Theorists Claim Museum Is Center of Satanism

Key points in Biden activities in China report raise very valid concerns about linkages

C-SPAN: Full Vice Presidential Debate with Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden

(bun) Balding's World KVBJHB pdf

The Loan Agreement signed by Hunter Biden (REPOSTED)

Q’s Path From Fringe To Mainstream

Biden Leak: An email from Jim Biden to Robert Hunter Biden on February 2nd, 2018

Hunter becomes the Hunted ~ Breaking News : Australia from @PatriotNobel ~

Q drops #1 - #14

No Signature Match? No Postmark? No Problemo! It's This Week in Ballot Shenanigans!

Newsweek ‘Trauma Psychologist’ Advises on Overcoming ‘Psychological Toll’ of Trump Presidency

Anon shows listing of HIT PIECES against Q. All for a Carp?

"…and then they (Google + Powers that be) came for the books"

Alexander Hillel Treisman

Trump Admin Leads 32 Nations in U.N. Rebuke: No International ‘Right’ to Abortion

Honest Government Ad | Q (briddy gud)

Diggs on Aga Khan, his connections, and his personal lavish life

We out here Planefaggin'

Nashville Police Arrest Woman in Trump 2020 Shirt for Not Wearing a Mask Outside (VIDEO)

Election Day job postings popping up…outsourcing??

OAN Newsroom

Confusion abounds after Horry County drops mask ordinance, but McMaster won’t step in

Nearly half a million PG&E customers to lose power amid planned fire-safety shut-offs Sunday

Days After The Final Debate, A Flood Of New 2020 Polls Show The Tide May Be Turning For President Trump

Largest ever study of mask efficacy against corona virus already rejected for publication by 3 major medical journals

Anons staying ahead of the curve (for laffs)

National Republican Party Formally Backs Q Supporter

Adam Schiff: Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise 'amplify' antisemitism

Poland's President Andrzej Duda tests positive for coronavirus

Flexner Report

Idaho county drops mask mandate despite warning of overwhelmed hospital

Germany’s Jüdische Rundschau: President Trump’s Top Ten Accomplishments – A European Perspective


The AGA KHAN runs the UN! Godfather?!

Good-bye germ theory (pdf)

Anon speaking some Big True

Some quick excerpts from Trump when asked about Q

(wikipedia) Nazi concentration camp badges

Enough is enough, Also relates to Q posts

Alexander Hillel Treisman

Anon theorizes

Speed (the movie

University Of Michigan Students Volunteer As Poll Workers Amid Ongoing Pandemic

Talking about Q posts

Today, President Trump will be voting early in Florida

Why Did Hunter Biden Extend Loan in China – What is this Deal About?

Tom Fitton and Attorney Sidney Powell “They Were Willing to Blow Up the Constitution” – “All of Their Rage Has Been Out of Their Own Guilt.”

Chelsea Handler explains shaming of Trump-backer 50 Cent: 'I had to remind him that he was a Black person'

Oprah Soup?

Israel's Ethnic Weapon?

Code Name ‘Project Hanson’: Insider Documents Reveal How Hunter Biden Associates Helped Chinese Military Contractor Acquire Michigan Dual-Use Manufacturer

Anon's take on Jack Posobiec

Start at 36:36 Rudy Giuliani bombshells

Bio Lab in Nes Ziyyona, Israel:

Saving Israel For Last

Rational thinking challenge

Multiple journals reject major mask study amid hints that it shows masks don't stop COVID

Israel has created ISIS for their own benefit


Shepard Smith Implores Americans in States Facing Covid Spikes

It's okay to talk about Israel and Zionism

Islam has no place in the West. Pics related why

The Uncanny Resemblance of Barbara Bush to Aleister Crowley

More on Jewish Subversion of the West

Anthony Weiner still can’t totally quit politics

SHOCK VIDEO: Detroit Election Workers Trained To Kick Out Poll Watchers, Count Challenged Ballots, Throw Out Provisional Ballots

OUTRAGEOUS: A Large Danish Study on Mask Wearing Is Being Delayed by Publishers of Major Medical Journals – Therefore Preventing the Results from Being Made Public

California Statewide Fire Summary October 23, 2020 / PG&E to shut off power for nearly 1 million residents in central, Northern California

“Give us twenty years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country”

Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D, retired Marine officer and former Director of Studies at the United States Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute says Mossad did 9/11

Where is Bin Laden?

911 is symbolism for Greater Israel

This is from 2018. Looks like Chinese industrial espionage. Forgotten about this. Biden Reeeport brought it to memory

Halloween is Christmas for Satanists, Illuminati (Video)

Those who fell for the "God is dead" meme (TIME mag cover)

Drag Queen Story Hour and other "things"

Ex-Witch Reveals the Ritual Satanic Abuse That Happens on Halloween


A Satanic Halloween Spectacle

We out here Planefaggin'

About The Satanic Temple TV

This doctor, Jeremy Shapiro, prescribes 'puberty blockers" for male children who have not reached puberty

Lurkers and Newfags Stop letting yourself be offended, instead look for truth

We out here Planefaggin'

For truth on anything COVID related

Saving Israel for last. Nothing can stop what is coming. NOTHING

Project Time PDF

LIVE: President Donald Trump Votes in West Palm Beach, FL

Aga Khan -revisiting old digs

Maxwell Deposition or the Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

Venezuela’s Dictator Hugo Chavez Packed the Courts

Vacancies in the Federal Judiciary

Brad Parscale retweeted yesterday…first time since Sept. 25


#6 Vote Republican @VoteJimMarchant

Missouri has a Republican governor


First 'murder hornet' nest found in U.S., a key step in preventing spread

Trump EXPOSES Joe Biden in Real-Time at his EXPLOSIVE Rally in Pensacola Florida

Did Joe Biden Use the Pseudonym “Peter Henderson” When Trading Emails with Son Hunter?

Major Fire Erupts in northern French port Le Havre

Biden's aggressive climate policy runs into backlash in debate aftermath

26 years ago!!!!! How much has changed???

Grassley was looking into Hunter and CIFUS back in 2019. Look at this letter. A lot was happening behind the scenes. Ties into the Breitbart article

FIGURES: The Biden-Harris Campaign Is Selling Face Masks — And They’re as Fake as the Candidates and Won’t Protect You

EIA ("Energy Information Agency") has data that looks bogus, ie renewables overtaking all other sources by 2020, meh


Harris claims 220 million Americans dead in last few months

Chicago Will Start Ticketing Motorists For Going 6 MPH Over Speed Limit

Dan Scavino Tweets, President Trump just voted in the Great State of Florida

POTUS Tweets, JUST VOTED. A great honor!

October 24, 2020 The media are successfully making the Hunter Biden story disappear

Minor mag. 1.8 earthquake - FRANCE

Operation underway to spring Ghislaine Maxwell from jail

President Trump just voted in the Great State of Florida

Solar Farm

Georgia State Lawmaker Unaware States Can Set Own Minimum Wage

Michael's wore the same costume he always wears

WATCH: Florida Election Supervisor Pushes Trump Fans Back From Early Voting Site, Warns Them ‘Stay Away From the Cars!’

Gen Flynn Tweets, Bidens sought to pitch Dem access, influence to investors tied to Chinese military, emails show | Just The News



Alexander Treisman, accused of plotting to kill Joe Biden, is son of prominent Jewish attorney once called ‘Schindler for Tibetans’

10:28 and #1028 _5:5

Hunter Biden’s former business partner meets with FBI

500 years ago, another epidemic swept Mexico: smallpox

The Bones are back: B-1s return to Guam

2nd Pic explains how people can get triggered by Cute things

“Dark Winter”: Bio Warfare Simulation Predicts Vaccine Deaths, Martial Law, And Threats to Civil Liberty in Viral Outbreak Scenario

Biden "child porn" shock is lead story in Australia. Nothing in the New York Times



Hunter Biden venture eyed Gov. Cuomo, Chuck Schumer for deals: documents

Jewish voters edge further away from Trump

Q drops #15 - #33

Winter Dark (The Winter Series #1) by Alex Callister, Ell Potter (Narrator)


The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation

@BreitbartNews "Donald Trump's approval among likely black voters jumped to 46 percent, according to Rasmussen Reports data posted Friday."

China Is Reconsidering Yuan Internationalization Strategy

Emma Benameur, Head of the Global Leadership Institute; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum


You Know You Love and Watch Mark Dice!

Pompeo warns Governors-Speech

CNN missed its profit targets by $100-$120 million and Jeff Zucker may be on his way out now

Watch some George Carlin "It's a Big Club''

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Lumberton, NC 10-24-20

Ron Perelman Selloff Continues With $106 Million Superyacht

Overstuffed Nasa spacecraft Osiris-Rex losing particles after bingeing on Bennu

Hunter, Joe, a Chinese Partner, and a Michigan Auto Parts Company

Here is another article from 2017 showing that Trump doesn't benefit

Map of COVID-19 case trends

Gen Flynn-recommended "The Plot Against The President" FREE (baker change here)

Joe Biden insults Pennsylvanians who dont vote for him

POTUS tweet off to NC, OH and WI

S1368, Lumbee Recognition act

Soros Steers Last-Minute Cash to Boost Black, Latino Turnout in Battleground States

These people are sick

POTUS tweet polls

Biden Family Deals ‘Only Happened’ When Biden ‘Became a Central Player’ in Foreign Policy

Who are the Jews?

Comey Press Conference Monday

The Term Goy means Cattle

Board log reveals the (((truth))) behind the board subversion

600 Jewish Groups support Black Lives Matter

Operation to spring pedophile MOSSAD agent (((Maxwell))) from jail

Who is being protected in Epstein/Maxwell docs?

Reminder, Saving Israel For Last

Hearing for Lumbee Tribe to be recognized, (good info), (website)

Jews are behind the push for Communism, (sauced)

DiGenova on Hunter Biden Emails: “What Did the FBI Not Do and When Did They Not Do It?”

Ballot Shenanigans

Detroit cheats, massive voter fraud surfacing

Chelsea Handler tells Fitty Cent "you will vote the way I want you to vote"

DJT Live

Major fire in La Havre Port, FRANCE

Gosar: Time to defund NPR

White House: We are funding the fight against human trafficking, and making sure the victims are not forgotten

The World Jewish Congress shouldn't even exist. Who are they anyways, and how do they have so much power? Rothschilds head of "cult"

Lude Media on Hunter Biden in China

US Army tweet on EOD Specialists

Extinction Rebellion activists block entrance to oil refinery in Scotland accused of ‘ecocide’

GOP Rep. Byrne: Big Tech ‘Crossed the Line Now, So They’ve Lost Me’ — ‘We’re Ready to Go Them’

Schweizer: Biden Family Deals ‘Only Happened’ When Biden ‘Became a Central Player’ in Foreign Policy

Major Italian Cities Risk Lockdown ‘Red Zone’ Status as Coronavirus Cases Surge

Escape from Wales: UK Police Set Up Checkpoints with Lockdown Region

Big Government Bans Supermarkets from Selling ‘Non Essentials’ in Lockdown Wales

Covid-19: Poland President Duda tests positive for virus

Chelsea Handler Scolds Rapper 50 Cent For Supporting Trump: ‘I Had To Remind Him That He Was A Black Person’


Deutsche Bank Creating A Destructive Domino Effect That Will Result In Apocalyptic Economic Collapse

MODERNA Chief Medical Officer and CEO Liquidate Their Shares

NPR, CNN, NYT, Wa-Po, MSNBC, Twitter, Facebook, Google Presstitutes Covering Up Biden Scandals by Refusing to Report on Them

Peace is breaking out all over the world and the Fake News is censoring it because they fear it will help President Trump

Are The Chinese One Step Away From Putting Their Man In The White House While The FBI Worries About Iranian Spam Mail?

Trump hasn't asked Barr to open investigation into Bidens, McEnany says

Fears mount as South Korea probes cause behind 36 people's deaths after flu vaccination

Maxwell: Epstein Gave 'Rewards' For Witness Silence, Bill Clinton Did This With Him

Embattled Belarusian president reportedly receives a phone call from Pompeo (Sputnik)

Joe Biden's brother Jim 'emailed Hunter with a list of key "targets" including Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and Rick Scott for their investment venture with a Chinese businessman'

'The blood of children being shot is on your hands': Fresno DA slams Governor Newsom for his bail policies that have let violent criminals out of prison

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner threaten to sue Lincoln Project over ‘malicious’ ads on #coronavirus (Sputnik)

Algeria minister calls on critics of new constitution to leave country

Goldman Sachs Charged in Foreign Bribery Case and Agrees to Pay Over $2.9 Billion (youtube)

BREAKING Venezuela opposition figure Lopez en route to Spain after leaving Caracas embassy, his family says (AFP)

US Sending Coast Guard Cutters to the Western Pacific to Counter China

Ghislaine Maxwell’s family launch operation to get her out of New York prison

How To Steal An Election (zerohedge)

FOR KEKS: ‘I voted for a guy named Trump,’the president said after casting his ballot in Florida


London 'No New Normal' March draws thousands of weary UK citizens

Operation Dark Winter is also the basis of the storyline in a Tom Clancy's bood "The Division

Dr. Fauci Suggests a Federal Mask Mandate May Be Necessary

Bidens sought to pitch Dem access, influence to investors tied to Chinese military, emails show

Anti-Netanyahu protests take place throughout Israel, reports of violence

Bullock Cashes in on Corporate Donations

FBI continuing to play the role of deep state guardian by covering for Joe and Hunter Biden in latest bid to harm Trump

Missiles Launched From Hmeimim Air Base Hit Fuel Traffickers In Northern Aleppo

Wray pressed on Biden laptop validity

Murkowski says she will vote to confirm Barrett

Revealing look at the Director of the CIA when J.F.K.was assassinated, John A McCone

The Existential Crisis for Colleges: $1.64 Trillion in Student Debt and a Pandemic


Archbishop Pizzaballa appointed Jerusalem Patriarch

2020 General Election Early Vote Statistics

Hearings to examine Section 230 immunity; focusing on big tech

GSA Gave FBI, Mueller 'Secret Access' To Trump Records

Top Insider trades-week ending 102320

Proclamation on United Nations Day, 2020

Lisa Murkowski announces support for Amy Coney Barrett during rare Saturday Senate session

The untouchable US Senior Executive Service is no longer untouchable

This Is How A State Goes Bankrupt, Illinois Edition

POTUS Continues His March With Anons

Possible pertinent connection data from China link

War Room Releases Email on CCP "Loans" To Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin Worth Millions – Hid From IRS and SEC?

Link between Saul Alinsky, the Roman Catholic Jesuits and Obama

Cringy but…Orange County Launches Student Contest To "Normalize Mask Wearing

Results of Anon 3 year Q Drop Vatican RCC CIA Research File

'Cuties' killing Netflix


POTUS tweet lands in Ohio

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit in Nevada, Asks Court to Stop Officials From Counting Early Votes

PF one second deltas

POTUS tweet on Obama

Tweet from senate candidate say Senate ethics committee chairman Coon's daughter appears in H Biden laptop theater

Judge Denies Motion For New Trial for Raniere

Trump order does not touch SES

Trump order does not touch SES

Former NYPD Commissioner: I’ve Seen Hunter’s Hard Drive, The Bidens ‘Belong in Handcuffs’

How is this legal?

Are troops really leaving Germany? It’s not totally clear

Facebook is falsely flagging conservative users as ‘dangerous’ and ‘associated with QAnon’

Reporter asked Ben Carson, which do you think Hillary Clinton‘s actions are the most satanic

Hunter Biden’s Sex Tapes, The CCP’s “BGY” Infiltration in the U.S., Evil Alliance to Dominate the World

Reporter notices POTUS'S tie change, KEK

From Mexican cartel drug-runner to US Senate hopeful: Delaware's Lauren Witzke looks to upset

Email Reveals Hunter Biden Was Worried His Chinese Communist-Linked Business Partner Would “Rat” to the “Feds”

Plane Fag RUDY Unidentified plane callsign RUDY out of Naval Base Coronado San Diego

Biden’s Sex Tapes, The CCP’s “BGY”

France recalls ambassador from Turkey after 'unacceptable' Erdogan comments

Video is Hunter getting a footjob from some unknown female

Sen. Chris Coons’ full opening statement in Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearing

The Hidden Tyranny


Pollster Frank Luntz Says 'My Profession Is Done' if Trump Defies Polls and Wins Again

Hunter Biden Was on Payroll of Credit Card Company That Benefited from 2005 Bill Pushed by Dad

Chris Coons' swearing in as U.S. Senator By Biden Mrs Coons keeps pushing her daughter, Maggie, back to Biden!

BIGGIE5 Unidentified chopper out of La Crosse heading S towards Peoria. RUDY Unidentified plane out of Coronado Naval Base

Brett Favre tells President Trump: 'Fans clearly do not want political messaging mixed with their sports'

This Week In Campus Insanity Vol. 16


Chuck Schumer Demands FBI Stop Investigating Biden Scandal

High Resolution Camera footage of Joe doing something during Hannukah?

"I'm almost starting to think this whole pandemic really is a conspiracy


Church Militant explains CCP’s “BGY” plan in secret agreement with Vatican, that exposed by Miles Guo in his Whistleblower Movement57914 , RUDY on the ground at Brown Filed

Murkowski says she will vote to confirm Barrett to Supreme Court on Monday

Biden In 2007: “Human Nature,” People That Help Me On Money Get Priority…

FOR KEKS Obama: "We're not going to have a president that goes out of his way to insult anybody who he doesn't think is nice enough to him… Florida Man wouldn't even do this stuff."

NBA fell $1.5 billion short of revenue projection

Babylon Bee Amy Coney Barrett Just Adopted A Local Troubled Youngster Named Hunter

Top 10% Of Twitter Users Create 92% Of Tweets In US - And 69% Of Them Lean Left

RUDY unidentified is back up out of Brown Field, Otay Mesa, CA

Re-fresher Everything from elite "ivy league" education, the Clinton Foundation, child abuse in care settings, sexual scandals and China

White House comms?

LIMBAUGH: A Sordid Conspiracy To Deceive The American Electorate

Dan Scavino

Data Shows Number One Online Story in America About Debate Is Biden Corruption

Carper, Coons, Democratic colleagues denounce Trump administration’s historically low refugee resettlement goal and push for increased admissions

Fox New's Poll's Are Clearly A Poorly Executed Deep State Psyop

American thinker Coming soon, food desert: BLM shakes down Seattle Trader Joe's for a 15% cut

Joe Biden brags about having the “most extensive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history

Coons, Absent Minded Or Out And Out Lying? (2010)

China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

Email Reveals Hunter Biden Was Worried His Chinese Communist-Linked Business Partner Would “Rat” to the “Feds”

Dan Scavino landing?

Murkowski announces she will vote yes to confirm Amy Coney Barrett

Coons addresses infamous photo of Biden, daughter during swearing-in ceremony

Biden getting busted, LISTEN TO THIS

GSA Gave FBI, Mueller 'Secret Access' To Trump Records

ANOTHER TRUMP RECORD: Lowest Black Imprisonment Rate Since ’95 When Joe Biden’s Crime Bill Kicked In

Hundreds of Trump Supporters (Chumps) Line Up Outside of Biden’s Drive-In Car Rally in Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

Richard Grenell The far Left is demanding everyone think alike. They are total intolerants

Afghan Security Forces Announce Killing of 'Al-Qaeda Key Member' Abu Muhsin al-Masri

Donald J Trump Jr


Joe Biden and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko - the new audio recording

Joe Biden incorrectly says he has 5 grandchildren, then confuses their ages

Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted

Two 'cannibals,' who lured man to cabin and performed an illegal castration, 'offered their services online'

Operation underway to spring Ghislaine Maxwell from jail

Chanel @ OAN naming Natalie Biden on Hunters laptop materials

Timeline Chris Coons Studied abroad in Kenya

“Authentic” Emails Link Hunter To Human Trafficking Ring With “Thousands Of Dollars”

The Needle goes away as probability experts assess 2020 race

Epstein visits Israeli military bases, meets with high level scientists, etc

Margaret Coons recoiled when Biden leaned in to kiss her at ceremony

Biden and wife Jill Biden reported about $10 million in income in 2017

Two men criminally charged with performing an illegal gender reassignment surgery on a volunteer at their cabin in the woods

Democrat Senator’s Wealthy Wife Pleads for Help to Save NYC Bookstore


Trump critics lose it as ‘permanent manned presence on the Moon’ and trip to Mars listed as Republican priorities

Biden Laptop Matters meme

Tom Fitton: Released emails show Fauci signed off on WHO-sponsored statement approving China's response to COVID

“What’d He Have Yesterday? 32 People, 35 People Showed Up?” – Hah! – President Trump Knocks Obama’s “Crowds” and Warns Media “Red Wave Is Rising!” (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania Congressman Calls on Joe Biden to Apologize for Calling Trump Supporters ‘Chumps’

Rudy Giuliani

Could the Bidens unlock the forbidden secrets of Haiti?

PORN HUB Public Service Announcement

GTV Releases SECOND HUNTER BIDEN VIDEO — Hunter’s Stash of 4.7 Grams of Crack Cocaine on Scale

UN's Post-2015 (now Post-2020) panel includes GAVI Chair Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, John Podesta, committee co-chair David Cameron of UK, and CEO of Unilever

Israel expects Oman to normalize next, Mossad chief says Saudi deal soon

Jaw-Dropping Report Details Chinese State-Owned Company's Partnership With Biden, Kerry Families


BIDEN Family Business


Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles : Hunter Biden


Hunter get a foot job footage vid 15 mins

Patriot ANON

Twitter Blocks Link to TGP Post on Hunter Biden Smoking Crack with Link to Foot Sex Video

Hunter using and weighing Drugs

Joe Biden Brags About Having “Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization” in History…

Kamala Harris Caught on Hot Mic Asking Staff, “Are We in Cleveland?” Before She Spoke

Joe's Freudian Sniff? Joe Biden Just Said He's Got a Great VOTER FRAUD Operation Going

Hunter Biden new drop

Joe Biden: ‘We Have Put Together the Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization in History’ (VIDEO)

Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child

Sorry Mr President…you said 47 ?

Hunter Biden with two Ukrainian prostitutes, showcasing him engaging in sexual activity while also engaging in cocaine use

NSA monitoring for any attempts to disrupt and/or term access. CENTRAL Command

Ethiopia denounces Trump will ‘BLOW UP’ disputed Blue Nile dam project

OAN: Biden Bribe Tapes Leaked

QAnon is having a real effect on how people vote in the US election (RT news)

U of Penn Biden Center might have taken $70 million from China in 3 years

China’s GTV Releases Two More Videos of Hunter Biden — Sex Selfies from Laptop — Videos 3 and 4

Natalie's friend?

How to filter out gore shills

POTUS and crew arrive Milwaukee, WI

PLANEFAG 09-0017 USAF VIP POTUS and crew on final approach for Mitchell Airport Milwaukee, WI

Swamp Draining Imminent

Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child

Hunter Biden still shots…

James Woods

For the keks (JOE BIDEN)



The Babylon Bee: Biden Calls A Lid Until Election Day


Chateau Marmont is owned by Andre Balazs who is in Epstein's Black Book

China gave U of Penn $70Millilon and Joe got almost $1M of it

"Where's Hunter?"

Hunter Biden Chateau Marmont

Option/Themes to blur images until moused over

An international treaty banning nuclear weapons has been ratified by a 50th country Honduras allowing it to enter into force after [90] days

Joe Biden: ‘We Have Put Together the Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization in History’ (VIDEO)

POTUS UP SOON Livefeed with zero talking


How to track your absentee ballot by State

Is Old Joe Ok? Biden Screams, Slurs His Words in Angry Pennsylvania Speech (VIDEO)

FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission and New York state attorney general’s office made moves to stop release of Hunter tapes


Connection between Chris Coons and the Dupont family


Nuns wearing MAGA masks spotted behind Trump at rally

Samsung, Lee Kun-hee, has died at the age of 78

LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Waukesha, WI 10-24-20

China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

Hunting Hunter sex tape

"Can I change my vote"

Twitter Blocks Link to TGP Post on Hunter Biden Smoking Crack with Link to Foot Sex Video

GNews now offline

Biden's Bank

Delaware GOP Senate Candidate Says Sen. Chris Coons’ Daughter is ‘Featured on Hunter’s Laptop’

The Dupont's have sex with their family too. Even the babies

Delaware Judge Jan R. Jurden let DUPONT off saying he wouldn't fair well in prison, is still a sitting judge

U.S. Senator Chris Coons defending Joe Biden, after Creepy Joe groped his daughter

Hunter Biden Leaker Warns ‘There Will Be More Than 10,000 Pictures,’ ‘More and More Videos’

James Woods

Twitter Nukes Hunter Biden Sex Tape After Letting Borat-Giuliani Sex Scene Trend

Afghan security forces kill senior al Qaeda leader al-Masri

Lou Dobbs calls for South Carolinians to vote Lindsey Graham out of office

Trump Claims If He Weren’t President Monuments of Washington, Lincoln, & Jefferson Would Have Been Torn Down

DuPont connections…Xander Schultz, Novogratz family, and TED

OAN One America News Investigates: The Fall of Joe Biden, 10/24 and 25, 10:30EST, with R. Giuliani

Hunter Biden Leaker Warns ‘There Will Be More Than 10,000 Pictures,’ ‘More and More Videos’

Thirty minutes in and the Trump “Freedom Rally” in Beverly Hills has attracted its largest crowd to date, by my estimation

Dark Winter

Big “O” Has Lost His “MOJO” – Obama In Miami Holds Event and Almost No One Shows Up – Only 70 People Watch Online!

PLANE FAG North Island is where the RUDY unidentified AC finally landed after changing from RUDY to ANON-Cap #2- to 000000 and then back to RUDY

Joe Biden's daughter's diary. Was I molested…I think so. I can't remember specifics but I do remember trauma

Sen. Lindsey Graham on the NDAA, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

CNN seditious lies (Muh Rudy n' Russia) with solemn nods

Hunter Biden alleged sex tape and images uploaded on Bannon-connected Chinese website

LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Waukesha, WI 10-24-20


Jill Biden fires up Pa. rally with dig at New England: ‘We all want to see the Patriots lose’

Hunter's Dick Measurement

Hallie Biden's Rings?

Media spin on the rallies. Wow, they are pathetic. USA Today



POTUS: "nests" Pedophile networks control the world

Much more than porn being leaked bros… Hunter business contracts

Natalie Biden visit to Biden Island??

Natalie Biden flipping thru strange photobook??

James Woods

Seriously though, where is Hunter?

Hunter Biden Sought To Avoid Registering As Foreign Agent In Chinese Business Venture

New Hunter Biden video up

Dark Winter script, what [they] wanted to happen

Bobulinski documents raise questions about whether Joe Biden was a passive investor in the CEFC partnership

Rudy Giuliani Tomorrow morning, Sunday, 10/25, Dr. Maria Ryan and I will be UNCOVERING the truth about Biden criminality

PF 5 Boeing E6 in the sky

Anon's comment on Hunter Biden

Speech at the beginning of the recent Biden video was held at National Press Club in DC

OAN One America News Investigates: The Fall of Joe Biden, 10/24 and 25, 10:30EST, with R. Giuliani

March of Dimes: Basil O'Connor was also the head of the Red Cross

Link to the team at National Press Club

Biden daughters diary details not appropriate showers with Joe as child


Twitter Suspends TGP and Bans New Report with Photo of Hunter Biden Smoking Crack with Link to Foot Sex Video — Twitter and Facebook Suspend Anyone who Reposts TGP Reporting — Just Like in Communist China!

James Woods confirming that Twitter will lock your shit if you even post a cap of the Hunter video, even if it shows only his face

Melania : June 2012

PF THUNDR07 USAF E-3C Sentry AWACS out of Tinker se

Imagine still not understanding that the drops have all been released in a planned fashion for desired effect

Documentary exposing China’s game plan for 2020 US election


FAUX Fauci says US may want to mandate masks amid COVID-19 surges

HUNTER BIDEN In the foot video, there seems to be 3 people involved…


Hunter Biden Dated his brother Beau's widow Hallie for 2 Years, while her daughter Natalie Biden was 12-14 years old

JIDF/Mossad(Jewish Internet Defense Force, yes it's a real thing, even though it sounds utterly moronic)

Moloch - Canaanite God of Hebrews


The Hidden Tyranny

The BGY plan: Control the internet, Buy influence with money, and Seduce key people with sex

We out here Planefaggin'

China Is Deliberately Using Fentanyl to Destroy the US, says exiled Chinese businessman and whistleblower Guo Wengui

Wait Wut? Trust yourself

Hunter Biden was at Chateau Marmont April 23, 2018 and April 27, 2018


For Night Shift I am late but we have been working hard for you

China's Elite-Capture Strategy & The Bidens

“Go F*ck Yourself” – Jim Biden Lashes Out at Tony Bobulinski When Confronted About His and Hunter’s Shady $5 Million Side Deal With Chinese Energy Firm

Malia Obama Credit Card?

Call to dig

Watch the water? (remember POTUS drinking fiji all strange?)

Pence’s chief of staff tests positive for Covid-19, VP isn’t infected - spokesman


US puts up $10m reward for information on a Hezbollah financial network

Pictures from the biden laptops - Incest and more

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