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Notables for Oct 15, 2020

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Chicago Named 'Rattiest City' For Sixth Year In A Row

Jack Dorsey Breaks Silence on TWITTER CENSORSHIP


For the Tesla Homos (no homo)

0bama's sad town hall today, check out 18:30 - 20:00 min. mark

Trump Administration Expands Collaboration Develop and Manufacture Antibody to Corona-Chan


China Conducts Test Of Massive Suicide Drone Swarm Launched From A Box On A Truck

Rudy Giulianni Tweets

Q PF 230


Richard Grenell Tweet

India Oxenberg says she was 'systematically groomed' by Nvixm sex cult

Zuckerberg donates $100mn more for ‘safe elections’ as judge says no law prohibits private funding despite ‘risk of skewing’ vote


Crossroads of Aerodynamics article

The FBI can clear a ton of this up

Fires in Houston

DS Damage Control With Cwis Cuomo

CodeMonkey Tweets

The last page of the Finders docs is a memo to Brussels

Best Dan ever

POTUS Schedule for THURSDAY October 15, 2020

First Half: Scholar of occult and esoteric ideas

Corona-Chan Live Updates: G20 Spent Over $11 Trillion to Back Economies During Pandemic

Hollywood Is Dying, And The Elites Don’t Care…

Kayleigh Clock

The Justice Department Unveils Proposed Section 230 Legislation

ABC journalist Dan Oakes will not be prosecuted over Afghan Files leak


Adam Houlsey

Rudy Giuliani Interrupted His Effort to Smear Joe Biden With An Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory About George Soros

Molly email chain regarding Grassley letter to Secretary Clinton about Mexico meeting on Gunrunner

‘Biden or Die’ Yard Signs Appear in Colorado Following Murder of Trump Supporter

Mickey Watch

Soros Takes Orders From P

James O’Keefe DEBUNKS Joe Rogan criticism, challenges him to go on JRE to discuss Veritas methods!

Documents from the Q linked John Solomon article

Instagram now also censoring private messages

Adam Housley Tweets

Twitter CEO criticizes the way his company blocked NY Post article about Hunter Biden

Every Poll is a Goal


Soros, Views on antisemitism and Israe

Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it

Cyber Threats to Voting Processes could be and inside job per Q post

Missiles over Mutiny Bay Revision

When Europeans Were Slaves

IceCube and The Platinum Plan!

Virgin Journo loses friend to Chad Qanon

Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden slams Donald Trump for 'trampling on the graves of some of the best heroes' by tweeting QAnon theory that Joe Biden had SEAL Team Six killed

Anon Decoding QDrop 4868 (GenFlynn)

USS Barry cruises through Taiwan Strait after Beijing blasts McCain’s South China Sea transit

Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group Returns to South China Sea for Third Time of 2020 Deployment

Chinese President Xi Jinping tells marine troops to be on ‘high alert’ and ‘prepare for war’

Patrick Buchanan: Is war with China becoming inevitable?

China unveils shocking detail on new satellite-hunting warship as PLA missile threat SOARS

Civil rights and Qanon candidates: the fight for facts in Georgia

No Improper Activity Is Found in ‘Unmasking’ Requests Under Obama

Deepstate Investigates itself, finds nothing wrong

Inside the life of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son

Donald Trump: ‘The Bidens Got Rich While Americans Got Robbed’


Maddow and Harris Cannot Contain Their Cackling as the VP Hopeful Admits She Saw Fly on Pence During Debate (VIDEO)

Sen. Josh Hawley Blasts Jack Dorsey After the CEO Admits Twitter’s Actions Censoring Hunter Biden News Was ‘Unacceptable’

Unflappable: Amy Coney Barrett Sees Through Kamala Harris' Trap, Won't Take the Bait

Woman close to Vatican cardinal arrested in corruption probe

‘Trump was sent from God!’: MAGA country brings the rally to a stricken president

Why Are DOJ Alums, Bar Leaders Speaking Out for Conscience Now?

Why the media are suddenly chattering about Joe Biden’s cabinet

Fast take: How do extremist ideologies find a home in the military community?

Pennsylvania Postal Worker Charged with Dumping Mail Is QAnon Follower: Report

Michelle Obama Teams Up With LeBron James For Voter Push

Bruce Ohr retires from DOJ after informed disciplinary decision imminent on Russia case

CDC: 85% of Virus Patients Reported Wearing Masks ‘Always’ or ‘Often’

Trump 'not happy' with Barr, won't commit to keeping AG in potential second term

The Morning Briefing: Despicable Media Just Had Its Busiest Day of Carrying Water for Biden Yet

Dem Soldiers: Nets CENSOR NYPost’s Undisputed Biden-Ukraine Bombshell

Third Mueller scope memo shows Rosenstein confirmed investigative authority at special counsel’s request

‘Use your influence’: Hunter Biden report undercuts father, upends campaign

‘Pivotal moment’: Man admits firing shot that preceded Kyle Rittenhouse shooting

Ice Cube Clarifies Role in Helping Trump Admin Develop ‘Platinum Plan’

NBC staffers mad

Qanon "infecting" Canada

Shady Hunter Biden back at it again

(video) - Joe Biden's "You're not gettin.." story

QAnon-promoting candidate Greene set to endorse Loeffler’s Senate bid

GEOTUS Retweets GOP post with video that is 2:23 mins long

The. Biggest. Trump. Flag. Ever

Every Poll is a Goal

Biden Meeting with Soros

China Troops on High Alert

UFC Fight Jorge Masvidel Supports GEOTUS

Was General Patton MURDERED?

Trump administration to consider adding China's Ant (Alipay) Group to trade blacklist - sources

Hunter Biden story trips social media misinformation alarms

Every Poll is a Goal

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

Gregg Sofer to pick up Unmasking Probe Report

Hunter Biden messes up Father's Plan in typical fashion

GEOTUS threatened Facebook and Twitter again

That might make today [Hunter +2]

Hunter revealed trying to cash in with Chinese Firm

Digital Media Viewership Break Down, Information Warfare!

Indian Air Force to induct more Rafale fighter jets

Imagine coming here just to post this

Breakdown on Satanic Art

Mind Virus, Social Contagion


Reports Indicate Voter Fraud Much Higher With Mail-In Ballots Than In-Person Voting


Special Counsel investigative authority expanded late as Oct 2017

Anon's perspective on Consciousness

Jimmy Savile Molestation Allegations

DJT Jr. Tweet


FOIA Emails: Eric Ciaramella, Victoria Nuland Received Regular Updates From Top Official at Soros’ Open Society Foundations

How QAnon is spreading unproven theories through the suburbs

We out here planefaggin'

Poll: most people have never heard of QAnon; wealthy, educated Clinton supporters are most likely to know about it


QAnon is tearing families apart

Navy SEAL Attacks Trump for Tweeting QAnon bin Laden Body Double Conspiracy: 'I Know Who I Killed'

How QAnon Draws People Into Its Web of Conspiracy Theories

Poland's powerful Cardinal Dziwisz accused of covering up abuse case

Q DROP #1950 Holy See Corrupt Universal Government of the Catholic Church

BREAKING: Justice Thomas sends shot across bow of Big Tech

Q DROP #1021 Did the US taxpayers pay for the Predatory Sexual Abuse?


Leslie Caldwell, You Say? Clinton's Emails?


Doesn't look good for hunter

Ron Paul Liberty Report With Guest Robert F. Kennedy, Jr



Harris suspends travel after staffer tests COVID-19 positive

'Absolute Travesty:' Paul Manafort's ex-partner Rick Gates breaks silence on Mueller probe

Pro-Antifa Colorado Democratic Party figure talks violence in Project Veritas sting

Conspiracy theories represent one of the oldest forms of anti-Jewish expression. QAnon is simply the current articulation of such behavior

VERIFY: If Joe Biden or Donald Trump dropped out, what would happen next?

We out here planefaggin'

Elections Chairman Resigns After He And His Wife Are Accused Of Removing And Defacing Trump Signs

Hunter, Joe & No Name (video)


Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm

Twitter shenanigans continue. (deleted video)

Big Possible Habbening

Key battleground states don't require signature-matching on mail-in ballots

'Absolute Travesty:' Paul Manafort's ex-partner Rick Gates breaks silence on Mueller probe

New Project Veritas Video re: Twitter Censorship

Former Idaho gubernatorial candidate charged in 1984 abduction and killing of Colorado girl

Harris suspends travel after staffer tests COVID-19 positive

Just the (Meta Data) as found by digging open sources

YouTube Launches Major New Crackdown on QAnon

‘Stressed is an understatement.’ California unemployment workers testify about troubled agency

We out here planefaggin'

Trump ally running for Congress believes in baseless QAnon sex-trafficking conspiracy

Think tank president claims Joe Biden’s ties to China may threaten U.S. national security

Sen. Ted Cruz announce that Jack Dorsey will subpoenaed

The participants of the Stargate Project who wrote books and some of their released titles, NOT a complete list:

Euro zone banks can absorb losses from crisis: Lagarde

Streisand Effect Engage

4chan post HUNTER SEX TAPE



Senators clash at ACB hearing as Democrats stage last-minute roadblocks

Twitter Bans Trump Campaign – It’s Time They are Taken to Court

Army readies charging port for autonomous drone swarms

Orbital Sidekick wins $16 million U.S. Air Force contract

Officials Announce international operation targeting transnational criminal organization


We out here panefaggin'

Ukraine Human Trafficking Ring

Amazing Polly's YT acct has been terminated

Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months before Coronavirus Pandemic

Cruz & Graham put forth response to Twitter/Facebook censorship

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER is a Supreme Court doctrine concerning the limits of Free Speech

The hidden menace threatening Democrats' bid to beat Trump in 2020

Twitter Blocks Link To House Republicans’ Press Release On Hunter Biden Story


US gun sales soar amid pandemic, social unrest, election fears

Twitter Reverses Censorship Of House GOP Committee Webpage, Says It Was Blocked ‘In Error’

Jack Dorsey Is An Enemy Of The People And The Free Press

October 14, 2019 - Hunter Biden sits down for exclusive interview with ABC News

Texas sees huge turnout on first day of early voting with over 1M ballots cast

Army secretary reveals that US hypersonic missile hit within 6 inches of its target: report

Digs on the firm representing Hunter Biden

Biden campaign ‘glad’ Twitter, Facebook censored Post’s Hunter Biden exposé



A man flying in a jetpack has been spotted again in the skies over Los Angeles

Sen. Ted Cruz Announces Judiciary Committee will Subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Testify After Second Day of Twitter Blocking NY Post Hunter Biden Reports

Iranian Lawmaker Says Obama-Biden Gifted Regime with $1.7 Billion and $400 MILLION IN A SUITCASE!


Homes of French health minister & ex-PM raided by police as part of coronavirus probe

Virtual Open Hearing on Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories Online - House intel against Q (Video)


Cop Sexually Assaults Child During Traffic Stop, Gets Only 14 Days in Jail, Won’t Register as Sex Offender

The photo below is a screenshot of a text message from Hunter Biden to his daughter, Naomi Biden, on January 3, 2019

How the Media Has Whitewashed FBI Abuses in the Russia Probe

Graphika Special Report Interpreting Social Qs: Implications of the Evolution of Qanon

Zuckerberg donates $100mn more for ‘safe elections’ as judge says no law prohibits private funding despite ‘risk of skewing’ vote

Just saw for myself a behind the scenes look at the #HunterBiden hard drive: Drugs, underage obsessions, power deals…


Facebook and Twitter Censor Biden Bombshells Weeks After Execs Join His Transition Team

"Maybe less chance of infecting normal folks."

The Expert

K Spy Chief Confirms ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Islamists are Biggest Terror Threat – But MSM Hypes ‘Far Right’

‘BLM Bandwagon’: Google UK Doodle Celebrates Black Nationalist, Communist Activist Claudia Jones

Are the big social media companies literally trying to determine who wins the presidential election?


Thank you, Christopher. As you can see, folks, Twitter is blocking a user from tweeting just this hashtag, nothing else in the message

Where Are Mail-in Ballots Being Stored?

Air Force OKs New Stormbreaker Bomb for F-15 Strike Eagle Operations



New Solomon

Number one!!!!! I can’t call you my “followers,” because you are so much more than that. You are truly my heroes. #CrookedJoeBiden is trending NUMBER ONE in Politics, and the mainstream media can no longer cover for him. Thank you, patriots

CEO of Multibillion-dollar Software Company Indicted for Decades-long Tax Evasion and Wire Fraud Schemes

Convince me by showing me any other time in over 4500 Q drops Q team has done this

How China and the Who Created Mass Ventilator Hysteria

McConnell shoots down $1.8 trillion coronavirus deal, breaking with Trump

EU bans entry to FSB director, other Russian officials over Navalny incident

Biden campaign cancels Harris travel after aide tests positive for COVID-19

Judicial Watch Joins The ObamaGate Movie as Executive Producers

Suicides of four Soroka physicians tied to stress on healthcare system

A tale of two COVID economies: Red state recovery, blue state recession

GOP Lawmakers demand hearing on Big Tech censorship before Nov. 3

Senator Tom Cotton on Big Tech Censorship: “Winter is Coming”…

Kekworthy - Twitter has recently suspended a slew of fake accounts pretending to be Black supporters of President Trump. Many were tweeting an identical phrase

Private Equity CEO Enters into Non-prosecution Agreement on International Tax Fraud Scheme and Agrees to Pay $139 Million, to Abandon $182 Million in Charitable Contribution Deductions, and to Cooperate with Government Investigations

Five Alleged Members of the Gangster Disciples Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

BORDER PATROL: 300 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended in Eighteen Hours

“I’m Ashamed to Say I Was a Democrat” – First Time Voters and Former Dems Rally to Re-Elect Trump in Pennsylvania

The Fed Wants the Public to Know It Can Withhold Information Under an Executive Order and Defy Subpoenas from Courts and Congress

Biden campaign argues that censorship of journalism is proof that the journalism is untrue


Wikipedia Editors Censor Hunter Biden Bombshell, Call New York Post ‘Unreliable’ Source

NEW POTUS - If Big Tech persists, in coordination with the mainstream media, we must immediately strip them of their Section 230 protections. When government granted these protections, they created a monster!

Joe Biden Campaign Claims New York Post Hunter Biden Article ‘False’ Because Twitter Censored It


NEW POTUS - Joe Biden and the Democrat Socialists will kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments, dissolve your borders, release criminal aliens, raise your taxes, confiscate your guns, end fracking, destroy your suburbs, and drive God from…

WATCH: Former student of Amy Coney Barrett endorses her Supreme Court confirmation

John Basham Twitter

Vatican issues coin of mother carrying ‘earth in her womb’ one year after Pachamama scandal

The US Navy’s ‘Manhattan Project’ has its leader

Abortion: More than Just a 'Single Issue'

Hussein tweets

C-SPAN suspends political editor Steve Scully indefinitely after he admits he lied about his Twitter feed being hacked

Viral! World Lockdown Plan Leaked

@Annakhait drops the bomb on Biden! This is the CIA Whistleblower evidence

Hit it hard. - POLL

British government announces tougher restrictions for London due to COVID-19 spikes

There was a Baker, Baker A

Jail bankers who allow money laundering, top Democrat in U.S. Senate banking committee says in wake of FinCEN Files



Big Mike on Twitter

Coronavirus stimulus: Democratic congresswoman says Mnuchin's $1.8T offer would bring relief

Archive Update

Many of these documents and audio files have already been released proving the Obama Administration had a deal with Iran to hold OBL

North Carolina man accused of keeping child as sex slave since 2015

Stupid Scaramucci

BREAKING: Gateway Pundit is REPORTING AI has now CONFIRMED that the Hunter Biden Email Photos Are Legitimate and Real

Xi have Covid?

China is trying to take over fracking

After Partnering With ADL, PlayStation Releases Update to Spy On Users' Voice Chat For 'Violations'

Multiple people injured, missing after pipeline explosion in Corpus Christi

What are the odds that Steve Scully was fired on the day he was supposed to be moderating the debate if not for Trump insisting he do an in person debate?

News Bun Human Trafficking

Top Black Citicorp Executive With High-Powered Allies To Leave Bank To Run For Mayor Of New York City

Destroying the Institutions We Inherited

Lock Her Up on Twitter

Kamala Harris cancels events after flying with two people who tested positive for Covid – live

I have a sworn Affidavit from a Poll Watcher just submitted to the District Attorney who says he caught Precinct Staff in Houston using Stack of Driver's Licenses To Help Drive-Through Voters Vote Illegally

Killary Instagram live chat

Hot Mic Reportedly Catches Dianne Feinstein Comment About Amy Coney Barrett’s Religion

Interesting 8-year DJT deltas on BHO who just asked about how to reestablish TRUST!

Hunter Biden sought 'lucrative' deal for himself, his 'family' with Chinese firm, new emails suggest

Banks, Big-Tech, & Black Gold Bust As Bitcoin & Bond Yields Bounce

Here's a cammo overlay. It read "Fuck your algorithms"

Massive WHO Study Shows Remdesivir Doesn't Lower COVID-19 Mortality - Totally Trustworthy

Mother Accuses Biden Group of Misconduct in Teen Boy Bathroom Encounter. I have witnesses and emails from Wash. Examiner editor that Hunter's ex wife's group which Joe raised money for knew about a SLEAZY ALLEGATION

Team member of PEDO Joe has Covid


Minnesotans Face Months-Long Gun Delays in Obtaining Gun-Carry Permits

Pompeo, DeVos Take Aim at Chinese Influence in American Schools

Guiliani on OANN

Cheatin’ Cal Cunningham Voted to Prevent Jilted Wives From Suing Their Husbands’ Mistresses

Why is the FBI deleting the page of the Human Trafficking summit

Pedo Joe

L.A. County Transfers up to $14 Million from Cops to Illegal Migrants

Founder and CEO of Iranian Financial Services Firm Sentenced to Prison for Conspiring to Violate U.S. Sanctions

444 is higher than 389, even someone as stupid as you should realize that

Dems Are Shockingly Unaware of Their Creepiness: Biden-themed Animal Crossing Event Promoted

Today President Trump, in his speech, gives total credit and belief to Jesus Christ. Echoing Q



Canadian Watchdog Slams Ruling That Denies New Probe in Trudeau Lobbying Case

Proof Biden has ALWAYS been Scum

‘This Is Digital Civil War’: Twitter Disables ‘Potentially Harmful’ Link To NY Post Hunter Biden Story

California braces for renewed fire threat… Power cut to thousands…

Democrat States Lead the Country with the Highest Unemployment Rates – They Will Do Anything to Stop Trump and Gain Power

DJT voters are fired up AF to vote for Trump, the already low-energy Biden voters are demoralized by Huntergate and will stay home

GOP House Members Ask FBI If It Had Hunter's Laptop During Peach Mint

Richard Brockman, who is indicted for tax evasion, wire fraud, and money laundering by the DoJ is the CEO of Reynolds & Reynolds

Man Accused Of Stealing Police Rifle, Setting Cop Car On Fire During Seattle Riot Arrested While Meeting With Probation Officer

Hunter Biden Offered $10 Million Annually by Chinese Energy Firm for ‘Introductions Alone,’ Email Shows

‘Cheer’ Star Jerry Harris Allegedly ‘Exploited And Violated’ At Least 10 Boys

The BBC is reviving the life and crimes of its former star Jimmy Savile with an ill-conceived drama nobody wants to see

Russian Foreign Ministry criticizes reports issued by OPCW about Syria as politicized and biased

Hussein letting the panic show

Biden Diggs

Tucker Carlson - The show has obtained Hunter Bidens email

'Hunter Becomes The Hunted' As Crack Addict Son Of Biden Upends Election And Stokes Seth Rich Murder Fears

While the police were INSIDE the car…

NJ mayor calls Trump voters 'religious zealots' who want 'Christian Sharia law


International News

Twitter seems to be down

It’s up - this poll is flipping beautifully

Woods using Q system to post drops

Whistleblower claims Pedo Joe and Judge Sullivan abusing kids together?

When the FullSecureChannelProtection registry key is deployed, DCs will be in enforcement mode. This setting requires that all devices using Netlogon secure channel either:

HRC spamming twatter

Donald Trump: Biden Family ‘Corrupt as Hell’ for Pursuing Deals in China

House Republicans Ask Director Wray if FBI Was in Possession of Hunter Biden’s Laptop During Trump Impeachment

100 Hollywood Celebrities Demand NBC Reschedule Trump Town Hall: ‘Don’t Give Trump a Ratings Win’

Druggie Hunter makes Anthony Weiner's down under selfie addiction look normal

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Backs Rulemaking to Reform Section 230

Biden Camp Confesses: We Will Not Rule Out ‘Possibility’ that Joe Biden Met with Burisma Official Pozharskyi

John W. Huber: Chronic offenders are slipping through the state system

Seattle PD has one in custody in the area of Dexter Av and John St after suspect set fire to a police vehicle while officers were inside. PIO is on scene

MSM claiming President Xi Tells Troops to 'Prepare for War'

Fox News is Currently Reading off /qresearch/ Notables (essentially) as News Coverage!

Senate Judiciary Committee Will Subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over NY Post Censorship

Two Individuals And Two Companies Sentenced In Scheme To Fraudulently Sell Popular Dietary Supplements


Pedo Joe on Twitter


SHOCK VIDEO: Man Opens Fire on Kids Playing Basketball After They Asked Him To Slow Down

Ilhan Omar Funnels 70 Percent of Campaign Expenditures to Husband’s Company


While censoring Hunter Biden story, Twitter allows China, Iran state media

Cunningham’s Mistress Donated to Campaign Around Time of Sexual Encounter

‘Something went wrong’: Twitter users report global service outage amid ‘censorship’ scandal ahead of Trump & Biden town halls


“The operations our two navies conduct at sea today have been built on centuries of maritime partnership.” Adm. Gilday - CNO

Aviation staffer who has flown with Biden in recent days tests positive for COVID-19

international news

YouTube said it was tightening rules for propagation of conspiracy theories, notably targeting the QAnon movement already limited on Twitter and Facebook

Rudy Giuliani Is My Father. Please, Everyone, Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

WHO finally admits lockdowns are harmful, “doubling” global poverty

Dems (and everyone else except china) want Feinstein out

Portland Protests Have Been "Hijacked By Criminals" And Downtown Residents Are Now Pleading For Law And Order


Defense Minister, Alternate Prime Minister and Blue and White leader Benny #Gantz on Thursday floated the idea to establish a Defense Ministry committee to investigate the so-called “Submarine Affair.”

International News

“The fact that Scully’s career and reputation crashed and burned on the very night the debate he intended to rig was scheduled makes all of this even more glorious.”

Dianne Feinstein faces calls to step aside after Amy Coney Barrett hearing

Russia open to intensive consultations with US on strategic stability

Kenya's dumbest citizen said some shit no one cares about

FCC chief says Facebook and Twitter will face greater regulation after NY Post Biden debacle

The security guard caught on video gunning down a US Navy veteran at a Denver right-wing rally will be hit with a second-degree murder charge in the viral incident, prosecutors said Thursday


Crazy Nancy Has Issues

If they remove protection from litigation, twatter had better lawyer up

Awesome Coast Guard Begins At-Sea Testing of Unmanned Surface Vehicles to Tackle Illegal Fishing, Crime

List of 40 Bronfman-Funded Lawsuits – She Claims They Were Meritorious – Victims Said They Were Used as Weapons to Destroy Them

It's Almost Impossible to Get COVID-19 on an Airplane, New Military Study Suggests

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Campaign spokesperson for Democrat Senate candidate Mark Kelly apologizes for calling police "worthless f*cking pigs"

Social Media's Role in Democracy: More Harmful Than Helpful?

New Catherine Herridge

Cost of Lockdown: Heart Charity Claims Hundreds of Excess Deaths Due to Lockdown

Dirtbag Senator Ben Sasse Trashes President Trump on Phone Call After Trump Gives Him Endorsement

House Republicans are calling on the FBI to reveal whether it was in possession of a laptop that reportedly contained emails by Hunter Biden during the impeachment of President Trump

Where's Hunter?

Biden Would Unravel Some Trump Tax Cuts If Elected, Plan Shows

Follow the pen!

List of signed Ben Stiller, Mariska Hargitay among stars protesting NBC for 'enabling' Trump

Fox Live link

25 mins until POTUS town hall on NBC


Square, Inc co-founder sold $37.95m-Oct 13


International news



All assets deployed

Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Defraud the IRS and to Steal Crash Reports from the Detroit Police Department

Top German Trial Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Those Responsible for Corona Scandal and Lockdowns Must be Criminally Prosecuted (VIDEO)

IT’S GOING TO GET REAL: OANN Reporter Chanel Rion Has Seen the Hunter Biden Video — Get Ready for Projectile Puking!

WTH? CDC Admits “At No Time Has CDC Guidance Suggested that Masks Were Intended to Protect the Wearers” (VIDEO)

Who The Fuck Is This

The people who prefer Mark Kelly hate cops tweet

POTUS is fired up

James Woods

Legacy Media Fall Silent On Bombshell Report Showing Joe Biden Lied About Knowledge Of Son’s Foreign Business

Biden Campaign 'Doesn't Rule Out the Possibility' Joe Biden Met With Burisma Executive

Live: Donald Trump Town Hall With Voters | Election

Senate Will Launch Probe Into Emails Allegedly Linking Joe Biden To Son’s Work With Ukrainian Gas Company

“QAnon is a theory that Democrats are a Satanic pedophile ring & you are their savior. — Will you disavow?”

Trump is killing them all This battle is turning biblical comments

O'Reilly complaining for keks

The MSM is showing its colors for the world to see

Politico Rushes in to Blame Russia Disinformation for Hunter Biden Emails and Crack Smoking Photos — Will Twitter Ban This Crazy Conspiracy?


POTUS has this girl nodding enthusiastically for points

Hunter Biden and the US Global Leadership Coalition

POTUS knew that he would be facing down a rabid enemy on their own territory. Yet he went in

Hunter is the pre-appetizer…

Call for Savannah Guthrie digg

Savannah Gutherie in wikileaks H

Peter Strzok

Wikileaks, the gift that keeps on giving

Many Countries are sueing their Governments, due to COVID not being a class A illness. It's just a regular flu

Mollie KEK!

Savannah Guthrie's Husband Michael Feldman is a Former Democratic Political Aide

Nancy Pelosi

Reagan Carrier Strike Group heads back into South China Sea amid increasing tension with China

WHO’s Sudden About-Face On Covid Lockdowns is Further Proof Our So-Called “Elite Experts” Are Frauds

Tommy Lee says he'll leave the US if Trump wins for keks


Trump refuses to disavow QAnon


In commercial break, the crowd CHEERS and CHANTS for @realDonaldTrump!

Trump did NOT disavow QAnon, but he DID disavow Antifa and the radical left

This is Grand Jury Subpoena is signed by Joshua Wilson, Special Agent, FBI

Thumbs up for POTUS

USArmy He fought with everything he had in Vietnam

Kayleigh McEnany Keep up the pressure Patriots

Comms from Tapper to Dorsey?

MSM Trump refuses to disavow QAnon

Comms and seeeeeeething

List of Celebs who promised to leave in 2016 who stayed

Copy of Donald Trump Junior's Biden Crime Family speech


POTUS doesn't know about QAnon. I don't either. I know about Q, and I know about Anons, but I don't know about QAnon

Explosive final day begins shortly The ex-boyfriend of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has arrived at ICAC for his third day in the witness box

From Hiding, Head of Central Asia’s Only Democracy Says He’s Quitting


If winning takes Trump disavowing, then so be it

YOUTUBE JUST CENSORED Alan Parrot' documentary FEATHERED Cocaine 2010'

Joe Biden said voters “don’t deserve” to know whether he will destroy the US Constitution

Bye bye Jack you're screwed

Joe Biden Stumbles and Slurs After Black Voter Asks Him: “Besides ‘You Ain’t Black’ What Do you Have to Say to Young Black Voters”

Savannah Guthrie's husband


Notables bundle

Video of the trump town hall being asked about Q

The Q rap

Trump: "I don't know QAnon." Truth. He can't, because we're anonymous

Trump: Pelosi ‘Doesn’t Want’ Another Round of Stimulus ‘Because She Thinks It’s Bad for Her Election’

Greg Gutfeld Savanah is the new Karen apologies to Karens

Months After Prison Release, Florida Sex Offender Has Sex With Missing Teen

Department of Justice Is Combatting COVID-19 Fraud But Reminds the Public to Remain Vigilant

Savannah Guthrie's husband, Michael Feldman, partner with Joe Lockhart, Clinton associate

Nick Clegg was involved in Facebook's decision to 'reduce the distribution' of a New York Post Joe Biden

POTUS handles Questions

People who only watch @NBCNews are hearing some great Trump messaging for the first time

Seattle PD: Police car set on fire while officers inside

Dog comms "Rudy" then deleted & corrected

Tucker Carlson piece on Hunter Biden from tonight

White House release We won a 7.5-billion-dollar case in the Boeing case

TRUMP CAMPAIGN: “Even though the commission canceled the in-person debate that could have happened tonight, one occurred anyway, and President Trump soundly defeated NBC’s Savannah Guthrie in her role as debate opponent and Joe Biden surrogate

Code Monkey: Supreme Court Justice Thomas just gave the greenlight to remove liability protections from big tech companies engaged in anticompetitive conduct

Dan Scavino: A great night in Miami, Florida for President Trump! Just departed the venue a few moments ago! Check out @TeamTrump for highlights throughout the evening!

Justice Department on China


Landslide. Not even close 190k Vs 20k

Statement from @TeamTrump on tonight's town halls

Feds examining source of alleged Hunter Biden emails

Tony Podesta (red shoes) was indeed involved heavily in Ukraine

Have Faith, but Take Action

Transcript of POTUS and Savannah on Q

‘Reprehensible behavior’: US elites privately briefed about COVID-19 dangers in February

Anons on how Savannah Guthrie just linked ruling democrats to pedophilia

Far Left Iowa Senate Candidate Theresa Greenfield Admits to Support For Black Lives Matter Radicals (hidden video footage)

Savannah Guthrie interrupting Donald Trump on average every 12 seconds

Ex-Mexican defense minister Salvador Cienfuegos arrested in US

Adam Schiff's PANIC on twitter

Anons remind Adam Schiff STANDARD HOTEL

Maggie's husband did PR for Epstein Maggie's mother works for the PR firm that was employed by Epstein

Anderson Cooper CNN is also in the Satanic Cannibal Pedo democrat Cult protecting Biden

Hunter Biden bill. Attempt data recovery 3 MacBook Pros $85

Is Lou Dobbs changing his tune? How can this be happening to an American citizen in broad damn daylight? Referring to General Flynn

Dr. Fauci suggests canceling Thanksgiving gatherings amid COVID uptick


Debbie D'Souza @Debber66 China wants Biden

Twitter policy change notes

This is fantastic!! NBC FAILED….Behind the scenes of the Trump Town Hall

Dog comms

Chinese Virus Reports

Project Odin ,Anon speculates

New evidence about Marilyn Monroe's death to be revealed in new series

Joe Biden is asked a question by a woman with an *8-year-old* transgender daughter

World Doctors Alliance & ACU2020: Better Normal, Not New Normal - Medical professionals speak out against COVID and medical tyranny

#CrookedJoeBiden 417k tweets an hour ago

Shuman resonance report

Social media blasts Trump town hall moderator Guthrie, and wonders why there were no questions to Biden on son Hunter

A Senate committee recently voted to authorize a subpoena for Blue Star strategies, a company that’s connected to Ukrainian gas company Burisma and Hunter Biden

Bidens laptop went to child porn FBI investigator

Former Mexican defense minister arrested in US on undisclosed charges

US Global Leadership Coalition

POTUS Schedule for FRIDAY October 16, 2020

Today was a pretty weird day I guess. The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has just communicated to the world that he is afraid of me

Blank ballots found in dumpster

@AndrewYang I may be heading back on the campaign trail this weekend

Largest meth bust ever, over 1000 kilos In Riverside county California

MSM panics …How QAnon Is Spreading Unproven Theories Through The Suburbs | TODAY

twitter has 'partners' who are harmed by the Biden news

Nashville children's center demonic statue

Notables for Oct 15, 2020

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