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Notables for Oct 12, 2020

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Dark secret RR?

Potential doxxing tool via votewa.gov website

Has anyone ID'd the black guy wearing the BGM t-shirt Saturday

Reminder about your local news stations

Contributing to the genocide is the vaccine program

Portland Police: A mass gathering has formed at Southwest Park Avenue and Southwest Madison Street

NK Mountain Collapse

Here's every picture from Getty available in sequence. Nothing is cut out. If it's not there, it's not available

Syracuse police officer, 36, dies from carbon monoxide

Call for Diggz MSM tried setting Admiral Rogers up as “going rogue” against Obama administration and helping POTUS

Train Collides With Semi Stuck On Train Tracks In Indiana!

Joe Biden Looks Like Death in Erie, Pennsylvania — Something Is Wrong with Old Joe!

Over 9.3 Million US Voters Have Already Cast Ballots - US Elections Project

More on Police Officer who died of carbon monoxide poisoning

The Plot Against The President (1080p)

WWG1WGA Here is an old drop for new eyes

The Plot Against The President Full Documentary synopsis

Ex-NSA employees criticize Mike Rogers' role with Israeli venture firm

CNN Politics fake news: Joe Biden is ahead. Democrats are still stressed

Proof the Left is trying to steal the Election

POTUS Schedule for MONDAY October 12, 2020

Police declare riot as protesters topple statues, damage Oregon Historical Society Museum, break windows in downtown Portland during 'Day of Rage'

Baltimore latest fire explosion

What did Q name the file Image?

Obamacare posturing foreshadows intensity of Amy Coney Barrett confirmation

Flynn Jr: If My Family Can, So Can Yours

Team investigating deadly Calif. fire seizes PG&E equipment

Denver Police Officers are in the area of 19th St / Chestnut investigating a barricade

Donald J. Trump's Campaign Platform

Dare devil pilot flies Russia's new 1,300mph stealth fighter with no roof on the cockpit

Antifa in Portland are celebrating tonight as a victory


9NEWS producer who works in the investigative unit

Coup Plotters Considered Never Allowing Trump To Be Inaugurated

British Airways chief executive Alex Cruz steps down

Michelle Malkin calls bullshit

Latest on the worldwide spread of coronavirus

Press Sec Comments on her "non-working clock"

Following an Etsy ban, QAnon merch is still readily available on online marketplaces

Covid is so bad Canada has only had 6 cases of the actual flu

Global Leadership Foundation offers confidential advice to Heads of Gov't and had bad actors

South China Sea: China simulates a full-scale invasion of Taiwan in…

Not an election campaign, a Revolution

The Plot Against The President Full Documentary (Bitchute and Periscope link)

South China Sea: Beijing stages all-out Taiwan INVASION in horror military drill

Carnelian ring

South China Sea: THREE deadly Typhoons on track to hit disputed waters as tensions soar

Admiral Michael Rogers Interview (vid 27.41mins)

Coronavirus, QAnon, Trump: Your Monday Briefing

Denver shooter

More questions about Denver shooting: Pinkerton security firm says the suspect was NOT an employee

Organizer of Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish anti-lockdown protest arrested, charged with ‘inciting to riot’

20 short videos chronicling the history of what we're dealing with today

Wis. Police Speak Out After 3 Consecutive Nights Of Violence

Not licensed as a security guard

COVAX to promote equitable spread of COVID-19 vaccine

WHO Official Urges Halt to Lockdowns as Primary CCP

Deep State trying to Provoke Patriots into a Civil War, Please Read the Drops

Joe Biden Quotes Chinese Communist Leader Mao Zedong

President Trump "Never Give Up!" (vid 6mins)

Kim Jong Un wipes away tears during rare apology to North Koreans

Chinese connection: Antonia Hernandez, who sits on the commission on presidential debates, is affiliated with two entities keen on securing a victory for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden

‘Day of Rage’: Portland Militants Topple Statues of Roosevelt and Lincoln, Smash Oregon Historical Society (VIDEOS)

Members Don’t Recall Biden’s Attendance at Black Church as Teen

Rioters Topple Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt Statues in Portland; Museum Windows Smashed

Behind the scenes of Democrats' half-century quest to destroy the Supreme Court

Some thoughts on "the plan"

Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News?…

Happy Columbus Day — say it loud, say it proud

Trump previews what's next: 'Breathtaking' declassifications before election, tax cuts after

Biden opposes same-sex marriage in 2006 clip blasted out by Trump campaign

“It’s Kind of Boring Out Here” – Arizona Reporter STUNNED After NO ONE Shows Up at Campaign Event with Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris(vid)

for kek

Times change—or Stephens’ suicide note? (Updated)

Saudi Prince Bandar Denounces Palestinian Leadership: Is Saudi-Israel Peace Deal Next?

Peloton forced to remove Qanon groups as conspiracy theory spreads from social media

Explainer: What is QAnon, and how are sites like Instagram,Facebook and YouTube taking action on it?

Biden Looking at NY's Cuomo as Possible Attorney General If Elected

Kentucky governor to quarantine One of his security guards tested positive for Covid-19

Study Exposes Major Facebook Fact Checker Loophole Enabling QAnon, Misinformers Get Past AI - Here's How

Apologize for Slandering President Trump, Governor Whitmer

MSNBC Uncovers an Unreconstructed Soviet Communist: Republican Senator Mike Lee!

Looting in L.A., Fireworks Thrown at Police, after Lakers Win NBA Title

Remember the Cole: al-Qaida attacked the destroyer in Yemen 20 years ago today

TFD expects more fires in unoccupied structures as it gets colder

Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing tomorrow where she will praise mentor Justice Scalia and say courts should not decide policy as Graham predicts she'll be confirmed by Oct 27

Israeli government approves normalization deal with UAE

Gen. Mark Milley Says The Military Plays 'No Role' In Elections. Questioning POTUS call to recall troops from AFG by XMas?

Trump hating teens end up donating over $15K to the Trump Campaign in attempted rally ticket hoax

Border patrol agent's hunch pays off in second-largest methamphetamine bust ever

Richard Grenell bun w/CAPs

Pakistan and China creating conditions that seem to suggest that “a border dispute is being created under a mission"

People line up in Sanford hours early for Pres. Trump's first rally back

hmmm… Fears for Pope Francis after ‘four members of his Swiss Guard test positive for Covid-19’

New DJT bun w/CAPs

Editorial: Beyond Court Packing: Here’s How Dems Plan To Create A One-Party State

California Man Finds Mail-In Ballots in Santa Monica Trash Cans

Schumer says Democrats won't give GOP quorum (will boycott) to advance Barrett nomination. Demands ACB 'recusal' from just about everything

Kayleigh's 'watch and note the time'

Canada Deploys Provincial Police Checkpoints to restrict travel from "Hot zones in Quebec"

planefag reporting

anon opines: Absentee Ballot Tactics - All 50 State and Territories

WR Op Take Back The House

(live streams) ACB Confirmation Hearing Day 1

Iowa mayor speaks out over Trump rally in his city: 'We don't want a super-spread event here in Des Moines'

Trump to take 'good, strong look' at whether there are UFOs. "I mean, I've heard that. I heard that two days ago…"

US Marines pivot approach to information warfare at commandant’s command

Dept of State w/CAP: In Xinjiang, the Chinese Communist Party has committed egregious human rights abuses against Uyghurs and members of other minority groups…

New DJT w/CAP: Our Country cannot survive as a Socialist Nation, and that’s what the Democrats want it to be…

planefag reporting

Army’s do-it-all goggles to reach soldiers’ hands in 2021

Quebec: Level 4–Maximum Alert (red)

United States v Briggs 19-108

The World Is Watchiing

Federal judge upholds Minnesota’s extended ballot counting

Trump rails against Portland's 'Biden fools', 'Antifa radicals' after Lincoln, Roosevelt statues toppled

Fmr DNI Grenell: Russia Collusion a ‘Hoax’ — ‘Somebody Needs to Go to Jail’

planefag reporting

Maria Bartiromo: "Are There UFOs?"

Twitter Won’t Confirm if Scully ‘Hack’ Is Under Investigation

Potus: November 3rd. will be the most exciting day in U.S. Election History, even more so than 2016

SASSE is killing it in this committee!!! Religion is not before the committee today

A lawyer group that rates judicial nominees says a review of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett shows she’s qualified for a seat on the court

Voters strongly reject religious litmus test for Supremes

Opioid drug maker Mallinckrodt files for U.S. bankruptcy protection

Potus has been unmistakably clear: he WILL protect Americans with pre-existing conditions

President Trump’s Itinerary for 10/12/20 – note: this page will be updated during the day if events warrant

Thank you, @NBA, for showing us competence and excellence, and for bringing so much joy during difficult times

Canceling Columbus: How it started years ago, and escalated in 2020

Sperry: Federal records reveal Hunter Biden gave $1,000 to Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd in 2005

Potus: So Crazy to watch Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut lecture all on morals & ethics when for 25 years he said he was a Great War Hero in Vietnam, and he was never even there

The Wanted singer Tom Parker, 32, reveals he has terminal brain tumor


Protesters knock down Roosevelt, Lincoln statues in Portland

Four of country's 28 Republican governors don't sign letter in support of Barrett confirmation

Amy Coney Barrett's Religion Shall not be Questioned

Kayleigh McEnany clock reads 11:03. November 3rd?

Team Obama invented the whole Russiagate scandal - NewYork Post

Potus: We will have Healthcare which is FAR BETTER than ObamaCare, at a FAR LOWER COST - BIG PREMIUM REDUCTION


Deutsche Bank’s Riskiest Bonds Get Ratings Upgrade at Fitch

Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett (Day 1)

Billionaire financier Leon Black 'paid Epstein at least $50 million in the years after the financier had been convicted of child sex offences'

Trump re-tweeted this. Maybe he is close to accepting Rogan's offer ?

@usairforce Live fire demo

POTUS "going" comms

Facebook bans Holocaust denial, distortion posts

Malcom X met with KKK in "61

UK: EFL David Baldwin resigns

Potus: The Economy is about ready to go through the roof. Stock Market ready to break ALL-TIME RECORD

Masks Cause Covid19? Keks

Chuckie says Dims will boycott ACB vote

Silent War Reels

The Bee: Democrats Hiss In Terror As ACB Pulls Out Crucifix

Powerful campaign video by opponent to Mad Maxine. Joe Collins' video (4:15 length of video, 2.9M views)

California Man Finds Mail-In Ballots in Santa Monica Trash Cans

Nasdaq Explodes Higher Amid Unprecedented Gamma/Futures Double-Squeeze

Gunman shoots guard outside Croatian govt offices in Zagreb, reportedly takes own life

Organizer of Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish anti-lockdown protest arrested, charged with ‘inciting to riot’

Kamala bows to China

British Airways CEO Alex Cruz steps down amid ‘worst crisis faced in industry’

CNN’s Toobin: ACB Hearing ‘Being Held in the Middle of a Pandemic’ in a Hotspot — ‘So Surreal and So Dangerous’/Fake News Finest?

'Zero' chance U.S. troops will be deployed if election disputed, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman says

Bin Laden’s Former London Spokesman to Be Let Back Into Britain

Trump previews what's next: 'Breathtaking' declassifications before election, tax cuts after


Investigate CDC: Time to Convene a Federal Grand Jury

A sheep farmer has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for planting baby food jars with metal shards at a U.K. supermarket chain

Feds Seize Near-Record 1.5 Tons of Drugs at California Border Crossing


UK: Channel Migrant Tsar Claims ‘Vast Majority’ of Asylum Seekers Are ‘Genuine’

The Grim Fairy Tale Of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT): Rumpelstiltskin And The Federal Reserve (Spinning Gold From Hair Will Be Needed With Low Money Velocity)

Joe Morgan, Hall of Fame second baseman, dies at 77

Mexican Narco-Gun Runner Linked to Australian Drug Shipments

U.S. Navy’s deployed carrier strike groups and amphibious ready groups

UK: (2020) US Presidential Election Odds = Deja Vu All Over Again

Democrats Are Using Tactics of the Russian Marxists of 1917 in Russia to Disrupt 2020 Election

The Virus That Isn’t There: The CDC does NOT have SARS-CoV-2 in its possession, because it is “unavailable.”

Is the Dam about to BREAK???

Debate Commission Member Tied To Transition Integrity Project, Chinese Communist Party-Linked Berggruen Institute

Trump’s Planned Sale of F35s to UAE Hits Snag in the Senate

Milley Disputes Trump's Home-by-Christmas Prediction for US Troops in Afghanistan

Britain selling arms to Saudi Arabia at unprecedented rate

"Do you still think we are security threats? Because as a US Senator you said we

It appears that Helen H. Thompson also changed the lighting of the photos to obscure what happened. Doloff's hand is UNDER AND INSIDE Keltner's vest

Dems destroy people, only the faces change

A bunch of media outlets just received the footage and documents. They are currently going through them. We will see who breaks it first once they realize it all checks out. #SEALTeam6 #BenghaziAintGoingAway

Pope Francis TED Talk on Climate Change: We Are ‘Squeezing the Earth like an Orange’

Gladys Berejiklian perjures herself at ICAC and admits to “friends with benefits” relationship with corrupt former MP Daryl Maguire

Gallup Poll: Republicans Dramatically Less Terrified Of Coronavirus Than Democrats

Protesters at Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing arrested for blocking Senate building entrance

Moar Denver shooter

PF Reports - Why are pinging ABD-S outside of Ireland?

Dianne Feinstein Opens Barrett Hearings a Great Big Whopper About Preexisting Conditions

Antifa Topple Statues Of Teddy Roosevelt And Abraham Lincoln in Portland

White House Urges Small Business Rescue Plan

Joe Biden, Benghazi, Navy Seals, Extortion 17 diggs

German Journalist in DC Says He Received 3 Ballots in Mail, One for Dead Person

The Plot Against The President documentary-Full length currently working links


A Social Engineering Perspective on Q

Boris Johnson says Covid cases 'are flashing like alerts on a jet'

Rand Paul: Republicans Want a Judge, Democrats ‘Want a Politician That’ll Vote for Their Cases’

Pizza manufacturing employee is arrested for 'stuffing razor blades into dough

Biden can’t remember Mitt Romney’s name, so to Joe he’s now just “the Mormon." (vid embed)

US Hearings Reveal Washington’s Covert Support for ‘Color Revolutions’ Around the World


New DJT: Almost nobody showed up to the Sleepy Joe Biden “Rally” in Ohio

Court upholds decision to limit on ballot drop-off location per county in Texas

The secret code name Chelsea Clinton Uses when she Emails Hillary

New DJT: Heading to the Greatest Economy Of All Time!!! VOTE

Minibun from #14121 that /comms/ baker refused

NEW PDJT - 307,000 Veterans Died waiting for Healthcare at the V.A. During Sleepy Joe Biden’s Watch. 800,000 Records Stalled! A complete and total disaster

Senate Democrats Gaslighting Amy Coney Barrett

Patriots have no skin color. Patriot replies due to the Great Awakening are encouraging

Trump SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett: “I Believe in the Power of Prayer”

Nursing home residents stage heartbreaking protest outside facility: 'Rather die from COVID than loneliness'

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Sanford, FL 10/12/20

DHS: Transnational Organized Crime, a “Devastating Threat” to the US


International news

Benghazi Whistleblower explains what is coming!

Kanye West Releases Presidential Campaign Ad

"One of the participants of last night’s Portland antifa riot that resulted in the destruction of Roosevelt & Lincoln statues, in addition to the smashing of a museum & police office, is a woman who is running for Congress."

NEW PDJT - Viewership for NBA Finals Finale Crash Nearly 70%, Beaten by Random Sunday Night Football Game

Governments Have Failed to Learn from the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Dinesh D'Souza has a new movie coming. "Trump Card"

Crowd is YUGE today!!!!

NEW PDJT - Leaving now for Florida Rally. Big crowds!

Much to Jake Tapper’s apparent chagrin, Dr. Fauci grudgingly admits Trump’s right about now being immune to Covid

When you've lost Jake Tapper, Biden Spox, you've lost the left, in general

Dr. Anthony Fauci says “it’s really unfortunate and really disappointing” that the Trump campaign featured him in an ad touting the President’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic

Who funds the riotous American left & why? The globalist billionaire class, which uses it to build corporate socialism

CEO of Haliburton International Foods resigns after being charged with child prostitution

Glenn Beck: Proof that Joe Biden's Family Owned Slaves

Ninth Circuit court rules Trump can’t divert military funds for border wall

NEW PDJT - He should sue the women, and all of those who illegally worked with them, for false and disgusting accusations!!!

Election officials to voters: Stop pouring hand sanitizer on mail-in ballots


Tik Tok Teens Try To Sabotage Trump Rally, End Up Donating $16,000 to GOP


Ex-C.I.A. Agent Goes Public With Story of Mistreatment on the Job

Dan Loeb Wins? Disney Announces Reorganization, Will Focus On Video Streaming… But Keeps Dividend

Beijing Spars With Taiwan on Its National Day Celebration, Rejects Diplomatic Dialogue

Heartbreaking story of Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods killed in Benghazi) and how he was lied to by the Obama administration after Benghazi at AMP Fest in Florida on October 11th, 2020

“I performed oral sex on Barack Obama”. - Larry Sinclair

11:04…Clock change

Judge Barrett: U.S. deserves SCOTUS ‘that interprets our Constitution and laws as they are written’

Mark Meadows Walks Out After CNN Demands He Wear Mask

Even Joe Biden's Twitter account doesn't know what state Joe Biden is in

Mark Cuban will still do business with China

Mexican President Asks Pope Francis to Apologize for Spanish Conquest of Mexico

Silicon Valley Cuts Salaries for Remote Workers, Fueling Tensions

Pollak: Joe Biden’s Disastrous Short List for Attorney General: Cuomo, Yates, Abrams, Bharara, Weissman

Mark Cuban: “I’m OK” With NBA Doing Business With China Though It Forces Women to Have Abortions

NEW POTUS - Sleepy Joe Biden had a particularly bad day today. He couldn’t remember the name of Mitt Romney, said again he was running for the U.S. Senate, and forgot what State he was in

Would any of the Dems be complaining about having long lines of voters IF THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE DEM VOTES????

Sidney Powell retweeted



CDC First Said Not to Wear Masks, Then to Wear Masks, Then Masks Were Better than Vaccines – Now New Evidence Shows Masks Don’t Work

Why Do We Give NPR Money?

WHO Backpedals on Covid-19 Scam As Criminal, Civil Charges Filed

Texas School Districts Are Ending Remote Learning – 40-70% of Students Were Failing

International news

Biden: "I'm running as a democrat for United States Senate"

New Dan

Bloomberg is fake news


Feds to Portland: Take Your Fine and Shove It

Top of the World Comfy

"California election officials tell voters not to disinfect mail-in ballots. It smudges the ink on the old mimeograph machines…"

Facebook bans posts that deny or distort the Holocaust - SHUT IT DOWN

In Latest Teleblooper, Biden Calls For $15,000,000 Minimum Wage

Gina Haspel Blows Off Senators’ Demands To Quit Stonewalling Congress On Russiagate Oversight

How to Understand Joe Biden’s Ukrainian Connection

POTUS Negative Test

Guess that answers that - Biden/harris offered to pay for people to attend Cincinnati campaign stop


Flynn's attorney reacts to newly declassified docs in Russia origins probe


Members of the crowd at President Trump’s rally in Florida chant “CNN sucks” as

Grassley Tweets Clock

LIVE FEED of Trump rally without the annoying begging & screeching over the music

"Corruption is Treason" graphics

Follow the Pen

A technical glitch at a voting supersite, hours-long lines, and a last-minute court ruling marked the start of in-person early voting in Georgia

@CBS_Herridge: SCOOP #Durham: @CBSNews obtains 94-page declassified FBI spreadsheet, widely cited by IG Horowitz, but not public until now

Hillary Auditions for SecDef in 5000-Word Pro-Biden Article Which Admits Massive Defense Jobs Cuts Plan

Supporters Line Up as Far as the Eye Can See in Sweltering Heat For President Trump’s Comeback Rally

Thousands Sign TGP Petition After Chris Wallace Smears Trump Supporters at Presidential Debate. Thank you!

Trump Supporters Drown Out Sleepy Joe Biden’s Ohio Speech with Chants of “Four More Years!”

About that so-called 'security guard' who gunned down a Trump supporter in Denver

After supporting coronavirus lockdowns for months, the WHO just made the reversal of the year

International news

Augmented reality eyeglasses?

Biden says Americans have no right to know if he's going to pack the Supreme Court to counter Conservative Justices appointed by President Trump

World Health Organization Wrecks the Democrats' Narrative on COVID-19 Lockdowns

US Forces hit Taliban with airstrikes in Helmand

281- lines up with the sharpie too (perpendicular)

Proclamation on Columbus Day, 2020

Schumer: ‘We Would Certainly Be in the Constitutional Right’ to Pack Court

Schumer Says Democrats Will Try To Block Barrett Confirmation By Not Giving Republicans Quorum

9 Warning Signs of Democrat Radicalization

Q post #3011

Twitter is developing new fact-checking tool, "Birdwatch"; it crowdsources "disinformation" notes from moderators

100k watching

Hawley, Sasse Unleash On Harris, Democrats, Media For Treatment Of Barrett

Brain Freeze: Joe Biden Says He Is Running for Senate and President

Oops! Biden just can't remember name of 'senator who was a Mormon, the governor'

Twitter censors Trump tweet saying he's immune from COVID-19


Andrew Cuomo: 'No Interest in Going to Washington'

"We will take care of it (obama and biden treason) after the election" DJT 10/12/2020

So just for shits and giggles I googled the GREEN_578cDT324-45785sd4DMP" stringer in drop #1037 and got this

Trump Supporters Line Up to Greet Joe Biden as He Arrives at Cincinnati Event

Trump SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett: “I Believe in the Power of Prayer”

NEW: Full link 94-page declassified FBI spreadsheet

Eric Trump Memes

Anon will brb, and anon is surprised

GEOTUS Live!!! Awoo!

Anons speculate on possible LARP, just in case

Classic Hilldawg

Is that Bernie Sanders?

Chinese Journalist Give Trump Bad Polling

Example of public circulating information

Democrats Move To Redefine Court-Packing

Kayleigh McEnany Tweets

Mommy goes undercover

92-9000 USAF VIP 747 departed Charleston

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Budget

Some Excerpts from Ohio COVID-19 abuse of power lawsuit

Video: "I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump"

GEOTUS Retweet

Q in Finland - WORLDWIDE

Anon Speculates, "Something big MAY be breaking on Hilldawg"

The Belgian Monster Crime Documentary Marc Dutroux and anons discuss implications of Satanism


Richard Grenell tweet

LEFT-WING Radicals Post Online Guide too Disrupting the Country

Sara Carter Wrote For Israel National News

U.S. Supreme Court says it will near Nov/Dec arguments by phone

Soros Funded "Advocacy Group"

Anon upset that anon isn't back from brb, Jesus confirms brbs are notable

"Some Great Stuff" Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence on TIGHT Case

The Magic Sword Appears

DSCA 11-03 | Defense Security Cooperation Agency


Moar Kayleigh McEnany-sama Twats

Heidi Hatch tweets about Human Trafficking

Bush and Obama White Houses Hid Osama Bin Laden for a decade after 9/11

Antifaggot talking about Q on twatter

Silicon Valley Cuts Salaries for Remote Workers

GEOTUS Now Immune to Corona Chan's love

Planefag Over and Out

Devin Nunes Tweets

Why Did Leon Black Pay Eggstein $50m? And what's with the pricey art? Info Dumps on LEON BLACK

WHO NEWS (Weird stuff/SHIVA)

Chuck Tweetin'

KAYLEIGH MCENANY Tweet Infographic Theory


Nursing Home Residents Protest

Every Poll Is A Goal


Johnson & Johnson Latest To Halt COVID-19 Vaccine Triall Over Unspecified Illness

Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines?

Kim Jung Un apologizes to Korean people for being bad leader?!

White House: Ranking House Representatives letter to Chairman Leon Black of Apollo Global Management inquiring about the loan to Jared Kushner (08.03.2018)

U.S. Army: The time is now!


James O'Keefe Tweet

Scott Moretty Arrested for Child Sex Abuse (Denied support to Benghazi)

Silk Road China Trade

Rundown on Paytriot Jones

We out here, looking at planes.- (Embed Video and Repost)

Satanic Necrophilia & Child Sex Abuse (Video)


Biden Losing Ground in Ohio, Arizona, Texas and Georgia

New Witness in Denver Shooting

WaPo at it again with the smeres

85% of COVID patients report always or often wearing a mask

Israeli Orthodox rabbi: Judaism doesn’t ban same-sex couples building families

Updates on KAYLEIGH MCENANY Tweets

BLM Chimp Out in Vegas

Dan ScavinoTweet

600 Jewish Groups Sign Support of BLM in NYT ad

Benghazi Whistleblower Explains What Is Coming (Video)

Redpill 78 Benghazi Video (video)

BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof (Video)

Daily Reminder: Fuck Jannies – err I mean Palpatine's Revenge comms

"Exlusive Proof" that Joe Biden's Family owned slaves

Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett (day 2) - LIVE at 9am ET on C-SPAN

GEOTUS Schedule For 10/13/20

Doctors in Australia demand end to Victoria lockdown while WHO says restrictions should not be primary course

A fucking clock

Memorandum from the President's Physician

Letting coronavirus spread freely for ‘herd immunity’ is unethical, says WHO

Ted Cruz Retweet


Scott Moretti Dig (Benghazi/Child Abuse/etc)

Chuck Ross Tweets about Steele Dossier

Notables for Oct 12, 2020

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