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Notables for Sep 28, 2020

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Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, armed, barricades self in Fort Lauderdale home, police called

Fresh POTUS: Fake News !

James Woods finally comes out as anon. o7 Captain

Appellate Court Halts Wisconsin Ballot-Counting Extension

Police find a group of 50 dressed in black costume gathered at a dock near the Chevron facility in Richmond, CA

Fresh POTUS re Ballot Harvesting by Omar's supporters in Minnesota: "This is toally illegal"

POTUS rt'd this: The Clintons are going down !

Triumphant Pell returns to the Vatican amid financial scandal

Anons discuss the Parscale news

Huge fire in Napa Co, just west of St Helena being called the #BoysenFire

Q's AF1 pic: Who is on the TV in the background?

Habberman: More to come re Trump's Taxes

John Basham re the Durham info released today: Only The Beginnng… There WILL BE JUSTICE

Solomon: Biden's bid to oust Ukraine prosecutor followed intense pressure by son's Burisma firm

Anon reported -possible- arson in Riverside, CA (south CA) 4 hours ago today - re note below

More on POTUS' rt endorsing David J Harris Jr's book re racisim in the US: 'Why I Couldn't Stay Silent'

College football coach leaves 'All Lives Matter to Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ' note, quits team

Watch this old lady unable to see her family. Cuomo and the others must be prosecuted

Solomon: Hong Kong dissident Jimmy Lai slams Catholic Church for deal with Chinese Communist Party

As Taiwan – China Tensions Remain High, New Japanese PM Urges Regional Stability

Black Lives Matter: Tampa LLC Overview

Colorado Secretary of State Encourages Non-Citizens & Deceased to Register to Vote

Anon calculates: Ilhan: Ballot harvesting in 1st round of election hammered 2nd & def 3rd place finishers

Anon's father passes down wisdom: The price of freedom is always eternal vigilance

Anons link a Q post and Sara Carter to the Strzok/Page text re Carter Page

Plane crash reported off the Isla Vista coast

Graphic: AF1 pic - All persons aboard AF1 ID'd

A look at past Q post regarding 'ballots'

Call for dig on People of Praise, re POTUS' letter from Arch Bishop Viganò

James Woods tweets 'Look at the size of Michelle Obama compared to Hillary Clinton. Or Blll.' (x3L's in Bill)

Q-ships original purpose in 20th century, Surface Attacks, comparison to MSM hit pieces :Anon observation

Hanoi Dick, who lied for years by saying he was a war hero in Vietnam

Veritas Ballot Harvesting Video and anon's diggz

People of Praise diggz: DoD contracts? Lucis Trust/Press?

Ilhan Omar's ballot harvester Somoli is busting Project Veritas's balls on twitter: Admitting it?

The Hill using same emoji regarding Chucks tweet about Trumps taxes

Plane Fag

Napa Fire Updates

Date on the Gun ship video…. Matches Date this report. About US arms deals with china

More on Lucis Press / Lucifer Press / People of Praise Diggz

People of Praise Diggz

Highest Ranking Anon Honor Goes To: QR Memefag who made the meme James Woods tweeted earlier

Lucis Trust books are now Pay-To-Own

Santa Rosa Residents loading onto buses at Oakmont Hardens to a orange sky

Lucis Trust Registered as WORLD GOODWILL has Consultative Status with ECOSOC and NGO

Lucis Trust established The Arcane School 1923, WORLD GOODWILL 1932 and Triangles in 1937

PF B-52's in the air

James Woods Tweet People have asked what this number is RBG

Project Veritas uncovers ‘ballot harvesting fraud’ in Minnesota: Devine

Pelosi Begins Process of House Picking President

Astronaut Mark Kelly, Attending Forum Hosted by CCP Was the Beginning of Lucrative Relationship with China

Project Veritas video exposes rep. ‘Ilhan Omar connected cash-for-ballots scheme’

Here Are The People With Large Platforms Who’ve Warned Of Violence If The GOP Replaces RBG

People of Praise / Lucis Trust diggz Archives of the 666 Fifth Ave Threads

Taiwan fights back as President Xi orders companies to name Taiwan as part of China

Yes, Joe Biden is compromised by his family's shady foreign dealings

Hennepin County Attorney Jeff Wojciechowski ballot harvesting was: “Illegal, and we will be investigating.”

Joe Montana, wife Jennifer thwart kidnapping of grandchild

'Maybe the Clintons won't get away with it after all':


(continued from lb) additional info on Lucis Trust

QAnon Is Growing In South Africa

planefag reporting early

George Pell to return to Rome for work with the Vatican months after being cleared of child abuse allegations

China holds simultaneous military drills in four seas, again

The Rise of "Conspirituality"

H.Res.1154 - Condemning QAnon and rejecting the conspiracy theories it promotes

legit??? Brad Parscale was hospitalized Sunday following reports of a suicide attempt at his Florida home

Turkey prepares second indictment of six Khashoggi murder suspects

Mike Pompeo to protest against Vatican's deal with China during visit

The California Republican Party endorsed three candidates who say QAnon theories should be heard

Kevin Corke w/CAP: Fellow Patriots, your enemy lies for sport and bathes in filth and deceit. For in them, there is no honor, no good thing…

Reminder: Flynn's hearing: 9/29; Comey's hearing: 9/30

Seth Rich: The Murder Washington Doesn't Want Solved

Left-Wing ‘Dark Money’ — Ignored By The Press — Could Tip Several Elections

"Big Mike" Trending - kek!!!

Big Week Starting 9/28. You are here…

planefag reporting. crash reported


Activist Courts in Several Swing States that Approved Changes to Election Law Were Acting Unlawfully Against the Constitution

renoting: "What the Clinton's have done in Haiti is unbelievable and the American people should know about it."

Indications Are that AG Barr Is Working on a Massive Sedition and Conspiracy Case Against Those Behind Violent Riots Across the US


Florida: St Petersburg Patriots chase down BLM/Antifa

Portland district attorney brings charges following week of BLM-Antifa arson attacks

Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations in preparation for mass arrests

anon posits: Wouldn't it be something is there was some overlap between project Odin (speech protected by block chain) and the USPS Patent (voting over block chain)?

Reminder: Biden describes granddaughter at 12 as a 'little butterfly' but then there was 'a snake in the bed'

Mourning the babies killed in Chicago’s violence in a summer of horror now ended

Boston University professor is urged to resign for calling Amy Coney Barrett a 'white colonizer' who is using her two adopted Haitian children as 'props'

Trump recieves 3rd Nobel peace prize Nomination

Potus: The Ballots being returned to States cannot be accurately counted. Many things are already going very wrong!…+w/caps

Hussein kiss my MAGA patriot ass./judge overturns extended election collection WI

@USArmy During this edition of the @1stTSC's resiliency series, Sgt. Shadasia Rogers, Supply NCO, 1st Theater Sustainment Command, discusses how physical training helps her stay resilient

Did Anons note that HR 1154 is an emergency for the D's?

NY Times Story on Trump’s Tax Records Actually Proves Trump Was Telling the Truth, Blows Apart Dem Conspiracies

@SecPompeo In recognition of Yom Kippur, I am honored to pay my respects at the Thessaloniki Jewish Museum, which commemorates the city's once-vibrant Jewish community

JB is Nervous

Grenell: The NYT spent years telling us there were secret Russian deals……


The President of The United States has responded to our BOMBSHELL #BallotHarvesting investigation

@USAttorneys National #SuicidePrevention Awareness Month helps us to recognize how violence, depression, anxiety, and other stressors affect our communities—…

Anons learn some fucking OPSEC

2020 Nobel Peace Prize nominations

What happens if a Dem Congressman speaks the truth. Watch and enjoy @RepVernonJones

Anon uplifting message, "Make them ask one question."

Anon on Potus and his most complex project, with great Trump Tower time lapse vid

Postal worker caught on video dumping mail

@TheJusticeDept #OnThisDay in 1789, Edmund Jennings Randolph was appointed the first Attorney General by President George Washington. It would be another 81 years until Congress created the Department of Justice

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05786195 Date: 10/30/2015

Yes, Joe Biden is compromised by his family's shady foreign dealings

Long Term Care dementia patients

@US_SpaceCom 18 SPCS now predicts debris-on-debris collisions in space, enhancing S

@cmsaf_official May we continue to serve proudly and honor the legacy of A1C Elizabeth Jacobson and our fellow brothers and sisters that have paid the ultimate sacrifice

RudyG: The idea of Lyin’ Biden telling us we need a President who has integrity, excludes him

Supreme Court: What really is at stake is the survival Adminstrative State (deep state)

Former GOP Gov. Tom Ridge endorses Biden/rhino

#10 'TAKE BACK THE HOUSE' -DJT #VoteDemsOut Brad Schneider Illinois 10th

Whitmer offers 'carbon-neutral' climate plan for Michigan

ALL BLOWN UP US Air Force invents ‘bomb laser’ that can detonate explosives and landmines from 1,000 feet away

China is holding simultaneous military drills in 4 seas — again

Man accused of multiple child sex assaults wanted by Houston police: view his photo here, Information may be reported by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477), submitted online at www.crime-stoppers.org or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app

DeSantis: Are we quarantining hundreds of thousands of Americans who are not contagious?



Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) recently denounced Hillary Clinton for advising Joe Biden to “not concede under any circumstances.”/Belarus


Trump Gets 3rd Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

This info is part of an upcoming report by the Media Research Centers Business & Media Institute which has been looking into George Soros and his influence on the media

MH17 hearing postponed until 3 November

Fox News analyst Judge Napolitano forced New Jersey waiter to engage in ‘bizarre sex act,’ suit claims

Potus Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts

The Mooch: Deep, dark secrets weigh heavy on people. I hate it for the innocent family members caught up in this fiasco

Former NM Dem Gov Bill Richardson is accused of raking in hundreds of thousands in bribes and kickbacks to fund debauched lifestyle including 'sexual services and favors'

French prosecutors said Monday they opened an investigation of Gerald Marie, former European boss of the Elite Models agency, on allegations of rape, including of a minor

ACB hearing schedule

Turkish prosecutors have indicted six new Saudis suspected of involvement in the 2018 murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, local media reported on Monday

Darkness to Light Stewards of Children

The weaponization of government by DC bureaucrats will continue until people are prosecuted for breaking the law

Soros/Clinton/Haiti diggz

Democratic Party organization hosts voter registration event in Yukon

New York Times editorial board presses for plan if Trump tweets he won election

It's almost certain the Election for POTUS will go to SCOTUS

Refresher: Trump’s 2005 Tax Return Was Leaked. He Paid Far More Than People Thought

Next declassification could flip Russia collusion script, point to effort to hurt Trump

Anons should be aware that the AC-130 gunship Q posts always preceed new damaging information declassifications

PF updates

New Herridge: #Whistleblower @CBSNews obtains quotes from @DHSgov response to Chairman Schiff staff on Whistleblower Brian Murphy

President Trump Demands US Attorneys Launch Investigation Into ‘Ilham Omar Connected Cash-For-Ballots’ Scheme

Armenia and Azerbaijan fight over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region

Chinese State Media Outlet Throws Support Behind Black Lives Matter


Federal judge blocks Trump’s effort to ban TikTok from US app stores

Foreign aid workers on Lesbos probed for helping traffickers deliver migrants to Greece

ANOTHER HUGE WIN! Judge Strikes Down Democrat Plan to Eliminate Signature-Matching in Ohio

‘We should not be taken for fools’: Hungary & Poland hit back at Brussels with institute aimed at scrutinizing rule-of-law in EU

Child Reports Rape to Police and Is Assigned an Officer Who Sexually Assaults Her

Twitter no longer showing search results from well-known Russian state news agency RIA Novosti

DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Focuses on Search Engine Monopoly

Joe Biden Exploited S-Corporation Loophole to Avoid Payroll Tax


Michigan AG Nessel announces criminal investigation of group seeking repeal of Whitmer powers

Why Poland wants a permanent US military base, and is willing to pay $2 billion for it

An “Unimaginable Nightmare”: The Abduction, Rape, and Forced Conversion of Christian Girls in Egypt

How British grannies are spreading QAnon conspiracy theory memes on Facebook

Ms-rs No Name

Presidential Message on Yom Kippur, 2020

New Google ChromeOS updates cause 100% CPU usage, heating issues

Church Ransacked and Robbed, 'Sleeping Madonna' Left Broken and Desecrated/Italy

Miss. Child Protective Services Worker Accused of Sexually Abusing Children in Her Care


They Want This Nightmare To Last Forever! Global Elite Pushing For Hard Lockdown Of Entire World As The 'Demonic New World Order'

Putin Plans to Visit Seoul After Being Inoculated With Russian COVID-19 Vaccine, Moon's Office Says

The Navy is using a backpack loaded with 650 rounds of ammo that looks straight out of 'Predator'

President Trump Gives an Update on the Nation's Coronavirus Testing Strategy - 2 p.m

Little Rock Teachers Union Refuses To Teach, Says We Will Not Be at Work Monday

Family, Army offering rewards for information on missing Fort Bliss soldier


BOOM! 3 House Judiciary Dems Hit with Corruption Charges

Looked for Happening after the May 13, 2020 AC-130 gunship Q post. Declassified Susan Rice Email Confirms Michael Flynn Was Personally Targeted

Pics: 700 Texas National Guard soldiers deploy for Middle East operation

Death toll in Ukraine military plane crash climbs to 26, lone survivor praised as hero

Comey bro diggz


Comey and Robert Mueller. Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998

Dla Piper diggz

Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank

Peter Comey diggz

The 3 Reasons Why Chinese Invest in Africa

The Codebreaker Challenge is back

Trial date: July 12, 2021

Maxwellhill 'conspiracy'; Ghislaine Maxwell's Reddit Admin account; that account STOPPED posting before the arrest

U.S. Air Force: The Airman Behind the Space Force motto vid

Pompeo Urges Peace, Sides with Greece in Turkish Border Dispute

Sauce Article for Solomon twat

PF updates

PF updates

8 ex-NFL players, athletic trainer indicted in alleged medical reimbursement scheme

ASSANGE HEARING DAY FIFTEEN—Alexandria Jail and SAMs Isolation Conditions Described in Detail as Place Where Assange Would Be Detained

Ceo of Reddit Steve Huffman bragging about eating human flesh

China inoculates 350,000 while coronavirus vaccine still in trials

the reddit link in Qpost led to this curious post: Someone Mysteriously Sent Almost $1 Billion in Bitcoin

Flynn "was on path to closure until Kislyak conversation." Not involved in collusion

Military Situation In Syria On September 28, 2020 (Map Update)

Brad Parscale arrest vid

POTUS live

The Joe Biden campaign’s Texas Political Director has been formally accused of helping to run an illegal ballot harvesting operation, according to two separate affidavits filed Monday at the Texas Supreme Court

here is Camels connection to the CF

Trump Campaign, GOP, Sue to Block North Carolina’s New Mail-in Ballot Rules #StopTheSteal

Refresher: HSBC

Lakeway Regional Medical Center LLC And Co-Defendants Agree To Pay Over $15.3 Million To Resolve Allegations They Fraudulently Obtained Government-Insured Loan And Misused Loan Funds

Ghislaine Maxwell Was a Queen of Reddit, Moderator of Huge News Groups

DLA diggz


ICE announces more targeted arrests of criminal aliens in Mecklenburg County, many shielded by North Carolina non-cooperation policies

Kamala Harris mistakenly refers to Notoriois BIG when talking about RBG during a speech today on Trump’s nomination of ACB

Hennepin County Attorney Jeff Wojciechowski just announced that he will be investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar

Killery likes Satanic porn

Steven Crowder to hold Michigan rally demanding answers from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on virus deaths in nursing homes

Comey the Cleaner

International Safe Abortion Day

PLAGUE PANIC Chinese county declares emergency over Black Death plague after three-year-old boy becomes latest infected

"Roger Meltzer, DLA Piper’s global co-chairman and Americas co-chairman, about defining the “global elite,"

Estée Lauder and NASA partner for a skincare serum photoshoot on the International Space Station


The Fed Now Owns Nearly One Third of All US Mortgages

Virgin Islands Suspends Nearly $1 Billion Bond Sale

Strzok-Page texts released in the Flynn case last week have a new clue. "Typhoon" is unredacted in this new batch. That's FBI's code for @GeorgePapa19

Current fires outline the Oroville Dam collapse plan for the state of CA

Pic4 graph Clinton Foundation Revenue over time

Denmark Heads to Pre-COVID Normality: No Masks or Distancing in Schools, Just Common Sense

Fact Sheet: Clinton Foundation Amended Returns: 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013

DLA Piper/Loop Cap connection?

PF updates

FBI Report on Crime Shows Decline in Violent Crime Rate for Third Consecutive Year

/ourguy/ Chuck Grassley Investigating Charity Fraud since (2001)

Ex-Sen. Mitchell, Now at DLA Piper, Named in Epstein Scandal

Portland Mugshots: 30 Arrested Following Saturday’s Protests

Enter Lisa Barsoomian, wife of Rod Rosenstein

DLA PIPER was in charge of the victim compensation fund for sexually abused

Barsoomian diggz


Still in Pacer. CASE #: 1:98-cv-01459-TPJ

anon bun


Who is .. Tom Malinowski

DLA Piper shows up one time in the HRC WikiLeaks search. Pro Bono Counsel praising Cheryl Mills

Around this same time another person of interest transferred to the Internal Revenue Service to run the Tax Exemption Branch of the IRS

H.Res.1154 - Condemning QAnon and rejecting the conspiracy theories it promotes

Scraped titles from the cohengroup photogallery site…

Two press release today w/ seventeen indicted + many where 17 is mentioned

Huber is working on CF, but we werent supposed to know that

Lisa Barsoomian works for R. Craig Lawrence, an attorney who has represented Robert Mueller 3 times, James Comey 5 times, Barack Obama 45 times, Kathleen Sebellius 56 times, Bill Clinton 40 times, and Hillary Clinton 17 times between 1991 and 2017.…

"Harris's connections also extend to D.C. law firms. Three attorneys at DLA Piper's Washington office ……

Why did Robert Mueller order that the nationwide investigation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks be run out of FBI Headquarters rather than independently out of each FBI Field Office?

Man Convicted of Racketeering Conspiracy for Laundering MILLIONS in International Cyber Fraud Scheme

Hertz CFO steps down, finance VP Cheung takes on role

CM Attack fully mitigated now

A very interesting release from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Michael Horowitz, [SEE HERE] outlines some very interesting information especially for those who have followed the arc of the NSA database exploitation for several years

Actual Russians Involved in the Russia Collusion Scam Were Never Investigated – Is This Due to Their Connections with the UK and Ukraine?

2005 article about HRC and rosenstein with a ton of background on rosenstein. Its been scrubbed from the net but wayback had a version

Federal grand jury indicts two Iranians in scheme to send export-controlled computer servers to Iran. An Orange County man and his equipment company were previously charged in the alleged conspiracy

#10 'TAKE BACK THE HOUSE' -DJT #VoteDemsOut Brad Schneider Illinois 10th

The owner of some of Australia’s most iconic retail brands has been savaged for banking millions in taxpayer funds while posting record profits

Potential issues w/ National Security Letters against Flynn

YesBarsoomianis Aremenian

anon bun

Gen. James C. McConville tweet

DLA Piper cited on the clinton Foundation website

Anon looks at the NYT's 'Trup's Taxes' story and finds POTUS paid $1m in 2016 and $4.2m in 2017

Interesting tweet from JFK JR: What is CMRSOCM?

The Main Document for Hamburg v. Clinton

Kamala Harris husband Emhoff Douglas, attorney (on leave) at DLA Piper. Representative Matters he was involved in

James Woods tweet: "The Clinton's are immunne to justice"

Whoa, mucho grande ballot harvesting in TX

CM tweet: Project Odin has been ready for a while now

Let’s learn a little about Mrs. Lisa H. Barsoomian’s background

vault.fbi. gov/william-j.-clinton-foundation : What's a Grand Jury 'Red Rope'?

Minneapolis Police tweet: Allegations of Voter Fraud being evaluated

Major Clinton Foundation Donor Ted Waitt romantically Tied to Ghislaine Maxwell

MP4: HRC statement during HRC/Trump debate re the SCOTUS Nominee process

Actual Russians Involved in the Russia Collusion Scam Were Never Investigated: Due to Their Connections with the UK and Ukraine?

President Jair Bolsonaro's son Indicted today

New York City School Principals Vote Unanimously to Have Mayor de Blasio Abdicate

Rosenstein’s Wife Represented Bill Clinton Shortly After Rod Cleared Hillary As A Prosecutor

More Surprises: FBI Releases Files On Bill Clinton's Pardon Of Marc Rich

Graphic: Clinton attorney [Hamburg vs. Clinton 1998 + appeal 1999 _scrubbed from net] Wife of Rosenstein

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Again: Clinton Foundation - Recognizing Our Generous Supporters

Meet The Mastermind Behind JPMorgan's Gold And Silver Manipulation "Crime Ring"

Follow the Pen new Catherine Herridge

Eric Trump was getting subpoenaed or something out of SDNY

Chicago: Mayor Lightfoot introduces ordinance modifying requirements for industrial uses in manufacturing districts

Parscale Police Incident Report

Media report tied Kamala Harris's husband to potentially shady Chinese business deals in the US

Lisa Barsoomian in Gumshoe News

Awake Art on display in small town America

More Lisa Barsoomina diggz

Hennepin County attorney says no cases of ballot harvesting reported following allegations from Veritas

Owner of Bitcoin Exchange Convicted of Racketeering Conspiracy for Laundering Millions

List Brokerage Firm Pleads Guilty To Facilitating Elder Fraud Schemes

How Mayor Rahm Emanuel Transformed Chicago’s Skyline (2019)

Joe Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones Accused of Illegal Ballot Harvesting

Save the Children? Qanon FUD piece

Democrats Release New $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Proposal With $417BN In State And Local Aid

Grand juror files suit seeking release transcript Breonna Taylor case

Bridgespan Group: Mitt Romney's offshoot to "consult" for charities…Bain & Co at it again influencing society this time through nonprofits

Q has posted this video more than 10 times. Has anyone noticed a pattern to it?

Biden’s Lead in Betting Markets Is Growing Ahead of the First Presidential Debate

Police departments report nationwide 911 outage

Ex fbi lawyer charged making false statements Russia inquiry

Plane Fag There are a ton of Helos Up We got your Blackhawks Apaches Chinooks

Anon on why, TREASON (1st Instance) will be Proven

Law enforcement agencies across the country reported outages of their 911 systems

Richard Grenell just threw down the gauntlet

Andrew Cuomo touting lies, for keks


Barsoomian Case List miss spelling

Fitton: Obama should be prosecuted and impeached

Update on Media Matter's PPP loan investigation

BOOM! 3 House Judiciary Dems Hit with Corruption Charges

The Disturbing Intersection Between Antifa, BLM, & Public-School Teachers

Keks: Winning Debate Strategy: Trump Will Simply Let Joe Biden Talk For The Full 90 Minutes

Elon Musk: H and his family won't get a CV vaccine when it becomes available

Clinton doc diggz: Found so far

Lin Wood: Nation’s 911 system goes down tonight & Microsoft 365 goes down today. Cyberattack? #Fightback

House GOP Candidate Goes on QAnon-Promoting Podcast

Richard Grenell: I’ll be on @seanhannity’s show soon

Herridge: Green pen for military OPs? 911 blackout across USA? Graphic

New from Herridge re Flynn and Strzok

Clinton doc diggz re Q's post: Epstein and Lex Wexner's names found, US Atty Mary Jo White defend's wexner

James Comey’s Wife an RPCV (Sierra Leone)

Anon diggz: Do not overlook the importance of this DS two-step admission by IG Horowitz

Clinton doc diggz re Q's post Marc Rich pardon in the 1st pdf. heavy redacted throughout

Armenia: Will deploy missiles if Turkey uses American-built F-16 jets in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

UK's Channel 4: Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting in 2016

Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman faces 5 years in prison: To be sentenced this week

New: Obama’s Deep State Provided Private Companies Access to US Databases to Illegally Surveil Americans

Video: Jul 24, 2020: Protest outside Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, London, UK

Anons digg on Clinton doc and find P Tech - connects to a initiative by Ivanka

Quack Dr. Fauci Attacks “Outlandish” Reporting by FOX News and his Differences with Dr. Scott Atlas

De Blasio Tweets He Will Keep New York Under COVID-Unism Forever

Anon finds flu deaths from last year mostly the same over/under to CV deaths: CDC figures

>10830690 BREAKING Veritas video: Omar Connected Harvester SEEN Exchanging $200 for Ballot

Scavino: New tweet and video

Sept 25, 2020: from The House of Representitives: Condemning QAnon & rejecting the conspiracy theories it promotes

DJT Jr tweets Veritas' breaking new video

Diggz on the Getty family and "MEGA" photo agency - Re Q's post

Clinton doc diggz ongoing: Moar finds

Anons on the Veritas ballot harvesting and Somalians being paid for theirs

New POTUS campaign video: "We are taking back our country"

2016: Joe Biden’s Secret Meeting with the Pope

Kayleigh: Media ‘Desperately Trying to Smear’ Trump, Who Has Already Donated $1.4 Million of Salary to Government

Over 3,100 Shooting Victims in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago this Year

NYC Voters Receive Mail-in Ballots Marked for Military Use Despite Never Having Served

As many as 140,000 New Yorkers receive absentee ballots with incorrect names and addresses

10831025, HRC: New podcast tomorrow, #YouAndMeBoth (in photo is a cabal art book by Lucio Bubacco)

New Big Tech meme thread - Drop off and pick up

Tucker video: Photos found of Feinstein in a private airport lounge without a mask

Universal Health Services, Inc. to Pay $117 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

‘Gee, I wonder why?’ Trump bashes Biden campaign’s drug-test refusal as MSM renew push to CANCEL ‘useless’ debates

Pelosi’s “quiver of arrows” referring to Antifa and their “three arrows”

Twitter pushing the misspelled version #Ballotharvesting in autocomplete

More on Antifa, Pelosi, arrows & quiver

Fresh DJT: These people are sick!

Notables for Sep 28, 2020

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