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Notables for Sep 15, 2020

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Khazarian Mafia circling the wagons around the US election and their Manchurian Candidate


Continuation of News Roundup for Sept.07-13 (Various)

HuPo's White House pooler's "Editorial" comments+Cap

Check it

Bill Binney (Various)

PF FOB Coastal Carrier Moves & Boatfag has no Sight of em! Ghost! + Forestry Service!

Stop The Coup! A Re: to American Mind's "the Coming Coup"+Similarly Titled Article (Zero Hedge\Medium)

ObamaSon? Alleged ANTIFA Member was in WH!

Their Plans for Re-Election PDF W/Annotated References (PDF)

This has to be Re-Notabled

An Analysis by Anonymous Conservative

JA, G2.0, DNC v Russia Federation (Cap)

REMINDER: On May 3 2011, at a national event in Washington, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did the unthinkable - He publicly revealed the identity of the special-operations unit responsible for bin Laden's killing, just to show that he "was in…

Q Referenced Council: Before a Clackamas County sheriff’s deputy spread unfounded antifa wildfire rumors, a supervisor did (Youtube)

WATCH chaotic protests grip Haiti’s capital as demonstrators torch cars & demand release of detained police officer (RT)

Venezuelan Chief Prosecutor Brings Charges of Terrorism Against Alleged US Spy (Sputnik)

When things talk when they shouldnt the way they do: ‘Irresponsible, Arrogant’: Nevada Gov. Sisolak Rips Trump For Holding Indoor Rally | All In | MSNBC (Youtube)

700 due at White House Israel-UAE-Bahrain signing; Netanyahu to meet Trump first

Abuse report leads police to discover girl has been missing for 10 years (1News.info)

A friend in Los Angeles happened to drive by on Ventura Blvd. in the valley as a huge group of Trump voters drove by

17 days… signalling?

VIDEO: Huge Locust Repeatedly Lands On Joe Biden’s Face During Rant About ‘Environmental Justice’

Deep M6.4 earthquake hits Kamchatka, Russia (The Watchers)

Resignations in the news 9/14/2020 (Various)

Food Shortages to Reduce the Population Brought to you by the COVID Triumvirate (Armstrong Economics.com)

Well if FBI is as good at investigating Netflix's Jerry Harris as it is Portland's Arson "We have a problem"

Trump on the way to a Full and Complete Endorsement from Homosexuals. 45% according to Newsweek

"New"ell Digs Sharpie

Before She Was Murdered: Benazir Bhutto was a Pakistani politician who served as Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1988 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1996. (Youtube)

BREAKING: DHS leaked email confirms Antifa is an organized group (The Post Millennial.com)

BUSINESS MEETING: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 10:15 a.m. Re: Crossfire Hurricane (Twitter)

This is the owner of the salon in Pelosi-gate, who just posted saying her uncle was jumped and attacked by Antifa. (Twitter)

ANOTHER Fire in Beirut, Lebanon (Twitter)

PF Who's pickin' up some good triangulations?

Antifa Reports (Facebook Caps)

Pre Release study claiming treatment for C-19

The Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) is a definitive major player in the ANTIFA movement. It sponsors numerous bail funds and the following organizations… (AFGJ.org)

Who Wants ta know? Is Trump breaking/beating the AI by being unpredictable/wild, which would explain some of his chaotic-seeming decisions and press conferences?

"Forming an ANTIFA group: A manual" on It's Going Down, an ANTIFA organizing group's website

Injecta-Butt or Squat away the stretch marks? Choose Carefully Ladies and Gentlemen (News-Medical.net)

Bureau of Land "Mis"-Management. . . (Various)

Interesting Omission - Another case of…'Deleted' (Twitter)

ANTIFA Syria Files

Prince and Queen on the move. (Cap)

Platinum Records: Live Platinum High: 969.00 (Cap)

ANTIFA using Riseup.net to communicate (email, chat, list, and VPN service) (Center for Security Policy.org)

LA arson fires increasing amid COVID-19 pandemic, LAPD data shows

Racial Justice Agitators Are Killing Sports Along With Opportunities for at-Risk Black Youths

New evidence makes Hunter Biden’s ‘business’ deals reek worse than ever

Catherine Herridge: Memo Indicates Peter Strzok Approved His Own Draft To Open The Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

If Biden can’t answer questions without a script, how can he run the country?

Judge guilty of groping daughters' teen friends during massages, beach trips 'He is a wolf in sheep's clothing, hiding in plain sight before you'

Report: Left-Wing Groups Plot Riots on Social Media

Feds want 5 years in prison for Clare Bronfman in Nxivm case

Joe Biden Confuses Sign Language Interpreter as He Speaks Gibberish About “Environmental Justice” During Virtual Event

North Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate Appears To Stifle A Laugh When Thom Tillis Mentions Police Officers Shot In LA

FBI Raids Home of Netflix Star and Biden Surrogate Jerry Harris Over Underage Sex Allegation

'Proven leader': More than 200 former military leaders endorse Trump in open letter

Greece, in conjunction with United States, will begin five-day military exercise using tanks Monday near land border w/Turkey

Turns Out a Number of Fires on the West Coast Aren't Because of 'Climate Change'

Planefag Reports

Ann Getty, SF society figure and philanthropist, dies at 79

Watch Sen. Kamala Harris refer to a "Harris administration, together with Joe Biden" (@1:40)

Biden visiting Florida to woo Latinos: "I will talk about how I am going to work like the devil to make sure I turn every Latino and Hispanic vote"

DIGG CALL - Int't Anti-Fascist Defence Fund

This is MUCH better than the crude 4 black corners

This is MUCH better than the crude 4 black corners

Black Lives Matter Founder Admits to Not Just Marxist Beliefs but Occultist Practices

Judicial Watch Twat Poll: Should #RobertMueller be investigated?

"Suspected Antifa starting fires"- Captain Jeff Smith of the Sheriff's Department

Planefag Reports

UK: Ex-Tory MP Charlie Elphicke jailed for two years for sexual assaults

Jerry Harris from ‘Cheer’ under FBI investigation for allegedly soliciting sex from minors

QANON is NOT considered a Terrorist Threat. The Bulletin going around the Fake News is Fake

Biden Votes in Person in Delaware Primary Monday, Proving in Person Voting Safe for the Elderly

Guinea-Bissau migration agency boss arrested for alleged cocaine trafficking

CNN’s Brian Stelter Ignores ‘Cuties’ Controversy in Interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Pompeo Atlantic council live

Italian Youth League Is Latest International Group to Endorse President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize

Scientists discover antibody that 'neutralizes' virus that causes COVID-19 by blocking it from entering cells

U. Chicago English Dept. Says It Will 'Only' Admit "Black Studies" Grad Students This Year

House Republican leaders hold news conference on Capitol steps to announce “Commitment to America” plan

Ohio Man Charged with Rape of 12-Year-Old Who Became Pregnant

Israel's Leumi signs deals with First Abu Dhabi Bank, Emirates NBD

China Struggling to Convince Citizens to Take Chinese-Made Flu Shots

SOS: Mailers sent by Postal Service to Nevadans contain inaccurate info regarding state’s voting process for general election

New PDJT twat: We are advertising all over the place, but as much as we do, the Fake News likes to say we aren’t…

City to pay millions to Breonna Taylor's mom, reform police

The CDC Ignores Presidential Order and Moves Forward with Critical Race Theory Program

Swiss Spiez Laboratory finds potential plant-based treatment for SARS-nCOV-2 Virus

Following meeting w/POTUS in Sacramento, Gov. Gavin Newsom returned to Butte County for closer look at the Bear Fire damage

Judicial Watch FOIA Docs re Comey - Clinton Announcement (p 410)

This clip from the view needs to be re-tweeted around the world This will destroy Biden vid

This is what it looks like when people have had enough. vids

Police: Man arrested for starting several small fires next to I-205 in Portland

Democrats Trying to Hand IMF $3 Trillion for Globalist Agenda

whistle blower released a report exposing the Fake whistle blower

PF updates

What hospitals got paid for each Covid patient

12 adults, 1 juvenile arrested for arson, vandalism during protests over Lancaster police shooting

Crime and Courts: Prosecutors: Time to do your job!

Forbidden & Suppressed Books The Great Awakening

Open Letter from a Texan to the owner of the disgraced Texans

Camo overlays. Made a few this morning and remembered there's piles of the damn things on the internet already

Feds issue GJ subpoenas to Bolton's pubisher

Secretary Pompeo Attends the Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony at the White House - 12 p.m

Gina Haspel warned Durham inquiry would be a 'nightmare' for CIA: Woodward book

The Sheriff has asked Lebron James to match the amount

at 2 pm ET TODAY for "Camp David & Beyond: The Middle East Peace Process From Carter to Clinton," featuring our specialist Josh Montanari!

Louisville agrees to multimillion-dollar settlement with family of Breonna Taylor

Former DEA Agent and His Wife Plead Guilty for Roles in Scheme to Divert Drug Proceeds From Undercover Money Laundering Investigations

Refresher: Vindmans, X3

President Trump and The First Lady Participate in an Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony

Potus: HISTORIC day for PEACE in the Middle East — I am welcoming leaders from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain to the White House to sign landmark deals

@DeptofDefense Partner flight

Flotus: A historic day……

President Trump on Tuesday predicted that the historic peace deals his administration brokered with Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will eventually force the Palestinians to come to the table, as more such deals follow

Potus Live

If you live in the northern states, here's why your sky is hazy. A wave of smoke in the upper atmosphere from Western fires is washing over the US

Some 235 retired senior military officers have signed a letter backing the reelection of President Donald Trump …

Lancaster protesters held on whopping $1 million bail after alleged riots

Former lead activist for ‘comfort women’ charged with fraud & embezzlement in South Korea

Clouds of chlorine vapor rise into the sky after chemical-packed warehouse catches fire near Atlanta, Georgia

Arson suspected in fire that destroyed 2 Bothell homes

Scientific America: I love the smell of desperation/KEK!

moar meme overlays

Militant Islamists Slaughter More than 500 Christians in Ethiopia

'The Cavalry is Coming:' Lincoln Project Joins With National Latino Groups To Boost Biden/FYI

Q Saving Israel for last

Top Terrorist Who Bankrolled Daesh Killed During Operation in Western Iraq

Inslee refutes President Trump's wildfire claims: 'What a bunch of ignorance'

Pompeo Hopes for Full US Troop Exit From Afghanistan Next Year as Intra-Afghan Talks Start in Doha

Top HHS spokesman runs through conspiracies in video and claims without evidence CDC scientists are working to resist Trump


Facebook just censored our PAC's $4 million ad campaign in MI attacking @JoeBiden,@SenGaryPeters for their support for radical policies that would destroy women's sports

WTO rules that Trump’s tariffs on China violated global trade rules/no teeth!

Kohls Announces New Line of BLM Shirts

BREAKING Moussa Traore, who led Mali for 22 years until 1991, has died aged 83: family

Covid a 'catalyst' for QAnon's rise in Europe

Kelso, WA: A man starting a fire in shrubs in a residential area caught on security camera

Kelso, WA: Man starting a fire in shrubs caught on security camera: Video from pb

NBC's Sunday Night Football ratings plummet nearly 30% compared to 2019

Villanueva Thinking for himself

Texas billboard cautions drivers to enter Austin "at your own risk" after city reduces police budget

Former U.K. Lawmaker Jailed for 2 Years in Sexual Assaults

Bill Gates Slams FDA, Doubts Agency Can Be Trusted With COVID-19 Vaccine?

Wildland Arson: A Research Assessment

Historic signing Abraham accords 1:38pm Sept 15, 2020

ISIS Video from Late July Calls for Arson Attacks across US

Scavino peace deal pic

Cease and Desist notice served on Commonwealth of Australia Corporation, Video accuses the Gov of pedophilia at highest levels

Trump Middle East peace approach was not conventional. Here's what made the difference

Merkel ‘ashamed’ of persistent anti-Semitism in Germany, as she attends anniversary of country’s largest Jewish group

Stanford profs try to cancel Trump Coronavirus adviser…& White House strikes back

Jerisalem old city walls, tonight

"We Need China To Move": Senator Proposes Stripping China's Most-Favored-Nation Status

Putin Withdraws Russian Troops From Belarus Border After Uneventful Lukashenko Meeting

Aaron Klein: Trump, Netanyahu Driving Mideast Peace Train

PF updates

Jim Cramer Calls Pelosi ‘Crazy Nancy’ Right To Her Face During Televised Interview

Rand Paul quotes on Not wearing a mask

Call to diggz on fires, Feinstein from past two years

Blast from the PastThe Hollywood Ten: The Men Who Refused to Name Names

Two Alleged Hackers Charged with Defacing Websites Following Killing of Qasem Soleimani

Wildfire closes U.S. Hwy. 12 across White Pass in Cascades

Trudeau to Announce Retaliatory Aluminum Tariffs Against U.S

BREAKING: NASA says the sun has entered a new “solar cycle”. Officially named “Solar Cycle 25”……

“Its something we should all be proud of.“

Former Employee At Los Alamos National Laboratory Sentenced To Probation For Making False Statements About Being Employed By China

US Officials Fear Arrest Over Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

Saginaw man charged with sexually assaulting 2 girls for years

UK theme park Dinosaur World closes after owner convicted of child sex offences

POTUS emphasized several times that “Biden is shot.”

Kamala calls it the Harris administration and now Biden calls it the Harris /Biden administration

KimK shutting it all down

Cuties accepted by left


Trump hails new 'dawn' for Middle East as Israel signs accords with Bahrain and UAE

Pompeo touts end of Palestinian 'veto' over Arab-Israeli ties

Antero Midstream Corp. sold by CEO: $46.44m-Sept 14

Spare us your card @JoeBiden I served under your administration. I lost my legs under your leadership

Nebraska President caught on hot mic saying announcement for return of Big 10 Football coming tonight

Gaza militants fire rockets at Israel as pacts signed in US

CDC: Robert Redfield is scheduled to appear tomorrow before the Senate Subcommittee on Labor/HHS. I fully expect Senate Republicans to hold him accountable for violating the president's executive action

@780thC "We've got approximately 4,000 National Guardsmen that we would identify as cyber operational personnel within 59 units that are dedicated to a specific federal cyber mission," Col. George Haynes, chief of cyberspace operations for the NGB…

West Coast Air Quality

Justice Department Watchdog Probing Handling of Stone Sentencing

Officer Shot Outside Federal Courthouse In Downtown Phoenix

(in #13640) Twitter Suspends Acct of Chinese Scientist Who Published Paper Alleging COVID Created In Wuhan Lab

“THE $2.5 TRILLION THEFT”: RAND study uncovers massive income shift to the top 1%

A Casino security guard beat up a manager over a "business dispute" in Serbia

‘Cuties’ Backlash Led Netflix U.S. Cancellations to Spike Nearly Eightfold, Analytics Firm Says

Scientific Evidence: ‘No Climate Effect’ on California’s Wildfires

China Calls US Ban on Uyghur Slave-Picked Cotton ‘Naked Act of Bullying’

Pompeo on Trump’s Peace Push: Deals All Connected to Trump’s Strategy Recognizing Iran as Primary Operator for Instability

Dementia Biden exiting plane waves to empty field

Mother and cafe owner challenges Victoria curfew in Australian Supreme Court

National Weather Service Data: 9 of 10 wildfires are set by humans

Port of Los Angeles import container volume soared to all-time high in August

Government Seeks [only] 5 Years in Prison for Clare Bronfman (NXIVM case)

Judge Sets Bail at $1 Million Each for Lancaster Rioters

Irish Doctor Speaks Out About Covid-19 Lies (vid)

Paper: Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route

Potential Connection between Murdered Pitt Researcher, and Small-Molecule Antibody for COVID

Catherine Herridge thread on John Bolton

Judge strikes down Pennsylvania lockdown; Gov. Wolf to appeal

DoJ: Vermont Man Charged with Hiring Person to Kidnap & Kill a Man in a Foreign Country, & Producing & Receiving Child Porn

DoJ: Former Los Alamos Nat. Lab. Employee Sentenced To Probation For False Statements About Being Employed By China

FBI’s ‘Op Black Phoenix’ Arrests 18 In Drug and AR-15 Style Gun Bust


PF updates

Summer Refresher: collapsing our economy

President Trump Participates in the Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony at the White House vid

LIVE: Pro-Trump Patriots and protesters are gathered outside upcoming Trump Town Hall event in Philadelphia

‘Transparency is not political’: Ric Grenell vid

09/15/20: President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure to Philly

What a shocker: Burning down cities, releasing criminals from prison, and inciting violence was a bad campaign strategy

LAW AND ORDER: FOX 10's John Hook EXCLUSIVE Interview With U.S. Attorney General William Barr

@USTreasury designated Chinese-state owned entity, Union Development Group, for seizing Cambodian land for the Dara Sakor. The project has left devastation…

website for the Black Futures Lab, click on the “Donate” button. It will ask you to send your money to an obscure organization, the Chinese Progressive Association

Federal officer shot in drive-by shooting in Phoenix vid

NY released MS-13 gang member facing federal murder charge

Oregon opens state’s first mobile morgue amid deadly wildfires

Texas Woman Charged with Fraudulently Obtaining Nearly $2 Million in COVID Relief Funds

Aussie WHISTLEBLOWER INSIDER gives EVIDENCE of Spygate origin I

Grand jury indicts man for laser use during protest

Harris visited a Venezuelan restaurant in Doral — unannounced — and it became a local news disaster…

Kim Jong Un reportedly tours ‘socialist fairyland’ after typhoon destruction

Air Force reveals it secretly built and flew new fighter jet

The Bee: Trump Celebrates Middle East Peace Deal By Cooking Up His World-Famous Bacon-Wrapped Pork Ribs

Baseball Game in Seattle Cancelled due to Arsons

Scavino on Old City Wall Jerusalem

Planefag Reports

MSM Reporter Admits Most Media Work for CIA, MI6, Mossad

New iOS update gives opt in to the 'CV Exposure Notifications System' w/o app

Twitter Suspends Chinese Scientist Whose Paper Alleges Covid Was Created In Wuhan Lab

More Q Post aggregator sites

Chinese Scientist in note below to appear on Tucker tonight at 8pm EST

Video: Jared Kushner highlights the effectiveness of President Trump's unconventional diplomacy - CNN

Mega removed Meme Warehouse then Memefarmer resigned. MF recommends >>>/qrmemes/ plus Digital Camo

US Travel Warning For China & HK: "Arbitrary Detention & Prolonged Interrogations"

Bronze statue of Melania Trump unveiled in Slovenia

Donald Trump Jr - Pennsylvania Sheriff Switches to GOP: 'The Democratic Party Has Left Me'

Lancaster protest shut down swiftly as officers regain control of the city

Homeland Security document says White Supremacy group biggest threat, local expert disagrees

AG Jason Ravnsborg Who Killed Man While Reporting a Deer Now Says ‘I Discovered the Body’

Greece: 5 arsonists believed to have started fires at the Moria migrant camp arrested

Destroy this TWITTER POLL: Do you support our POTUS?

Fresh FLOTUS tweet: A historic day here at the @WhiteHouse

Bill Gates Sr., father of Microsoft co-founder, dies at 94

History of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

The Washington Times: The prospect of violence on Election Day

Claim: Gilead sent death threats to French doctor for telling the world that HCQ cures CV

REMINDER: POTUS is doing a town hall on ABC tonight 9:00

Oregon Says Reports of Antifa Firesetters Are Nuts, So Why Did Clackman County Call for Curfew Because of Them?

Woodrow Wilson and the Zionists Network

Accused Rapist Justin Fairfax Made #MeToo ‘Enemies List’ Before Announcing Run for Governor

Hollywood Director Judd Apatow: ‘China Has Bought Our Silence’

Aussie WHISTLEBLOWER INSIDER gives EVIDENCE of Spygate origin II

Bill Gates: CDC being 'written out of the picture' on Coronavirus

Fresh PDJT: Great to be back in Philadelphia

Anon theory: Watching the pens at the Israeli/UAE Peace Agreement Signing today. Step by step pen watch

Assange Hearing Say Six: Prosecutor Says Government Can Prosecute Journalist for Publishing

Video: Chinese scientist claims CV lab-created and intetionally released: On Tucker

Video: Smoke from Western wildfires reaches to New York City

Planefag Reports

POTUS rt: Obama State Dept. was concerned with Hunter's ties to Burisma

Philadelphia tweet report: Anti-Trump protesters now marching through dense traffic, stopping all vehicles

Interactive graph of Jeffrey Epstein and his connections

Video: Joe Biden in 2006 says don’t trust a spying President

Does President Trump Have the Deep State Working Against Him at the CDC?

Azek Company Inc. sold by Ontario Teachers Pension Plan: $454.49m-Sept 15


JUST IN: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is preparing a possible antitrust lawsuit against Facebook

Statement of ABA President Judy Perry Martinez Re: United Nations Day - Mentions Climate Change - No mention of arson

Coronavirus whistleblower speaks out about possible COVID origin on Tucker

Japanese Cabinet Resigns En Masse Ahead of Suga's Assumption of Premiership

YouTube link to hannity show *live"

Kanye is being weird again: Tweets

So You Want to Overthrow the State: Ten Questions for Aspiring Revolutionaries

Planefag Updates

Shinzo Abe Resigning, Confirmation of Old News

Anon came across this while digging on NOAA

Dr. Li-Meng Yan on Tucker Carlson Tonight: Her paper in PDF

Major fire threatens historic observatory near LA

Video: Alan Dershowitz files multimillion-dollar defamation lawsuit against CNN

Bexar County (TX) to Cut 19 Constable Posts in 2021

Fresh DJT tweet and video re the Mueller Team wiping phones

Video: Busted: Stephanopoulos caught giving "kill" sign while Trump's lawyer was speaking


Woman held for killing 8-year-old daughter over occult practices

YT: Oregon man fights fires and misinformation

BREAKING: Someone opened fire on marked police car traveling in Suffolk, Virginia tonight. The vehicle was struck multiple times but the officer inside was not hurt

US Ambassador to #Hungary David Cornstein resigns

Alleged Sureño Gang Members Charged With Selling Drugs, Guns At Concord ‘One-Stop’ Operation

Witzke is the second QAnon supporter to win a GOP Senate primary in 2020 after JoRae Perkins in Oregon

Drag The Interstate 1776 is an organizing point for car/truck parades. They're organizing rolling rallies in all 50 states on October 3, 2020. Drive from your local town to the capital city in your state

Explosive email adds to mountain of evidence saying under-siege premier KNEW about Army quarantine offer, discussed AND rejected it

Trump Says COVID-19 Vaccine Coming ‘In A Matter Of Weeks’ But Health Experts Question Safety

Kobe Bryant's widow takes swipes at LA County sheriff on social media after his challenge to LeBron James

Donald Trump Opposes National Mask Mandate During Pandemic: A Lot of People Don’t Want to Wear Masks

USA: Protesters march in DC against trilateral UAE-Bahrain-Israel peace deal

America's Largest Landlord-Blackstone-To Make $550 Million Bet On Trailer Parks

Bahrain: Trilateral UAE-Bahrain-Israel peace deal sparks protests in Al Daih

After taking a break from rioting for several days because of the wildfire smoke in Portland, #antifa are planning to gather again. Their flyer says, “Spread Fire.” No, this is not fake. #PortlandRiots

USA: Pompeo says UAE, Bahraini deals with Israel based on "best sovereign national interest"

PHILADELPHIA: songs to Jesus where the protest was taking place

Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route

In a rambling statement yesterday Biden says if he is elected his administration will CURE cancer!

Fat moron from The View posted a picture on Twitter

US to Stop Using Russian Rocket Engine RD-180 in Mid-2020s - United Launch Alliance

Michelle Malkin Eph. 6:11


Under the Media's Berlin Wall of Truth Suppression

Milwaukee Trump Supporter Arrested for Brandishing a Gun at Black Lives Matter Mob That Was Surrounding His Home

Kameltoe not welcome in Venezuelan restaurant!

What ISIS Can Tell Us About QAnon - PANIC

Though Most Crime Rates Fell, Arson Surged During Pandemic, FBI Says

Los Angeles-area authorities worked Tuesday to apprehend a suspected armed carjacker in a standoff amid suspicions he could be connected to the shooting of two sheriff's deputies over the weekend

BOMBSHELL: The Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Progressive Association, is actively funding elements of the BLM movement

Infiltration. Traitors first

On Sept. 16 at noon Eastern, Future Tense will host an online event called “How Should We Talk About QAnon?” For more information and to RSVP, visit the New America website

China Virologist Full paper

New board for MEMES anons

POTUS Schedule for WEDNESDAY September 16, 2020

It’s a free country. Anyone can organize. You DC types hate it when conservatives do what you do. - GRENELL

Commie Salt Responses to POTUS Townhall Minibun ← needs more salt

Australian police accessed Chinese diplomats' emails and messages as part of foreign political interference investigation


Another video of the heavy-set woman screaming at the BLM protest in Philadelphia

Pres. Trump says COVID-19 will go away even without a vaccine in part because of … “herd mentality.”

The Battle of Midway and the confirmation that George H. W. Bush is a big fat f*g Nazi liar

Holy F*** Cringe - Joe Biden begins speaking at a Hispanic Heritage Month event by playing “Despacito” on his cell phone

Tucker/Nick Fuentes Mashup re: BLM Subversive Agenda

Mask-Enforcing Humanoid Robots Set To Invade Office Spaces

Haiti Chaos | Protesters torch cars & demand release of detained officer in Port-au-Prince

Video - BLM protesters in Milwaukee, Wisc. surround a man’s house. He has a Trump & US flag on the outside. He was reportedly arrested for brandishing a weapon

"Federal Highway administration wants the DC government to remove the Black Lives Matter Plaza sign

Why Dave Rubin And Many Others Are Leaving The Democratic Party

The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin calls Joe Rogan ‘misogynistic, racist, homophobic,’ not fit to host debate

Eddie Bravo is a based new age samurai

People fleeing Melbourne to be fined $5,000

Oregon GOP wins voter guide lawsuit

Antifa Organizing

Texas Supreme Court blocks Harris Co. Clerk from sending mail-in ballot applications

EXCLUSIVE: Rare photos capture Epstein cavorting with scantily clad young women on his 'Pedophile Island

Wildfires make it difficult to track COVID-19 cases

Notables for Sep 15, 2020

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