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Notables for Sep 2, 2020

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Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night, But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes

We Got Our Hands On Trump’s Internal Issue Polling — Jobs, Economy And COVID Take Priority Over Racial Issues And Law & Order

Kamala Harris ancestor was slave owner in Jamaica, her father says

Battleground Michigan: Lawsuits challenge state's coronavirus restrictions, ballot rules

US Army tweet "Light up the skies"

Victorian restrictions to cost Australia up to $12 billion

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the signing to end WW2

Maximum Antagonism – Judge Sullivan Files Order Dragging Out Flynn Case Past Election

In Unprecedented Move, CDC Halts Most Rental Evictions Until End Of 2020

White House tweet re: DC

Lebanon Erupts In Violent Protest As Political Factions Appoint New Prime Minister

Eight Venezuelan Ministers Will Resign to Run in Parliamentary Elections, Maduro Says

Just the News CEO Solomon files motion to hold St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gardner in contempt

University Athletic Officials Slapped With New Charges in College Admissions Scandal


Bayer appeals $20.5 million Roundup ruling to California Supreme Court

California Legislature Softens Sex Offender Registry Requirements For Sodomy With Minors

Posobeic tweet: State Department Illegally Monitored Trump Jr., Hannity, Ingraham, Posobiec And Others From Kiev: FOIA

Planefags Report

Colorado speedway holds 'Stop the COVID Chaos' event after flouting coronavirus orders

US seeks formal alliance similar to Nato with India, Japan and Australia, State Department official says

Top House Democrat Richard Neal bests Massachusetts primary challenger Alex Morse

Trump Campaign Requests ‘Written Confirmation’ Basement Biden Will Participate in Presidential Debates

Political dynasty takes hit with Joe Kennedy III's primary loss to Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey

Resignations in the news 9/1/2020

New Revelations on the COVID Death Count (parody video)

Kyle Rittenhouse speaks out from jail… New Audio Released

DR. Shiva Loses Senate Primary to a man with no ground presence

4 Million March in Germany (video)

North Texas men, including church pastor, indicted on child pornography violations

Syracuse University removes professor for using 'Chinese Communist Party Virus' in syllabus, but students want him fired

Kyle Rittenhouse VS. Portland Shooter - Self "Defense Or Murder? The American Truth" (video)

Dig request: Foundation for a Bettr Life, Joyful Heart Foundation

Why would the FDA ban a drug that safely saves the lives of patients?

Chile-Haiti : The networks that El Poli built in Chile to traffic Haitian immigrants

Equal justice? Twitter locks out lawyer of alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse for ‘violating rules’

‘Intransigent, unrealistic’ British attitude prevents post-Brexit talks from progressing - French FM

The Uses of Children: A Study of Trafficking in Haitian Children

Biden campaign releases official yard signs for Animal Crossing that players can use to decorate their virtual homes, as politicians try to reach voters onlin

American Tied To Chinese Communist Party Scheme To Re-Elect Clinton Pleads Guilty in Lobbying Scheme To Remove Chinese Dissident From US

Andy Ngo tweet on Oregon State Troopers being Federally Deputized

Q Cannon Photo on Front Page of DrudgeReport.com

Anon on the CDC and Evictions

Test Case: Facebook and Google want to protect their data secrecy and use of news media but the (Australian) Government has other ideas

Khmer Rouge prison commander Comrade Duch dies in Cambodia at 77

Chinese Citizen Sentenced For Economic Espionage, Theft Of Trade Secrets, And Conspiracy

Mayor Wheeler wants to move because of portests outside his condo

The riot test: Democrats need to face the enemy to their left

James Carafano: DNI Ratcliffe outfoxes congressional critics on election intelligence sharing

A pregnant woman in Melbourne, Victoria (Aust) arrested by Police for Incitement for promoting rally

BLM Vandals Strike Elvis Presley's Graceland

FinCEN does press release about media plans to release Suspicious Activity Reports

Epidemiologist warns America 'ill-served' by debate over hydroxychloroquine

Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge

Chris Cuomo dismisses sexual misconduct allegations to Michael Cohen on tape revealed by Tucker Carlson

Migrants sent nearly $1B less to Latin American countries in April as COVID-19 struck

Ilhan Omar, Others Demand MSNBC’s Joy Reid Apologize For Comparing ‘Radical’ Trump Supporters to Muslim Extremists: ‘Hurtful and Dangerous’

NBC Gets Humiliated By Botched Fact-Check of Dem City Crime

Hit piece from themountaineer.com

POTUS tweet Will Fredo be fired by Fake News@CNN?

The college cartel's great coronavirus grift

China’s capability to invade Taiwan analyzed in US defense report

Dam good speech by John DeBerry, Tennessee Dem state rep

NoName staffers endorse Biden because he's worse on war

Some Of The Biggest QAnon Conspiracy Accounts On Instagram Are Claiming They've Been Suspended

Hannity, Ingraham among 13 monitored by Kiev embassy for Twitter posts about Ukraine, documents show

FLOTUS tweet, lighting the WH gold in honor of #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth

Taiwan's defense ministry seeking recon pods for nighttime photography of Chinese navy

Judge lets family sue social worker who strip-searched kids

Pompeo says Trump looking at whether to restrict Chinese students from the US

Charlie Hebdo: Fourteen suspects face trial over Paris massacre

Lin Wood, attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, says he was locked out of Twitter account. "I'm going to take Jack Dorsey's ass down,"

US aiming for NATO-like alliance with India, Australia, Japan to counter China

Portland mayor says he’ll move soon, after protests at his condo building

anons posit on CrowdTangle and ties to fagbook / 4am talking points

New DJT bun w/CAPs. extra(l) in indvidual

Lancet Study Finds US Has, By Far, The World’s Most Overpriced Medical Care



Operation Safety Net seeks to find 200 missing Cleveland-area kids

Texas weather reporter Kelly Plasker found dead after Facebook confession. My brain is broken and I cannot take it anymore

planefag reporting

Seattle police find spike strips, weapons, makeshift shields inside tents during park cleanup

Mysterious Maltese professor (Joseph Mifsud) denied making offer to Papadopoulos, new docs show

Army recruiter sentenced for soliciting sex from girls as young as 10

U.S. Indo-Pacific Command w/CAP: An EA-18G Growler from the “Wizards” of Electronic Attack Squadron 133 performs a flyby…

LEAKED CHATS: Biden Campaign Volunteers Instructed Not to Talk About Actual Policy

Massive release of methane gas from the seafloor discovered for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere

9 current & former Boston Police Officers have been arrested & charged w/ committing over $200,000 in overtime fraud at BPD evidence warehouse

University of California system can no longer consider SAT, ACT results in admissions, judge rules

Honeybee venom contains ‘extremely potent’ chemical that kills breast cancer cells in minutes

Philippines court orders US marine who killed transgender wo man to be freed

Oregon Governor Kate Brown extends coronavirus state of emergency to 'Nov. 3'

Big Ten Football Update: Nebraska Players Sue Conference for Cancelling 2020 Season

Charges Were Dropped Against Man At Portland Riot. He Later Stabbed Multiple People To Death, Police Say

ICYMI: It is almost time to releaseProject Odin Codemonkey

Ethics Foundation Requests A.G. Holder Investigate Sen. Boxer, diggz Amy Boxer

Venom from honeybees found to kill aggressive breast cancer cells

Pentagon forcing leftist diversity training on troops

Police in Peru arrested clowns attending the wake of a fellow entertainer, who had died from coronavirus, for breaching quarantine regulations

Australian Tyranny – Is Revolution Coming?

BREAKING: Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden will visit Kenosha tomorrow

A Kalamazoo pastor accused of paying teens for sex is considered a fugitive after he failed to turn himself in Wednesday morning, police say

Eight charged with sexually assaulting unconscious teen after video surfaces

History Refresher: May 23 2014 Mossad Meets Resistance

Report: Jacksonville Jaguars’ Tyler Eifert To Honor Fallen Cop David Dorn On His Helmet


Hackers Try To Knock Trump Campaign Offline Before Election

Cloudflare, Maria Eitel digg and sauce

Republicans Open Probe Into 'Left-Wing Violent Extremists' in D.C., Accuse Mayor Bowser of 'Inaction House Judiciary GOP

Dating app Bumble reportedly preparing for $6 billion IPO

Also known as "The Hidden Tyranny - 'Our God is Lucifer'"

CNN's Brian Stelter appears on C-SPAN — and callers absolutely torch him: 'We all know you're not reliable

President & Executive Vice President Of Republic Group, Inc. Indicted And Arrested For Conspiracy To Commit Wire Fraud

Page's FISA related FBI "Woods File" disappeared and had to be recreated

Carter Page’s FISA Related ‘Woods File’ Docs Disappeared, Was It ‘Malice Or Incompetence’

Parscale, Code Monkey, Gitmo Channel : "We've spent the last 3 years building some new technology we have not revealed yet"

@Herridge “All documents + communications” on DC response + examination of whether “perpetrators of the recent violence + intimidation…have been paid or otherwise induced to commit these

Information in SENTINEL is collected from numerous sources…

PF updates

NYT: Fox News' Chris Wallace to moderate first Trump-Biden debate

U.S. warns of North Korea missile plans, extends travel ban


JPMorgan: Investors Should Prepare for Rising Odds of a Trump 2020 Win + moar polls

Potus: Rigged Election?

File name from Q's image…

Amid riots, looting and violence in the streets, Goya Foods' CEO says polling showing President Trump's support rising among Latinos

Potus: When a Kennedy loses a Democrat Primary in Massachusetts, by a lot, it just shows how far LEFT that party has gone

Sentinel acronyms

Wolf Blitzer announces he will interview Bill Barr: CNN at 5PM

Iowa Judge sides with POTUS! 50,000 ballots tossed!

Mueller Is involved

Defying the Odds, Marina Abramović Presents the World Premiere of Her First-Ever Opera in Munich

Moar Sentinel


Q bun from lb long lists of blackmail

Democrat Nevada Gov. Sisolak Caught on Video Having Dinner at Las Vegas Restaurant with Live Music – Claims He Did Nothing Wrong

Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney Lin Wood to Sue Twitter After Account Suspended — Threatens to take CEO Jack Dorsey’s “A** Down”

Tesla’s stock sinks into correction territory after disclosure of another large seller

Amazon Deletes Job Postings For "Intelligence Analyst" Positions After They Go Viral On Social Media

Novichok-like chemical agent used to poison Russian opposition figure Navalny, German government claims

Bolsonaro Jr. wants jail time for hammer and sickle: Brazilian president’s son proposes to equate communist symbols with Nazi ones

re: Sentinels



Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Is Moving Out Of His $800K Condo After Rioters Ransack His Home

FBI Portland is Seeking Information on 10 people, #WantedWednesday The public’s help in identifying the individuals who participated in criminal activity or may have been a witness to criminal activity inside the Multnomah County Justice Center on…

Scotland’s Sturgeon to roll out terms & phrasing for second independence referendum within months

LIVE: President Trump Delivers Rermarks [SIC] on Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington, NC

Anyone else notice this agreement just happens to be specifically with only Five Eyes partners?

BBC’s New Chief Says Broadcaster Must Represent All of UK, Not Just Liberal London

Wonder which rats were running?

‘I Am Antifa’: Antifa Supporter Sarah Iannarone Could Be Portland’s Next Mayor

POTUS Declaring Wilmington, NC US's First WW2 Heritage City

Horowitz: President Trump should read Black Lives Matter the Riot Act – and the Insurrection Act

Q's List - Fact checked/2019 list for comparison/threadrapp?

FDA Nears Approval of Injectable Biochip Implants for COVID Detection, Linked to Computers

'People we didn't elect are running our country': Murray

Archive Update "7th Floor no more…"Edition

Politico Reporter Questions Whether It’s Legal To Post Security Footage Of Pelosi At Salon Since California Is A ‘Two-Party Consent’ State

ICE arrests 2,000+ illegal immigrants in sweep; 85% with criminal convictions or charges

Report: Hunter Biden still profiting off stake in Chinese surveillance company sanctioned for alleged involvement in Uighur persecution

PF updates

Chicago Faces Record $1.2 Billion Budget Shortfall Following ‘Catastrophic’ Economic Collapse, Riots, And Violence

August Habbenins Calendar

Potus Live


The Swamp runs deep

Meet the Travel Act, Barr's newly dusted off hammer

California Beset With Fires and Virus Sells $2.4 Billion in Debt

Senators to Esper: Reverse Your Decision to Kill Stars and Stripes

Wear a mask while having sex, Canada's top doctor suggests

Less than 3 million viewers watched Lakers

COMEY Cashes in BIG on TV Series ‘The Comey Rule’ — Jeff Daniels-Led Drama on FBI Boss “May Be Most Important Drama Of This Election Year”

Frontline Doctor Stella Immauel cleared of any wrongdoing by the Texas Medical Board

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) suggested in a Facebook post on Tuesday that armed demonstrators in his state should be met with force……

US places sanctions on International Criminal Court prosecutor Bensouda

Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim Signs Antitrust Cooperation Framework With Australia, Canada, New Zealand, And United Kingdom

ICE report

Kenosha Protesters Sue Authorities, Claim Curfew Violates Free Speech

Occupy Lafayette Square Protestors Planning 50 Day ‘White House Siege,’ say ‘Things Could Turn Very Ugly’

Apple Now Has Larger Market Cap Than UK's Entire FTSE-100 Stock Index

Qatar to Kushner: Two states needed to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict

CDC asks states to prepare for vaccine distribution before Election Day

Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of World War II

91 GOP Senators, Representatives Want FDA to Ban Abortion Pill

British Trace In Navalny Poisoning


New Jihadi Group Claimed Responsibility For Recent Attack On Turkish Post In Greater Idlib

Swiss Regulator Launches Enforcement Action Against Credit Suisse Over Spying Allegations

Potus arrival Wilmington, North Carolina vid

NY AG Files Motion To Stop Trump Administration’s Efforts to Undermine U.S. Postal Service

Former Texas pastor and his accomplice accused of producing and possessing child pornography

Kudlow on The Economy vid clip

Turkey Threatens To Shoot Down UAE Jets, US Ends Arms Embargo On Cyprus

pedophile island info bun, ty to anon for putting it together

Why did it take a political outsider to [finally] confront China? answered

ELECTION 2020: The Rise of the Council for National Policy and Who is Behind It

1-800 Flowers.com sold by Executive Chairman: $19.90m-Sept 1

Houthis’ Advance Continues: Strategic Territories Captured In Northern And Central Yemen

Dem Bullock Changes Voting Rules As He Eyes Senate Seat

Portland Police Association Pres: Other Agencies Won’t Help Us Because ‘They See the Political Dynamics’ in Portland

Here Are the Moderators for the 2020 Debates Between Biden and Trump

China has the largest navy in the world. And it’s not just big, but it’s getting better./consider the source/grain of salt thing

Israeli-Russian Businessman Steps in With Offer That Could Save El Al

Pelosi: “I think that this salon owes me an apology, for setting me up”

Former Lawyer For Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris Is Working To Push Kanye Off The Ballot

Trump Campaing spokesperson Hogan Gidley sets CNN anchor straight vid

This means 28% of Democrats thinks Q is true?

United States Reaches Settlement to Recover more than $60 Million Involving Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund

LOL. Look at what Twitter made trending……

Trump talks up strength in tackling US protests vid

Only One in Ten Medical Treatments are Backed by High-quality Evidence — University of Oxford

Potus: Dow Jones just closed above 29K. You are so lucky to have me as your Pres……

Air Force, Navy and Army merge attack tactics into Joint All Domain Command and Control

81 Scientists Back Biden After He Commits To Shuttering Economy If Advised… By Scientists

A steam powered submarine: the Ictíneo

Strzok is trying to figure out DELTAS

EVIL: Father, 23, Strangles 9-Month-Old Daughter To Death During Sexual Assault, Cops Say

These documents are part of the FBI's latest batch of released Russia probe documents

PA Nursing Home Whistleblowers

Market Report

TSA tries out another (illegal) biometric “ID verification” system

UK Book that lays bare how deeply the Chinese have infiltrated Britain reveals how they steal intelligence using blackmail, money… and sex

BLM: BREAKING! @DCPoliceDept shot someone in S.E.!!! MLK Ave. SE & MELLON St. SE!!!!/eyez on anons

Q list diggz/Farnham

Related to Sentinel/ ESOC provides oversight I believe

Wall Street’s Felon Banks to Go Live with their Own Stock Exchange this Month

In a sealed letter, Maxwell tried to modify a protective order to allow her to file her criminal discovery under seal in her civil litigation.The judge denies that as-yet-undisclosed request

Seattle Police Chief @carmenbest’s retirement is underway

Live Now Jim Watkins Owner of 8kun

Bill.com sold by DCM Ventures: $385.48m-Sept 1

UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine

Baby catches BLM bullet, Police tried to save the baby. BLM has done nothing to help

Breaking: Man shot and killed by DC officer

LIVE: DC Police Press Conference on shooting

409 migrants crossed the English Channel to reach UK shores in small boats today - significantly breaking the previous single-day record

United States Seizes Domain Names Used by Foreign Terrorist Organization

2018: China Focus: China's vigilante pedophile-hunters expose dark side of cyberspace

Moar Sentinel

Joe Biden denies calling for national mask mandate: "I'm a constitutionalist"

@FBI: Portland man charged with civil disorder after shooting firefighter with ball bearing

ArchiveAnon requests message passed to Codemoney re missing JSON

Antifa now collecting FEDERAL charges - Glorious

US Federal Appeals Court rules NSA's mass surveillance programme was illegal

POTUS has signed a memo ordering federal agencies to defund 'anarchist jurisdictions'

Bill Binney AMA Round 3, 7 hours ago: The Russians never hacked the DNC, and I have proof

Diggz on ocean charities, Blue Prosperity - Waitt, Oceans 5:- Rockefeller, LDF - DiCaprio

Past Notable Dig: Are Bill & HR Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?

Moar: Trump orders review to defund NYC, other ‘anarchist’ cities

CDC tells states to be ready to distribute potential COVID-19 vaccine by Nov. 1

Catholic pastor slams white privilege while delivering bizarre 'racial justice' prayer

Video of Murder of Aaron Danielson Suggests an Organized Antifa Team Assassination

Essex Westford School District to fly BLM flag at each of its schools

Frisco Police aware of video of Texas child saying she's being abused

600- plus Jewish groups sign full page Times ad supporting BLM

NEW: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in bed with China

A black man suffocated as Rochester police restrained him

Diggz: Cherie Blair and the assassination of President Lincoln II

Diggz: Cherie Blair and the assassination of President Lincoln I

Peter Schiff: Court TV reluctantly admit the evidence re George Floyd exonerates all 4 officers

The CDC has faced an onslaught of calls about a CV conspiracy theory linked to QAnon

'Such xenophobia and racism': Trump demands MSNBC fire 'very untalented' Joy Reid

Pompeo Unveils Extensive New Restrictions On Chinese Diplomats In US

Barr: Police Chiefs Identify Antifa ‘as the Ramrod’ for Violence – ‘They Are Flying around the Country’

Senator Joni Ernst embraces QAnon

International Criminal Court officials sanctioned by US

Anon on Antifa picking up Federal Charges being a game changer

Planefag Reports

Video: Barr interviewed on CNN about mail-in ballots

QAnon – A Statement from KidSafe Foundation

NEW DJT on weak mayors & lawless cities

Moar on Nov 1 CDC vaccine push

Breaking911 - Trump orders federal government to defund NYC & 3 moar

Suspect in fatal Portland shooting turned into police by his sister

Sentinal & data integrity

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Smears Cop After Police Defended His Home

Bill Barr responds to POTUS remarks about him (Parts 1 & II)

Biden launches $45million TV ad attacking Trump over looting and rioting

Planefags aloft

Prosecutors charge 19 in North Carolina with voter fraud

New DJT: "Thank you, Michele!"

Herschel Walker's Take On Current Democrats And Racism (vid)

@pdoocy's last q to Biden re his actions on Covid-19 in March

FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea Suggests Spygate Corruption Goes Way Higher (Aug 24)

Maduro Claims Trump Personally Ordered His Murder (ZH)

“Spider Web Of Fear” Suffocates America As Biden Terrorists Prepare To Unleash Wave Of Bombings

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Describes US Sanctions Against ICC as ‘Confession of Guilt’ (sputnik)

Case of Portland Man Who Defended Himself Against Antifa Mob Heads to Supreme Court

China may use access to CV-19 vaccine for geopolitical leverage

First hand acct of Murder of Aaron Danielson (vid)

Twitter account of India PM Modi's personal website apparently hacked

DC livestream: crowd threatening DC police building

Deputized troopers may snarl MultCo’s protest prosecution plans (KOIN)

POTUS encourages North Carolina residents to vote twice to test mail-in system (CNBC)

Snowden tweet

Salon owner joins Tucker, pushes back on Pelosi’s claim she was ‘set-up’

New WH: Today marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII

DC livestream (must be played in YT)

Moar Dog Comms? Tweet from The Smithsonian

CCP Implements New Tech Control to Prevent TikTok Sale Negotiations (new vid)

Meet the U.S. Officials Now in China’s Sphere of Influence - Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian

FB declares Kyle Rittenhouses actions a mass-murder - wont allow posts in support

FB: Rittenhouse's actions are mass murder; so no supportive posts allowed

All Assets Deployed: Meet The Presidential Debate Moderators

Diggz on the Commission on Presidential Debates re pb

US slaps sanctions on ICC prosecutor Bensouda over Afghanistan war probe

10510507, 10510563, DC protest caps

Video: Owner of salon Pelosi visited talks to Tucker

Planefag Reports

Barr chuckles after Wolf Blitzer insists CNN is 'fair and balanced' during interview

Seven Nobel Winners Sign Letter Opposing Shelton Fed Nomination

WH Briefings - Statement: President Donald J. Trump Is Combating Lawlessness In America’s Cities

Germany: Elon Musk arrives at CDU meeting for talks over COVID vaccine

Video: Kenny Choi reports on Pelosi's address on her controversial visit to salon

Video: Full show - Trey Gowdy stands in for Hannity

Sean Penn's Charity Has Performed 1 Million Coronavirus Tests In The U.S

DC Protest Livestreams: Boy shot dead by cops

Planefag Reports

Video: Palm Beach just got served. WTG

Feds search more than 12 Middle Tennessee locations

POTUS Schedule for THURSDAY September 3, 2020

Anon: I've found the door to election fraud in Wisconsin

Cuomo threatens POTUS: Trump better have an army to protect him if he comes to NYC

POTUS gave anons a nod today with 5 American flags and 5 NC state flags behind the podium = 5.5

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 to introduce binary and transgender characters

Pelosi / Wisconsin Riots Comms ?

On the Downtown Portland shooting livestream

Videos: VP Joe Biden unmasked the Seal team in Benghazi

Protesters in DC heading to Mayor Bowers house

From Aug 2019: Feds busted four hotels in Atlanta for profiting from sex trafficking

Bakin' Class tomorrow night 7pm EST

Notables for Sep 2, 2020

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