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Notables for Aug 1, 2020

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Canada kung flu explained

RED PILL AMMO (2019) reminder Amy Robach 'WE HAD EVERYTHING' video

Sometimes you have no choice, but to stand

Dershowits connections

SAT Fag 57,000 satellites planned through 2029 meme


q\TGA introduction for Normies

The Globalists View Pandemics as a High Profit Investment Opportunity

Storm Comms Connections?

James Murdoch resignation

Protest Streams update

White House Message directly to "The People of Taiwan"

The Globalists View Pandemics as a High Profit Investment Opportunity

The vaccine for Covid19 is a control program. Sponsored by Yale University

Old dig, fresh look VOTE-BY-MAIL OREGON

July 2020 The American association of physicans and surgeons is SUING the FDA over HCQ CRIMES

Australian State Government bans taking of HCQ as a preventative measure for COVID-19 and imposes a $1334 fine/ 6 months jail

When corporate power is your real government video and zerohedge

Trump says fed agents to stay in Portland until police "cleanup"

Plane crash Midair collision kills State Legislator Rep. Gary Knopp, 67, 6 others in Alaska

End Human Trafficking short anon vid tweet

Old news US Navy part of the “Wildcards” of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 23

Anon experience going shopping today, masks

Search ongoing for seven Marines, sailor after amphibious vehicle sinks during training off California coast

Man Who Fatally Shot Air Force Vet at Protest Was Fort Hood Soldier

Bail denied for UC Davis Chinese researcher as judge finds defendant a flight risk

Richard Grenell spars with Jake Tapper over alleged Russian bounties

S Korean prosecutors arrest leader of secretive religious sect re Covid-19 hampering

Trump says he'll act to ban TikTok in US as soon as Saturday

Epstein docs dig

Court Overturns Boston Marathon Bomber's Death Sentence

Doctor Banned from Social Media for Touting Hydroxychloroquine Hires Sandmann’s Lawyer to Discourage Defamation

Blind Items Revealed

Dentist on masks causing mouth-breathing (not good)

George Webb on korean cult in US

Judge orders Kim Gardner to give communications with Soros, politicians, & lobbyists about Greitens

Giuffre v. Maxwell - Links to the documents released on 07-30-2020 (which were under seal)

Andy Ngo: Antifa protesters in Ptld now burning American flags & bibles

Indictments Likely Coming Down in Durham Probe and Antifa Financing Probe?

Last 24 hours News Round of of "That Crazy Qanon Cult"

Once-maligned dollar serves as de facto currency in crisis-hit Venezuela

French threaten UK fishing - vow to block French ports and "stop any British fish from reaching French soil

UAE Barakah nuclear plant has started up (twitter - could use moar sauce)

SDNY Judge issues national injunction vs. PDJT despite Supreme Court ruling in his favor

Anon Theory on Epstein/Maxwell/Clinton

Qanon hit piece brought to you by the "Combating Terrorism Center"

Fauci's Daughter software engineer for twitter? (National File sauce)

Berlin protests against COVID measures - Livestream links plus moar

Iran claims arrest of US based terrorist group called Tondar (Sputnik)

Various Sources' Headlines - Bun

Call for Digg re: Mazie Hirono

Calm across Afghanistan as ceasefire holds on day two-AFP

Montgomery County (Maryland) prohibits private schools from starting school year in-person-wusa9 July 31

Gov. Sisolak/ NV Dems special session with no public present ramming through mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting

President Trump at 50% Approval Rating

fear pron from zh- Hurricane Isaias Barrels Towards Virus-Infected South Florida

Op Ed: Obama’s coup against Donald Trump and a terrorist plot against America-medium.com-from July31

Jordan bans the radical Islamist “Muslim Brotherhood” as it prepares for parliamentary elections-flashtrafficblog

Tanzania bans Kenya Airways as coronavirus spat escalates-AFP

Woman Throws Hot Coffee in Customer's Face-triggers brawl in manhatan beach ca-tmz

Epstein info and Dig request

Planefag Reports

Judge order Kim Gardner to turn over communications with Soros

Schools ready for full NWO control grid system

Chinese Virus reports

Obamagate Reports

BLM & ANTIFA Terror Reports

some protestors are more equal than other protestors

Fauci’s Daughter Ali Fauci Is A Software Engineer For Twitter

GCHQ tweet

Berlin 1 mln+ covid hoax protesting people livestream with better view of the crowd

China disaster reports

Open message from TikTok US General Manager Vanessa Pappas "We're not going anywhere" + moar

US ARMY National Guard flies over LA

DeVoss family stands with BLM

CCP has a massive police force ready to activate inside select D cities with police vehicles etc

Update: 1 Marine dead, 8 troops missing after training accident off Southern California coast

BC Epstein Infographic

special prosecutor Bash is looking @ Obama admin's "to/from/about" queries

Chinese Virus reports

Alexander Vindman Takes Parting Shot At Donald Trump In Military Resignation Op-Ed

This Week at U.S. Department of State - July 31, 2020

Richard Grenell triggering the bad guys

Berlin: Police has started to remove people from main stage of event

Pelosi to host Schumer, Meadows, Mnuchin in her office for principals-only meeting at 9 am et on next coronavirus bill. No staff. Talks are stalled

Q drop decodes

Delta Crescent Energy LLC, a corporation state of Delaware US oil company signs deal with Syrian Kurds

Planefag Reports

Senior Homeland Security official reassigned after office compiled intel reports on journalists, protesters

Co-founder Federalist Society said in a blistering New York Times President Trump's tweet about a delay to November's presidential election is grounds for impeachment

US MIL Tweets: 'Conceal Not Reveal'

WR Notables Notice

ONE YEAR DELTA Operation EXTORTION 17 Rememberance

July 2020 Habbenings Recap

Live Stream Updates

Goldman’s Asia Derivatives Sales Head Spitzer Dies in Hong Kong

Apple fire prompts evacuations of nearby homes

Examination of the Hamptons infographic: Stormwatch

But school is cool right? Arlington County bans groups of 3 or more from gathering on streets, sidewalks. Violators could be given a traffic fine up to $400

Money Buys Immunity: A senior executive from AstraZeneca, Britain's second-largest drugmaker, told Reuters that his company was just granted protection from all legal action if the company's vaccine led to damaging side effects

America’s Frontline Doctors SCOTUS Press Conference Transcript 'Transcript of Dr. Stella Immanuel

Massive anti Covid-restriction rally in Germany

An Expose of Dr. Taylor Marshall' use of the Alta Vendita Via extension this also exposes what Vigano meant by “Deep Church” in his letter to President Trump


Moar on Fauci and HCQ

Devin Nunes: John Durham could 'intercede' in Michael Flynn case

Mail in Chronicles

HCQ: We are the CURE Recap

More 'Modeling' Agencies

Bill Gates commits $750M to help Oxford vaccinate the world against COVID-19 Connection to lb nb

Planefags WestSide! Mejhico!

Live Streams Update Patriots v Antifa and Abroad

Government Wide Corruption?

A Sign of their Desire: Tens of 000's of mail ballots have been tossed out in this year's primaries. What will happen in Nov?

Havent seen that TRUMP Offered to Pay for Funeral

Roger Stone Bill Binney Live Now


Thousands March in Berlin to Protest Coronavirus Curbs (article CAPPED)

Get it CatMan!: John Catsimatidis says he could spend $100 million to win NYC mayoral race

Georgia Democrat receives thousands from overseas publications in 'donations?'

Sleepers Awaken: Citing Election Delay Tweet, Influential Trump Ally Now Demands His Re-Impeachment

Do mail in ballots in Colorado have markings revealing when they are Repub?

Market report w/dig on Constellation Brands

LIVE: Pro Police Rally in Portland

TikTok owners want Microsoft to take over to escape ban (frying pan, meet fire)

Obama’s coup against Donald Trump and a terrorist plot against America

Steve Kerr ripped for silence on China after complaining about critics of national anthem protests

UAE becomes first Arab country to harness nuclear power

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

Fourth Grade Teacher Details How Schools Push Ban History And Leftist Agendas

Joe Biden Criticized Trump’s Handling Of PPP Loans As His Son-In-Law Benefited From The Program

China Will Stop Recognising British Hong Kong Passports

State Cops Seize Cartel Weapons Caches in Mexican Border City

Ignored by MSM: Clinton Thanks James Clyburn for Destroying the Bernie Sanders Campaign (vid)

Portland Riots Read-out: July 31

These Five Democrat Governors Behind Tens of Thousands of Coronavirus Deaths Sent COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes

Boatfags afloat

>> #12991

In "hardhit" CV neighborhoods, canvassers going door to door

Army’s Top General Reassured Allies That US Troops Will Stay Out of Policing

22 Killed in Clashes at Afghan-Pakistan Border

Epstein self-description of achievements, ANONS DIG

Conde Nast entertainment chief replaced after 'sexist and racist' tweets uncovered - DIGG PLZ

Marines Suspend All AAV Water Ops as Search for 8 Missing Troops Continues

Rep. Raúl Grijalva tests positive for COVID-19

Japan to Ban TikTok For Allegedly Sharing Data With Chinese Gov't

DHS official removed from job due to Ptld riot coverage?

Who discovered chloroquine worked for SARS first?

Rafi Perez tests positive for CV-19

Anon: Relevance/significance of Banning TikTok and the EO Powers utilized

28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections

Inside Nancy Pelosi’s District (vid)

McCloskey Case: St Louis Police Detective Refused to Sign Prosecutor's Biased Probable Cause Stmt

Trump Must Investigate How Inflated Our COVID-19 Death Count Is

New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Was the Target of Obama Russia Probe (Nat Review)

Anti-gov. protests in Israel

Iran Captures Ringleader Of U.S.-Based ‘Terrorist Group’

Texas Downgrades COVID-19 Deaths After ‘Automation Error’

CDC Study Shows No COVID-19 Spike from Wisconsin’s April Elections

New DJTs

Kodak a first step: Trump WH plans new ways to break Chinese dominance

Bill Gates on Musks' CV comments

DHS Study on effects of temp/light/humidity on CV-19

Military Situation In Syria On August 1, 2020 (Map Update)

Is McConnell signalling that vulnerable candidates should distance from Trump?

Six Polish towns that declared themselves 'LGBT free zones' are denied funding by Brussels

Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt from COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims

2013 Fauci Interview

NY Bar Says Liquor License Suspended Over "F*CK CUOMO" Menu

Portland Antifa Terrorists Are Now Being Donated “Riot Gear” From Out of State Donors

Actress Who Allegedly Recruited NXIVM 'Slaves' Is Dancing for Prisoner Rights Now

Abramovic misses 'humor' the most during Covid lockdown

Former Illinois lawmaker places bond for arrested protesters

$100 Fine: Gatherings of More Than Three People on Sidewalks Banned in DC Suburb Arlington County, VA over Coronavirus Concerns

New Jersey gym owners, who were arrested for defying shutdown, kick down gov't-installed barriers to reopen

TikTok's biggest stars react to Trump's plan to ban app in US

Trump administration to increase immigration fees, impose fee for asylum claims

Shills are weak today

Pro-lifers arrested trying to chalk ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ at DC Planned Parenthood


Boat fags get wet

Kodak a first step: Trump White House plans new ways to break Chinese supply chain dominance

Port Introduces Employee Training to Combat Human Trafficking

Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will be Exempt from COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims

Vindman describes 'campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation' by Trump, allies in op-ed

Don Jr. "Accidentally" Calls Hillary "Killary" on Tw^tter

(I need to see a poll on the nombers but…) Almost HALF of Trump Fans Think Hydroxychloroquine is ‘Cure’ for Coronavirus. It is Not

Planefag's go ANON

The Greatest Economic Recovery in US History is Happening Now – the DOW Up More Than 7,800 Points Since March!

BRUTAL. Richard Grenell Body Slams Creepy Democrat Impeachment Scammer on Twitter

Communism Secured: Musk Calls Chinese "Smart, Hard-Working", Says Americans Are "Entitled, Complacent"

CDC director acknowledges hospitals have a monetary incentive to over count corona virus deaths

Sen. Rubio 'Not Concerned About Mail-in Voting'

New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Himself Was the Target of Obama Administration’s Russia Probe

Judicial Watch: FBI Capitulates on Andrew McCabe Text Messages After Adverse Federal Court Ruling

Defying expert advice, Maryland county forbids private schools from opening in the fall

Lawmakers returning from John Lewis funeral exempt from D.C. quarantine order

Dr. Epstein’s Election Monitoring System MUST Be Deployed Immediately to Prevent Big Tech from Rigging the 2020 Election

US seeks to arrest Julian Assange with new extradition request

LA City Councilman, Jose Huizar, an elected member of the Los Angeles City Council Charged In 34-Count Indictment In Wide-Ranging Political Corruption Probe

Arrests made as tensions flare during "Blue Lives Matter" protest

Argentina Creditors Seek International Backing on Debt Clauses

Poll: 85 Percent of Voters Say Crime Is a ‘Serious’ Problem in America

Saturday night keks: Biden Campaign Says He Is So Close To A VP Pick He Can Smell Her

moar dog comms

planefag reporting

"Peaceful Riots"? Journalism Bows To The Woke Mob

LA City Councilman, Jose Huizar, Charged In 34-Count Indictment In Wide-Ranging Political Corruption Probe

Tucker Carlson Calls Dr. Fauci A ‘Fraud’ For Downplaying Protests Spreading COVID-19

San Antonio FBI is calling for people that got tested by certain clinics to contact them. Apparently the tests were somehow tainted!

NASA twat w/CAP: The view from inside the @SpaceX Dragon Endeavour…

Facebook bows to Brazil judge, blocks 'fake news network' of Bolsonaro supporters

Three weeks out, plan is to keep Republican National Convention closed to press

Barack Obama issues desperate private warning about Trump voters to top Democratic donors. “We already saw this guy win once”

large portion of Australia hit by internet outage. Ausfag in here?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fails To Stop U.S. Army And Navy From Recruiting On Twitch

(Live embedded) Portland protest (riot) coverage


The White House w/CAP: Roughly 2 million Americans have fully recovered from the Coronavirus

if you are so inclined: petition to stop the defunding of Seattle PD

New Grenell w/CAP: Huawei wasn’t started 3.5 years ago. China exploded under Obama. You have Trump Derangment Syndrome - because he didn’t hire you

Antifa street patrols in Austin Texas

DOJ Update: # of federal arrests, charged individuals re: civil unrest/violent opportunism. Offenses range from assault to arson to destruction of federal property

Sources say special prosecutor Bash is looking @ Obama admin's "to/from/about" queries related to NSA's upstream collections of FISA Sec 702 data

Detroit police chief backs federal law enforcement operation

Heres yer list: #GizzMaxList became unsealed some time yesterday and here's what happened while y'all were distracted by bullshit

Anon seeks correction re PB notable: " Heres yer list: #GizzMaxList…. (etc)"

“Child Lives Matter” protests all around the nation

Wilford Brimley has died at 85

Rachel Chandler photo mini-bun

Notables for Aug 1, 2020

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