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Notables for Jul 4, 2020

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FLOTUS dress dig

EO for the National Garden of American Heroes

Petition to Impeach Nancy Pelosi

Qs of fireworks

July 4th speech highlights

B-1 Bomber pilots "Purge" and "Boom"

Patriots about to display giant American Flag for POTUS on AF1

Thousands of Seattle protesters outside Mayor Durkan's house

Petition to Investigate Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ready to name names

Both the Israeli army and the Palestinian factions agree: Even a 'symbolic' annexation could ignite the street

CNN calls these people Pop Culture Icons.. huh?

USAF: "God Bless the U.S.A." is one of America's most iconic songs

Elon Musk denies knowing Ghislaine Maxwell after photo of them resurfaces

Scavino: Departing Dakota

LIVE: Newport Beach is currently under a foot of water. High waves meet high tide in Newport Beach, California. In 2016 Newport Beach had the highest percentage of Trump support in Orange County

Breibart: NYTimes damaged Nat'l Security to hurt Trump

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt News Round Up: Gravey Edition

Donald Trump Speech Transcript at Mount Rushmore 4th of July Event

Anon went to Food Lion a couple days ago, and the employees no longer wear masks. Now this:

Planefag reports

LOX fill is underway and the target lift-off time for today’s mission has been slightly adjusted

POTUS Schedule for the Weekend of July 4th and 5th 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell could go to Manhattan jail where Jeffrey Epstein died

Anon on FLOTUS' dress

A loud #explosion was heard near the port in Somalia's capital of #Mogadishu early on Saturday, witnesses said

This ‘Anti-Racist’ Democrat Staffer … Turns Out To Be A Racist

Fireworks Explode Over Mount Rushmore After Trump's Speech in South Dakota

Enjoy this Amazing video of Air Force One buzzing Mount Rushmore!

Boatfag reports

Anon nom: The Great Awakening is Here! American Heroes

DJT tweets the fireworks!

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Top Fund-Raising Official for Trump Campaign, Tests Positive for Coronavirus

YT report: G Maxwell ready to name names? (Sky News)

Anon dig on Elisa Lam case & flick "Dark Water"

4 ACTIVE SHOOTERS: Alabama, Massachusetts, Eastern Pennsylvania and Beachwood (near Cleveland)

Black Lives Matter Blames Chaos, Violence on White Supremacist Supporters

Anon onpossible connection between Xbox outages and Q drop a half an hour earlier

Snowden tweet

Ethics Commissioner launches investigation into Justin Trudeau's involvement in awarding $900M contract to charity with close ties to his family and the Liberal Party

G Maxwell Dig

ENDGAME : POTUS Trump's Vindication Nears

PDF's of Bernay's Propaganda & Group Psychology

Zelenko protocol HCQ-Az-zinc works best when Covid is detected early - and NO cardiac side effects

planefags aloft

Corona virus has lost half its potency

Alexander McQueen was sexually abused by his sister's first husband

Alan Dershowitz on "My wife and I were introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell bySir Evelyn and Lady Lynne de Rothschild…

Archive Update

(WaExam) July4th Hit pieces

Southern Command rebuilds intelligence relationship with Brazil years after Snowden damage

Discussions on hypocrisy in news

Maxwell Family Digs; Articles

Chongqing Flood Reports; Indochina Policy

Guilfoyle tests positive for Covid-19

July Third Executive order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes

Ted Cruz: Double standard, anyone?

U.S. Seizes 46 Pounds Of ‘date rape drugs’ From China

Detroit Hospital Finds HCQ Cuts Covid Mortality Rate in Half

9 out of 10 Antifi Protesters Still Living in Mom's Basement

The Hubbub About ‘The Boogaloo’ Is the Worst Kind of Fake News

JW sues DC gov't over 1st amendment access to paint message on DC street

QAnon scores wins, creating GOP problem (ha-ha)

Scott Green, lobbyist close to Joe Biden, purchased Virgin Islands property from James Biden…

Grrrgraphics: Trump, Flynn and the Digital Soldiers of the Q Army

Molyneux: Media is full of commies who want to end the Republic (what a shocker!)

Moar Fauci fear porn: new virus combo (swine flu AND 1918 flu - lions & tigers & bears….)

Russia rejects same-sex marriage

Armenian football scandal (probably soccer for yanks)

Explosion heard at Iranian power plant (developing)

The Declaration of Independence - Happy 4th Patriots!

RSBN Vid of Trumps 4th of July Speech, Sensored by Big Tech (related vid)

Hill: QAnon scores wins, creating GOP problem

Social media mocks Melania's Alexander McQueen frock from Mount Rushmore event

Mt.Rushmore POTUS speech

Interesting take on Last of the Mohicans music

What really happened on the precipice, before Hollywood

RSBN YT vid of Rushmore protests/speech now caput

Biden Water Island Land Diggz

Naomi Campbell, Clintons, and Maxwell

2 Women Hit by Car on Seattle Highway Closed Amid Protests

NBA Painting BLM on Orlando Court Discussion

The Spectrum of Corruption (vid)

Ghislaine Maxwell Digs

@PortlandPolice: The Federal Courthouse was attacked riot declared

Planefag reports

AmThk: Trump's finest speech – and a press that beclowns itself in boiling hate

Ohio Cop Fatally Shot on July Fourth

Wirecard ex-COO Marsalek's entry into Philippines was faked, minister says

Scavino on FB Highlighting the Keystone

Moar on Explosion in Iran

Trump Signs Bill to Extend Small Business Loan Program to Aug. 8

Potus Speech Transcript: Mt. Rushmore

FBI Notes About Joe Biden Contradict Susan Rice ‘By the Book’ Claim on Russia Hoax (fox)

Happy 4th of July Patriots!

Two U.S. aircraft carriers entered the flashpoint South China Sea for joint operations on Saturday (CNN)

Planefag Reports

Digg Request: Forbes Media Selling Majority State to Group of Asian Investors Integrated Whale Media

Anon timeline - Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, + Other Connections

Moar Dog Comms?: Motley Crue's Vince Neil Mourning "Cali Wolf"

Complete version of "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Richard Grenell: Did some US media outlets encourage people to NOT take a drug that could have saved their lives…

Digg: Jeffrey Esptein, Ghislaine Maxwell

House Passes $1.5T Infrastructure Bill Packed With Green New Deal’s Wish-List

New DJT Twat with video: …This monument will never be desecrated…

Supreme Court Stops Obama Judge From Ending Voter ID For Voting in Alabama (gwpundit)

Recruitment of Venezuelan Children by Colombian Guerrillas Is Rising (panampost)

WR OP: #GhislaineMaxwell

Happy Independence Day Anons!

FLOTUS TWAT: Happy 4th of July…

Video and Article: Fates of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Lawyer speaks for St. Louis home-defending couple (McCloskey)

Diggz: Alexander McQueen

Lawyers offer free representation to those arrested for CV issues

Video: JFK - The Declaration of Independence

The realtor’s father that sold the NH property to Maxwell

Fresh POTUS: "Things are happening that people don't quite see yet"

Ghislaine was a guest at Jeff Bezos’s Secret Book Retreat

The people who organized the Mt. Rushmore protest: NDN Collective

Video & photos: A Q in the Mt Rushmore Fireworks?

Scavino tweet with photos from Mt Rushmore

Woman hit by car in Seatle - Dig cont

POTUS rt's a Qanon

Desperate "QAnon conspiracy" article from The Economist

Epstein investigators 'want to talk to' Guinness family aristocrat Claire Hazell

Seattle's KOMO News Is Lying and covering for BLM… Again

Trump’s Executive Order on Building Monuments of American Heroes

GP: Judge Amy Berman Jackson Set To Kill Roger Stone

Democrat Congressional Candidate Urges Twitter Followers to ‘Report’ Trump Supporters

Fresh POTUS: "Change Hearts Not Stones"

2019: Tom Hanks became a Citizen of Greece

Italy breaks up child abuse ring that shared images of babies

Anon connects General Flynn's tweet "and JUSTICE for ALL" to Q posts

UK GP and author speaks out about Big Pharma's Distortion of science during the pandemic

Boaters for Trump show support on Lake Erie, OH

NYT comms? Caecilians may have been among the first vertebrates to lace their bites with venom

Photo of Elisabeth and Robert Maxwell with Philippine de Rothschild

Los Zetas attacks Mexican Military near U.S. border

Israeli cyberattack caused fire at Iran nuclear site

4th of July tweet from Melania - celebrating this evening in the WH

Israeli Annexation Could Turn the West Bank Into a Gaza-Style Open Air Prison

Cornell Improperly Sends Student Fees to BLM Activists

Netherlands ‘Justice’ Is Totally Corrupt: MH17 Case as Example

Finds New Avenue For Revenue In Partnership With Ford

Photos of Robert & Ghilaine Maxwell with elites

Fraud: Harvard Grad Claira Janover never had a job at Deloitte; taking GoFundMe donations though

More Alexander McQueen diggz

A 26 year old police officer was shot by a drunk guy and killed last night. Help if you can

Military Situation In Libya On July 4, 2020 (Map Update)

Why Texas Governor Abbott's 'Face Mask' Order is NOT What it Seems

Victoria CV cases rise by 108 as Daniel Andrews strengthens lockdown at 9 public housing estates

Media Matters: Trump has amplified Qanon twitter accounts 14 times today

What Gavin Newsom is doing to enforce his mask order without mandatory fines

Scavino 'keystone' tweet

Syria Update

Photos of people from Q's list

CA State shutting off parking at beaches for July 4 weekend

NYT describes POTUS' speech as 'Dark and Divisive'


Friends of Ghislaine claim she could have Epstein's secret pedophile videos

Alexander McQeen diggz cont

Statement by Attorney General William P. Barr on Independence Day


Q's List: Ben Affleck knew Hillary's secret email address

New photos of Biden with children

RT: The Three Percenters are ready to step up to protect America

WHO halt HCQ CV trials for second time citing its ineffectiveness

Refresh: Ghislaine and HRC worked together on the TerraMar Project

Epstein and Ron Burkle diggz

Joe Biden's Race-Baiting Fourth of July Message

Patriot Dr. David Samadi - HCQ has worked the entire time

Photos of Ghislaine

Hillary: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Trump Will Leave Office if Defeated

Video: Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ready to name names

CNN celebrate US flag buring on the Fourth of July

Colin Kaepernick: ‘We Reject Your Celebration of White Supremacy’

Huge COVID Case-counting Deception at the CDC

Call to DiGG: Maxwell and Soros linkage FOUND

Ghislane Maxwell related

Call to DiGG: Christine Maxwell, Ghislaine’s sister

Californians are losing their fear of CV setting the stage for disaster

Quote re Ghislaine at UN: "She controls the oceans around the world"

King County prosecutor not filing charges from CHOP arrests

Antifa BLM warfare intensifies

Chinese Virus Wave 2

more detail on the EncroPhone hack by authorities

President Trump's Tweets and News

Writeup on Austin Steinbart

Q Drop Info for New Eyes (various)

Biden Proves Healthy Cognition By Flawlessly Reciting All The Sounds Animals Can Make

Planefag Reports

Thousands of US troops will shift to Asia-Pacific to guard against China

Pelosi and Podesta's

Military reservist in custody after Rideau Hall armed incident wanted to speak to PM

4th of July related info

Watch the water mansplaning

Meet the Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy

On America's Bday? No commies here…Virginia officials order removal of American flag from construction site, calling it a 'target' for protestors

TONY PODESTA speaking, there‘s a painting in the background. CHILDREN with RED SHOES! Aaaand…photos of LITTLE ST. JAMES when the TEMPLE was built

updated the central Qproof of Trumps AF1 flight, in 2017

Astrofag Reports

LIVE: SALUTE TO AMERICA Independence Day Celebration with Fireworks Hosted by President Trump

Boris Johnson is poised to begin phasing out the use of Huawei technology in Britain’s 5G network as soon as this year, in a major about-turn

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - Authorities have arrested a man accused of running over a Darlington County deputy after stealing their cruiser

“Momentum Organization” (NGOs, UN) training BLM , the “Sunrise Movement” Green Movement etc investigation (vid)

Call to DiGG/Meme: Describe George Soros in one word

Time Capsule Found Underneath Confederate Monument Contains Robert E. Lee Button, Strand Of Hair From His Horse, Experts Believe

Herd Immunity Here? So Why Are They Feeding The Panic?

Namefag bakers from /comms/ defend bakers that protect Mossad and inhibit Anons digs. (forced to add)

CDAN blind on LdR and the British Royal family

Ghislane Maxwell related

Update with Codex comms of November 17, 2017

Is that Ghislaine Maxwell in this photo of JonBenet Ramsey?

Salute To America live and President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump related news

Robert Maxwell related

Kaepernick on July Fourth: "We reject your celebration of white supremacy"

Kellyanne Conway's daughter, Claudia, 15, says her parents are blocking her freedom of speech


Print out and sign the petition to recall Gavin Newsom

BLM Antifa Terror Reports

Planefag Reports

Philippines Warns China | South China Sea War

Brennan and Clapper Hacked FISA Court Judge Reggie Walton; Comey Covered It Up

The Ghislaine Maxwell I know - Alan Dershowitz

Dan Scavino posts a new video and it’s amazing

July 4 2020 Air Show - White House

PF Reports

US intelligence, which accuses #Russia of a deal with Taliban, is involved in drug trade, envoy says

Italian police smash nationwide child pornography ring

Number on the Firetruck? Q74


Link between Maxwell and Hillary Clinton's State Department

Maxwell connected to Fauci?

Kanye announces his run for President

An air defense system intercepted a #rocket attack on the US embassy in #Baghdad on Saturday night, according to initial reports

PF Reports

A rocket from small-satellite launch firm RocketLab failed to reach orbit minutes after a successful liftoff from New Zealand

Faucis wife conflicts of interest with gates vaccines

Trump Time Travel Series

Happy Independence Day Fellow Anons!

Gen Flynn on Twitter #TakeTheOath Today With Sidney Powell

Who’s afraid of Ghislaine Maxwell? Everyone on this list

Mini Bun Request: Dough Change Discourse

CNN Praised Mt. Rushmore When Obama Visited

Look. An entire militia of black people calling for a war against white people

British Media Outlets Wake Up, Begin Distancing Themselves From UK Black Lives Matter Organization

2014 refresher: Libya’s Cache of Toxic Arms All Destroyed

@USNavy On July 4, 1776, the 13 colonies claimed their independence from England


Nashville Mayor Shuts Down 4th of July Celebrations but Allows Black Lives Matter to Protest America on Independence Day

Protesters in Baltimore pull down Columbus statue; Move on to Ouzo Bay

Trump Supporters Hold Boat Parade On Sacramento River

WH RWB pic

refresher: Jeffrey Epstein: Former Member Of The Trilateral Commission

Barr on Independence Day

New Potus RT/cap

Kavanaugh rejects Illinois GOP request to block rule banning large gatherings

Delhi-based institute claims to 'cure' COVID-19 through cosmic sound therapy- The New Indian Express

Protesters burn American flag outside White House after Trump's July Fourth address

Boston to Remove Lincoln Emancipation Memorial

Someone is working very hard to dress up Kamala Harris' Wikipedia page

Potus cap 4th pics

US diplomats to leave Saudi Arabia over #coronavirus fears, WSJ reports

Notables for Jul 4, 2020

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