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Notables for May 22, 2020

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Quarter Of Americans Have No Interest In Taking COVID Vaccine — New Survey

The 5 tribes of coronavirus: Society has divided up in surprising, and not so surprising ways

Digz: Michigan Atty Gen, Dana Nessel (POTUS “not welcome” in MI) part 2


The "black" pope has died

Private property: US Senators unveil law to ‘protect’ Covid-19 vaccine from Beijing’s ‘theft & sabotage’

Germany: Migrants attack migrant reception facility employees and police

Greece: Turkish armed forces seize pocket of Greek territory

Italy: NGO Sea-Eye starts petition to get their migrant transports back

Donald Trump Will Order Flags at Half Staff in Memory of Americans Lost to Coronavirus

MN Demwit Gov. Walz is a Grandma & Grandpa Killer

Democrat emergency: MI dam failures in almost 100% Republican area!

Reminder: Pray for your fellow Americans

Kenneth Braithwaite Confirmed as Next Navy Secretary

New DJT: Thank you! (50% Approval)

Three WA gym owners file lawsuit to rescind Inslee's stay-home order

Iran aims to disrupt 2020 elections via cyber hacking, intelligence officials say

USAF twat: The F-22 projects air dominance & rapidly at great distances & defeats threats against our #TotalForce

Man Who Filmed Ahmaud Arbery’s Death Charged with Murder

Michael Flynn’s attorney on who may have leaked client’s phone call

Whitmer: Climate Change Is Making Massive Floods ‘More Frequent’; POTUS vid

‘Dangerous’: Ontario doctor sounds alarm over Canada’s coronavirus vaccine deal with China

Philadelphia Judge of Elections Pleads Guilty to Committing Election Fraud To Help Democrats

Canada: Companies that receive bridge financing must give government an ownership stake or provide cash equivalent

Shooter that ran gate at NAS-CC was of Syrian descent

Reports: Biden-Ukraine corruption authorized by Obama

Chinese biotech firm boasts about ‘screening out’ Down syndrome children as huge moneymaker

Michigan attorney general says Trump no longer welcome in state after not wearing mask

University of Delaware denies Fox News requests for Tara Reade complaint against Biden

Daniel Scavino Jr.: Not “politically correct” to say — BUT, the Fox News polls are BULLSHIT, folks

The Ontario government is funding 15 proposals submitted in response to call for proposals for the Ontario COVID-19 Rapid Research Fund

MSN: China engaged in 'provocative military activities' with India, other neighbours

ZH: Australia Study Finds "Sign Of Human Intervention" In COVID-19

South Dakota governor asks White House for help moving tribal checkpoints

Google removes QAnon apps from Play Store for violating terms

Trump: 'We Are Not Closing the Country' if Hit by 2nd Wave of Coronavirus

anon undergoing medical procedure must pre-admit and take a COVID 19 test in order to be treated

Illinois Lawmaker Floats Legislation to Give Governor Pritzker the Power to Confiscate Property Including Cars, Trucks, Food, Gas, Animals, Clothing, etc

Anon shares thoughts on Q#4309: 'Worth remembering [soon]', Anon adds link to Marie Yovanovitch, and Eric Ciarmella, .. and Robert Storch

California doctors say they've seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns

Clear and absent danger: why proxy voting violates the American system

CONFIRMED: Governor Whitmer Begs Michiganders Not to Travel to their Summer Home — Then Her Cars Are Seen Parked Outside of HER SUMMER HOME!

Gleevec: a promising new Cure against Cancer?

China threatens 'countermeasures' after Pompeo congratulates newly inaugurated Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen

China continues tightening its malevolent grip on Hong Kong

Deputy US Marshals led heroic effort in rescuing 16 missing children over 2 weeks

Insititutionalized Child Abduction: Three Social Workers booked (and released on bond) after facing dozens of Felony and misdemeanor Charges related to removing Children from Families without judicial Oversight

Pamela Anderson's cry for Julian Assagne, claiming his Health continues to dwindle in Prison and he should be left out

Pakistani Airliner inbound from Lahore crashed. 99 Passengers and 8 Crew Members feared Dead

Netherlands explore possibilities of mail in Ballots for next election

Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS Reporter, claims 'many, many Others' are affected by Obama-Era Surveillance

Coronavirus prompts Victoria's Secret to permanently close 250 US & Canada stores

GOP-voters back Jo Rae Perkins, a 'Qanon Conspiracy Promotor', for U.S. Senate

Overview of medical Research of Chloroquine's effect on Cancer Treatment

Overview of medical Research of Chloroquine's effect on Cancer Treatment

Imran Khan, Pakistani PM, accused India of creating 'False-Flag opportunity' 5 days prior to Airline Crash

Barbara Ferrer, head of public Health in LA, was in charge of public Safety during the Boston Marathon Bombing

CDC lumps together COVID-19 positive & Antibody tests, causing a signifact overrepresenation of the actual COVID-19 numbers

Facebook and its struggles with Free Speech: bans all Brighteon links, regardless of content

Dan Bongino's interview with Gen Flynn's Lawyer, Sydney Powell

Who is Dana Nessel?

Celebrities join coordinated Clown OP #RedNoseDay, Anon remarks astutely

California - China Climate Institute. Chineee foreign direct investment

Court rules for Michigan Dem after GOP challenges restrictions

@MichStatePolice: Demonstrators have arrived at the Capitol for “Operation Haircut.”

Biden: You ain't black if you can't tell the difference between me and Trump. anon calls for twatter blast

Obama Staffer, Bill Gates, Soros Behind the Group Pushing a Celebrity Global Response to Chinese Coronavirus

planefag reporting

Susan Rice Makes New Claim; Media Rolls Over. But, media won’t “take President Trump at his word.”

this is not an endoresment: anon built redpill site for normie awareness

Governor Gretchen Whitmer's stepfather Donald Reisig was big time involved in the Ukraine

CDC Announces New Rules for Summer Camps — PPE, Facemasks, No Dining Halls — After Admitting COVID-19 Is Less Deadly for Kids than Flu

At least 1 passenger SURVIVES Pakistani plane crash – local media - Update

South Carolina Ballots Found In Baltimore As Voter Fraud Concerns Grow

Greece: Turkish armed forces seize pocket of Greek territory

God is sending a message to the CCP? Storms turn skies pitch black in the afternoon? Black Sky on opening 'two sessions' meetings

DNI in process of declassifying the Kislyak-Flynn transcripts and/or summaries that are under DNI jurisdiction, per senior admin official…

Failed dam owner fought with state over Wixom Lake levels before flood

UK public health exposed

"Watergate Prosecutors" ask the DC Appeals Court accept their amicus brief

Grassley: IG's should be apolitical

Michigan AG posts photoshopped photo of President Trump

Trump Shuts Huge Migrant Pipeline Run by Coyotes, Federal Agencies

Delaware receives over 40x annual budget in grant for contact tracing, DE house Dims email citizens to get tested

PF updates

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young (D) wants President Donald Trump to cancel his plans to visit the city

How To Sue Your Governor; “Why Aren’t Americans Suing Their Way Out Of Lockdown?”

Grenell: The IC doesn’t have all the transcripts/summaries….it wasn’t our product. It’s odd that @AdamSchiff doesn’t know this

Evidence Indicates that the Entire Plot to Prevent President Trump from Winning the 2016 Election and Then Governing If He Won Started in … ITALY!


Grenell: Transparency is now a must!

Booker using virus to push for closure of detention centers

The FBI is crediting sailors at a Texas air station with "potentially saving many innocent lives"

@RichardGrenell to swallowell Flynn's tapes are coming!


TDS off the hook! For the keks!

Scott, R-S.C., said such comments are not surprising considering Biden’s record in "sponsoring a crime bill in the 1990s

Pompeo says Russia used Open-Skies Treaty to find targets for missile attacks

Child Social Workers Arrested in NC on Charges of Removing Children From Families Without Judicial Oversight

Dana Nessel (Michigan AG) still going crazy on twitter

@realDonaldTrump will hold a news conference in the Brady Briefing Room at 1 p.m

Diggies Call to Diggz COVID Action Platform and World Economic Forum

Enphase Energy Inc sold by South Lake One LLC: $819.62m-May 20

Horowitz: 67K criminals released so far under coronavirus jailbreak. And crime keeps rising

Controversy Erupts After Biden Tells Black Voters Considering Trump "You Ain't Black"

Pakistani passenger plane approaching Karachi airport crashes in residential area

Evil Facebook now banning any link from Brighteon.com or NaturalNews.com in PRIVATE messaging!

Church Fighting Lockdown Order Burns to Ground, Disturbing Message Left in Parking Lot

I see #YouAintBlack trending

Mike Pompeo calls Beijing’s move against Hong Kong ‘disastrous’ and hints at US sanctions

Digits KEK! Drop the hammer!

Feminist magazine columnist brushes off Biden's sex assault allegations and says he would get her vote even if he 'boiled babies and ate them' because she is so desperate to get Trump out of the White House-stationgossip.com

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova: Obama May Not Be Indicted Individually But He and Biden May Be Included “In An Indictment As People Who Were Either Used or Participated” in a Criminal Conspiracy -hideoutnow.com

POTUS live-briefing y/t

pf reports

Armed Israeli Settlers Set Palestinian Farmlands on Fire near Tulkarem-imemc.org

More New Yorkers Died from Governor Cuomo’s Coronavirus Nursing Home Policy than Died on 9/11-memo dated March 25, 2020, ordered state officials to move coronavirus patients to nursing homes several sources and backup

Biden-Mass Immigration Into America Won't Stop y/t clip

Gretchen Whitmer Allows Gay Swinger's Club to Operate While Barber Loses License-RePost from pb w/commentary for exposure

U.S. FDA Names 27 Coronavirus Antibody Tests No Longer Ok to Be Sold-usanews from may21 and a question to Dr. B

Batch of South Carolina Absentee Ballots Found in Maryland Spark Concerns of Voter Fraud-hideoutnow.com

Meme archives updated

Supreme Court Blocks Dems Attempt to Dig Up Dirt on Trump-dcpatriot.com

moar diggs on the "HCQ leads to increased risk of death" study

POTUS demands governors allow churches to open-thehill.com

Philadelphia Election Judge Was Just Convicted For “Stuffing Ballots” For Democrats-waynedupree.com

Suicides on the rise amid stay-at-home order, Bay Area medical professionals say-abc7news.com-may 21

MSNBC twat…bwahahahahaha and a reminder from 2016-huffpo

Chinese President Xi’s Wife, Peng Liyuan, Is A WHO ‘Goodwill Ambassador’-saracarter.com

Renzi connection with Bill Gates re: the entire plot stared in Italy pb notable

Central Banks Are Buying $2.4 Billion In Assets Every Hour As Their Balance Sheets Eclipse $20 Trillion

Minnesota sex offender sentenced to 27 years for child exploitation crimes

Bank president and at least one other are pulled ALIVE from wreck of Airbus A320 that crashed into residential area of Karachi

FCC Commissioners Blast Sinclair Settlement as ‘Abdication of Responsibility’

Pennsylvania couple indicted for producing and possessing sexually explicit images of minors

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnamy's weekend assignment to White House Press Pool


City Officials Charged with Accepting Bribes

Moar Fear Pron

Bill Gates Wants to Export India’s National ID System Around the Globe

"FBI Director Wray opens internal investigation into how bureau handled Michael Flynn case"

@HARRISFAULKNER in response to Joe Biden saying Black Americans aren't really Black unless they support him-soc media

Dr Brix slides from May 22, 2020 White House presser

Hollywood Film Producer Charged with $1.7 Million COVID-Relief Fraud

Twitter Fags could send these Questions to @tcberenson (Kayleigh's)

Facebook policing personal messages won’t really save children from abuse, but it WILL bring us closer to 1984-rt

Fauci: US 'can't stay locked down'

US Commerce Department Adds Nine Chinese Entities to Economic Blacklist Over Human Rights Abuses

@Jack twats a pizza emoji


Kayleigh presser vid

Prevailing in strategic competition with the PRC requires cooperative engagement with multiple stakeholders, and the Administration is committed to building partnerships pdf

Potus: THANK YOU! #RollingToRemember vid


Not a real Q post but nice timestamp (17:17:17 ET)

Trump Declares Houses Of Worship Essential, Says Governors Must Allow Services Or 'I Will Overrule Them'

Canada Condemns Iranian Supreme Leader’s Comments About Israel - Foreign Minister

Analysis: Schiff’s Radical Transparency Shift

Media Completely Ignore Bombshell Report On Disastrous NY Nursing Home Policy Gov. Cuomo’s Daily Presser

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extends Michigan stay home order to June 12

Donald J Trump Jr Interview (YouTube)

Flynn's Lawyers File Petition to Force Judge to Dismiss Charges (RealClearPolitics)

NK state TV curiously scrubs KJU emblem Anon: Kim went from “Supreme Leader” to “Commander in Chief”

Obama Staffer, Bill Gates, Soros Behind the Group Pushing a Celebrity Global Response to Chinese Coronavirus

Company makes 'Inslee is Non Essential' shirts, proceeds go to small businesses

NYC deploys "anti-violence groups" to enforce social distancing 'what a show' (NewsMax)

94 more pages released by DOJ FOIA on Mueller’s Congressional testimony. (Justice.gov)

Joe Biden Regrets ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment: ‘I Shouldn’t Have Been Such a Wise Guy’

#YouAintBlack-Joe Biden T's on sale


New DJT w vid

Chairman Biden gave Justice Clarence Thomas the #YouAintBlack treatment in 1991



Russian troops receive 1st batch of latest Koalitsiya-SV artillery systems

The Unknown Healthcare Law That Made Lockdowns Inevitable: ‘Certificates of Need.’

ICYMI - @Jack pizza emoji from earlier today

New DJT - re Jeff Sessions

list of Biden aka Jim Crow Joe remarks gets a nom - good meme material says another anon

WWG1WGA - TEXAS vid gets a nom

UPDATE (May 22): District Judge Payne agrees with CNN and has ordered the Nunes case to be transferred to the SDNY

Uranium 1 is full cover-up. Call for dig post gets a nom - nom anon says 'diggers paradise'


Wray Orders Internal Review of Investigation Into Ex-Trump Adviser Flynn

Biden 'you aint black' backlash

Massachusetts Contact Tracing NGO part of Clinton Pedophile Ring in Haiti

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

For anons who want to DO something. What Can You Do? Draft a Letter to ACLU, U.S. Attorney for Your District, Congressman/Woman/Senator/Attorney General with the following:

George PapaD tweet: "Can you feel what's coming?"

Baltimore pastor rips cease and desist order to pieces in protest of government shutdown policy

FBI’s Full Statement On Bureau’s After Action Review Of Flynn Case

$21M Brooklyn field hospital never saw a patient amid coronavirus pandemic

READ: The Hill's interview with Anthony Fauci

Father of 20-year-old patient who beat elderly man at Detroit nursing home says son was taken to nursing home due to ChinaVirus, shouldn't have been there

More than 20 construction workers, nearly all from Illinois found helping build massive new home and outbuildings on Gov. Pritzker's horse farm

OAN to Appeal Judge’s Ruling to Toss Rachel Maddow Defamation Suit, Judge Bashant digs

NY Post: The CDC’s continued screwups make it very hard to trust

Physicians: ‘Forcing Healthy Americans to Quarantine Inflicted Devastating Harm’

Marcel Ospel, Architect of the Swiss Bank UBS, Is Dead at 70

Tucker segment on 9/11

Graphic: In ONE day, with a little publicity and a lot of community action the reopening rules changed, magically, after the community got loud

The Remdesivir Study Is Finally Out: Drug Only Helped Those On Oxygen, Finds Mortality Too High For Standalone Treatment

Intercontinental Exchange Inc. sold by CEO: $33.24m-May 20

Boatfag reports on Dutch warship off Curacao

POTUS Admin discussed conducting first U.S. nuclear test in decades

HUD Secretary Ben Carson weighs in on presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s “You ain’t black” comments:

Indian Council of Medical Research finds HCQ effective in preventing coronavirus, expands its use

Anon's commentary: Biden singlehandedly freed the slaves of the democrat party today

Video: Joe Biden 1993 'tough on crime' speech C-Span

Senate Republicans demand Trump admin investigate after Planned Parenthood gets coronavirus small business loans

MSM crying over Kayleigh's presser today

Dispute over South Dakota tribal checkpoints escalates after Gov. Kristi Noem seeks federal help

YTvid: Pakistan International Airlines Crash of Flight 8303 22 May 2020

Bread #11881 forever stuck on 23rd post, POTUS HCQ meme, night before 5/23

Sure feels like winning

NAACP Responds to Joe Biden Comments: We never endorsed him, or anyone

Interesting Segment – Trey Gowdy Discusses FBI Investigation and The Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts He Has Read

POTUS Weekend Schedule: Saturday, May 23rd and Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Flip this twitter poll

#ObamaGate still trending

New JS: FBI opened Russia probe on third-hand 'suggestion' of collusion, declassified memo shows

Sean Diddy Combs says "black vote isn't free" following Joe Biden's "you ain't black" comment

Hertz, Car Rental Pioneer, Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Illinois vote by mail bill passes Senate, heads to Governor JB Pritkzer for signature

Washington State Is Classifying Several Shootings as COVID-19 Deaths

Sessions responds to POTUS re Rule of Law

Notables for May 22, 2020

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