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Notables for Mar 29, 2020

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Dig call: We've missed something: DOJ, Maduro and General Motors

What's going on in L.A right now?

Galveston blaze live cam pics

NEW: Q Tripcode map, showing continuity of authorship - PLS VERIFY FOR DOUGH ENTRY ANONS

Guiliani's tweet removed from twitter: You know what to do

GM/Venezuela dig, re note below

Ultim?boon vs Fred "Hotwheels" Brennan Debate Part 1

Corona Updates

Bank of Korea to offer $12b to banks using FX Swap Line with Fed

COVID19 Notable Persons List

WH tweets the US flag, on the same day as Q

Trump: ‘Quarantine Will Not Be Necessary

New resignation: Wendy Smith-Reeve: Dig call

& pb Anons on the Q debate

CV: Successes with experimental drug Leronlimab

Ellen's Lego Comms Diggz

On 1917 and 2020

A closer look into Comey's tweet

Cuomo: Trump's quarantine would be a 'federal declaration of war'

Various CV

Twitter colored banners. Comms? RBG?

Hydroxychloroquine Diggz

Anons on the Q debate II

Red Cross ship dig

Twitter colored blank banners II

Ultim?boon vs Fred "Hotwheels" Brennan Debate Part II

Q's Flag diggz: Arizona and the FED?

1917 and 2020 / Sedition Act Cont

Clips from: How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic | Bill Gates

CA Gov. Newsome gives California chief justice emergency authority to suspend laws

Anons on the Q debate III

Twitter colored blank banners III

Twitter colored blank banners III

JFK Jr. calls Creepy Joe Biden a "TRAITOR."

Twitter Banner Fuggery (some are blank)


DJT: Tweet Analysis

27 March, FCC grants changes in certain frequencies to SIX SATELLITES

Zero Fucks: Sweden's unusual response to coronavirus

Pyongyang fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan

China Virus Gen

Unsealed Indictments Dig

CA health union finds 39 Million masks, but public is asked to donate to hospitals

Hydroxychloroquine diggz bun and tangentially related

Pompeo -"This is a matter going forward - We are in a live exercise here…."

USMC ASSAULT SUPPORT Ospreys flying low over LA freeway

Planefag report


PapaD: George telling us the storm is here?

China Virus Gen

Maduro Indicted: Russian Oil Firm Pulls Out

This morning shift's got some balls

Fauci Digg

TRUMP Adds Firearms to List: your 2nd Amendment is Safe!

Planefag reports

Venezuelan General is Extradited to US Second General Surrenders

Jewish Financially Punish Who Voted Against Holocaust Education Bill

Thrilla in Vanilla: @Ultim?boon vs "Hotwheels" (vid)

1,520 more U.S. citizens repatriated to the United States from Haiti

Branson roasted as seeks massive bailout despite not paying staff

Feel the Bern: 0% on Student Loans

German State of Hasse's Finance Minister Found Dead

Cuomo: "declaration of war"

Economists Predict Potential End of the Euro Due to Coronavirus

Cannabis helps fight resistant bacteria

Rosneft hands Venezuelan oil business to Russian state firm

23 flags "We've really set the stage"

Planefag reports

Today, we honor and remember those who fought during the Vietnam War

Hanx digg on Trucks

Add fucking @Jack to the list, too

anon: Checkmate

Patriots Fight!

anon: Good, Concise

Don’t Worry Because You Can Trust the Govt. to Not Spy on Innocent Americans

Dr. Fauci’s History in Spending Billions of Government Funds

Breaking: Medical Aid Flight Crashes After Takeoff In Manila

Lawfag on Fed Restructure

Patrick Henry (portion of Liberty or Death speech)

German state finance minister Thomas Schäfer found dead

CDC Foundation Digs

Blank Twitter banners update

GOP presses for swift Ratcliffe confirmation to intel post

Governors Order Police To Stop & Interrogate New Yorkers As COVID-19 Cases Top 660K Globally


The Department of Homeland Security just declared all firearms manufacturers and retailers as “essential business.”

Jefferies' CFO Dies From Coronavirus

8 killed as plane carrying medical crew & patient crashes in Manila airport

Russia Concerned by Proximity of US Bioweapon Labs Amid Outbreak

Harry and Meghan must ask Trump for 'special help' as Canada bids security costs farewell

California governor: 170 ventilators sent from Trump administration were 'not working

US forces handover K-1 military base to Iraqi Army

Iran’s regime is caught in its own web of lies about the coronavirus outbreak

Riots in Mahabad, Tehran prisons as coronavirus threat expands

Fauci says US could have 'millions' of coronavirus cases and over 100,000 deaths

update on current progress of the Comfort

Warning: Coronavirus Is Real, Panic Is Orchestrated

Tehran’s Milad tower turns green in praise of medical personnel’s work

US troops remain at southern border despite waning migration, as coronavirus spreads elsewhere

Husband of Netanyahu aide hospitalized with coronavirus

De Blasio admonishes critics not to 'look back' on his previous efforts to downplay coronavirus

WH Tweet Word “storm”

Chinese Company that Makes Forehead Thermometers ‘Jokes’ About Making Faulty Product for Sale in US in Order to Spread Disease

Dr. Frances Boyle talks about the Wuhan Coronavirus and how in his view it is a genetically engineered bioweapon that was accidentally released from the Wuhan Biosafety (BSL-4) laboratory

Bill the virus guy Gates vax not welcome in Africa

Melania twat banner for anons

Potus: “With the Tax Cuts and new Trade Deals, we were set for a tremendous growth rate this year…


Potus: Hope FDA can approve Mask Sterilization equipment ASAP/Battelle

Diggs on declining bee population

Archive Update "It's darkest before the dawn."Edition, I added #10927 to #11025 and updated the checksums

Ex-health secretary Jeremy Hunt says mass testing is the fastest way to end UK's coronavirus lockdown

Covid19 drives up the price of heroin, meth and fentanyl

DOD regional range complexes (2004)

Once again, Trump was right and the media were wrong

Railroads/Payseur diggz

POTUS Schedule for SUNDAY, March 29, 2020, The Coronavirus Task Force press briefing will now be at 5:00PM EST

Italians burn EU flag, vow to leave EU over EU's lousy coronavirus response

Trump retweeted this two-year-old tweet this morning/McCabe

gold sphenoid bone/ Skull & Bones thing

Curly Neal GlobeTrotter legend dead at 77

Potus: The Lamestream Media wants us to fail. That will NEVER happen!

LG clip on Pelosi

Medical and military contractor Kimchuk hit by data-stealing DoppelPayme ransomware

PF updates

Moscow mayor issues strict pandemic advisory, stopping short of total lockdown

Nellis AFB offers 'Blackjack' training

anon pure speculation/offensive comms jammer ready to deploy

Arizona coronavirus response chief resigns

investment bank Jefferies announced that its CFO Peg Broadbent, has passed away from coronavirus complications

HSBC: your DNA will be your data British Bank

US forces pack up and leave Kirkuk airbase… but pulling out of Iraq still off the table

Potus twat thread

Is this letting us know the music has stopped?


Brave Woman Catches On-Duty Cop Who Repeatedly Raped Her By Recording Him in The Act

1917 Balfour

Potus: Happy National Vietnam War Veterans Day to all of our Vietnam era Veterans

March 29, 1973: The U.S. Withdraws From The Vietnam War

Pa. Governor Tom Wolf keeps cabinet shop he owns OPEN as ' essential '

US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and the Pritzker Architecture Prize Jury

A CBS News producer who tested positive for the coronavirus has died just weeks after the network shutdown its New York City

Mike Pompeo twitter status

anon notable bun

Pompeo: Dark to Light

Noteworthy New Articles

The Federal Reserve & The Treasury just merged into a single organization

PF Reports

PDJT - however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!

Russia has no data on ‘US role’ in coronavirus outbreak - diplomatic source

Andrew Jackson’s Speech Against Central Banksters as True Today as in 1832

There's powerful evidence this Great Panic is foolish, yet our freedom is still broken and our economy crippled

Are they dead or alive.. T. Hanks

If they want to have a news aggregator https://www.fark.com/ is still around

another Will Sommer hit piece–he's up to at least 37 articles now

Country music legend Joe Diffie died today due to “complications of coronavirus,”

Wuhan residents estimate, based on calculations of cremations and urns now being returned to families, that between 42k-46k died

The Federal Reserve Act transferred the money-making powers of the United States to a private group of bankers who then set up the fractional reserve system of banking


PF Reports

Noteworthy News Articles

Decision on halting inspections under New START made upon mutual agreement

Marines + Clinton book at start of POTUS video

All the NYC pieces in one place

Tom Fitton - New records show how Hillary Clinton was protected from investigation over the Weiner laptop by the FBI for a full month during the presidential campaign!

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson gives the lessons he learned from the financial crisis

Crisis Corona Hospital in Berlin appears Empty

The White House Coronavirus Task Force met today in the Situation Room. Americans can remain confident that President - MIKE PENCE


Queens DA Melinda Katz tests positive for coronavirus

Noteworthy News Articles

Treasury-Federal Reserve Accord

Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


Just some interesting pics of USNS Comfort from around the internets

'They Must Pay!': POTUS on Security Protection for Prince Harry, Meghan Markle in US

Pool is advised the task force briefing will begin at 5:30 p.m

UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction has a Disaster Simulator Game www.stopdisastersgame.org SEE PIC

Wondering Why There's Such A Shortage Of Masks? Ask The FDA!

Trump twatter timestamp terrifies THEM

US Global Center on Propaganda Pivots to Address COVID-19 Disinformation

New Chinese Virus Deaths

Data on State Chinese Virus statistics

POTUS Live: Where are the masks going?

Turkish-backed Syrian militants suffer devastating losses in northwestern Libya

POTUS Live: Guidelines for Chinese Virus extended until April 30th

CA Dismantled Its Mobile Hospital System, Ventilator, Respirator Stockpiles in 2011

Link to POTUS' presser

Anon on the bankers meeting with Trump, saying they're prepared to help economy

Anon on #FilmYourHospital

Anon's recap of POTUS' live BTFO of CNN

FLOTUS tweet on taking a breath of fresh air

Study on Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread from 2005

President Trump Extends Coronavirus 'Social Distancing' Guidelines and Economic Lockdown to April 30th

Oil drops below $20.00 a barrel

Pence Live: We Are With You

Anons on the Elmhurst Hospital POTUS mentioned

Creepy Comey tweet

Anon's estimation of Chinese Virus to The Flu

Anon on BlackRock

POTUS teed it up, Maggie right on cue

John Prine hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms; family says 'his situation is critical'

More on #FilmYourHospital

New POTUS tweets

Gates foundation and Washington ST. Funding the Murray model

Economic schedule for Week of March 29, 2020-Futures snap

NYC & Italy pics look similar

WH tweet: The peak of this virus' death rate is likely to hit in two weeks

Dr Colleen Smith works at Elmhurst Hospital

Anon on the subject of the Q "tripcode map"

Fauci: ‘No doubt’ Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak in 2017

US Naval Institute says USNS Comfort deployed to NYC for 9/11 1991?? corrected

Suspicious death and possessions of a man claiming to have been involved with J.F.K. assassination

Trump playing drums to nirvana song, KEK

anon opines hopium on the story of Tesla coils, Trump, and the free energy economy, citing "generators" instead of "ventilators

9/11 digits in video :SS duration

Timestamp 3:52, Woman dressed like HRC abducts baby, Olds Cutlass Ciera, What car did Hillary drive in Arkansas? (2 noms zero title)

#FilmYourHospital for the twatterfags hashtag digs

"Debbie" Birx, is it - hanging w/Pelosi & Fauci Friends Of The Global Fight Host 10th Anniversary Leadership Gala (2014)

Trump twitter video duration simplifies to 9/11 - Q 911 - March Madness

POTUS Schedule for MONDAY, March 30, 2020

Anajana Spa in Belek, Turkey has identical room as creepy child ritual video

wanna digg? sup with Abbott Labs - FDA approves 5-minute coronavirus test by Abbott Labs

Pres. Trump shut down Gov. Cuomo's money grab

Fauci - Soros connection, Gates Foundation connection

anons dig on Queens hospital and/or Elmhearst hospital

anons dig on Queens hospital and/or Elmhearst hospital

comeys game board setup and the celebrity banner colors

Corpses loaded in Refeerer Trailer in back of Brooklyn Hospital (Video)

CBS News Caught Using Footage from an Italian Hospital to Describe Conditions in New York City

Kissinger was in China late November

Curt Schilling calls Patton Oswalt a pedo lover

@realDonaldTrump will be extending National Social Distancing Guidelines through April 30, 2020

Boatfag update USSComfort Update and moar

Potus/Q red carpet event?

CIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election

MSM lies caught, again

Elmhurst diggz

2008 Pelosi bestowed the Knighthood of the Grand Cross at Villa Firenze

Top hospital exec fired after saying Trump supporters with COVID-19 should give up ventilators and die

There are no mistakes or coincidences

State Rep. Isaac Robinson has died – COVID-19 suspected

How BlackRock Makes Money

Alan Merrill, 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll' Songwriter, Dies From Coronavirus at 69

FDA issues emergency authorization of anti-malaria drug for coronavirus care

Pentagon Orders Essential Staff To Deep Underground Mountain Bunker As Pandemic Prep Escalates


Crude Oil Prices - 70 Year Historical Chart

Resignations in the news 3/27/2020 through 3/29/2020

Scavino twat

Notables for Mar 29, 2020

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