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Notables for Mar 21, 2020

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@[email protected]peo. #COVID19 vid

It is time. We are ready

Blood Types and susceptibility to Covid-19 - ANONS DIGG MOAR PLZ


Coronavirus timeline in Washington: How and when our life changed

Q/Oprah's puppy graphic

Texas Democrats sue to expand mail-in voting

Northwestern Greece Hit by 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake – European Seismologists (Sputnik)

Deeper Dig on Ellen

Q314 refresher

Texas’s Largest County Settles Lawsuit Over Noncitizens on Voter Rolls

AgFag on Beef Market

Anon notes odd Fauci gestures

More on Fauci

Planefag report - looks pretty empty out there, kek

Inslee determined not to declare shelter in place order

Boatfag report on bulk carrier PANTELIS Longkou, China --> Vancouver CA

Country Music icon Kenny Rogers has died

Event 201 participants include CDC's Stephen Redd and George Gao, Chinese Ctr for Disease Control & Prevention

DOJ Settles Claim Against Maryland Construction Firm for Discriminating Against U.S. Workers

DARPA-funded company AbCellera teams with Lilly to create treatments

Newsom deploys Cali Nat'l Guard to Distribute Food at Food Banks


NASA: Two Asteroids Could Cause Atmospheric Explosion Over Earth This Week (Sky Event?)

Huff POst story tells that women have been aborting in their own homes

Iranian authorities have released French academic Roland Marchal

Celebrity comms noteable people with da aids

US Military News

Duterte aligns Philippines with China

FinanceFag Reports

COVID19 Reports

Anon connects small airplane crash, corona virus cure and Watson Pharma

Planefag reports

President Trump's Tweets News and Decodes

cheleas clinton invokes Satan

Vatican having a bad March

Gen Flynn’s brother “China is Asshole”

Biblefag decodes Q verses

Corona Virus stuffs

odd: LAPD Plane Helo chase

Sweet Wormwood: CV natural cure

Fauci Digg

Planefag reports


EQ Map

The Atlantic: Muh National Guard

DJT: Great story

Updated Sealed Indictment Map

Muh Corona: Vatican has granted plenary indulgences

Corona Health Advice

Extreme Abortion Law passed in New Zealand

Planefag reports

DJT: (It's REALLY happening!)

Magnitude 4.5 quake strikes near Nevada's Carson City


Michael Savage on China tension

Corona Virus stuffs

Tom Hank's son Chet just posted something reallllllly weird

Tweet Vid: "Ain't that the nigger from CNN?"

KarluskaP: Zuck Fuckerberg, new face filters

DKT Tweet analysis: "COVID-19: consider cytokine storm"

Hummers being shipped east

Calling our trainfags. Can anyone else confirm? CSX

Planefag reports

DoD: Corona Virus Website

DJT: WH Presser at 12:30

BardsOfWar: @BillGates resigns after corrupted test kits were intercepted by DHS

Anon recommended video from "Where We Go 1 We Go All"

A group of President Donald Trump’s campaign staffers conducted a Bible study

Top'(kek)o the morning

8 Democrats/I’s Announce They Are Switching Parties To Become Republicans

DJT: Retweets on CV

Potus/Q HA multiple meanings

Coronavirus Will Revive an All-Powerful State

LIVE: President Trump & Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold News Conference 3/21/20

Refresher: Army Is Spending Half a Billion to Train Soldiers to Fight Underground

Troller in chief educating the public

PF updates

presser pics

Today's conference Trump says and repeats 148/ Q148

Student loan payments waived for 60 days

Top insider trading buy/sale week ending 3/20/20

UK: Far-left activists call for “Labour Jihad”/political website Guido Fawkes

Federal Judge Rules Migrants Must Stay in Detention Center


CBTS/Community Based Testing Sites vid

Bayer donates millions of tablets of malaria drug that could fight coronavirus to U.S. government

USCOURTS.GOV: “California has activated its Continuity of Operations Plan”

PF updates

WarRoom Memes, get em out, #ReleaseTheCures

Bankruptcy judge approves New Ulm Diocese's clergy sex abuse settlement

55 million masks!!! LOUD and CLEAR Boss!

NJ governor issues “stay at home” order effective at 9 pm

Ground stop now in effect — all departures stopped — for JFK, LGA, EWR

Watson Labs, Corona Ca, hydroxychloroquine Sulfate tabs/Kamala's district

@OhioAG orders the closure of "nonessential" abortion clinics in the state

Mexican cartels with shortages of meth and fentanyl as chemicals can’t be sourced from China

FDA clinical trials using diff treatment than that Potus announced?

PF - JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airport. Nuthin going out

PF updates

‘We Don’t Have Definitive Proof That it Works:’ Fauci on Efficacy of Chloroquine Against CCP Virus

@WhiteHouse "Governors, mayors, businesses, charities, and citizens are all working with urgency and speed toward one common goal, which is saving American lives."

DoJ asks Congress to give chief judges power to detain people without trial during emergencies

Bye Bye Watson labs

Thousands of French citizens ignore quarantine as cops issue nearly 39,000 citations for violating lockdown

WarRoom Get that #ReleaseTheCures hashtag trending/Zpac trending

Call to diggz! Resignations since 2002 to compare with RA up to date list

New Ellen twat (vid embed)

Russia launches Soyuz-2.1b rocket with 34 UK OneWeb satellites from Baikonur

The opportunity to take back the commons for the benefit of humanity as a whole is open – here and now.”

DAILY MAIL Headline: Nearly one BILLION people are in lockdown across the globe

Malik Obama twat: The Storm is Coming

Princess Cruises had a health problem long before back-to-back outbreaks

First known coronavirus victim has RECOVERED

Celeb comms & analysis for the day

Matthew McConaughey tweets we all are in the witness room

Rocky Mountain National Park closes

Coronavirus in Africa

LVMH orders 40 million masks from China for France

VP Pence says will be tested for coronavirus after aide tested positive

French study Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin: Patients showed complete viral eradication, 5th day of treatment

WH tweet: Yesterday, President @realDonaldTrump spoke with 12,000 small businesses

Joann Stores launches effort to make items to protect healthcare workers

NXIVM: Raniere sentence postponed, Doctor accused of branding sex slaves could lose license

Doctor accused of drugging, assaulting escorts is indicted

@USMC Europe & Africa twat: Comms Up

Boatfag report: Still no major traffic across the ocean and trade routes

Burr asks ethics committee to review his stock sales

New WH Tweets

France's homeless 'fined for not staying indoors' during COVID-19 lockdown

New @Djt Jr. - This bullshit is why everyone hates and doesn’t trust the media

FeFe (Iron and Ferretin), Adrenochrome theory on Madonna Fried Fish

Man Yells ‘It’s the End of the World’ Before Allegedly Killing 11-Year-Old Boy

DHS Changes Rule to Import More H-1B Foreign Workers in Economic Meltdown

Pandemic changes Democrats Door-Knocking Army plans

Planefag reports

Students to get free meals from 400 NYC schools

Condoms & Pot Sales Soar Amid Global Lockdown

DOJ Using Coronavirus Crisis to Push for Expansive Emergency Powers

Goldman injects $1 billion into own money-market funds after heavy withdrawals

Boatfag: Plenty of cargo traffic

Here Are The Companies That Have Fully Drawn Down Credit Lines This Week

Anon theory on Q#2 "POTUS self isolate" and one of Pence's staff testing positive for COVID-19

Free tools for video screenshots & production

Anon explains H1B visa abuse w/links

JUDGE62 making sky patterns, out of Will Rogers Airport

Pompeo says "we're in a live exercise" from yesterday's Corona Presser (vid embed)

Actress Debi Mazar tests postive for CoronaVirus

Q Refreshers. Repeats Necessary

Spade twatter: Avocado comms to Tiegen?

Democrats Don’t Want To Give Americans Checks During Coronavirus Crisis, Want Expanded Unemployment Benefits Instead

"Austere" Germany To Issue €356BN In New Debt, Amounting To 10% Of GDP

Anon convinced Ellen's hostage videos are coming from her Montecito estate digg

The Quarantined Celebrities Have Lost Their Minds (Dailybeast)

Eyes On: Marco Rubio twats black smoke gif, pope chimney?

New HRC twat

Political scientists recommend Brennan Center's Nov. Voting plans to congress - COVID19

Youtube video of Pope voting, 2013, Rubio Twat related

Digg on Railroad Tycoons

Angela Merkel at Supermarket buying Four bottles of wine

Border officials allow hundreds of Mexican vehicles to cross despite Trump ban

From: Fauci, Anthony To: Mills, Cheryl D Subject: Today's performance, wikileaks email gets a nom

revisiting POTUS emergency powers

moar Ellen D noms

lb/pb faggot, larp bun in case anons want to play along


Dr. Gates tested a vaccine prior to the 1918 pandemic. Fred Trump died in it (the 1918 pandemic)

FDA Approves Coronavirus Test That Can Provide Results In 45 Minutes

Pleased to report that the COVID-19 test results came back negative for both Vice President

Lego/isolation comms from Ellen?

Kansas City metro under stay-at-home order effective Tuesday

Covid-19 test to watch, 2-10 minutes, awaiting approval

Other celeb comms?

More Fauci related emails from Wikileaks

The Guggenheim family history

Was Soros funding a Wuhan virology lab as recently as 2011?

Planefag Reports

CV Updates

France seizes lorries carrying 130,000 masks to British hospitals

Chinese Ambassador lauds HRC’s attack on POTUS

Other celeb comms? Cont

Syria Update

It's habbenin! White American speaks out

Double standards & reporting for the left full display

Super detailed article about Clinton's NXIVM ties from 2007

Planefag Watch

More Fauci digs

More on possible celeb comms


Based Mike Lee, DOJ kept in check

FAA investigating plane crash near Johns Island airport

Potus: Chines Virus Fact Check vid

New Oprah twats with 2 1/2 min vid

Q#248 from vid

Previous Q vid

Northern Nevada on the east side of Carson City just got another EQ, this one smaller than yesterday's, but in the same place

Logistical and Technical Exploration into the Origins of the Wuhan Strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

POTUS Schedule for SUNDAY, March 22, 2020

PF updates

Potus: Thank you!

The video Q linked to today, he also linked to in #3594

Coast Guard rescues 2 near Disappearing Island

Potus: Thank you David, so true!

Dark Legacy - book about Bush connected to killing of JFK

Gillum Swing For the Keks!

"Bosnia on Saturday confirmed its first death from coronavirus, an elderly woman

Potus: Thank you @JennPellegrino @OANN

PF updates

Potus twat/vid Judge Jeanine

Notables for Mar 21, 2020

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