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Notables for Mar 16, 2020

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POTUS Twat [STOP] THE SPREAD/Q 23 seconds/additions O to Q

anons thoughts on [STOP]

NSC Twat

A new convoy for US occupation enters Syrian territory

National Guard on Bourbon Street in New Orleans-soc media

Box Office: Moviegoing Plummets Worldwide, U.S. Movie Theaters Begin Closing

Saudi Arabia detains 298 public officials in new corruption probes-from earlier and nommed

pf report

POTUS tweet [STOP] = [0:00] proof

U.S. prosecutors believe Credit Suisse is culpable in Mozambique

Notable Ndrangheta mafia thread (Pug the crusader)

Somalilandsun: Ethiopian police said they have arrested a six-member migrant-smuggling gang

Resignations in the news this weekend, 3/14/2020 and 3/15/2020

The EARN IT Bill Is the Government’s Plan to Scan Every Message Online

N.Korea Recalls Kim Jong-un's Uncle from Austria

US media reveal incarceration conditions of #Guantanamo prisoners

Seattle Times on seattle corona times

Conquering Covid-19 vid clip (5mins, (2-20-20): Use a HAIR DRYER

Wyoming schools closed

Astronomer says that Musk’s Starlink project will make detection of killer asteroids ‘very difficult’

David and Victoria Beckham are the latest celebrities to be affected by coronavirus

WA state still hasn't counted over 300,000 ballots

Fed: the chance of recession this year will depend on how soon impact of pandemic can be contained

Which gov's have ordered shutdowns so far?

10 Companies Operating the Global Vaccine Market (1-3-20)


President Trump's Tweets ,News and Decodes

Deutsche Bank now is less worth than 10 billion €

Coronavirus Covid-19 reports

[D]efender [E]urope D5

COVID19 Notable Persons List

Collection of non drug treatments from NIH PubMed

Financefag Reports

Callista Gingrich is Ambassador to The Holy See in Rome. Dig call

Admiral Mike WRWY

The perfect plan

US Military Tweets and News

Andrew Gillum entering rehab, stepping back from politics following Miami hotel incident

COVID-19 mini-bun

Creepy gongs and distorted voices in a weird language from Denver International

Man arrested after allegedly planning terror attack on electrical substation

#BREAKING: Five people are dead, including police officer and gunman, after shooting at a gas station in Springfield, MO

Chinee Billionaire missing

Why the media is unable to report on a case that has generated huge interest online

printed twats from POTUS Sunday Press conference

Trump puts focus on the corrupt vaccine industry

IMF Prepares $1 Trillion Bazooka. "policy prescriptions" that she said should define a "coordinated response" from the developed economies in Europe and the US

Lockeheed CEO steps down, UNEXPECTEDLY!

The amount of money saved from President Trump getting people off the SNAP (food stamps) program is enough to build the wall

BREAKING: U.S. Health and Human Services Department suffered a cyber-attack on its computer system Sunday night during the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic

Invisible Ink “Tattoos” Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Kids

WhiteHouse twat w/CAP: President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency Friday to deal with the coronavirus pandemic is anything but a sign to panic

Durham probe expected to end this summer:

Anon calls for Archiving offline. make it permanent anons

WhiteHouse twat bun w/CAPs

US, Mexico, and Canada have all ratified our new trade agreement

Circuit-Breaker Halts US Stock Markets At Open 15 Mins. Marketfag reporting

COVID-19 mini-bun

planefag reporting

Gillum on police body cam footage. Goose = cooked

Ohio jail to release hundreds of inmates amid coronavirus concerns: reports

Germany shuts its borders as coronavirus paralyses public life

'Green Flag' US Mil Tweet

BREAKING: NY/NJ/CT Governors in joint announcement say all bars, restaurants, casinos, will close in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut on Monday night

DefenderEurope Symbolism

Pope Francis establishes a new law regulating the judicial system of Vatican City State

pilot just left this message to the world: #StayHome

plane/Mil activity

Potus/Q proof?

Potus in front on this/grocery supplies

Refresher: Buffet bought Biogen [BIG] and Kroger in February…

Virus map points


Minnesota bill would cut state funding for libraries exposing kids to drag queens

@usairforce A #B2 spirit bomber assigned to @Whiteman AFB conducts aerial ops

NJ asks for statewide curfew and casinos, restaurants to close until further notice

evacuating all Peace Corps Volunteers from host countries, suspending global operations

Potus: Everybody is so well unified and working so hard

NEW GEORGE dig mag

What is 'Green Flag'?/JSTARS surveillance system is constructed to locate, classify and track ground targets, making it a critical component in Green Flag exercises


Archive Q's offline

Call to diggz on Midnight Productions

Potus live @3;30p EST, 2 hours away

Baking Class Thursday @ 7P

@RandPaul Today I’m calling on the IRS to move our tax filing deadline from April 15 to July 15

@Flotus I want to take a moment to thank the medical staff, doctors, nurses & first responders

Philippines Is First Country To Halt Its Market "Until Further Notice"

Wuhan hires former Chicago Mayor as special advisor/Richard Daley

@realDonaldTrump and the other G7 Leaders participated in a video teleconference this morning to discuss a coordinated international approach to combat #Coronavirus

COVID19 Notable Persons List

anon notable bun

Potus: Just had a very good tele-conference with Nations’s Governors. Went very well. Cuomo of New York has to “do more”./RT with corrections

Top court rules that Putin move to amend constitution to run again for president is legal

They’re still negotiating substance! On a bill we voted on w/o reading… & now have a 50 page “technical corrections” bill. This is insanity

Little Rock's name comes from the French Le Petit Roche

Rep. Tlaib Retweets: ‘F**k a National Day of Prayer’

MBS still cleaning house 298 more arrested/detained

BOE Gov Mark Carney moves on to UN

@USMC Risky Tides

[email protected]@in—-23!!!

Q posts archive

Border Wall System update

Defense Department Briefing on Coronavirus

IMF Prepares $1 Trillion Bazooka/Slush funds away!

Potus Briefing Live

Cotton: Time for National ‘Shutdown’

Haftar’s Forces Deployed En Masse Around Tripoli

Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law

Call to diggz! Cuomo wants control of Red Castle. Why?

Potus: Spacing between "a very', National Guard to be called up?

Man stabbed to death near Pentagon

As coronavirus spreads, 9 Bay Area counties will be ordered to ‘shelter in place’

Militants In Idlib Are Not Complying With The Ceasefire: Russian Foreign Ministry

U.S. Forces Close Closing Some Bases In Iraq Following Rocket Attacks On Camp Taji

Whitehouse twat bun w/CAPs


Justin Trudeau Shutting Down Canadian Border to Foreign Travelers

Boatfag Ahoy

Legg Mason (parent co.) bought:$17m of Clarion Partners Real Estate Income Fund-Mar 13


Macron bans all family and social gatherings, saying the country is “in a war”

Potus said hotspots

Genie Energy subsidiary gets subpoena in Illinois AG probe

CDC recommends groups of no more than 10 people, not juries, just tribunals?/Q group?

COVID19 Notable Persons List

definition of irony: people are crazy, they bought all the toilet paper, and didnt buy the soap!

POTUS gave the Q signals

Potus: Slow the spread

Market Report

Boatfag Ahoy

Potus: Yesterday I spoke with the great American Grocers and Supply Chain Executives

Potus: no hoarding

Dem Party pic related For the Keks!

"Operation March Madness" that has resulted in 122 arrests for the month

Schifty wanting to buy votes like Mittens

GOOG white hat controlled?


332 Q drop reference in press briefing?

PG&E Wins Approval of $23 Billion Bankruptcy Financing Package

DeSantis says @MiamiDolphins, @Jaguars and Orlando Convention Center have agreed to let state use their properties for future #COVID19 testing sites

China's Carrier Rocket Launch Ends in Failure - Reports

Dow Jones down nearly 3,000 points, Trump concedes recession possible

March Madness Graphic

San Francisco has Issued a THREE WEEK Lockdown! Residents are banned from leaving homes after Midnight on Tuesday

conquering the corona vid gets a nom, prob needs a better ttitle

Refugee Resettlement to U.S. from 23 Coronavirus Countries Continues (more 23 projection)

Italian Mayor: We Can’t Cremate Bodies Fast Enough to Keep Up with Coronavirus Deaths (Fear porn)

The Coronavirus Fatality Rate Reported by the Media Is COMPLETELY INACCURATE. The Actual Rate Is LESS THAN THE FLU

Greek Police Arrest 127 People for Breaking Quarantine Order

Q 122 and Operation March Madness twat gets a nom

Amazon to Hire 100,000 Warehouse and Delivery Employees in US Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Federal Reserve - Closed Board Meeting on March 17, 2020

US Intel Agencies Played Unsettling Role in Classified Coronavirus Response Plan

Every Star and Public Figure Diagnosed with COVID-19 So Far (MSM LIST)

Donald Trump: No Nationwide Quarantine for Coronavirus

Schumer calls for 'war' against pandemic with $750B package

moar sauce on the demorat thing

2020 - year of the Rat

Rep. Gwen Moore To Become Latest Democrat To Self-Quarantine

definitions of "storm"

Russia: Terrorists in Idleb rearmed, launched counter-attacks against Syrian Army

‘Measure your Coffin day’: John Durham charges man with threatening to kill Adam Schiff

Tom Hanks, Wife Rita Wilson Leave Hospital 5 Days After Coronavirus Diagnosis

McDonald’s Announces Changes In Response To Coronavirus

DOJ moves to dismiss the case against the Concord companies that funded the Russian troll farm in 2016

Sidney Powell: Flynn ‘would wear a pardon like a badge of honor’

Ron Paul Claims Coronavirus Could Be ‘A Big Hoax,’ Excuse To Take Rights Away

Try searching Adrenochrome in images and see what you get, for example

Opah’s house on the intercostal in Boca Raton, has been seized. They are evacuating and they are inspecting tunnels (rumors but there are pics)

Huber twat No amount of bank accounts, shell companies, burner phones, or the transfer of millions of dollars to foreign countries will stop us from tracking down money stolen

Justice Dept. Moves to Drop Charges Against Russian Firms Filed by Mueller

Gov. Gavin Newsom asked California lawmakers Monday for a package of up to $1.1 billion

Lady Gaga discusses consumption of Adrenochrome for "fictional" production

seems to me that the areas where there is a huge amount of corona cases also happen to have satanic temples in the epicenters

PG&E wins approval of $23 billion bankruptcy financing package - Bloomberg News

Biden and Bernie's campaigns suspending all appearances

On Google uncensored?

POTUS' Flynn tweet corresponds to Q's watch

John Astor, bloodlines and The Titanic: Diggs

Anon posts all flashing letters in sequence from POTUS [STOP] video

More on DOJ moving to drop Mueller’s Russian bot case

All the deep state are belong to us

Solomon re Flynn, Obama DOJ and Mueller

Planefag & Boatfag Reports

You want BOOMS? Read through the notables

Video: Lady Gaga on FB - Feeding on the blood of children

CV Updates

Q Proof from last night

Sara: Health Officials: 'most people are not at serious risk from CV'

5 earthquakes in 15 hours rattle the Carolinas and Tennessee

Dow drops as CV collapse continues: Dead cat bounce delta?

US media reveal GITMO conditions for prisoners. Comms?

News unlocks the map? ABC7NY release URL for interactive COVID-19 map

Tucker guest: China should pay for CV damage

Former Acting Secretary of HS joins Steampunk BoD

Bernie vote fuggery documented

Beijing tells Pompeo it is futile to smear China over virus

Russian Interference BTFO

Fake online map delivers malware? No sauce, but check it out

KEK: Search for the 'DemocRAT Party' in Google. Logo replaced with a RAT

Today is GOOGLE IT day! Google is now ours

Even deep stater Sally Yates "sounded the alarm" over the treatment of Flynn?

Archive Offline: Trump Twitter Archive

Team Mueller & the Russian "troll farm": Court docs - hillarious excerpts

CV Updates

Nuclear reactor in Japan shut down due to delay in facility to survive attack

ONCE AGAIN: Important tweet from HUBER

Planefag Reports

More on General Flynn & Mueller

Hot digg on: Businessman found guilty of pologamy fraud scheme


Hannity: "As Dems pursued impeachment, CV quietly spread"

Eyes On: NCMEC pushing through an internet control bill

Don Jr retweet re China and CV

Nune's tractors changed from green to red. Rig for Red

State Dept paid $10 million to setup server room in Kiev Ukraine

WH tweet new CV guidelines

CV Updates

The 17th is going to be a big day of closures

Planefag Watch

Google Uncensored

Further HUBER case digz

Laura's guest re CV treatment: Hydroxychloroquine

Hotwheels gets little support for his troubles

POTUS tweets 'TOGETHER' in caps, matches multiple Q Posts

Adrenochrome digz

Satan @s8n suspended from twitter?

Israel declares it must spy to fight the COVID-19

NYT deceptively edits Trump’s advice to Governors on medical ventilator

1 Year Delta tomorrow re @Jack

New Project Looking Glass information revealed in Google search

Gaga, the "Russia Gatee as Dracula" article

POTUS Schedule for TUESDAY, March 17, 2020 (QDay)

Anon Report: I can post usually rejected videos on fb and twitter now

Kingston digz cont. from notes below

COVID19 Celebs / Officials - Notable Persons List Updated

CV Watch

On Jury finds Investment Adviser and owner liable for fraud

GOOG TOS update and Loop Capital lowers Alphabet price target

DJT's tweets on the Muller probe

Memes legal on twitter again?

On @s8n supension from Twitter

Sauce on one of the Weiner laptop NYPD officers' deaths

On Google Uncensored

Chloroquine confirmed effective as Coronavirus cure

Huber digz cont

POTUS tweet "Times"

Video: Clips of Sidney Powell on the Weiner laptop

Adrenochrome / Epipen digz cont

Dec 20 19 Article: Missing Epstein jail video found

A look inside all 7 of Oprah Winfrey’s homes

Notables for Mar 16, 2020

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