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Notables for Feb 28, 2020

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Potus twat/cap

anon digg call on Congress members pushing for vax mandates

hawt NS meme blancs

The Red Shoes > The Man With One Red Shoe>/Red Shoe Movement

Potus twat/cap there will be no more Federal Tax Dollars to States & Cities that will not cooperate with Federal Law Enforcement (ICE)

P_personal direct order in JA legal issues, GER Amb move to DNI position coincidence? Extradition coming

Resignations in the news 2/27/2020

Anon muses on Military Tribunals w/True Pundit

Navy arms destroyers with new laser weapons (see pb notables on China laser incident)

CV - First case in New Zealand after person arrives from Iran - except flight originates in Dubai

Anon nom re: meaning of PDT misspelled twat

Evergreen Lifestyle - call to Shovels. Elon Musk's mother, Maye, on advert

Klobuchar defends Dem's quash of 20-week abortion ban

The coronavirus vaccine as a source of dangerous invasion

Please No. Sherrod Brown/Michelle Obama ticket being considered to defeat Bernie

Fox: Ukraine court OKs probe into prosecutor firing before SC primary

Judge Demands Hunter Biden Appear in Court

Musk Family


OAS Info

Killary starts podcast show

South Carolina Gov. McMaster on Trump's connection with voters: 'Never seen anything like it'

Did Obama’s DOJ Leak Michael Flynn’s Russia Phone Call To Set Him Up?

Planefag reports

#Migrants and #refugees rush to the Turkish coast, risking dangerous sea crossing to #Greece

Financefag reports

Legislators from both parties warn Pentagon not to move money to fund President Trump's border wall

Report: Deputies leaked graphic pictures from Kobe Bryant crash site

Anon requested posting Chaplet Prayer for Saint Michael the Archangel

President Trump tweets and Notes

Durham issuing indictments and convening a grand jury

The House is asking DOJ for interviews with the four career prosecutors who quit the Roger STONE case

Kevin Plank/Vanderbilt diggz

WarRoom Call Call for Black Street Memes for Biden/South Carolina

“Drug Cartel-itis”

Potus twats/caps Why doesn’t Fox finally get a competent Polling Company?

Live: Congress grills Pompeo on Trump's foreign policies

Woods twat: Why is China helping Iran with nuclear research?

Pompeo twat: united with parters against corruption

Q#2575 Fed structure change coming?

Pompeo live

Letter to Barr from Nadler

'𝐊𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐡𝐢' diggz

Moar WarRoom memes

DJT is called "First Black President vid


Wuhan is bullshit minibun

GOP chairwoman suggests RNC plans to get 'litigious' over push for national popular vote

Obama and the resistance: America needs you as states prepare for the next round of redistricting. It's up to all of us to make sure we have a fair democracy. Join me in the fight for fair maps

Soros Jr "alarmed" over denaturalization

Congressman John Garemendi threatened @DonaldJTrumpJr on live TV

Anybody else cancelling their plans to go on trips or other activities? minibun

NATO 'won't run to Erdogan's aid' despite efforts to have allies intervene in Syria

Moar WarRoom memes

Greece and Bulgaria crack down on Turkish borders as refugees arrive

Slovenia: Ally of Viktor Orban Becomes Prime Minister In Melania’s Homeland



VP Pence: Trump admin is ‘defunding Planned Parenthood’ (@CPAC speech)


Hot Wheels: Being an international fugitive is fucking expensive

hey frens, why not take second of your day & make some wannabe bio-terrorists famous/FBI

Turkey saber rattling with Russia

A DOE link to a Q post. About Uranium One. Anons decide?!


Potus twat/vid/archives

@USArmy #WinningMatters!

#10595 anon news/notables

anon coronavirus/political analysis

Moar WarRoom memes

Watkins is suggesting a campaign to kick Brennan off of gofundme

Q #3890 pic source possibly found

Giuliani Tweet: Podcast covering Soros foreign aid scam

Ukraine launches criminal proceedings against Joe Biden

FBI agents raid Houston school district's administration building

Sessions Tweet on sanctuary cities

China buying large portions of the food industry

Planefag updates

FBI vault drops


Dow closes

Ex-Baltimore Mayor Pugh sentenced to prison

Sara Carter Tweet: Coronavirus update

Pedo reference in Indiana Jones?

New HRC emails

Syria update

Congolese crisis

Planefag updates

Yellow vests still going strong

Sanofi to pay $11.9 million to resolve U.S. drug kickback probe

Airstrikes kill two terrorists in Somalia

HRC friend beaten to death

Another POTUS win in the courts: subpoenas

Taliban peace deal imminent?

California regulator proposes record $2.14 billion fine on PG&E over wildfires

President Trump is wheels up for the Palmetto State!

Pharmacy owners convicted for running medicinal scheme worth $11.8 million

POTUS Tweets

POTUS Presser

Rep. Spanberger comments on new POTUS appointee

Q Drop/Ratcliffe connection-anon submission

Ratcliffe: Democrats Have Been Russia's Biggest Allies on Election Meddling -from Feb 24th

Bernie Sanders group used NDA to silence racial discrimination claim-ny post

Jim Jordan: Impeachment began when FBI 'spied on four American citizens'-wash exam

US, Taliban set peace signing for America's longest war 12news.com

Hunter Biden takes up painting after being 'addicted to crack for four years'

DJT Jr Twat

Schumer Twat on Ratcliffe nom

Bill Gates: Coronavirus may be ‘once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about’-cnbs.com

Federal Reserve Chair Powell statement from today and Q drop #2575

California woman with ‘unknown origin’ coronavirus case in serious condition-ny post

FCC proposes $200M in fines for wireless carriers that sold your location for years-techcrunch

Warren-Created Agency That Targets Businesses, Accountable Only To Itself, Challenged in Supreme Court-dailywire

POTUS rally links: Keep America Great Rally LIVE in North Charleston, SC

Appeals court rules House can't sue to enforce McGahn subpoena

CNN announces interviews with Democratic candidates on eve of Super Tuesday

Air Force Alters Service Anthem To Gender-Neutral Lyrics

SpaceX wins the $117 million launch contract to explore Psyche’s heavy metal asteroid

Remarks by President Trump before Marine One departure

BREAKING: White House Wins DC Appeals Court Ruling Blocking Don McGahn Testimony

Theodore Allegra and Gene Cretz, diggs from the Reading Room

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews faces new accusation of inappropriate remarks to women

Nadler asks DOJ for info & testimony to probe Stone prosecution and other cases

The crowd at the POTUS Rally in Charelston

Abedin emails and UAE digs in the Virtual Reading Room

"Who is Q?" coming from the South Carolina rally crowd?

Video: POTUS at the rally: 'MAYBE 17'

POTUS: "You know Alice?"

Nadler seeks testimony from Durham about Russia inquiry review

Graham to POTUS: Thanks for putting up with all the BS

Video: Senator Tim Scott amps up crowd at North Charleston Rally

Nadler letter to Barr & Collins statement for Nadler

Ninth Circuit reopens border, blocks Trump's ‘return to Mexico’ policy

Israel has no freedom of speech, and controls America's

Clerk and recorder: Ballot submission act 'voter suppression'

Astronomy student discovers 17 new planets

Is It Wet Yet "working on an anti-deep state super PAC"?

Q shirt behind POTUS at South Carolina Rally

POTUS nominates John Ratcliffe for Director of National Intelligence

Planefag Watch

CDC Director Says Rod Rosenstein’s Sister “Misspoke” About Coronavirus Risk

Trump pushing for three-way arms control with Russia, China

Tom Steyer dancing to Back dat Azz up

Hillary Clinton to Launch New Podcast

Anti-Q video report by Mother Jones (Feb 26)

CDAN Naomi Campbell reveal

POTUS has arrived home

Twitter poll to flip

Activist investor wants to push out Twitter CEO

POTUS weekend schedule

Disarm the Deep State, Jim Watkins' new website/SuperPAC

Corona virus tie to 2019 pig deaths in China?

Q photo in Saudi Arabia

Some corona virus messages from schools

#MarineOne landed on the South Lawn at 10:25 pm

Notables for Feb 28, 2020

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