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Notables for Feb 16, 2020

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(Bangladesh) Human Trafficking: Special tribunals to ensure speedy trials

China reports fall in new virus cases for 3rd straight day

Rudy G. twat: Soros enemy #1

Gun Rights Activists Crash Bloomberg Rally in Virginia, Chant ‘Guns Save Lives’-gateway pundit

Former Colo Springs mayoral candidate accused of trying to steal newborn baby in WA state

New Rudy on HRC: predicted she would collapse and she did

Klobuchar and steyer don't know Mexican President's name

Humpty Dumpty Institute - who's who of crazy Dems headed by Jeffrey Epstein's brother

Corona updates/discussion

Boatfag update on vessels in port; more boatfaggin'

Planefags aloft

Scott Adams rt: Trump organic, Bloomberg artificial; Katie Couric mp4

Corona, con't

Woman accused of posing as photographer to drug moms, steal babies

Reminder on Scott Adams/Posobiec exchane on "who killed Q"

Why do you support the President? "We love him" (mp4)

Evergreen + depop. = chem trails; Chem trails over Wuhan Jan 31

Moar Humpty Dumpty; Medical Missions for Children/Ralph Cwerman

B3H: Digg Call (trains Saudi AF pilots)

Corey's Digs vid on Goggle Whistleblower (from Aug; not notabled before)

Will corona cancel out Tokyo Summer Olympics?

Wuhan-400 virus makes people very ill–in a Dean Koontz thriller from 1981

Haiti: 15 babies & children died in a fire in a group home run by US church

POTUS schedule for Sunday, Feb 16

NATO in Afghanistan: not leaving but may adjust force level if Taliban willing to compromise

Rudy mistyped his own URL. Misspelling or message?

Coronavirus Updates and notes

Daytona 500 notes

RED alert called for Storm Dennis UK

Sexual harassment at Les Moonves’ CBS lawsuit claims

Oregon’s Democrat Gov. Kate Brown fights to remove the four lower Snake River dams in Washington state

More than 6,000 bodies found in six mass grave sites in Burundi + Anon responses

Pete & Pete were involved in the Iran nuclear deal?

Downing Street turned on the BBC last night — vowing to scrap the television licence fee and make viewers pay a subscription

US MIL Tweets and notes

44 women rescued from prostitution dens in Manila, Valenzuela

Biden admits obama put children in cages

Christiane Amanpour /Pelosi TV interview

corona virus info: health experts issue warning- Jan 24th, Bridgewater buys puts- Nov 2019, virus deaths double overnight-Jan 22

anons:"@ Snowden marker IG/Subpoena/DEA/Bruce Ohr/Snowden Connection

GOP governor endorses Bill Weld over Trump- Wash. Examiner

anons on Dr.Marcel Vollmer "Blue Beam much?"-(soc media) SAP supply chain connections

(oops!) Israel says Hamas used 'attractive' women in thwarted cyberattack- yahoo news

US Army TWat: "In celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth…"

Eric Holder Twat…that timestamp

James Brown died in 2006. Now an Atlanta prosecutor is looking into it-cnn from Feb 13

Anons talk /qresearch/, /qrb/, and endchan

POTUS to take a lap in the beast around Daytona Int'l Speedway- soc media

Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory? Scientists believe killer disease may have begun in research facility 300 yards from Wuhan wet fish market-dailymail

Swiss Crypto AG spying scandal shakes reputation for neutrality

California congressman owes $145,000 in unpaid income tax, according to new IRS lien-from Feb 15

The Multi-Billion-Dollar Mystery Of The Great British Gold Sale

New POTUS tweet

meme farmer update

U.S. Marines Tweet: "Aerial Pit-Stop" and Q drops #252,263-"fly Roths fly"

anon on 2 yr delta's Clowns in America

DoD Tweet

pf report

Gowdy on MariaB

Dean Koontz book fortells coronvirus-Wuhan-400: soc. media

Canary Palm.. Q drop #781

Daytona Int'l Speedway Tweet-Air Force Thunderbirds in attendance

Ted Cruz Twat: "Good Q…"

Q drop #3866 and Hannity Twat from feb 14

Q drop #500 DEFCON Stringer, #3717-dup drop, #952-Snowden Subcontractor

Elton John Breaks Down In Tears As He’s Escorted Off Stage Mid-Concert After Losing His Voice-yahoo.com- kek

500 Google Chrome extensions found to be spreading malware-feb 14

Bill Gates spreading moar fear pron on corona virus-ZH

Racecar is a Palindrome

Conway: Bloomberg's alleged comments to women 'far worse' than Trump 'Access Hollywood' tape-foxnews

Watch Klobuchar & Steyer Get Stumped When Simply Asked To Name Mexico's President-zh

anon on Victory lap for POTUS and twatter trends

U.S. Marines Twat: Gratata



[D]AYTONA [5]00

Pentagon Chief Mark Esper Cautions World: ‘Wake Up’ to China Threat

Cardinal Zen: Vatican Is ‘Giving Everything’ to China’s Communists

Planefag updates


Oligarch Buys Political Party - Seeks to Become President

Daughter of former US ambassador charged with murder

AF1 flyover/landing Daytona 500

Dozens of civilians killed in Saudi-UAE-led air raids in Yemen

Judge takes rare step to help serve elusive Ghislaine Maxwell with lawsuit

over 6000 bodies found in 6 graves in Burundi

Four Killed in Tourist Plane Crash in France

London Police Deploying Facial Recognition Cameras Across City

Haiti: 15 babies & children died in a fire in a group home run by US church

The Pope with have a terrible May

AF1 and Daytona speedway pics and vids

Holder posting a twat at 9:11am. Sept 11 and FISA connection

vid of POTUS pov in lap car

POTUS and FLOTUS start your engines

Storch digs re: whistleblower

DOJ opens news investigation into James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, former top DOJ official says

The Beast Daytona vids

and Brennan under DOJ scurtiny as well

NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer says “it’s the calm before the storm.”

Sky Eyes

legit planefaggin

Country singer Daniel Lee Martin found dead in Pasco home by deputies serving warrant for child sex abuse charges

U.S. peach grower awarded $265 million from Bayer, BASF in weedkiller lawsuit

Q sign spotted (twatter post)

@USArmy - combat engineers paratroopers demonstrating how to knock on enemy doors

CBP officers intercepted more than 1,500lbs of liquid meth at the Ysleta port of entry in El Paso this week

Syrian forces seize most of Aleppo province, ahead of Turkey-Russia talks

RSA Conference 2010 Keynote - James Bidzos Speaker : Robert Mueller

Weekend @ Boinies

Eyes in the Sky, Eyes on the Sky, Mile High Club, Planefags are not Concerfags, remember?

Planefag reports

A call to action: Guard Barr

Jaguars jumbotron operator arrested on child porn charges

Buttigieg's campaign Niger(ian) rigging election

Topless protesters arrested at Bernie Sanders Nevada rally

Trump at Daytona: No Matter Who Wins, ‘God, Family, and Country’ Matters Most

God's promise appears at #Daytona500

Gov't Officials Seize Vet’s Guns in Mistaken Identification In Red Flag Law Execution

POTUS takes Pepe along for the ride!

Bill Barr (B2): Over the target, taking flak!

Clint Bowyer: I judge people on how they treat me and others (@POTUS)

Prager U: What is Space Force all about?

Prince Andrew openly groped girls (at) Epstein's "Pedophile Island"

Free PDF download of AG Barr's Father's Sci-fi novel

Moar on topless protestor @ Bernie rally

Daytona 500 postponed till Monday due to rain

@NikkiHaley: The FBI is now overseeing around 1,000 cases of espionage

Dialysis patient BANNED from taking life-size cutout of Trump to med center

PF Repots - C130 @ Kansas City Intl

Pool Report on POTUS/Erdogan Call - U.S. desires end of Rus support for Assad

60 minutes covering for Crowdstrike

Elton John diagnosed with pneumonia

POTUS at hotel where 2 White House aides are getting married. Attending?

NEW DJT: #DAYTONA500 Video (embed)

“All of you girls line up to give him [oral sex] as a wedding present.” - Bloomberg quote

Heathrow Airport apologizes for IT failure disruption

RR's sister, Dir. of National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases @ CDC

Found a Fakebook for Pete Buttigieg, a planefag fag?

MiniMike spotted having dinner with Hilldabeast in December 2019

NASCAR driver posts pics of him meeting POTUS & FLOTUS

Anons discuss shopped Q drop posted by Twitterfag PrayingMedic (bun)

Planes carrying American evacuees from virus-hit ship leave Japan

New DJT jr. - Never thought they'd hold the #DAYTONA500 at a Trump rally

Bloomberg dancing on stage w/ black Trannies

POTUS attends wedding reception for Katie Waldman & /ourguy/ Stephen Miller

@Madliberls twat for keks

Steve Bannon on Sunday Morning with Maria Bartiromo (ytube)

760 million now in residential lockdown (China)

ICE: Sanctuary California Hiding Details on Accused Illegal Alien Child Abusers

Silicon Valley Heads to Europe, Nervous About New Rules

PF update

Flotus twatter pics of Daytona

British Airways COO and director of people to leave

General Motors to wind down Australia, New Zealand operations, sell Thailand plant

Jeb has a scandal brewing in FL. Non profit work can be very profitable

Call to diggz, Russian Encryption Infiltration

Judge in Roger Stone case orders Tuesday phone hearing

#BREAKING: Amie Harwick, Drew Carey's Ex-Fiancé, Has Reportedly Been Murdered In California

Anon asserts FDR is why Eisenhower gave the military industrial complex speech

Scavino twat: Potus lap at Daytona 500 vid

Huber Q tie/pic

POTUS Schedule for Monday, February 17, 2020 - QDay & President's DAY!

MSM 0, Potus 162 refresher

PF update

Trump Is Already Making Stuff Up About Voter Fraud/Bloomberg hit piece

Kash Patel is on John Solomon's Podcast, Episode 8 starting at 10:40

Comfy Sunday - RP78 & M3 host Roseanne Barr plus discussion

Notables for Feb 16, 2020

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