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Notables for Feb 15, 2020

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CNN's Toobin on Avenatti: "I Feel Kind of Snookered Because I Took Him Seriously"

PRINCE Andrew visited Peter Nygard, accused of abusing 10 teens

Does the space force need a guard?

U.S. raises tariffs on European aircraft in ongoing dispute over subsidies

Huawei & North Korea: Reading between the lines of EDNY’s new indictment

The Geopolitics Of Biological Weapons, Pt 1: An Overview (ZH)

Boats afloat (w/shipping containers); Nat Rothschild's Planet Nine

Scavino post, flag, similar to pf 74 and mirror of car 47 daytona 500 car trump 2020

Left loses it when billionaire Larry Ellison hosts Trump fundraiser

McConnell celebrated as key to securing new Army hdqtrs at Ft Knox

Anon discusses potential link between Shen Yun & the Great Awakening

Call to digg on Annobon Island; see lb

State Dept Contracting Officer Sentenced to Prison for Bribery/Fraud Scheme

Former Generic Pharma Exec Pleads Guilty re Criminal Antitrust Conspiracy

Two Execs Indicted in Antitrust Conspiracy to Fix Prices for Disk Drive Components

Massive data leak exposes med records, mugshots & IDs of > 36,000 inmates

Full Transcript of ABC Bill Barr Interview Shows Deceptiveness of Broadcast Interview (Conserv. Treehouse)

Omar proposes new foreign policyt to 'advance pace' and taper 'US militarism'

US defense spending at 10 yr high (RT)

Chinese Province Authorizes Private Property Confiscation To Fight Corona

Vatican urged to partner with top population controllers on pope’s Global Education Pact

Ivanka Trump welcomed by Consul General of the US in Dubai

Prosecutor's closing arguments in Weinstein case

Feb 6 = Zero Tolerance Day for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Why was Gen Paul X Kelley just buried in Arlington yesterday when he died 12-29-19?

Vid clip: Lindsey Graham’s real focus in Barr’s hearing: Hillary Clinton [9 mos ago; a 9 marker]?

What depopulates and makes no noise? "Sustainable development" [17 goals]

Digg further on Gareth Williams re Seth Rich; tied into pb

Annobon Island - Waste Dumpers Turning to West Africa

Annoban Island - Profits for Europe, Industrial Slop for Africa

Adoptive cell therapy for cancer on the horizon?

Switzerland stops 5G amid medical concerns

Daniel Lee Martin suicides amid child sex allegations

Archive update "Trusting the Plan" Edition; #10371 to #10424 added

Planefags' updates

Happy 97th Birthday Chuck Yeager - Air Force world record breaker

Michigan Man facing 88 counts of CP/child sexual abuse charges

Pelosi names whistleblower ombudsman - Shanna Devine

Bongino Video: "he knows the person who was in the room when Comey briefed Obama"

DJT Tweets/Analysis:India Trip

DJT: MAGA & KAG (vid)

Johnny Depp seeks to quash weinstein related subpoena

Chinese, Vatican foreign ministers hold rare high-level meeting

DJT: Ralph Waldo Emerson "A triumphant Mr.Trump emerges"

Ilhan Omar caught cheating on her brother

Pelosi Backs Trump on Huawei

U.S. Virgin Islands A.G. Outraged at Epstein Estate

Planefag reports

Anon: Wishing a very good morning to all active operators

Trump *may* take a lap @Daytona 500 in "The Beast"

Best Evil Awards Go to… (vid)

CNN's Pooper: Weaponizing Military 'Next Step'

Planefag reports

Gareth Williams Diggz

DJT: Authotized/Roll analysis

Proclaimed my support for @realDonaldTrump on the dirty streets of SF & people listened

UK: This is a watershed moment for liberty, "…wrong to 'check my thinking'."

Philippines' Duterte says Trump deserves to be re-elected

Andrew McCabe Responds To DOJ Dropping Criminal Investigation

Bill Maher says Barr is pretending he is mad at POTUS

SF Mayor Admits Fling with Ex Homeless Chief and admits to Kickbacks-daily mail

anons on Evergreen = Stem cells

Mike Bloomberg 'wants Hillary Clinton as his running mate', sources close to his campaign tell Drudge-dailymail

Secretary Pompeo remarks at the Munich Security Conference-vid

The World Bank loses another chief economist- economist-feb 13

Operation Rubicon-BND and C_A op to purchase Crypto AG-codenamed MINERVA

Lisa Page: Is she Going to Testify against BHO. Anon digg on her latest twat

Potus Tweet misspellings- help anons

New Belgian government formation: Justice minister throws in the towel

PF Reports - SAM074 over Munich

Facepalm: Hillary's Being Considered as a Dem's Running Mate

Spanish socialist govt moves to let doctors kill sick patients

What legitimate interest would MiniMike have in Vietnam? Schools and Children?

A UK judge steps down after allegedly sending X-rated texts, porn to a female court worker

PF Reports - Nellis AFB chatter

New @SidneyPowel: Did the 4 prosecutors set this up to damage Barr's cred? Yes

China disinfects BANK NOTES and quarantines them for 14 days

Author Lee Smith: "It Now Appears FBI was Exchanging Information with the Clinton Campaign as Well"

@ US Department of the Interior tweets photo of Evergreen trees

Mark Esper: 'Rising threat' China tops US's adversary list

Senate Requests Interviews with Deep State Actors

Prince Andrew stayed at Peter Nygard's mansion and private island

Treat us like something between a telco and a newspaper, says Facebook's Zuckerberg

3 missing teen girls from Seattle found in Oregon with Calif. fugitive

Robet Deniro and Peter Nygard

Dem U.S. Senate candidate unveils campaign logo: The guillotine

U.S. Embassy: Americans aboard quarantined ship to fly home

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Friday there is no investigation into Vindman

Drudge: Michael Bloomberg Considering Hillary Clinton as Running Mate

Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities

VOTE IN WISCONSIN: Dems Looking to Steal WI Supreme Court Seat Next Week in Non-Partisan Primary (Feb 18th)

Morning Joe idiots talk of ‘Memers’ @4:15 hear Mika say “Memers??” (ytube)

Sausage comms, Nunes, and Misfud graphic

Pentagon Offers Iraq a Partial Military Pullout

Federal Prosecutor Barr Tapped to Review Flynn Case Assumed Office the same day as DJT "…the calm before the storm." Coincidence?

Netflix Reportedly Pulls Plug on Corey Feldman Documentary, Claims ‘Too Dangerous’

Vietnamese children traffic network from Holland to Britain Digg

Ukraine’s Zelensky wants to hold elections in Ukraine in October, ‘in Crimea as well'

Duterte urged to compel water firms to pay P2 billion fine

Caroline Flack, the former host of the British version of Love Island, has died

No democracy can survive censorship

Moar on DJT "authotized" McCabe tweet mispelling

Adjutants General Ignore OSD & Lobby Congress For Space Guard

NYC will pay out more than $5.5 MILLION to 352 people in class action against disgraced Brooklyn prosecutor who wiretapped her bf

NYC Cyber Commad diggs

WI Supreme Court candidates (WI anons go vote Feb 18th)

Full Transcript of ABC Bill Barr Interview Shows Most Content Not Included In Broadcast Interview

Moar on Caroline Flack death - suicide. Was due to face trial

Twatter Photo of Rick Wilson and Strzok eating lunch together

'General Flynn was set up': Flynn deptuy, KT McFarland, (ytube)

PF Reports - ELVIS back in the building

Valerie (Bowman) Jarrett Stanford Yearbook Digg

Good Anon Graphic on Smollett, Soros, Foxx, Harris, and Booker Connections

Las Vegas - @TomSteyer’s campaign hires mariachi band and gives out free tacos

FOIA on McCabe's Memo Highlights Much More Than Previously Understood

BF Reports - Port Everglades getting interesting. Chinese ports busy

Bill Gates Potential funding partner for Pope Francis’s May 2020 Global Education Pact - "new humanism"

James Woods on Hillary Being Bloomberg VP - Death Wish

Trump Supporter Cleaning San Fran Silences Liberal Critics

Bloomberg-Clinton ticket rumor floated to distract from WaPo story on Bloomberg and women employees?

Chris Brown Pedo Triangle Face Tattoo

Michael Bloomberg told a co-worker to "kill" her unborn baby

Caroline Fleck Suicide. A pedo who molested Harry Styles

Sanders Seeking Thunberg Endorsement ends up getting Pranked

FDA Requests Market Withdrawal of Diet Drug Belviq Due to Cancer Risk

Matt Whitaker weighs in on Barr's push back against Trump's tweets (ytube)

Bloomberg on wealth and Soros - 2013 interview

Suicides List #3 created

2018-2019 Planned Parenthood Annual Report: More Abortions than Ever

Greece, Israel, Cyprus sign EastMed gas pipeline deal

Dick Morris Warns Mike Bloomberg: ‘Before You Put Hillary on Your Ticket, Better Hire a Taster’

1 year ago today - Q post 2729 at 5:04am eastern and todays DJT at 8:04 am eastern (it happened on the west coast say anons wanting nom nom)

Who's In Charge? Top Military Media Outlet Puts 28-Year-Old Who Hates Trump In Charge (icymi)

In testimony Binney says that Wiki-leaks did not receive stolen data from the Russian gov. intrinsic metadata shows that the data was put on a thumb drive and phys taken


Mike Pompeo RIPS Globalits at Munich Security Conference Speech

Michael Bloomberg launches China-linked rival to Davos gathering. New Economy Forum focuses on emerging world order in challenge to WEF

Trump ad to be aired during Daytona

fresh shitpost scribbles from cartoon anon

Parents sound off ovr graphic child rape, gay sex scenes in school books for 10-year olds

New DJT - thank you David (Trumpin At The Airport)

New DJT - years ago the had the money to build the wall

New DJT - Daytona 500 tomorrow

New DJT - Big Progress!

Scavino - this may cause #TDS

New DJT - thank you @JackBrewerBSI

Scavino - Happy Presidents Day Weekend- Trump Rushmore

Judges says Ghislaine Maxwell can be served court summons via email, as she "has disappeared off the face of the earth"

also 2 year delta was another attempt on POTUS Q drop - so on Feb 15 2018 and 2019 first car 2018 then missile 2019 (Q drops)

Obama visits NBA players in Chicago

POTUS / Scavino hot mic post

Planefag updates

Sam Donaldson makes rare Democratic 2020 Presidential endorsement

Clapper pointing at Obama again

Chinese national speaks out about medical disaster in the making

Obama repeatedly intervened in ongoing trials

More accusations against Prince Andrew

RINO gov. endorses other Republican candidate

Mass grave full of bodies found in Burundi

How the Stone sentence came to be

Human trafficking/prostitution bust in Colorado

Esper: China is a top concern

Wa. State attempted kidnapping

Bloomberg and other's connections to Soros

Navy Tweet: Trident missile

CBS 'news' story on call of Barr to resign

Marines Tweet

Biden: 3 million deportations under Obama were 'a mistake'

POTUS may stop exporting GE jet engines to China

Planefag updates

Bloomberg heckled by gun rights activists in Virginia

Zuckerberg wants more government oversight

CyberNYC, Israel, NSA, Paul Singer digs

Brennan, Clapper and Comey started distancing themselves in 2017

MEGA Group: Wexner, Bronfman, Maxwell, Lauder, MOSSAD influence on US policies

Coronavirus Watch

Governments to monitor social media users’ posts online

DonJr just casually dropped a crumb on Watters World about John Bolton

Google is tabulating votes

Syria News

American citizens killed and tortured by Israel?

[They]? You mean Soros funding NGOs like the Drug Policy Foundation?

New Trump 2020 ad (great KEKS too)

Boatfag update

China calls on foreigners to drain $1.5tn bad-debt swamp

Philippines' Duterte says Trump deserves to be re-elected

No dialogue for now as Saudis, Iranians camp on positions

pf reports

Notables for Feb 15, 2020

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