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Notables for Feb 13, 2020

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Evergreen Phage Lab

China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine-book review

Puerto Rico govt loses $2.6M in phishing scam

Elizabeth Warren calls for Barr to resign or be impeached-cnn

Trey Gowdy blasts calls for Barr to resign as 'the dumbest damn thing'- fox news

Protester Storms Stage At Bloomberg Rally-"This Is Not Democracy"-zh

China replaces the head of its Hong Kong and Macau affairs office-channel news asia

Flynn was creating insider threat program, another reason for being targeted

anon on meaning of evergreen loan

Richard Blumenthal: Stone Case Shows Senate Republicans Are ‘Explicit Enablers’ Who Could Allow Trump To ‘Go After Enemies’-daily caller via twatter (raw story chek't)

YSD refused to fire para-educator accused of sexually grooming a child over legal advice-komo news (Wash state)

Bernie Sanders Calls James Carville A ‘Political Hack’-daily caller same as other one-chek't

USS Maine Successfully Tests Trident II D5LE Missile-DefconWarning System Twatter

Buttigieg high school essay on Bernie S. (now with extra sauce!)

Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere-ny times

Proposed For the People Act (expands ban on election contributions from foreign nationals–but also req's 10 YEARS of tax returns from POTUS & VP)

Scavino Twat " Behind the scenes-on the move in D.C

Harvard and Yale under US investigation over foreign funding, including gifts from China

Peter Buttigieg Rhodes Scholar Profile

PANIC IN S.V. – MZ on a Christian PR Push

As Mayor of New York City, Bloomberg Changed the Term Limits to 3 Terms For Himself

King Co WA officials send suspected corona cases to motels if they have no other place to go

‘Weird Drone’ Spotted Over Space Port in California

Deep State DOJ has done NOTHING in response to complaints about criminal conduct during Kav heaings last year

Dem narrative of what he experienced during NH Trump Rally (winning!)

German MSM turns against Merkel

Fed. Judge dismisses some charges against Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes

Digg call on Evergreen for Clintons' relationship to anything related to depopulation in 1992 (Rio Conference?)

What's really going on in China? (suppression of protests? is corona cover for something else?)

Moar Looking Glass/mind control

"Tit-for-tat" cycle with China will hurt US economy (Seattle Times)

Watch: Amy Klobuchar in 2006 Called for ‘Order at the Border,’ a Wall, and Mandatory E-Verify

More Evergreen; (Simpsons Keks)

Eliz. C. Economy, advisor to Buttigieg for Pres. campaign, is CFR

McKinsey/Buttigieg Dig

Resignations in the News 1-5

John Podesta twat to POTUS re Stone case

Bernie Sanders: Greater Existential Threat to Dem Party Than POTUS

Anon on why POTUS keeps mentioning Abe Lincoln: upheld the Rule of Law (birthday: 2-12-1809)

Moar on Bezos buying Geffen mansion

Anon looks at possible connection between "evergreen" and adrenochrome

South Carolina Primary: Warren Cuts Advertising Spend – Biden’s Last Stand?… (Sundance)

Judge overturns Silent Sam settlement between UNC and Confederate group

Evergreen: do Secr. Service protectees choose their own code name or not?

Looking Glass summary

Virginia Becomes 19th State to Award Electoral Votes to Popular Vote Winner

Fifteen states allowing illegals to get driver licenses

Planefags aloft

Alex Jones took a few swipes at Q on the 12 FEB show

UK's Boris Johnson shakes up government with Cabinet shuffle

Info on courts stopping POTUS EO with nationwide injunctions

Finance committee probe us organ transplant system

Repost- Creeper Joe copys HRC speech

UK Regulators Investigating Barclays CEO's Ties To Jeffrey Epstein plus perp comments

Moar Evergreen Notes

Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam resigns after spying scandal, PI suicide

Coronavirus updates

renegade obama tweets 911 codes

Boeing hits all-time low with ZERO orders in January

North Korea 'executes trade official

CNN active mind war combat operation against POTUS nomination

Miami Herald parent company files for bankruptcy

President Trump's tweets/Anon decodes

PG&E, 7 others subpoenaed in widening San Francisco public corruption probe

Financefag reports

China Official Who Tore Down Church Crosses to Oversee Hong Kong

website where you can track your local, state and federal elected officials, as well as candidates

Roger Stone jury foreperson's anti-Trump views surface, raising new questions about his trial and conviction

anon on killboxes, names, and markers

and anons nom it and dig it

Unbreakable battery using water instead of acid

New DJT - Drain The Swamp

planefaggin, squawk 7700

disturbing Mcafee vid, (fwiw) and a pb bun for moar

McClatchy files bankruptcy to shed costs of print legacy and speed shift to digital

i = [9] ?

Kraft Heinz takes $666 million charge, misses sales expectations

the fraudulent April warrant shows Comey couldn’t renewal unless convinced Main Justice to get President into issuing an executive order to grant surveillance?

POTUS and Q. 1 day delta. i → e

Blackburn Proposes Bill to Ban Funding for States that Give Drivers’ Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

Hope Hicks returning to Trump White House as senior adviser

NP cant complete the sentence

California lab says it discovered coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours

Q flag spotted on twitter vid

Pompeo: It is outrageous that the @UNHumanRights Commissioner @mbachelet

Sanders leads the pack, while buttplug sneaks up the rear. For the Keks


Moar evergreen

John Kelly Finally Lets Loose on Trump/optics?

DNC fraud

U.S. Poised to Get Its Lowest Rate Ever at a 30-Year Bond Sale

MORE in White House staff moves

>Doctor commits suicide and leaves note indicating he faked records and didn't give patients vaccinations.(He is from Evergreen Park, IL)


Barclays CEO “Deeply Regrets’ Ties With Jeffery Epstein As Probe Launched

Jessie Liu resigns from temp Treasury position after pulled nomination

PDJT tweets

FMC Corp. CEO/Chairman BoD sold:$ 10.81m- Feb 11

Susan Rice Retweeted IT’S GAME DAY !!! #SeniorNight 🐸🏀 VS GDS

Define Evergreen re pb

8 Officers in 1 dept busted for running steroid ring

Conronavirus: Martial Law declared for Bejing

Fed nominee Shelton faces tough questioning before SC

Trump's former PA to oversee White House personnel office

Evergreen + Enron + Clinton Dig

KEK: Bloomberg to pay 150 bucks per meme: His 'meme team':

Trump lashes out over Kelly criticism: 'He misses the action'

Enchan bunker running: Bookmark it

Moscow: Facebook fined for breach of Russian personal data law

Lead juror in Stone case ran for Congress as a Dem in 2012

Barclay's bank CEO's relationship to Epstein under investigation

Newspaper publisher McClatchy files for bankruptcy

Huawai charged: Racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrests

Harvard, Yale under federal investigation for shady foreign gifts

Fresh DJT

Q's Jim Jordan tweet: "SEVENTEEN times"

No talks between @netanyahu and the Saudi crown prince?

Past Q Post re attacks on Barr

FBI Corruption is Far Worse Than We Imagine

More on the massive Huawei indictment

Bank insider pleads guilty to bribery

Planefag Updates

Hunter on the board of the left’s premier national security network

US foreign interference admitted by Israel PM

Pentagon moving $3.8b from weapons programs to fund border wall

Hunter Biden digs

John Kelly departure: Notice a pattern?

UK Chancellor resigns after refusing to fire his team

The strange truth behind the Biden love triangle

US Navy seizes illegal weapons in Arabian Sea

NATO STRATCOM report on why memes are important

Eleven Nominations Sent to the Senate

War Powers Resolution just passed

Harvey Weinstein's lawyer begins closing argument

Jessie Liu resigns after nomination for Treasury post withdrawn

Did we catch this 17?

Eric Greitens investigation: 'No evidence of any wrongdoing'

POTUS options to veto "War Powers Resolution"

Napolitano explains why Roger Stone is 'absolutely entitled' to a new trial

Trump defends Giulianni

Define Evergreen: Link to Coronavirus via Novartis

Georgia State Patrol head forced out by Gov. Brian Kemp

Salty tweet from (((Nadler)))

Senate passes Cruz Amendment on successful Soleimani mission

Washington Examiner editor out on ‘sexist and hateful’ comments

Judicial Watch sues FBI for records on Seth Rich

NYT: Hope Hicks is returning to the White House

So many 17s

Liquidity Warning: Fed Shrinks Overnight Repos By $20BN

Video: Bartiromo takes Andy Purdy of Huawei to task

Memefarmer tests image posting

POTUS may end officials listening in on foreign leader's calls

@NORADCommand: We have the watch!

2 dead after plane crashes into neighborhood near Bartow Airport

Hunter is invested in China’s mass surveillance program

YouTube takes down video mentioning alleged Ukraine whistleblower

Planefag Updates

New General Flynn twitter header

Gitenstein dig cont

New salty Schiff tweet

On Travis View

Faye Swetlik, missing 6yo girl, found dead in South Carolina

Spreadsheet Updated

Mitt Romney digs

NIH purchases of aborted fetal parts for ‘humanized mice’ testing

Poll: Labour members say anti-Semitism crisis “invented”

Ohio Resident Charged with Operating Darknet-Based Bitcoin “Mixer

On the Barr-Durham investigation

More on the Huawei indictment

Powerful Liberal Union Warns AGAINST Sanders, Warren Healthcare For All Plan

Barr: will not be bullied or influenced by anybody

WH Notice: Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to the Southern Border

Soros-Tied Group Run by Top Dem Operatives Promotes Global Leftist Agenda

Rand Paul on Senate Floor (4FEB2020): YT removing videos mentioning Ciaramella

How Bloomberg has used fortune to alter & manipulate U.S. politics

Video of Barr's statement and more on Barr and POTUS

JW sues FBI for Seth Rich documents after they were caught lying to courts

More on Hunter

ICE issues subpoenas for Connecticut officials

Lefties not buying Barr/POTUS kayfabe

Justice Dept. investigating C_A resistance to sharing Russia secrets

US seizes ship carrying 150 Iranian missiles

Mitt Romney a top 20 recipient of funding by Soros’ lobbyist group

Patrick Ho CEFC China Energy conviction in New York, ties to Hunter Biden

Planefags say it's habbening

Alternative meaning of 1-99?

@JudicialWatch Sues FBI for Seth Rich Documents

Essay from AmericanMind.org: Abolish CIA & FISA

planefags elaborate on "habbening" lb

Statement in response to POTUS tweet re RS sentencing judge

Maplewood Man Sentenced To 160 Months In Prison For Distribution Of Child Pornography, Passport Fraud

United States Led Entire World In Reducing CO2 Emissions In 2019 (DailyWire)

After year at sea, oil caught in Venezuelan tug-of-war finally docks (Bloomberg)

Former teacher admits to possessing CP

AL Dem state rep proposes bill mandating all men have vasectomy at 50 or after 3rd child

Rubio: These charges against #Huawei are long overdue…

POTUS is not bothered by Barr saying he 'wont be bullied by anybody'. (CBS)

Huawei and Subsidiaries Charged in Racketeering Conspiracy and Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets

Barr Turns Giuliani Evidence Over to Law & Order US Atty (Via GW Pundit)

Guaidó's uncle missing - Socialists intimidation and violence (GW Pundit)

DEA agents raid office of Port psychiatrist (Newbury Port News)

Pushback against congressmen opposed to Holocaust education bill (via JewishInsider)

Space Force names first senior enlisted advisor

TX teacher resigns after getting arrested during human trafficking investigation (KTAB/KRBC)

RS Russian Set-Up Agent Was An FBI Informant Under Mueller (NationalFile)

Census says switching software for U.S. population count (Reuters)

Dots after Q's "Silent War Continues" decrementing (COUNTDOWN?)

Human trafficking penalty increase signed into law in Pennsylvania

Notoriously corrupt CALPERS Pension Fund run by man with ties to Communist China

June [9] happenings throughout the years

9th Circuit Stephen Reinhardt accused of sexual harassment, misconduct (DailyCaller)

MN-D McCollum says AIPAC "weaponizing anti-Semitism and hate" (Jewish Journal)

WH Photog Evergreen (@photowhitehouse, unofficial account)

WH tweets Popcorn emoji (FLOTUS "Hidden Figures" showing)

@Jonlovett loves "all the pizza"…

CP Roundup 2/13/20 (Justice.gov)

Comey Panic "Crisis at the Justice Department" "I never committed a crime"

POTUS Schedule for Friday, February 14, 2020

article about lifelong Democrat who took a chance to attend a Trump Rally

Amending Executive Order 13803 – Reviving the National Space Council

Red wave in Commiefornia

CM -Some javascript just broke while trying to fix the upload image bug. Sorry about that! Doing our best to get it stable again asap

CM -all good now

WG twatter @realDonaldTrump will attend the @NASCAR Daytona 500 on Sunday

James Woods

Dan Scavino

Rockerfeller Plan to Use Bioweapons to Impose Martial Law One Quarantine at a Time

planefaggin blackhawks

tie in gets a nom - planefag blackhawk activity caps + downdetector activity

anon sees pattern in Q drops daily, 6,1,5,1,4,1… countdown?


Membership in a white nationalist group would not be enough to keep a man or a woman out of the #military, a US defense official told a #House subcommittee

Longest-serving US federal judge Jack Weinstein retires at 98

@OANN is told the White House has identified a deep group of 3 or more leakers from 2017/2018 as current White House Military Office aides

Jewish congressman who represents Parkland endorses Bloomberg for president

downdetector activity

Two largest teachers unions call for schools to revise or end active shooter drills

@JudicialWatch Sues FBI for Seth Rich Documents. There is significant public interest in the Seth Rich murder and the FBI’s game-playing on document production in this case is inexcusable

NM Dem Governor's former intern arrested for vandalizing GOP HQ

Notables for Feb 13, 2020

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