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Notables for Jan 19, 2020

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Warhol reads like cabal registry/Eastman/Guiness/Chandler

pencil neck is a vid game with chat

US Drug Overdose Deaths Drops for First Time Since 1990

Patriot flags flown at Eugene OR patriotic rally include one from Q

Boats Ahoy

Potus twat vid "Our country is in the midst of a Great Economic Awakening"

Schiff's behavior re Ed Buck called into question (Fall 2019 articles)

drvanderbloomen diggz

Chateau Marmont diggs

Second Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Democratic Donor Ed Buck

Unborn babies CAN feel pain before the 24-week abortion limit, scientists say

NSC Sr director Andrew Peek escorted of WH grounds amid security investigation

Planes aloft

At least 60 reported killed in Houthi attack on Yemen army camp (Times of Israel)

Venezuelan President Maduro says he's willing to negotiate with the US

Moar Chateau Marmont

DEA agent arrested in sting for trying to arrange sex with 14-year-old

Otan/Nato digg

Bartiromo: notable show Sunday am

Nancy gloating at recent gala

Alan Dershowitz is working pro bono

Haftar forces block oil exports out of main Libyan ports

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as thousands rally

Boom boom boom boom. F-18 Fighters To Drop Live Bombs On Florida Swamp This Weekend

Clockfag hits on "The best is yet to come"

MEK working with Mossad against Iran. Creating false documentation

Vince Foster Nasty Little Web DiGG Cont w/ links to an incredible set of resources

Israel building underground defense system on Lebanon border

Suspected Neo-Nazi Arrested Before VA Gun Rally Is Actually an Illegal Immigrant

@Pompeo: Today in #Berlin… discussed the #Libyan peace process

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the U.S. Speaker of the House (Peach mint photos)

Evelyn Yang shares sexual assault survivor story at Women's March

Supreme Court to Decide If States Can Bind Electoral College Members to Popular Vote

Q Crumb: Who asked POTUS to run for president? Dig

Cuckbook Video Claims Warehouse in Puerto Rico is full of "hidden" Supplies (embed)

How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections - Peter Schweizer

Saudi Arabia explosion: Ballistic missile fired at residential area intercepted

Hackers may have gained ‘almost total control’ of an election server in Georgia, report says

Germany: They want to tackle memes with new copyright law

Facebook must hand over mishandled data from thousands of apps, says US judge

ICE ups ante in standoff with NYC: ‘This is not a request’

Fire at Czech asylum for mentally ill kills 8 patients

Trump’s Growing European Base

Uranium 1 for NewAnons, happy digging

Susan B. Anthony List Launches $52M Campaign For President Trump’s Reelection

Queen makes VERY public show of support for Prince Andrew as he's seen by her side

Watch the water. "Taking of water rights from 350,000 western Montanans."

Repost: FBI Interview Notes With Page And Papadopoulos Are Released

POTUS top Russia expert on Nat Sec Council is 'escorted off the White House grounds amid a security investigation'

Today is the day! National Popcorn Day

No escape: Senators to be quiet, unplugged for Trump trial

Suicide Epidemic Rocks Hollywood

New Hit Piece Book on POTUS

Puerto Rico governor fires emergency director after aid is found sitting in warehouse

@GOP: 3 of the 7 Democrat Impeachment Managers are on Sunday shows today

WhatsApp goes Down across Britain

PF Reports

Vanderbloomen Digg Cont

On This Day in History: "First Blood" of the American Revolution shed

Fitton: Dems raise Russiagate/Mueller in new Senate impeachment filing, opens door for witnesses Strzok etc

Memefarmer update: File your great memes in Memes51, then when full in Memes52

SpaceX Rocket Launch Today. Popcorn Day?

@EricTrump: Pushing Snowflakes Aside

@EsperDoD: @SpaceForceDoD, will ensure our dominance in the newest warfighting domain

Joe Biden visited Ukraine six times in eight years while vice president (Bun)

Nolte: U.S. Movie Ticket Sales Hit Near 25-Year Low

@RepJerryNadler suggests Hunter Biden should not be a witness

Chaos in Puerto Rico as mob finds unused disaster supplies

Georgia Election Hackers Researcher has links to Crowdstrike? Dig

Two deceptions at the heart of Democrats' impeachment brief

Clearview AI has compiled all social media pics into an illegal facial-recognition database Digg

@SecPompeo: Now is the time for Libyans to decide on a future for themselves

Re POTUS tweet: Sea Wall, built around New York partly organized/funded by Rockefeller foundation

Anon thinks John Mappin of Camelot Castle is using Q movement to promote his failing hotel

Facebook apologizes after translation calls Xi Jinping ‘Mr. S-thole’

Graham calls Pelosi the mastermind behind the impeachment 'church of holy hell'

New feature on wearethene.ws, FIGHT CENSORSHIP, share notables

@parscale 100% Fake News. Learn how to read a FEC Report and learn how JFA/JFCs work./ +moar


Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Has Home Raided by Deep State FBI for 6 Hours – Is Now Speaking Out

@realDonaldTrump I will be going to Austin, Texas. Leaving soon. Always like (love!) being in the Lone Star State

Belgium narrowly rejects removal of US nuclear weapons from their territory

Valor under fire: Small group of American troops repelled terrorist attack in Kenya (Graphic Images) 1/5/20

6.0 magnitude quake hits Sulawesi, Indonesia

Preliminary Magnitude 5.4 #earthquake in #China

Hugh Hewitt goes Dem in VA, once a Potus supporter has turned

Boatfag Ahoy

Q 2 yr delta

Gillette cut by $8B loss after 'toxic masculinity' ad

77 years ago, #RedArmy broke the #Nazi siege of #Leningrad

Macron evacuated from #Paris theatre as angry protesters try to storm the building

OPERATION ELIMINATE 2A MOVEMENT: A Special Report on the Deep State-controlled Virginia Gun Rally (pt 1)

Potus twat: I have never seen the Republican Party as Strong and Unified

Mittens GOP approval tanking over peach mint aide

Major Antifa Website Publishes Pro-Gun Op-Ed From Virginia Resident Planning to Attend Richmond Rally

China reports 17 more cases of new virus strain

The Impeachment ‘Kill Switch’: McConnell Dismissal Rule Corners Democrats, Blocks Antics as Trial Commences

Monaco, The Wealthiest State On Earth

Boats Ahoy

4.4 earthquake in Kansas

John Solomon files lawsuit seeking records to expose Ukraine corruption and impeachment fraud

Fly Eyes in the Sky

Dershowitz: ‘Articles of Impeachment Are Two Noncriminal Actions’

Isabel dos Santos: Africa's richest woman "ripped off Angola"

Local Anon Richmond Update

@USArmy Strategic Power Projectioi encompasses the #USArmy's ability to move troops and equipment, and included the ports, roads, airfields, rail heads

Puerto Rico emergency director fired after residents discover warehouse full of Hurricane Maria supplies

globalgoals partners = bill and Melinda gates and ISLAMIC BANK

Loud noises, low-flying planes reported as military arrives at RDU

Police officer killed, another injured in shooting near Diamond Head

San Francisco’s dangerous new DA

Syrian Militants Launch Drone Attack Against Hmeimim Base, Air Defence Repels Strike - Russian MoD

VA updated info incoming

Lavrov: Detailed docs agreed-on in Berlin for resolving Libya crisis include ceasefire, political process, economic reform

The United States has received intelligence regarding a potentially imminent attack being planned against its military personnel stationed in Germany

President Trump's Tweets

Digging on African Richest woman Isabel "ripped off Angola" dos Santos required…Shovels out

Moar Ed Buck related digs

4 homes now burning in Diamond Head after shooting

Peter Tauber (German politician) showing Jerusalem Cross tattoo

Something going on UNDERGROUND in Kansas?

(Requested repost info for newfags) Is the SES the Keystone mentioned in so may #QPost?

Biden staring at Poroschenko

Trump Blasts "Brazen, Unlawful" Coup Attempt After House Files "Framers' Worst Nightmare" Legal Brief

Planefag reports

General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell Promises Big News This Friday!

Domestic Enemy Soldier NBC News' Ben Collins slammed for warning of 'white nationalist rally in Virginia'

DJT Jr interdesting Tweets

US Director on Russian Affairs at NSC Leaves Post Amid Pending Investigation

GW Pundit recaps friday's show of Mark Levin w/ Sidney Powell her quotes incl "Friday Next Week Is going to be Phenomenal. It’s Going to Be EPIC!"

Schumer press conference 8 pm est in NY re peach mint

Sara Gideon and Alexandra Pelosi looky similar, say anons

UPDATE: Puerto Rico Governor Fires Two More Officials Over Hidden Emergency Relief Supplies…

The top White House official responsible for Russia and Europe has been put on administrative leave indefinitely amid a security-related investigation


anon on the 227 time period 2017-10-28 through 2017-11-24: Q drops and teump Tweets

USMC twat has anons thinkin [OnReady]

Doug Collins on Mark Levin's show right now

pb Child Porn Arrest: UC Berkeley Jon Bail-Chekal is the U's Exec Dir of Financial Planning

pb Romney’s popularity w/Repubs/Indep's in Utah Plummets

pb, pb, pb, pb Where was the August El Paso manifesto posted–and when??

Sputnik: 2 killed, 5 injured Tx. music venue shooting

Hoyer: POTUS 'Guilty until proven innocent'. (Collins)

A week to remember collage. (image)

Recent reference by Nancy?

Notables for Jan 19, 2020

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