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Notables for Jan 13, 2020

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White House Tweets SNOW at 8:55 PM EST- anons discuss

Nancy Pelosi's Next Move: WaPo OpEd

Press conference on Saudi shooter with AG Barr at Air Base 2PM

Updated mega-bun of Watkins diggs thru Bread #9980 (also globalized)

pf report(s)

US Army twat: "Don't hold back."

Project Veritas: "Keep your eyes open…."

Why a Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations -mint press from Jan 4th

Memes & drops from 7777777 (collage)

Techno Fog: Pienka promoted AFTER the FBI learned of FISA problems

Frank Giustra owns vacation house wher Meghan & Harry stayed

FLOTUS Named 2020 Woman of Distinction

Nunes on ICIG Michael Atkinson: Mary McCord is the key

NRA handing out 30 round mags in VA to fight Northam gun ban

21 Year old who protested drag queen reading program found dead - Australia

Six Mexican nationals plead guilty to federal charges after $1.7 million dollars of meth seized in metro Atlanta

Mexican Nationals Plead Guilty $1.7M in Meth

Iranian protesters refuse to walk on US/Israeli flags during Sunday demonstrations

Maggie Haberman gets crushed on twitter for comparing Trump to Iran

Resignations in NEWS 1/11 - 1/12

Moar Harry/Megan digs

FB Glitch Reveals Greta T's Dad posting

Virgin Democrats Ban Guns

Iranian celebrities turn on the regime - stand with citizens

Iran Celebs turning on regime

IRS 990 Returns - ICG

facebook experimenting and running tests on depressed TEENS

U.K. Not worrried about China/5G Huwaie

Pelosi threatens President Trump

DoD tweet: Kansas meeting Japan and SK counterparts in CA

More on FB involvement of targeting minors

More info on IRS 990 Returns - ICG

Sarah Carter tweet " Italian proscecutors believe Mifsud is 'dead'"

Commuter Alert: Water Main Break Floods Area Near Lincoln Center On Upper West Side

Schumer-Tied PAC Received $1.7 Million From Dark Money Group

Found a text in French that could be related to the Keystone

SA opens it's doors to Israeli citizen tourists

Trump prioritizes fight against Iran-backed narcoterrorist network Obama neglected: DEA official

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange shows up for court

Canada 'offers to pick up Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's £500,000 security bill while the couple are in the country'

President Trump's Tweets and decodes

SNOW WHITE key decipher

Planefag reports

CBS begins acting fair to President Trump?

JPMorgan Puts Senior Credit Trader on Leave Over WhatsApp Use

The Left Has a $500 Million Dark Money ‘ATM Machine’ Called Arabella

North Korean defectors in Vietnam: what took South Korea so long to intervene?

Lindsey Graham says intel was "magical" matches Q860- only magical drop

Far-right 'QAnon' conspiracy theory flag flown over Cornish castle by Trump supporter

Meghan Markle’s Snow White Coat Is Right Here

Article misleading on VA gun laws. A COMMITTEE voted. Some state senators defying order

New Renegade Hussein Nobama twat

Pakistan court annuls ex-president Musharraf’s death sentence

Iraqi 'Expert': ‘US Plotting for Extensive Strikes on Key Iraqi Cities’-fort russ.com

8 More Tennessee Counties to Rebuke Gov. Bill Lee’s Refugee Inflow-jan 12

What does human flesh taste like? Canadian English teacher faces child abuse charges for showing BBC video in South Korea-scmp

New POTUS tweet: "Bernie Sanders volunteers are trashing Warren…."

California Pizza Kidnapping Suspect Identified-kfi iheart radio

Lawmakers to call on ICE to release all transgender detainees- the hill

Iranian security forces purportedly fire live ammunition to disperse protesters despite Trump's warning

Rep. Collins twat: "It's been 26 days since House voted on impeachment…."

Kiev initially blamed iran tragedy on engine failure…

New POTUS Tweet: "Fake news media….re: salami attacks

pf report(s)

Majority of Latin nations oppose Trump border wall- wash examiner

New POTUS tweet

It's official, Sparticus out!

Potus twat Fake New Media and Dem partners corrected

Potus twat, Booker out

Virginia's Legislative Info Sys. 2020 Search for weapons related bills

McCarthy will intro bill in support of Iranian protestors

US To Remove China "Currency Manipulator" Designation Ahead Of Treade Deal; Yuan Jumps

King Abdullah, Jordon: I believe the "deal of the century" will be released soon (west bank annexation)

Potus at LSU vs Clemson tonight

Eyes in the Sky

@USMC Just another manic Monday

Albanian President Vetoes Laws Censoring Online Media

802.11ax, aka Wi-Fi 6 is slowly gathering steam

4 carriers and escort in the Pacific, calm before the storm, czech it

HEADS UP Think Mockingbird

Is Trump Hustling the Deep State on Our Behalf? Anon summary

Potus/Q FD

Jerusalem police arrest suspected cult leader who kept dozens of women, children

Potus twat "We demand fairness"

Pakistan court annuls ex-president Musharraf’s death sentence

Colorado judge denies request to take man's guns under new 'red flag' law

DOD Special Forces on target

O'keefe teasing tomorrow

Q EPIPHANY is on the calendar!

Judge finds Wisconsin elections commissioners in contempt of court, orders them to quickly remove people from the rolls

Moar O'Keefe teaser

2010 Gareth Williams/MI6/DEFCON 18

Fed's Repo loans being rolled over and over

Eyes in the Sky

California Forced to Withdraw Outdated Pollution Plans to Clear EPA Backlog

Schiffy “I’m Not a Fact Witness”

Bomb in Van of NJ Shooting Attack Suspects Could’ve Killed People 5 Football Fields Away

Q 2883 for Diggs/BU re: ICANN

Fears fire retardant could threaten sensitive drinking water catchments

Controversial CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Technology has Unintended Consequences (forms unknown new compounds)

Potus RT

Jerusalem rabbi arrested on suspicion of enslaving 50 women, children

A federal judge just ruled that a large trove of Jeffrey Epstein-related files —specifically, motions and associated documents not decided in the case of Giuffre v. Maxwell—are NOT subject to the presumption of public access

Power Players Still Invest in Clintons

AG Barr: Pensacola Navy base shooting was terrorism

Young Liberal at the centre of 'drag queens are not for kids' viral video is found dead in a suspected suicide - as the library performer sends a heartfelt message to his family

Boatfag Ahoy

@USArmy From the start, we learn everything by the numbers

IG Report Bombshell: Did The FBI And DOJ Ask Putin’s Buddy To Help Get Trump?

Secretary of State Pompeo remarks to Stanford University students vid

2012 Solzhenitsyn/Bolsheviks/Cloward-Piven Strategy

Farage twat, EU orders Union flag be removed from Brexit Party desks

US Attorney Mike Hurst on CP, We are coming after YOU, We will FIND you, You will go to Prison

How George Soros Corrupted Philadelphia's Justice System

Eyes in the Sky

Boatfag Ahoy

NASDAQ/SP500 hits record ahead of U.S.-China trade deal, dollar gains

it is critical that the public be able to get access to digital evidence once it has obtained a court order based on probable cause.” —AG Barr/Huber weighs in with details

Q Queen/Monarchs seeking shelter

Hundreds Of Thousands Come To Jesus As Revival Happens In The Islamic Republic of Iran

Bloomberg get Max Rose endorsement/spends millions in Texas for 2020 race

Mike 2020

@WhiteHouse Since border wall construction began in Tucson, Arizona, illegal crossings are down 24 percent. In San Diego, crossings are down 27 percent, and in Yuma crossings are down by over 78 percent."

Nader pleads guilty on child sex charges/CP

Virginia Democrats Advance Gun Control Bills Despite Resistance

Watkins say "yes, it's wet" vid

planefags bird watching

Julian Assange has been filmed leaving Westminster Magistrates’ Court in a police van after a brief preliminary hearing on Monday

Treasury removes currency manipulation on China

Somewhere in USA, an Anon is on your City Council naow

Weinstein spy says he is not sorry for secretly trailing 91 HW figures when he worked for Mossad-linked agency

Founder, Execs of Pharma Co. Set to be Sentenced in Scheme of Over-Prescribing Painkillers

For First Time, A Colorado Judge Denies Confiscation Request Under Red Flag Law

NBC: Israeli intelligence helped U.S. launch deadly strike on Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani by verifying which flight he took to Baghdad

MI6 agent Gareth Williams — last seen alive 08/2010 — hacked into Clinton’s agenda as a personal favor to a friend, the British newspaper The Sun reported

Charges dismissed in SF sex trafficking case, Chesa Boudin DA

planefag report

recent deaths-anon list of ded

Oleg Deripaska One of Putin's closest confidants

Busy day for CP justice

President Trump tweets

NYT : Russians hacked Burisma

Crowdstrike Holdings Inc. Pres/CEO sold:$8.08m Jan 9&13

Harvard Professor Sues New York Times Over Epstein Article

Attorney General William P. Barr Announces the Findings of the Criminal Investigation into the December 2019 Shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station

Apple gives no help to DOJ in shooting probe

McCabe and Weissman reforming the FISA process

Trump Energy Dept will begin releasing Ukraine-related records

Burisma hacking report is out, additional sauce welcomed

Top Iranian reporter allegedly apologizes 'for lying' and quits government TV after plane crash (washington examiner)

O’Keefe Releases Teaser of First 2020 Bombshell

Gardasil (HPV vaccine) fuckery

UK & UKES play w/ nukes and some Trudeau/Ukraine digs

POTUS FLOTUS vids at the game

Pro-Amnesty Southern Baptist Convention Is in Damage Control After Pushing Open Borders and Its Ties To Soros Are Exposed

lb Al-Shabab claims kenya attack

Scavino posts PO/FLO vid at the game

Judge refuses to second-guess family separations at border

Joe DiGenova says David Kris should immediately be disqualified from doing anything with the FISA court because he was there the whole time this fraud went on

Judge finds Wisconsin elections commissioners in contempt of court, orders them to quickly remove people from the rolls

Ex-Treasury Department Official Pleads Guilty To Leaking Trump Associates’ Financial Documents To BuzzFeed


Energy Department agrees to begin releasing Ukraine-related records

DJT Jr -My family does not care what the swamp thinks. The swamp can boo us all they want. This is real America. We listen to them. Real America is what matters

POTUS Schedule for Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - Rally Day

CIA is proud to employ one of the “Top 25 Execs to Watch in 2020,” per @washingtonexec. Congratulations to CIO Juliane Gallina!

planefag updates

A Kansas man has requested that an Iowa court grant his motion for a “trial by combat” to settle a custody dispute with his ex-wife and her attorney on the battlefield

Network Solutions is linked to over 60% of all seemingly separate US domain registrars

“Significant Mistakes of Judgment” at MIT taking Epstein money

CC TV cap of Potus and Flotus with a Q

There aren't 51 votes to dismiss Trump articles of impeachment

Moscow talks offer chance for peace in Libya’s post NATO-intervention bloody civil war

@NCSCgov This month in 1943, President Roosevelt issued a Presidential Directive providing that the @FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation should take charge of investigative work in matters relating to espionage, sabotage, subversive activities and…

2018 meet the founders of High Voltage Engineering Corporation

Judge Scorches DA in Lawsuit Alleging Racial Bias in Case of Democratic Donor Ed Buck

anons discuss JQ, why Q came to the board

1998 Project Hunter (blog)

23andMe makes drug using customers’ data/DNA

Notables for Jan 13, 2020

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