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Notables for Dec 31, 2019

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ICE #HSI special agents & BEST task force officers discovered a tunnel along the US/Mexico border

Study: Opioid Deaths Rise in Towns Where U.S. Auto Plants Have Closed

The Jessie debacle needs to be addressed somehow by Trump’s people

The HC-130J aircraft can conduct personnel recovery operations, command and control missions, helicopter aerial refuelling and forward area ground refuelling missions. The aircraft can conduct recovery operations in severe environments. It is also…

moar Duff

This is Not a Game: Early Observations on Using Alternate Reality Games for Teaching Security Concepts to First-Year Undergraduates/pdf

Nikkei ends 2019 at 29-year final trading day high-up 18.2%

General P. X. Kelley passed away yesterday. He was the youngest Marine to be promoted to the rank of General. In the private sector, a member of The Council of Foreign Relations/diggz

The military is not immune to evil. (Just a reminder)

Pelosi's Lapel Pin Dig

Tweets Baghdad Embassy

Baghdad News

Video of Embassy Attacks (inside and out)

Carlos Ghosn jailbreak is all-purpose face saver

PF reports

US embassy in Baghdad stormed

Ca. data privacy law

Kansas police resigns for pulling a 'Smollett'

DJT: "Where's" Hunter

LimTN Tweet: Long Game

C_A Tweet: A code is a system of communication

DJT: Iran Killed a Contractor

Hunter responds after PI claims proof $156M counterfeiting

Barr Announces Launch of Operation Relentless Pursuit

Father of Pelosi's son-in-law has history of bribing foreign government officials

PF reports (cont)

USMC T: Bringing the Heat

PF reports (cont)

Tweet: Baghdad Embassy Attack

Chinese national arrested for taking photos at Florida naval base

DJT Tweet: Putin Called to Thank

US Army Tweet: Order Up!

DJT Tweet: Phase One Trade Deal with China on January 15

Tokyo court grants prosecutors' request to revoke Ghosn's bail, France Unaware, and he hid in a musical instrument case/box-ZH

Biden would refuse to comply with subpoena

Early Census Data Reveals Congressional Seats Will Shift Power To Southern And Western States

Hillbags twat: "…climate change…" :/-in support @EarthshotPrize from @KensingtonRoyal

BakerTools v0.4.0 RELEASED

Report: Not Iraq anti-gov protestors, but pro-Iran Militia protestors attacking US embassy in Baghdad

Hanukkah Menorah Vandalized in New Jersey (Breitbart)

Andrew McCarthy on Peter Strzok accusing government of violating his rights: 'He will not succeed in lawsuit

archive anon update

Biden involved in a Chinese stock swindle of “Biblical proportions.”- Ark times.com

FLOTUS Tweet: "#2019 was a successful year…"

KANSAS twat: "We responded defensively to the Iranian proxy attack…"

New WH twat: " Every day our service members have a fren in the WH…."

Sen. Schumer Continues Calls For Top White House Officials To Testify In Impeachment Hearings

pf report mini-bun and additions

LG Twat: " very proud of President acting decisively in face of embassy threat in Baghdad…"

'Mad' Maxine Waters fin disclosures

Joe Biden Suggests Coal Miners Should Learn To Code-from dec 30 daily caller

Iraqi protesters breaking down doors and setting fires

New Potus To those many millions of people in Iraq who want freedom and who don’t want to be dominated and controlled by Iran, this is your time!

@HeshmatAlavi Dec 31 - Baghdad, #Iraq, -U.S. to send additional Marines to Baghdad embassy

Eyes on the Skies!

Vermont: City Council Approves Non-Citizen Voting

WV Governor fires 34 prison guard trainees who gave Nazi salute

BREAKING: Sen. Lindsey Graham praises Pres. Trump's response after protesters stormed U.S. embassy in Baghdad: "He has put the world on notice—there will be no Benghazis on his watch"

Angola hits 'Princess' dos Santos with asset freeze, Remember that EO Trump signed?

Bernie's financials!

Ivanka instagram, Derrière l'horloge, Musée d'Orsay | Paris, Going forward to look back?

Moar Iraqi embassy pics, note Hezbollah flags

Our #1 post of 2019 resonated with more than 1.2 million of you. As torrential rain fell at @ArlingtonNatl in May, this @USArmyOldGuard member continued his duty at the hallowed ground

Dan Scavino tweet: Trump Tweets MatterTrumps Tweets Matter

NEW DJT Good meeting on ME, the Military and Trade

2019 had highest CEO attrition rate on record notable as fox talking about it!

Eyes in the Skies!

A lot of coincidences in Dan Scavino’s tweet!

SAN PALLISER, formerly CAP PALLISER, of Hanseatic Unity Chartering is enroute to Port Everglades (DWS territory) after two stops in Guatemala

Google NY frog!

Iraqi Badr Corps Chief Who Led Today’s Raid on US Embassy in Baghdad — Was Once Invited to White House by BARACK OBAMA

NEW POTUS Read the Transcripts!

"The Pentagon has awarded data analytics firm Govini a $400 million contract — a move related to broader efforts to find savings inside the department and bring nontraditional players into the department’s orbit

China's Huawei says 'survival is top priority' as US sanctions bite

New Potus Pelosi most overrated person I know!

High-Grade Issuers to Sell $120 Billion of Debt in January Spree

Baby momma using Burisma dealings in court

President Trump Warns Iran and Iraq on Baghdad Embassy Attack by Iran-Backed Militia Fighters

call to diggz Sarah McClendon

Chinese air defense system spotted inside Syria

Bosnia indicts Serb army general over Srebrenica genocide

Yuma, Arizona, ends border state of emergency, credits Trump immigration policies

Potus twat/Q timestamp!

Marines Have Arrived!!!!

National Guard active in Las Vagas

Robert Maxwell FBI dig

Paul Pelosi (Sr?) 2009 digs re Shanghai and Beijing w Nancy?

Sonny Mehta, editor-in-chief book publisher Alfred A. Knopf to new heights has died at age 77

Hitler FBI archives. Trance medium states Hitler is on a ranch in New Mexico

Who is Q White House Petition Started

pelosi Codel to Haiti 2010

Google New Year homepage shit is a frog

Spiders vs Owls mythology (re tarantula that has much chatter on this bread)

Scavino from earlier. :17 second vid posted at 11:17 eastern

Hunter Biden's assigned judge recuses self

new DJT -quoting Brad Blakeman re impeachment dismissal

Alex Jones ordered to pay $100,000 in Sandy Hook defamation case

Jeffrey Epstein Black Book now available as CSV

Pentagon releases images of Marines as they prepared to deploy from Kuwait to US embassy

New DJT - quotes Rachel Campos DUFFY -This Guy (Peter Strzok) was organizing a coup to undo the 2016 election

Vanderbilt Y dig


Jessie Jane Duff Dig

Did Dan Scavino just remind us to check time stamps?

Iranian Militia Leader Leading Iraq U.S. Embassy Raid Listed as Obama White House Guest

Little Saint James Cardinal directions review

Illinois governor pardons thousands of marijuana-related convictions on the eve of the state allowing the recreational sale of the drug

Global stocks end 2019 near record highs, dollar slides

New DJT - US Embassy is SAFE

New DJT - The Anti-Bengahzi

POTUS tweeted again "Anti-Benghazi"-9min delta and Q drop #3716

Pope Francis furious as woman grabs his arm

‘Not going to flinch’: US ambassador to Iraq returning to embassy in Baghdad

USMC Twat: "Send in the Marines…"

pf reports

HAITI CODEL "Participant List" FEB 12, 2010 (from Clinton Emails)

Dig on judge who recused from Biden stuff- Don McSpadden

New DJT - Fake News said i played golf today, and i did not

new DJT - I am better on HealthCare than the Democrats

DJT rt Ronna McDaniel re that dumb fuq Al Green

plane crash in Kansas

A few of Trumps's 2019 achievements

Planefag Updates

Maggie Habberman comms?

Mike Pompeo on CBSC News at 6.30pm ET

US Navy tweets picture of ‘Leap Frogs’

Icke: How SA founded Israel with the Rothschild family

POTUS tweet deltas: 5:5? 10?

Fresh DJT tweet re 'Bengahzi', misspelled again

Moar from POTUS re the Paris Accord: 12min delta

US may send up to 4000 paratroopers to the M.E

JWatch: Just uncovered more proof HRC KNEW about Benghazi lies

NK deal falling apart? AFP reports

Maxwell must have 'Serious Dirt' on powerful people

Radical LGBTQ orgs obtain support for experimentation on children

Netanyahu to officially ask for immunity on Wednesday

Nearly 19,000 children sexually exploited in the UK last year

Planefag Updates

DJT retweets Nunes on fake news and FAKE FIRES

CNN guest calls for net censorship in wake of Monsey stabbing

US troops deployed re Baghdad

Leader of Iraq Embassy raid once invited to WH by Hussein

NC judge formally strikes down voter ID law

UN advertise for Disarmament Officer for NEW YORK?

Navarro: I'm seeing at least 32000 on the dow in 2020

Planefag Watch

New DJT re Veterans support

November 2019 Update to #SealedCases

Kim Jong Un says world will soon witness 'new strategic weapon'



DJT r/t Scavino: 'Trumps Tweets Matter'

Prince William says the world is at a 'tipping point'

Planefag Watch

Paul Pelosi's ginormous portfolio: Heinz

Changing climate:10 years after an inconvenient truth

HNY to our newfags: Book gifts

Schiff: Every NY I say 'rabbit, rabbit'. Wut?

Watch what happens when the US Marines arrive

Schiff found standing next to a white rabbit. Standard Hotel?

AH-64 Apaches protect the embassy

"THIS WILL NOT BE A BENGHAZI" President Trump says ahead of entering Mar-A-Lago NYE party/ Asks press if they are honorable vid

NYE Rudy! talks about America-Ukraine corruption, calls it out as racketeering vid

2020 think mirror 0505 cool right?!

Marines heading for the Embassy! vid

Q on FLOTUS skirt

From Poland to POTUS Cheers Mr. President @realDonaldTrump ! Happy New Year! #Trump2020

Notables for Dec 31, 2019

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