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Notables for Dec 14, 2019

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Breakdown of Obama Christmas video message (Julian's Rum/x22 Report)

USTR files notice suspending Dec.15 tariffs on Chinese goods

Bono (U2 frontman) at Red Cross HQ for launch of drone service providing blood/vaccines to isolated areas

Horowitz report spotlights Agent Joseph Pientka's role in Flynn case

The Queen of England's hidden cousins (2011)


Sorcha Faal called "popular" with Q followers by fake news

(Bun) Long read re: Ukraine funding, DoD and moar Schiff lies

Retro Scott Walker Voter Fraud Dig

Stefan Halper possession of Crack Cocaine

Arlington National Cemetary: The Gates are Open

DJT: Dems are voting Republican!

In surprise breakthrough, scientists create quantum states in everyday electronics

ZH: NHS/Tavistock Over-Diagnosing Sex-Change Treatment For Children

North Korea reports another crucial launch test

Planefag report (MAGMA)

Twitter is going to make shadowbanning official policy

DJTjr: On the first day of Christmas

Devin Nunes, Mocked for Being Right (Bozell & Graham Column)

M.Haber on Train again

Detroit Sued Over Voter Roll Irregularities, Including Thousands of Deceased Registered Voters

DJT Tweet/Delete/Retweet

TG on the Peach Mint trial

New POTUS tweet

WH: President will attend the 120th Army-Navy Football Game this afternoon!

Call to action: the MOVEMENT

"Killary" returns FOIA document

General says US has tech to send people ‘anywhere on Earth’ in hour or less

USMC: We've got your ticket!

DJT Tweet: F&F

UK election totals maps

“”Hidden by impeachment" Winning, czech'em

FYI Acronyms

@USNavy Today's the day! # GoNavyBeatArmy

DeSantis looping at 2A loophole that allowed Saudi shooter to buy gun

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants civics test for Florida’s 12th graders

Tweets from self-alleged Jeffrey Epstein child victim For the Archives

Rudy's History

@US_Stratcom Who are you going to root for?

Japan to keep tight leash on Big Tech in antitrust push

O'Callaghan to step down from DOJ, worked with RR

George Washington died on December 14th, 1799 (OTD 220 years ago)

Barrett, Rogers consider declassifying secretive space programs"

Yield Curve Control And Mega-Stimulus, Good read if you're learning finance, control operative here

Greece To Help Tripoli 'Block Turkish Ships' As Libyan War Spills Into Mediterranean

Q clock mirror vote count Senate, Peach mint

Glyphosate and Roundup Proven to Disrupt Gut Microbiome

@USMC Ford Higgings is one of 14 @NavalAcademy football seniors who will commision as a Marine Corps Officer upon graduation

Project Looking Glass & recent article on declassifying black space programs

The articles of impeachment show Democrats are the ones obstructing justice (from NBC!)

AF1 aloft. He took one of the 747s to Philly. Bad weather

POTUS posted at exactly 13:44 EST/Q It's about the break

Yemen leadership?

Note both Obama and Hilary talking about needing to get shit done by the 15th 'deadline'

New PDJT Too bad Cryin' Chuck!

CM working on timestamp bugs

How do you hide a message in clear sight?


Q proof (timestamp between POTUS tweet & Q drop 55): "The Storm in upon us......."

Top insider sale/buy of the week: Crowdstrike sold by Warburg Pincus: $353.70m and Immunomedics Inc, bought by Avoro Capital Advisors: $35m-Dec 5 (Dec 9 filing)


MARINES just posted this timestamp at 14:29

Chanel Rion OAN /Lutsenko

@USMC Welcome, Sir!

NEW POTUS 5:5 pic related

4 FISAs, 4 BOOMs

Steven Kwast on the urgent need for a US space force (vid & Aug article)

Placeholder Update

Maga pills for the War Room

We are the servents now incoming Con MP's

@USMC Look closely at the future, patches tell the story

Signals the war is in public domain now. That stealth is not needed.. drop the fuckin MOAB(S)!!

Digits conf, Shills BTFO! Comfy!

Gen Chaos at game with Potus!

LB notable all fake per Q

Rep Van Drew D-NJ, opposed peach mint, quitting Dems, joining GOP

Sen. Graham is inviting Giuliani to testify re Ukraine

Dem Congressman leaves party, becoming Repub

2 versions of IG report from Q's link

Undocumented immigrants able to obtain NY driver's license

Sidler Austing

POTUS's pre-game remarks in Army locker room

D5 = (D)urham ?

'Wiki[L]eaks' found in IG Report

The CIA’s Former Chief of Disguise Drops Her Mask

IG Report reveals alleged dossier source

Reporter who took photos of congress papers ID'd

Comments on fake Q post & how (You)s can be faked (BO & anon)

Q Proof? Q post from Aug 31, 2018, Q mentioned today

Look who's running the camera systems at juvenile detention

Mossad helps Denmark break up Mossad terrorist cell

OANN's Chanel Rion interviews former Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko

2 report versions: Dec 9 changed on Dec 11: 911

The dossier and Cody Shearer. (CS)?

Q posts links to 'start' of the American Revolution?

Dates are important: Huber's timeline

The first B2 = Bill Barr meme

Taylor Swift on Soros & Carlyle Group music rights grab

4 FISAS, 4 BOOMS, silence necessary?

Barr misspelling: 'Bart'?

Why is Gen. Flynn going to Korea?

More mirrors spotted

Turkish Navy intercepts Israeli boat

US Navy win against the US Army

Spreadsheet updated

Fresh DJT

London rocked by protests after Boris’s victory

Habberman tweets about the 'conductor' again

Schiff about to hit the fan? Q drops from 11.19


Lindsey Graham invites Rudy Giuliani to Judiciary panel to discuss recent Ukraine visit


461 (Insurance Plan defined) relevant to Q's post?

Trump rally on December 18, in "Battle Creek"

Was there approved FISA surveillance on Gen. Flynn?

Techaid, Neustar & Lisa Hook dig


Planefaggotry cont

John McEntee expected to rejoin the West Wing

Today’s QDrops: Summary graphic

Nancy's delegation to Ukraine in 2015: Docs

FMA - Foreign Material Acquisition dig

CSPAN caller to Schiff, "Was the 7.8m worth it?"

Does Rudi know what's on Weiner's laptop?

Edwin P. Wilson & Richard Secord (C_A) digs

Albert Hakim, Iranian-American involved in the Iran-Contra

The Defense Intelligence Agency

Video: British General Election results

Pentagon to announce w/d of over 4,000 troops from Afghanistan

Planefag updates

Bill Barr 'B2 Stealth Bomber' meme collection for d/l

Anti-impeachment protestors are ruining Schiff's night

Previously unknown FBI investigation of alleged dossier source

Strange tweet from Schifty Schiff

Conway: Dems have proved the Mueller report is irrelevant

Edward Snowden speaks out for Assange and Manning

China's "Moment Of Reckoning" Arrives

Laura Ingraham 'Farce' graphic

Stealth Bomber = B2 = BB = Bill Barr graphic

Q pic from Belgium

Pelosi got a nice welcome from Q?

WikiLeaks releases more documents showing internal disagreement within the OPCW

Iran Next? Sara Carter tweet re: tensions in Iran/Iraq

USTR Releases Summary “Fact Sheet” Outlining U.S-China Phase One Agreement…

Iran next?

Obamas in Vietnam

Lindsey Graham is inviting Rudy Giuliani to testify

Enoch/Q spaces!

Indictments to date

Frank Terpil diggz C_A

Did anyone take note of the dots underscoring CoC and CF?

pb notable solved!

China suspends tariffs on some US goods meant to be implemented Dec 15th

Notables for Dec 14, 2019

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