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Notables for December 02, 2019

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POTUS' Original visit to UK was 3 days before D Day; POTUS RT of original visit is 3 days before D5

'Why are you parroting Russian propaganda?': Hillary Clinton slams Sen. Kennedy for Ukraine claim

Don Lemon attacking Q

Adam Schiff Feeds BS to Conspiracy Nut Rachel Maddow

New Rod Rosenstein FOIA drop

Palm cockatoo on Conan

QR mgmt/AFLB on QRB, baker & 8bit

Justice Department knocks Washington Post article on IG report, cautions against speculation

Secret Mueller FBI notes feature cast of characters from Trump inner circle

House panel impeachment report to be released Tuesday: Schitt

Prince Andrew: BBC Panorama exposes Duke's emails to Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell

Pope sends aide to Greek island to bring back 33 migrants

Judge denies request for stay on McGahn testimony

Rod Rosenstein comments on Lisa Page activities

Trump Announces Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum From Brazil, Argentina

Israel's Bizarre Appeal For A 'Worldwide Hackathon' To Free Iran

Brian Kemp to Spurn Trump, Appoint Establishment-Backed Kelly Loeffler to Senate

Whitaker: Lisa Page made calculated move to front run IG report

Epsteins plastic surgeon toast!!!

Jeffries and Co. Chairman of Board sold $16.41m-Nov 29

x2 delta -1 min [0]

Record 998 Chinese gov't ships spotted in Japan's contiguous zone near Senkakus this year

FOIPA Request No.: 1432673-000, Civil Action No.: 19-cv-01278, All 302’s of individuals who were questioned/interviewed by FBI Agents working for Robert Mueller

David Corn, Baker testimony

Conspiracy Theories Are Killing This Nation

110 page report refuting every accusation by Dems, Failure to find presidential misconduct

Trust Graphic

Anon on London Bridge attack, narwhals & baronness Joanna Shield (combats child exploitation)

KANSAS:I’m proud of what we’ve done in the Western Hemisphere region

POTUS Schedule for Tuesday, December 3, 2019

planefag report

Impeachment witness list loaded with Trump critics (DCExaminer)

planefag spots "NotreQ"

Catholic Church in trouble, new laws re: sex abuse (AP)

Q started posting on new ProjectDcomms board

Sara Carter's Highlights Republican Impeachment Report

county in VA demanded Northam's resignation, response to gun grabbing

Devlin Barrett WAS in fact the reporter Strzok/Page worked with

Barr disputes key inspector general finding about FBI’s Russia investigation (WaPo) ( Cap: )

Rep Hunter (R-CA) to plead guilty to Campaign Finance charge

110 page report from GOP - Trump (re: UA) did nothing wrong

Q Pic ID'd

[0] Delta verification, graphic

Psyops, Information Warfare, CIA docs from 1950

Graphic: Future proves past (Past Dig RE: LP in London)

Q post Filename: LisaMI6.PNG

S. Dakota plane crash victims: Petroleum distribution business

DOJ released more FBI/Mueller docs (CNN)

Video meme: "Mob", "Mafia", "Mob Boss" fake news talking point

Seattle Children’s Hospital was hit with three lawsuits (Seattle Times)

UN Climate Change Conference schedule, 02-13 Dec '19 (PDF)

Bloomberg 'mini me' dig

Indictment anon update

Wells Fargo names Scott Powell (fmr. JP Morgan) as COO (Reuters)

SCOTUS hears challenge to consumer protection agency created by Obama. (Reuters)

UTI IUD IED? Code possibly?

(Video:) July 25 arrest: Marines alleged to be in human smuggling ring

Watching a movie: "The ongoing impeachment sham is a show trial" (Breitbart)



@realDonaldTrump Just landed in the United Kingdom

New filing in House Judiciary Committee v. McGahn: Order on Motion to Stay pending Appeal DENIED

The lawyer for five women who accused Jeffrey Epstein of abusing them say that they want Prince Andrew to testify in court

Russia to upgrade homegrown encyclopedia after Putin pans Wikipedi

Zelensky: every corrupt official must be punished, regardless of surname, post, activity

Esper: US Troop Reduction in Afghanistan 'Not Necessarily' Dependent on Taliban Agreement


I will give triple bonus points to any digger who can tie Ghislaine Maxwell to the podestas

Judith Barsi Pedowood case diggz

Pelosi, Democrats Assure U.N. Climate Meeting that U.S. ‘Is Still In’

Mexican Cartel Leader Arrested in Connection to Mormon Family Murders

Cliff notes: Panarama Interview with Virgina Roberts

Q CLOCK TANGET! Expand your thinking!

BO Tripcode whitelist has been re-enabled. Only Q can post with a tripcode at current

Atrocities by terrorists against Syrian children ignored by Western media covering conflict from comfort of offices elsewhere

George Conway Publicly Dunks on Wife Kellyanne Over Trump, Ukraine and Biden

House GOP report says no evidence for Trump impeachment, warns of ‘dangerous precedent’

House Judiciary Cmte announces 4 witnesses for Wednesday's hearing

@realDonaldTrump interest rates and quantitative tightening wrong from the first days of Jay Powell!

John Podesta Set Up Fundraising Meetings For Fusion GPS After Trump’s Election Victory

Every Single Asset Tracked By Deutsche Bank Is Up For The Year

JW Sanctuaries to Release Criminal Illegal Immigrants; Communists Steal Taxpayer-Funded Research; ‘The Squad’s’ Campaign Finance Scandals

planefags on it!

American billionaires named as witnesses in Netanyahu criminal indictment

Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway held meetings with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein/CF donations

2 Democrats Drop out of 2020 Race, Biden Still Holding Lead


Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson is FIRED for 'lying' about falling asleep in his car after 'a few drinks' by furious new mayor

Bongino on 60 Minutes segment slamming conservative media (including Joe M's vid)


@realDonaldTrump Lou Dobbs

Rep. Duncan Hunter to Change Not Guilty Plea in Federal Corruption Case-BNL

Domino memes!

Dec 4th - Call to Memes! USMCA

Q #309 is a 2 year delta


Project Narwhal was Data Program used by Obama Campaign

Potus has landed

At least 1 dead, 5 injured, after a car rammed into children outside of Debden Park High School in Loughton, Essex UK

'dcomms' trip confirmation on DJT tweet (handshake?)

Q review Watch

New PDJT President of Ukraine has just again announced that President Trump has done nothing wrong

New Q's cap

New PDJT Making NATO meet their obligations

MasterArchivist Just claiming a tripcode here just in case

Zarif: Instead of ‘paper promises’, Europe must fulfill its human duty toward Iranians

The new Q watch reads 1:29. 12-9?


Deadbeat Dad Hunter Blows Off Court Hearing Over Child Support as His Lawyer Abruptly Quits!

The difference is the Chronograph vs. the Chronograph Classic. Chronograph Classic does not have the 6 which matches Q's posts

lb Possible Q confirmation in WH model

European Deep Pockets Are Preparing For New Big War

its the same watch, they only make that model with blue dial hands

ARCHIVE IS NOW WORKING, So all Q's posts are being safely archived

New Q watch pic!

=FBI says Black Friday gun purchase background check numbers are second-largest single day in program history

Lawmakers in South Carolina move to outlaw ‘transgender’ children from being chemically or physically altered by adults

!!!!!!!!!!!Q USED THE CLOCK TO VERIFY THE TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putin signs law on penalties for storage of Russians’ personal data overseas

[0] delta confirmed AGAIN!

Q proof

@realDonaldTrump Impeachment Scam is just a continuation of the 3 year Witch Hunt

Farage Demands Whole-Life Prison Terms for Terrorists Infected with ‘Jihadi Virus’

U.N. Blames Climate Change for Global Mass Migration

WTO rejects EU bid to stop U.S. tariffs over Airbus

StubHub Sold by eBay for $4 Billion to Viagogo

U.S. Birth Rate Drops for Fourth Year, Remains Below Replacement Level

comms POTUS QDROP decode

US digs deeper into Deutsche role in Danske money laundering scandal

’60 Minutes:’ More Than 300 Ads by Trump Campaign Taken Down by Google and YouTube

Futures Fade China PMI Euphoria After Trump Restarts Trade War With Brazil, Argentina

School Cop Arrested for Allegedly Raping Child He Was Tasked with ‘Protecting’

@FrancisBrennan "Trump Campaign Chairman Brad Parscale announced via press release that they will not be offering any press credential to any representatives of Bloomberg News seeking to cover the Trump Campaign."

China bans US military ships and aircraft from visiting Hong Kong, places sanctions US human rights orgs amid Washington's support for protesters

Mixed news report, pretty good read!

New Zealand shuts down gun buyback website amid fears of massive leak of law-abiding firearm owners' data

Rabobank: "The Global Institutional Architecture Is Collapsing"

US to help ‘legitimate Latin American govts’ to PREVENT protests from ‘morphing into riots’ – Pompeo

Zuckerberg Defends Policy to Allow False Political Ads, Refuses to Discuss White House Meeting

POTUS campaign tweet and Habberman tweet: "no longer credential B'Berg reps, case-by case basis per Parscale"

Media Pulls UN Report After Finding Record-High Child Detentions Took Place Under Barack Obama not Trump (Video)

BREAKING: Lisa Page Interviewed By Left-Wing Rag, Daily Beast: Married Mother of Two Who Had An Affair With FBI Hack Peter Strzok, Claims She’s A Victim Of Trump…Feels Threatened By Americans Wearing MAGA Hats

USMC Tweet:"Cruise through this week with some aviation motivation"

Philippines evacuates 200,000 ahead of Typhoon Kammuri

Killary twat

POTUS leaves WH: on NATO and "BIG TIME HOAX" President Trump Says Democrats LOVE To DO NOTHING-Vid

Daily Georgia Senate seat update for Monday December 2 from metro ATL anon

anon(s) post moar on Senate seat election: Loeffler vs. Grayson: Loeffler/Sprecher/Abrams connections

Top Five Media Co's-2019 'tute investors- graphic

Predictive comic re: POTUS 1990 Heavy metal

CNN twat: "MockingBirdComms warns DeepSatetSwampers to go to warmer places for Christmas because it's gettin' too hot in DC!"

FLOTUS screencap (bakers present)

Trade War Propaganda → USA [Globalists] Teamed-Up w/ China Against (We The People) & POTUS

Where ya going Lynn?

(kek), (guardian article from 2015) Federal Reserve Proposes New Rule To Let Inflation Run "Hot" Ahead Of Next Recession

Invisible Dem quits Pres. race-MT Gov Bullock

Walter Bosley vid (good for newfags about NYMZA)

Big bldg fire in NE China

New law (Sweden) forces banks to receive cash, from Oct 2nd: Philly pushing for cashless stores

Zuesse: Why A Second American Revolution Is Necessary For The Entire World

Serbia, Slovakia Join Sudden Eastern European Gold Repatriation Push

Jim Jordan Tweet: Page/Strzok

Anon graphic or theory or "delta analysis"

POTUS tweet(s)

(E-4b callsign), - AF1 up-Godspeed! pf reports

"Calm before the Storm" Q Delta

DJT tweets/ret

Planefag reports

Stephen M. Targeted by Halper(?)

Ukrainian Corruption -- A Case Study

Google and YouTube Take Down Over 300 Trump Ads

Airbus fires employees for accessing classified German military documents

Graham hearing on Dec 11 (full moon) & Q #1543

Army "Calm before the Storm" tweet: Q in pic??

FLOTUS Red Cross tweet from Nov 20 connected to Q #448?

Extended Getty fam like a sub-Soros org in California

Patriot on pedo posts: "I remind myself these arrests weren't happening before Trump"

Clinton update

Democracy Project, Freedom House & Atlantic Council: one big happy family (ANONS DIG)

Corrected DJT tweet from earlier on Doug Wead book

Lord Snowdon bro-in-law of Queen

Boatfag report

US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Resigns

Moar on FLOTUS' "Spirit of America" theme

Page & Strzok Dig

Trudeau's Pedo Connections (vid: 15mins)

Boafag report on the Limitless (Lex Wexner), last known port of call for EOS (Barry Diller)

Spirit of America is a charity that works with the US embassy in Kyiv

North Korea brings Kim's uncle home from Europe, says Seoul

Australia launches task force to combat 'rampant foreign interference' in the country after claims of bold Chinese spying ops

Mag 6.1 earthquake off Alaksan coast (66km ESE of Amatignak Island)

Army tweet: The calm before the storm (CBTS)

Left wing death threats target Trump biographer Doug Wead for 'fair book'

FLOTUS tweet: moar analyses of new tweet

Notables for December 02, 2019

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