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Notables for Jul 24, 2019

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Bank drops objection to financing request by bankrupt Philadelphia Energy Solutions

Michele Lamy diggz

New Rusty LSJ drone footage - DJI 0024

@USArmy #WarriorsWanted

Boatfag update

Prime Minister Imran Khan claims Pakistani intelligence led CIA to bin Laden

Carine Roitfeld diggz

Puerto Rico - Governor resignation imminent

Yokota Air Base on lockdown, this is not an exercise, all clear trips!

Kim Catrell diggz

Japan's Tepco to decommission second, undamaged Fukushima nuclear plant: Kyodo

John Durham launches investigation into Mifsud to determine if illegal surveillance occurred on PapaD

The Night Before Mueller by anon

Rudy Giuliani on Mueller Testimony: “What’s Gotta Come Out Is the Counter Intelligence Plot to Frame Trump… If Not I Will Expose it the Next Day”

China Armed Forces Prepare For Massive International War Exercise

Breaking: Fed Judge blocks three new abortion restrictions from taking effect in Arkansas

Deusch Bank just posted $3 Billion Q2 losses

House approves anti-BDS resolution

Al-Jaafari: Liberating Golan from the Israeli occupation is priority

Omar and Tlaib old twits deporting Americans!

Planefag update Yokota Air Base

Diplomatic pouches used to smuggle across borders

The mole was Anthony Ferrate

Qatar, the Heart of the US Policy in the Middle East, gains stealth fighters in June

KICKED OUT OF NATO? Turkey says that is impossible

Aga Khan private island

Aga Khan's private island visited by Trudeau and Kerry at the same time (2017)

@INDOPACOM officials sign a memorandum of agreement for the Artillery Relocation Program #ARTP. #Partnerships #FreeandOpenIndoPacific

MH17 Evidence-Tampering Exposed: Cover-Ups, Hiding Records, Witness Misreporting, & FBI Seizures

Manhattan Water Co/JP Morgan Chase/James Staley Dig

US imposes visa restrictions on persons resp. for undermining democracy in Nigeria

NK seizes Russian fishing boat

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is 'arrested' in Moscow

Moar Yokota AB (Bun of posts)

Puerto Rico Governor to step down today

Haiti's President names 4th Prime Minister in <3 years; Fritz-William Michel

Moar Papal Digs

Anons theorize that strain on Deutsche Bank may be due to asset seizure

Weissman offered deal to Firtash in return for lying under oath that Trump was financed by Russia (Sorcha Faal)

(2018) RedNationRising article w/timeline re: Epstein, Clooney et al

Huffpost is Huffy re: Qanon and The Great Awakening

New Rusty Drone Videos

Whiteman AFB, B-2 Dig

NZ Adern and Police Minister - huge blunder when announcing new gun laws. Mockingbirds repeat

MAGA coalition to sue QAnon in multiple jurisdictions

Military Channel Video - USAF the most dangerous in the world

New Project Veritas: Current Sr. Google Engineer goes Public. Tech is dangerous, taking sides

(Streams) Mueller testimony begins at 0830 EDT

New DJT twats w/CAP: So Democrats and others can illegally fabricate a crime… It was NEVER agreed that Mueller could use one of his many Democrat Never Trumper lawyers…

US DoD twat w/CAP: A @usairforce B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is prepped for launch in a flight line dock at @Whiteman_AFB, Mo. Nod from Q?

anons call to digg: How the NYPD’s alleged murder-for-hire cop met her ‘target’ hubby

New DJT twats w/CAP: It has been reported that Robert Mueller is saying that he did not apply and interview for the job of FBI Director…


Gen Flynn changes twatter background to Betsy Ross 1776 Flag

planefag reporting

Streams for Mueller testimony


US Marines: Brush Fire. anon sees relevance in '19.2'

Interesting quote from James Okeefe

archiveanon update

anons opine on Mueller testimony

DB = 9/11 Perp They were the beneficiaries of the Insider Trading the week before the attack

anons opine on Mueller testimony (cont.)

Facebook to pay record $5 billion U.S. fine over privacy violations but critics call it a bargain

Trump JR Twat: I’ve read the vote was 398 to 17, so I assume you put “Divisive” in there for click bait?

WOW! Robert Mueller FALLS APART! Caught off Guard, Stuttering, Confused, Doddering, Nervous — COMPLETELY LOST! (VIDEO)

Military video points to Q Post

Theresa May resigns at Buckingham Palace | LIVE

Gohmert - Mueller Unmasked goes into the record

anons opine on Mueller testimony (cont.)

Trump Warns Mueller Against Lying About Getting Turned Down For the Job of FBI Director One Day Before He Was Appointed Special Counsel

Trump JR Twat: Rep. John Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor brings the heat and shows everyone watching what a disgrace this whole “investigation” was

Rep Doug Collins twat storm

planefag reporting

Trump JR Twat: Does anyone honestly believe that after two years and $50 million Robert Mueller does not know anything about fusion GPS…

New DJT twat w/CAP: “This has been a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller.” Chris Wallace @FoxNews

Anon notes on early part of Mueller's testimony--star questioner: JIM JORDAN

Sarah Sanders: What’s been clear to all but the liberal media is this was a partisan investigation run by Democrats out to destroy @realDonaldTrump with Mueller as the figurehead

anons opine on Mueller testimony (cont.)

We Found Red Flags All Over Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Records

planefag reporting

#BREAKING: Greenpeace UK protesters have tried to block the way for PM Boris Johnson. while he was en-route to Buckingham Palace. (Video: @itvnews)

anon notices "keystone" from DJT 2018 twat

New DJT twat w/CAP: New DJT twat w/CAP:“Mueller was asked whether or not the investigation was impeded in any way, and he said no.” In other words, there was NO OBSTRUCTION. @KatiePavlich @FoxNews

Mark Meadows on Jordan's brilliant questioning of Mueller

Mark Meadows: The more this hearing goes on, the more it becomes painfully clear that not only did Bob Mueller not write his own report—…

New DJT Jr.: He apparently lied three times to the investigators and he wasn’t charged??? WTF? You think anyone on the campaign would get that same privilege?

Judge won’t block US asylum restrictions at southern border

Rep. Jordan: "Why didn't you charge Joseph Mifsud for lying to the FBI?" vid

Planefag update

General Flynn new twitter banner image Betsy Ross Flag

Donald Trump Jr blazes Twitter

I think you relied a lot on the media - how many times did you cite the WAPO in your report

Mnuchin Bashes Bitcoin, Blasts Bezos For "Destroying" US Retail Industry

BREAKING NEWS! No one is Above the Law

Garmin Exec. Chair Sold $25.16m in shares-July 22-23 and $271.15m since Nov. '18

Mark Meadows Calls Out Mueller on just being the face of the investigation

Turning point just ahead!

Rep. Gohmert grills Mueller: Did you know Strzok hated Trump?

Chris Wallace: 'This has been a disaster for the Democrats' and 'for the reputation of Robert Mueller

DJT tweets/retweets on Mueller in US House Cmmte's

Drudge: Dazed and Confused

New PDJT retweet BOOM

Hi Q! Love from Lebanon

@RepArmstrongND. “When did you learn one of your top attorneys, Andrew Weissmann, attended Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election night party?”

@JudicialWatch So I just figured out Aaron Zelbey, who was inserted as "witness" last minute to help Mueller tomorrow, was almost certainly paid by Clintons to represent their aide in email scandal investigation

Melissa A: Jim Jordan just blew the lid off the Hoax as Mueller cowers

CBS rips dems performance during Mueller hearing vid

Gen. Flynn new twitter banner: Betsy Ross flag

@DineshDSouza Robert Mueller is not familiar with Fusion GPS. I repeat: Robert Mueller does not know anything about Fusion GPS. Is it possible that the Republicans have kidnapped the real Robert Mueller and substituted a mentally retarded look-alike…

@mattgaetz Obama's maestro speaks the truth rt Axlerod "This is very, very painful"

Helpful Javascript for the boards

Zimbabwean Banks Get 10 Days to Respond to $100 Million Lawsuit

Joe M: incoming #IGReport accuses James Comey of treason; Moar from The Blaze

First of TWO hearings!

Facebook agrees to pay $5 Billion and implement robust new protections of user info in settlement of data-privacy claims

NeverTrump Chris Wallace (FOX): Mueller hearing has been a disaster for Dems, Mueller's reputation vid

Mueller: Rep. Collins clip

Sperry twit: More Perjury?

FBI Director Wray before Senate Judiciary Committee (7-23-19, 3 hour vid)

Boomerang Q #2514 +

Planefag update

House Intelligence Committee Holds Open Hearing with Special Counsel Robert Mueller


MC2 Modeling diggz

Who is sitting behind Mueller? James L. Quarles, DIGG anons

Tech Stocks Tumble After DOJ Launches Broad Antitrust Review Of Big Tech

Sperry twit: It's now clear Mueller did this as a favor to his old pal Comey, who steered it through Strzok, Page, Clinesmith and Weissmann, along with their pals at CNN, WaPo and NYT

Session 2 starts with Liddle Schitt

Butthurt! You have to read it!

Nunes: Welcome to the last gasp of the Russian ____ . What did he say, my audio went out

Current Google Engineer: Big Tech Has Merged with Democrat Party to Sway Political Elections

New PDJT I would like to thank the Democrats for holding this morning’s hearing. Now, after 3 hours, Robert Mueller has to subject himself to #ShiftySchiff - an Embarrassment to our Country!

Sudan military says it thwarts coup attempt, arrests senior officers

Nunes says this is highly unusual to have zebley here…we have concerns about his prior representation for the Hillary Clinton campaign

Part 2 of Mueller testimony is before House Intell Cmmte

BoBo sad! keks

Lieu's stmts all over twitter and now he just shot it down!! Bob is the stealth! LOVE IT!

Rage Against The Machine "So let the guilty hang…. In the year of the boomerang"

Mueller is clearly indicating that all FISA shit is currently being handled by Barr and Durham

1Y 2D Delta - Mueller

Dismal Demand For Ugly, Tailing 5Y Auction

What’s the chance of that?

Accused child rapist told police the young girl touched him first

@1stArmoredDiv LET'S FLY

Mueller & Ted Lieu clips

if the Atty General doesn't have the power to exonerate then YOU don't have thwe power to exonerate then you don't have to tell him your not exonerating the pres. you believe that there's an office of exoneration?

Konstantine Kalymnik was an Obama source!!

twit storm graphic for today

Joseph Mifsud: more questions than answers about mystery professor linked to Russia

Rep. John Ratcliffe Exposes Weissmann and Mueller’s Twisted Interpretation of DOJ Rules

Spygate: No Chance Obama did not know (Tom Fitton, Epoch Times; 7min clip)

Templars/Knights of Malta/Hospitallers/EU takeover by cabal DIGG

MSNBC: Mueller just destroyed our impeachment vid

New PDJT From Trump War Room

Viasat Pres-Broadband Srvcs. sold $1.43m in shares-July 22

Pence rebutts Mueller claim he didn' t meet with Trump as FBI director candidate day before appointment

Listen to Mueller's "stammering" on repeat? Dude is NOT all there!

Planefag update

5 of 5: “If confirmed, I will work tirelessly with this Congress and Secretary Esper to implement the National Defense Strategy to build a more lethal force, strengthen alliances, & work to reform the Department for increased accountability &

New PapaD Congressman Nunes gets it. The $10,000 is going to be the iceberg that sinks this titanic

Bernie Madoff asks Trump to reduce his 150-year prison term

Sperry twit: GOP need to turn over their questions to a staff counsel experienced in cross examination

Jay Sekulow thread twit on TODAYS HEARING!

“The last three hours have been an epic embarrassment for the Democrats. Expect more of the same in the second half.”

Details Emerge About Jeffrey Epstein's Mysterious 2007 Port Deal In St. Thomas

Perjury? Mueller Claims His May 29 Presser Had Nothing to Do with Potential Contempt Order in Russian Troll Farm Case – Here is Evidence to the Contrary

Iran Claims IAEA Chief Behind Nuclear Deal "Eliminated" By Israeli Intelligence

Mueller Report ‘mostly just regurgitated press stories’ – Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko

He wants to expose the fact that the SC is a frame up. It's at the end of this clip, worth watching. Guiliani

Mueller Says He Is ‘Not Familiar’ With Fusion GPS, The Firm Behind The Steele Dossie

Mueller Confronted for Stacking His Team with Hillary Clinton Allies

German NGO Sea-Eye’s “Alan Kurdi” ship to resume its illegal migrant taxi service

France: Migrants severely beaten by angry mob at the pool after sexually assaulting underage girls

Brexit in 99 Days, No Ifs, No Buts’: Boris Johnson Makes First Speech as UK Prime Minister

Lebanon accuses Israel of threatening civilian infrastructure

The Chase Court, 1864-1873

Was Bush actually giving the commands?

No Iranian drone shot down by US forces, aircraft flew over Persian Gulf for hours: IRGC chief

NYT spinning like a top

Israeli rampage of destruction in Jerusalem village

Twitter messing with Matt Gaetz's video?

President Trump's Tweets and info

A few good clips from today

DJT Tweet: TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE & Q drop #3475; DIGG needed

Israel-born Treasury official is at the center of U.S. policies on Iran

Omar appalled at being asked to condemn female genital mutilation by fellow muslim

The US Law Restricting Satellite Imagery of Palestine-Israel

Trump’s Personal Lawyer Jay Sekulow Releases Statement Slamming Mueller’s Pathetic Testimony Mid-Hearing

FEMA Twat: Nationwide EAS test on TV and Radio on 8/7/19

FEMA Twat: Nationwide EAS test on TV and Radio on 8/7/19

Boomerang company info

Coverage of Rusty drone pics by Western Journal

Rusty is gaining notoriety with his drone vids

US MIL Tweets and info

Bewildered Robert Mueller Claims He DID NOT KNOW Hillary Attorney Jeannie Rhee had Deep Ties to Hillary Clinton When he Hired Her

mein 4am talking points. Mifsud=Conspiracy theory

Chinese Regime Trying to ‘Steal Their Way’ to Economic Supremacy, FBI Chief Says

Pedo alert: Transgender ‘Lesbian’ Man Promotes Topless Pool Party For Teen Girls, No Parents Allowed

Shaggy Maggie and frens posting they think they won today

Bre Payton, journalist who exposed Mueller found dead. (Dec 2018)

What's goin' on w/QR bred titles and new locked 751 breds?

No More Wikileaks! Intelligence Authorization Bill Criminalizes Whistleblowers And Reporters

Herman Cain tweet on blue and white striped building Little St. James


DOJ seeks interview with Joseph Mifsud on Russia investigation origins

Planefag reports

Behind the Green Door DIGG, con't

Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler press conference at 4:45 ET: will call for POTUS impeachment

Priti Patel, previously ousted over Israel meetings, named UK home secretary

Mueller Day Info

President Trump's Tweets and Info

US MIL TWEETS and info

Wikipedia anons editing "Force of Nature" entry

Force of Nature

Robert Mueller Goes from Savior of the Republic to Bumbling Fool in the Course of 5 Hours

Facebook Agrees to Pay $5 Billion and Implement Robust New Protections of User Information in Settlement of Data-Privacy Claims

Mueller Corrects Himself: “We Did Not Reach a Determination as to Whether the President Committed a Crime”

Force of Nature page is being edited

Flesh-eating multiple-eyed ‘Obama’ flatworms jeopardise European nature

Peak Zionism? Is Epstein the Beginning of the End? UPDATE 34 to the Second Greatest story ever told

Interesting tweet by Maggie


Financefag reports

President Trump Info and Tweets

Chuck Todd checkem de floor


Everything Mueller

Proof Government & Cops Are Behind "Islamic Terror"

TEPCO says it will decommission Fukushima Daini nuclear reactor

Eggstein moar

Bette Midler Posts Racist Tweet Attacking Black Trump Supporters as Paid Props, “Blackground” – Twitter Responds

Planefag reports

Wyoming Valley West School district PA, threatens foster homes for students who cant pay lunch bills

ICE Apprehends 934 Illegal Aliens in Raids, Delivers Inspection Notices to Check Hiring Records of Businesses in 50 States

POTUS press conference on Mueller in US House Cmmte's (Judiciary/Intell)

Force of Nature Revision History

Netanyahu offers minister posts to URP to encourage Otzma merger - report



NK launches unknown "projectile"

President Trump's tweets and related


Reminder: Narrative change needed Stay vigilant anons

Very interesting Salon article from 2007 written by Sidney Blumenthal

Senior software engineer at Google: Tech is “dangerous,” “taking sides”

House passes measure endorsing all subpoenas related to Trump, his administration and his businesses

Mueller's NothingBurger Delux

Financefag Reports

Dem analyst mentions Qanon so they cut away to NOTHING!

The Power of Anon Research & cap

Reminder: Omar interview with AlJezeera (2-10-18)

Moar Eggstein island

President Trump tweets and info

Internet Archive's 'The Way Back Machine' snapshots wiki link that Q posted today re: 'force of nature', after 4 years of no backup done

Mayor says he tried to shut down Drag Queen Story Hour at library: 'Why would you have transgender people talking to kids?'

Fox news puts TRUMP in the brackets ,add graphic

Six people were killed and the mayor of Mogadishu badly wounded by a suicide bomber, Somali officials say

they even got a fake jim jordan

FLASHBACK: Rashida Tlaib Called for Donald Trump’s Deportation in 2015

Moar Mueller Bacon Double Nothingburger

Financefag Reports

Here's the video! Dem analyst mentions Qanon so they cut away to NOTHING!

Bilbo Nutenyahoo blocks Omar from visiting best for lastville

A federal judge has unsealed court records that confirm a former business associate of President Donald Trump cooperated extensively with the FBI

UNDISCOVERED STARS LEARNED Lots of Repubs shining their light these days, frens

Former prime minister of Israel Ehud Olmert canceled a planned visit to Switzerland after he was notified that he is liable to be arrested for alleged war crimes

Veteran climbs flag pole, fixes American flag at Navy SEAL monument


“huge Jewish lobby” across #America is silencing voices critical of #Israel's

/pol/ is a system board managed by the global volunteers and they have an anti Q bias

It's clear Mueller didn't write this report: Alan Dershowitz- Fox Business

African Bishop blasts Free-masonry, sorcery in new pastoral letter

"New" RBG interview-says she is alive-npr

Will Comey be the first to go down publicy for treason?

Rep. Kelly Armstrong on Mueller conflicts


anon proof: Deltas For Q drop & POTUS' tweets

MS-13 gang slaying: Panorama HS students-LA Times

Collage anon with a big one today (open it in another window as it is 11mb) and dat id too

Mueller Testimony-Vid with anon submitted Qdrop #3458-text only

Continued Digg of Symbolism on Epstein Island

An adviser to Khamenei said that the meeting with Hamas was a strategic turning point in relations between Iran and the Palestinians- from july 23rd

Moar Mueller panic fest and clips from hearing

EGGstein and his people eaters

Full POTUS smackdown of fake news scum ,get popcorn + POTUS news

Statements of Expenditures for Special Counsel's Office (2017-2018)


Financefag Reports

Canadian manhunt for teen murder suspects spreads across country

Video capture of military troops in Hong Kong

Another Win in Court for POTUS on Asylum

President Trump Tweets and info

FBI agent brother to cop accused of murder-for-hire plot, dead by suicide ('Sal' Cincinelli)

Sara Carter Reacts to Robert Mueller's Testimony

FBI Director Wray: Russia i.e media intent on interfering with U.S. election -reuters

Joe Digenova just said on Dobbs that Durham has already interviewed Mifsud

Sidney Powell & other legal experts discuss Mueller's testimony

"The Great Meme War (revision) -Vid

New Rusty drone footage - DJI 0026

Continued debate. Mueller -- black hat/white hat?

pb, Anon on Q calling Mueller "Bob"; white hat/black debate continues

Steve Pieczenik Weighs in on Boris Johnson, new British PM...NOT Good

Cooler full of male genitalia found during raid of Arizona body-donation center, according to new court documents" (bag 'o dicks?)

Misfud on Khashoggi's payroll according to papa d: anon speculates: Summers / Rubin / TARP / al Waleed bin Talal / Citi / Elizabeth Warren rabbit hole

DNC Head Tom Perez, who said he wouldn't allow FOX News to host any democrat debates, ran to Martha to spin the Mueller Hearings

DOJ Says Bill Barr, Wilbur Ross Will Not be Prosecuted For Contempt of Congress

POTUS has tweeted @ :33 three [3] times so far today, Every 2 hours thus far. What will the 6:33 pm PDT [during Hannity] tweet be

Feels good man

US MIL Tweets and info

Russia Urges "Independence" From "Imposed World Order" Of US Financial System

Two Uber Board Members, Huffington and Cohler, call a cab

Call to dig on Weissman

Syria Update

New DJT - TY @GOPLeader McCarthy

Epstein and Clinton WH visits post, dailybeast

PB, Vatican-like pattern in Epstein"garden" related to ORION/constellations/celestial movements

Gohmert Mueller exchange, stuttering (vid)

New DJT - Thank you @DevinNunes

CDAN Notable says anon

anon makes a precise triple connection

Wiki dig on "tannin from adrenal glands in the wine"

anon graphics 'Game Over'

Scribd Gohmert on Mueller

FBI agent brother to cop accused of murder for hire plot, dead by suicide

John Solomon twat - Gaetz questiong w vid

Rusty's Drone Videos in Daily Mail Article on Epstein Island

Mexico Sets Homicide Record As Country Descends Into Chaos

Victoria's Secret owner, L Brands, taps law firm to review company's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Weissmann Report? Stealth Bomber


There's no fooling you anons

Dank blank NS memes


PDJT/Q zero delta

Epstein injured in possible suicide attempt (1:07min vid), other stories

More Epstein Possible Attempted Suicide Sauce

DJT Tweets missed from last bread

Specia vs Special in IG report Q doc

Anon reminds us Q repeating drops is a cue to fire up the meme cannons

Elon Musk's Right Hand Man And Tesla Co-Founder, JB Straubel, Unexpectedly Calls It Quits

Congressional investigators seeking Nellie Ohr’s oppositional research on Trump family

NEW DJT Tweets

Q Post 3484 has a VERY long file name, is it code?

Transcript of Bruce Ohr’s testimony to House task force, FARM graphic

Japan, S. Korea trade barbs over export curbs at WTO

signature page, 17 days before POTUS signed in, page 17 and other excerpts

Ezra Cohen-Watnick went to the Farm CIA training facility

FARM graphic, Bruce Ohr, Ezra Cohen-Watnick

RAW SIGNIT S 2.3 EO 12333, incl PDF in single graphic

EO 12333 (Hussein’s) to extend powers of US Intel agencies

page 10 FISA and other text excerpts

Mexico Sets Homicide Record As Country Descends Into Chaos

Anon's hypothesis on "Worth remembering"

Anons talk Q's Raw SIGINT Guidelines doc, FISA and Executive Order relations

Q's Raw SIGINT Guidelines declassified 22 years earlier than it should have been

Was Epstein staging injuries to get a transfer?

Anon points out Q's epic id

What is Collusion infographic with Lynch and friends

Entire cap of SIGINT pdf from Q Post 3487

Anon conversion of Raw SIGINT Guidelines to one single image

spy agencies changed rules making it easier to unmask members for congress

Epstein, Trump, Bill Clinton graphic/meme, Ep’s little black book graphic

Dual Citizens in Congress called out in new doc?

RAW SIGNIT S 2.3 EO 12333

Epstein injury Q "Eyes on" #3491

Supplemental material referenced in SIGINT Guidelines & discussion

Doctored Presidential Seal?

The SIGINT memo has been made public, 22 years ahead of its scheduled declassification date

This IS The Declassified Document

The crew that talks to Q Shadilay faggots. It’s habbening!


Date is 1/6/2017, 5:31 pm.That was the same day POTUS got the TT briefing from Admiral Rogers and the 3 Stooges The day Comey briefed him on the Dossier

So, it wasn't declassified by Trump. And it wasn't supposed to be declassified until 2014

When Democrats spend three hours reminding Americans that ex-Presidents can be indicted

Notables for Jul 24, 2019

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