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Notables for Jul 8, 2019

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Articles on Q: 809 articles thru June 2019

Anti-vac online posts a crime in Canada?

Epstein's offender/predator page from FL Dept of Law Enforcement (last update 5-31-19)

More photos of helicopter crash that killed Elin Nordegren‘s ex Chris Cline and 6 others on July 4

Update: Moar Epstein accusations (luring underage girls to Manhattan mansion)

Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused of Luring Girls to His Manhattan Mansion and Abusing Them - NYT (see also pb)

Images and videos from raid 2005 on Epstein's Palm Beach home

Tiffany FitzHenry shares faves from Epstein's Little Black Book

Epstein flight logs (as PDFs)

"True the Vote beat the swamp" (won against IRS 6-6-19 after10 years; 2min vid)

POTUS compares AOC to Evita (we are watching a movie)

Planefag report

Incompetent arsonist who set himself on fire trying to burn down a synagogue will be held in hospital

Will Swalwell drop out of Pres. race tomorrow?

Reminder: Bill Clinton was once confronted about his 26 trips on 'Lolita Express' (6-8-18; 9 min vid)

Epstein unsealing & presser times

Anons take a re-look at PDJT 4th of July speech

Paper warned not to publish story - cover-up underway for Skaggs' death?

Iranian Earthquake felt across oil-rich province

GAA update "Unseal 'em all'' edition; #8866 to #8888 added

Recent emergency aircraft landings/news

Citizen Activist group petitions New Castle Police Department to hold Hillary Clinton accountable

Epstein Island dock pics

Muh News collectuh

Pipe Bombs detonated at SC court Sunday Night

for the fags (+ENDGM20 Q/Q+PROOF)

Quakefag reports

Swarms of BEES ‘wiped out’ in Death Valley earthquake mystery after 7.1 magnitude quake

US MIL Tweets and info


Thread from 2018 about possible connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Mueller’s FBI

interesting comments from Pelosi's daughter…

Image search "Clinton Epstein" Google vs Bing vs DuckDuckGo

Gillibrand Promotes Southern Poverty Law Center-Backed Bill

Anons hypothesis regarding gut problems in people

Jeffrey Epstein is being detained in the same prison as El Chapo and facing 45 years behind bars

Media Oddly Forgetting Jeffrey Epstein's Role in the Clinton Global Initiative

Top U.S. molecular biologist, 59, vanishes while out for a daily run on Greek island where she was attending a conference

SDNY frees two sex offenders ahead of Epstein bail review

Deutsche Bank already firing workers, today


Here’s a link to an interesting read (2015) on Epstein’s properties

Epstein livestream with commentary

US Mil Tweets and info

Jeffrey Epstein’s East Side mansion houses Russian playmates (from 2016)

Media await Epstein arraignment

Clinton Library REFUSES to Hand Over Information on Bill Clinton’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Bloomberg fear porn: "Epstein Arrest Is a Worry for Donald Trump"

Challenge to CA Ban on Guns for Young Adults Filed in Federal Court

Unsealed Epstein indictment

Moar on 2020 census investigation team

Epstein press conference at 11 am EDT

Jeffrey Epstein victims recall abuses

Ghislaine Maxwell and Ray Chandler DIGG, con't. (from Epstein indictment)

Charlie Kirk on census and why Dems want illegals to be counted

Epstein forfeitures; call for a DIGG on Maple, Inc

Lani Davis tries to protect Bill Clinton

All 2020 Senate Dems Absent for Vote to Send Humanitarian Relief to Border

FLOTUS on the way to W VA to talk with officials about opioid epidemic

Report on seismic activity on 7/7 around 17:00

US DoD: "Up close & personal" (Blue Angels)

Planefag reports

The indictment said his home was owned by Maple Inc

President Trump Tweets and info

[marina abramovic] institute list of supporters

Trump to Get Another 9th Cir. Appointment, Jay Bybee Seat Opening

[Cuomo] Signs a Bill to Allow Release of Trump’s State Tax Returns

Epstein Presser w/ screencap

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman will hold an 11 a.m. press conference today (Mon Jul 8) to discuss the Epstein indictment. Epstein to appear before a judge at 2 p.m. today

Epstein SDNY Press Release

pf report 'Open Skies Treaty Observation' aircraft aloft

POTUS' Approval Rating Hits Highest Point Of Presidency, New Poll Reveals

“Totally unsuitable”: Farage demands ‘globalist’ UK ambassador to US be sacked over Trump memos

US Army Europe Tweet-He lifts Bro!

Epstein presser vid1, Epstein presser vid2, Epstein presser vid3

Clinton's library has refused to hand over Epstein related docs

Flash flood ER in DC

FBI and State of Florida agreed that no federal prosecution will occur if Epstein stuck to his agreement with the state of Florida, including no “further” forfeiture assistance will be required for this case

"All the QAnon people are going to be freaking out over this morning" vid

Planefag update

@DeptofDefense Staying combat-ready is key

Robert Maxwell who named her after his youngest child: Ghislaine. Yacht

Boatfag update

Wall Street: Big Banks on Deutsche Bank: Restructuring plan may be too ‘radical’ and too ‘optimistic’

Haim Saban mislabeled Tony Podesta in pic BC and pedo frenz

Epstein wants another plea deal

Eric Swalwell becomes first 2020 hopeful to drop out


Epstein Map creation called

PDF Epstein flight logs

Victoria Bekiempis "Qanon" reporter

New PDJT w/vid

Federal Government Conducts Unprecedented Seizure of Massive Cargo Ship After Finding Almost 20 Tons of Cocaine on Board

Queen's Welsh butler jailed for sexually abusing a young child


SDNY: If you believe you are a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, call 1-800-CALL FBI

Live Tweeting Epstein hearing

Victoria Bekiempis in New York, UK reporter for the Guardian

twitter thread of reporter tweeting live in Epstein Court Room

Prosecutors Move To Seize Epstein’s $75 Million Townhouse

Pleads not guilty!

Facebook tools to monitor misinfo about self

Anon: Epstein indictment was one of many to be unsealed. Q crumbs

Epstein has claimed that he provided the use of his under age sex slaves to famed attorney Alan Dershowitz while staying here at his home, called Zorro Ranch

Nude photos of apparent minors seized from Epstein residence

Vanity Fair edited story on Epstein expose in 2002

Fmr. Ark. Senator pleads guilty to multiple bribes

Planefag updates

Update on UK pedophile who used online gaming to lure and coerce children to expose themselves

Reminder of Strzok's wife Melissa Hodgman

DR Embassy report

JW: Clinton attempted to alter her emails. Lawyer changes story

Crowdstrike goes public

USSS "Mass Attacks in Public Spaces Report" due tomorrow

Epstein pleads not guilty

Man pleads guilty to supporting ISIS

Conflicts of interest involving Amazon, Pentagon over $10B JEDI contract

Fmr. FBI official: Epstein indictment a 'placeholder'

Judge Berman is tough on bail. (Epstein)

Russian sailors prevented a global catastrophe?

Epstein bail hearing continued to Thursday

12 instances of "blackmail" in the crumbs

DJT Tweet: "I have been very critical about the way the U.K. and Prime Minister Theresa May…"

Reminder: Epstein's Flight logs

Epstein court stake out live

Trump sends top officials to attend Christians United for Israel

MSM/DS falls for the double bamboozle every single time

Over 1k Android apps harvest your data even if denied permission

Speaker Pelosi holds a press conference

Pence: ‘anti-Semitism has no place in the Congress of the United States’

SunTrust to stop financing companies that manage private prisons

Epstein bail memo

POTUS speech at America’s Environmental Leadership event in the White House

Dig on Pence's cancelled NH trip

Kevin Spacey pretrial live

Goldman admits the Fed has lost control

Navy trolling

Officials upbeat after most productive US-Taliban talks so far

LG Tweet: Barr/Tim Scott meeting for the FIRST STEP Act

Fake News tries to link POTUS to Epstein despite the evidence

Planefag updates

The mystery around Jeffrey Epstein's fortune and how he made it

Phil. CBP seizes ship involved in huge cocaine bust

Article in Harvard Crimson on Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein shared a plane with Dyncorp, State Department, and the CIA

DynCorp has been accused of child trafficking in the past. re:

Consumer credit hits all time high as credit card debt surges

At least 55 human traffickers captured in Turkey

Admiral who was to lead Navy will retire

Barr: Trump admin can legally add citizenship question

Netanyahu highlights Epstein's alleged connection with rival Barak

MBS’ sister go on trial in absentia in France

911 in Epstein's court sketch

Trump says he will 'no longer deal with' UK's ambassador to US. Associated dig

Dalton School tied to big names. Barr quit over Board interference

Grand jury involved in Republican fundraiser Elliot Broidy

Wozniak: Delete FB, conversations not private

Boatfag updates

Solomon files FOIA on Hunter Biden and State Department records

Epstein acquired mansion for $0 from L Brands (Wexner). Dig

Saudi Arabia's Abha Airport comes under drone attack

Marketfag: US Market Report

Sea to Shining Sea

Anon cross-references to create detailed Epstein flight logs

Prosecutors move to seize Epstein’s $75 million townhouse

First Citizens Bankshares Inc President and 10% owner sold $9.13m

Q clock update. Re-read crumbs

Washington Monthly QAnon piece

Planefag updates

Live: Pence on Israel Summit

Wikipedia has already edited Epstein's bio to exclude Clinton and Spacey

Epstein notable correction. Maple Inc

Trading Bitcoin is illegal in Iran

Planefag update

Gas station, Baxly GA

POTUS Rally July 17, same day as Mueller Testimony

Ray Chandler's Instagram has 911 posts

Bill Clinton releases a statement on Jeffrey Epstein

Nike still pushing the social justice angle

Don't forget about Doug Band

Reminder on Q crumb #1275. Sessions playing 4D chess

POTUS making marriages great again

Anon: Q's picture titled 'ChatterHealthBC'

DJT Tweet: "Spoke to @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy…" 1 min delta

Alex Salvi reporting on Clinton's flights

Follow the facts: Trump vs Clinton relationship w/ Epstein meme. (graphic)

Washington Time's article on BC's statement

USDA suspends honeybee research despite rapid decline of bee populations

Study finds psychiatric diagnosis to be ‘scientifically meaningless’

Michelle Obama's inaugural gown is covered in spiders

Schiff's Tweet on Barr re: Mueller's testimony

Les Wexner dig

Navy Trolling decode

Heavy article on Epstein's mansion

FLOTUS & POTUS likely have inside information on Wexner

Jeffrey Epstein: Inside the decade of scandal entangling Prince Andrew

Epstein donated to Bill Clinton foundation

Les Wexner's forest pool

Is Victoria's 'Secret' child labor in Africa?

Mad Hatter (Marty Torrey) dig

KinderCare dig

Planefag update

Q crumb #923 and #924: Models

Names in Epstein's little black book

Continued Wexner / Epstein dig

US Marines Tweet

Cont'd Wexner dig

Epstein the mad hatter?

Laybourne dig

Saavedra deleted his Bill Clinton statement Tweet

NYC Victoria's Secret burglary suspect accused billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2007 of molesting her as teen


Ukrainian Army hit with a rocket in June

MoveOn launches petition for 'wage gap' for Women's soccer

Rhino & Skyfall: 2 yachts that could transport people to Epstein Island?

Wexner digg, con't

Reluctant witnesses in FISA abuse probe agree to talk to DOJ inspector general

Occult Symbolism at Wexner's New Albany, OH mansion

Boatfag report

Roy Raymond (original founder of VS) committed suicide jumping off Golden gate

Tommy Robinson Begs Trump for Political Asylum

Anon on "Pelosi attempted block"

US Approves Sale Of $2.2 Billion In Weapons To Taiwan

Wexner digg, con't

Q Post 3330 on recruiting WH spies & Gen. Flynn

MSM distraction: Trump "associate" Sater to testify before House panel Tues

Boatfag reports

Iran Threatens To Surpass 20% Uranium Enrichment After IAEA Confirms 4.5%

All Q+ crumbs in one graphic

Planefag report

Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl he is alleged to have abused (from 2015)

William Barr recused himself from Jeffrey Epstein case

Look at the pendant (white rabbit)

Moar Vanderbilt pics

Former FBI Official: Expect DOZENS of More Charges Against Jeffrey Epstein

1988 Article on Vanderbilt's Son's "Suicide"

Anderson Cooper Will Inherit His Mother’s $200 Million Fortune

Gloria Vanderbilt's 'Doll House'

Anon on placeholders foreshadowing upcoming events

Anon reposts model photo full of cabal symbolism/connections to Victoria Secret (no sauce)

Wexner dig - Medical Angle (cont)

Anon: Where on the island did Epstein's jet land?

Kindercare dig: Rec'd $1.4 Million 2008-2013 with majority going to operations in Virginia ($1.3 Million) via DoD contracts

More Wexner digs into properties, wife

Clinton statement forgot one trip: Morroco - NY 7/13/2002

Best Buy Founder and Ex-Chair sold $14.85m in shares July 3-5

Etymology of Epstein Surname

Anon on Chandler, AZ

Dig on Wexner's wife's connections to Maryhaven (Behavioral Health Hospital)

Rachel Chandler Business partner Walter Pearce (from Chappaqua, NY) is related to her?

Anon's mindmap of Wexner connections: KinderCare, VS, Epstein

Entergy Corp Execs sold $8.69m in shares July 3

Wikipedia censoring Epstein's Jewish heritage?

Anon points out $3.7m in cash found Sunday was near Epstein island (U.S. Virgin Islands)

State Department Announces New Council on Unalienable Rights

Amazon workers at Minnesota warehouse plan to strike on Prime Day: Report

Fire breaks out near NSA Data Center and Camp Williams in Bluffdale, UT

dig on Epstein atty Reid Weingarten

The Wexner Senior Leadership (WSL) Program

Another day down and looking forward to tomorrow. #USASOC

Epic digtis by Q+ post gets a nom

ICYMI California billionaire Tom Steyer poised to announce WH run

teaparty.org post on Steyer and Epstein

Steyer twat - How did Jeffrey Epstein walk free among us for a decade while others sat in jail because they couldn't afford bail?

Notables for Jul 8, 2019

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