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Notables for Jul 6, 2019

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Planefag update

Cali EQ continue

Planefag update

Erdogan Removes Cetinkaya, Names Deputy as Central Bank Governor

Scavino twit @POTUS @realDonaldTrump has been briefed on the new (7.1) earthquake in Southern California. Teams will continue to monitor around the clock & provide updates to POTUS

2017 Chris Cline Forbes article dig

Bad call on EQ by seismologists

KTLA twat-'5% chance bigger than 7.1-"we're all gonna die"-kek

recent digs on cal coast/inland

5.0m quake in Russia-East of Kamchatka

sanity anon(s) with the 411 on whats going on referencing the NK 'event'- Sept

FB and GOOG have underwater cable plans (From 7/2)

GAA Update "[placeholder]" Edition: The archive now contains 8869 breads

New Koch-Soros foreign policy think tank headed by Iran deal advocates

Remember when the MSM assumed he was referring to the Democratic debates?

The U.S., China and Russia are honing their cyberwarfare skills

Since the start of the last decade, Defense Ministry teams have been scouring Israel’s archives and removing historic documents

Is Elon Musk Bored? Or is He Really Starting a Tunnel Boring Company? (vid)

CA Gov. Newsome activated the @Cal_OES state operation center to its highest level in response to quake

China Lake is that “babies in cages floor to ceiling in airplane hangers joint” in Springmeier's book

Arson is suspected in fire at home of daycare manager filmed abusing children

Ahead of deadline, Iran readies to increase uranium enrichment level

Fox news pushes Russian sub was behind tech outages

It appears the "hack" was on 9/25/15

Explosion rocks military unit in Azerbaijan, killing two servicemen - MoD

vid compilation of Fake news freaking out before the 4th of July parade and speech

Emergency services 'dealing with serious incident' - P.S.N.I. shutdown busy N.I. road

The British banking dynasty that's even older than the Rothschilds

Gov. Gavin Newsom declares state of emergency for San Bernardino County following 7.1 #earthquake

5 die when car crashes into cafe in Kortessem, Belgium

A sub, probably the USS Annapolis, arrives at Guam

POTUS said "We are going to Mars" during his speech

raniere on suicide watch and covered in ringworm

EQ Pics

Erdogan replaces central bank governor

Water. Doesn’t. Lie. #EarthquakeLA

Tanker Pacific Voyager in Persian Gulf: Status: Not Under Command

Rake the desert, rake the forest? baker's fave this bread

USMC: If it ain’t rainin’, we ain’t trainin’!

Deutsche Bank AG’s imminent restructuring is likely to claim a third management board member: Frank Strauss

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to write off bad loans held by a sixth of population and end costly state bailouts of private banks

Planefag reports

Another "D5" reference

California Gov. Newsom says in statement that he has requested a Presidential

Dutchsinse talking about the 7.1 latest EQ

New PDJT Tweets

could have been an attempt to avoid being caught in the Suez Canal, where security is greater

anon asks: What else could the seized Tanker Grace 1 have been secretly carrying? Are you 'Watching The Water?'

Lifetime to release film on NXIVM sex cult this fall

Alaska Court Rules State Must Pay for Abortions, So Governor Took the Money From Court’s Budget

New DJT: "Joe Biden is a reclamation project"

more than 14,000 "grotesque" indecent images of children on his computer

Strange that POTUS called him 'wonderful'

Turkish police find radioactive substance used in production of nuclear weapons in a car

Planned Parenthood Activist Refuted (10 min vid)

Turkish police seize $72mil in californium (used in nukes)

Emergency Declaration following 7.1 magnitude earthquake

CrowdStrikeOut: Mueller’s Own Report Undercuts Its Core Russia-Meddling Claims

USASOC tweet: #34eSFG having some fun in the fun. I hope no one lost a Nike

NK says freed Austrailian student had been spying

Anon on NSA leak & Q 2006 & 2184 (Snowden II)

Reluctant witnesses in FISA abuse probe agree to talk to DOJ inspector general (Kathleen Kavalec?)

Q post 1550 Amanda Renteria.Bridge between LL / HRC. Q CALL TO DIG!!

EQ basics

Adam Schiff/Monte Verde Pic, Sunland

Trump says favored nations clause on drug prices is on its way

Stanislav Lunev On Russian Earthquake Weapon

POTUS offers Kim ‘appropriate measures

Plantation Fla explosion Breaking, vid

Gardisil dig

Wolf of Wall Street producer arrested on money-laundering charges

JUST IN: ICE has deported 37 Cambodian nationals, of which 35 were convicted criminals, back to their country. They were charged with 3 counts of murder, 2 counts of rape, 3 counts of child abuse & lewd acts with a minor

caesar sayoc and PLANTATION FLORIDA

BREAKING: Ex-police officer Dionne Miller - SHOCKING revelations today outside The Old Bailey, during Tommy Robinson retrial. "The British Government wilfully allowed British children to become prey to Pakistani rape gangs. They issued a blanket ban…

Breaking:Westminster Bridge closed

before pic Plantation Fla

Carnival crew member overboard 30 miles northwest of Cuba; Coast Guard search underway

Is This The Huawei & Chinese Intelligence Smoking Gun?

These are the rules for members of the press in order to go inside the #AllOutDC rally, which is the antifa side

Shallow earthquakes at 4.5 to 7 Richter are consistent with Project Gnome numbers

Boatfag update


Planefag update

chart from USGS of earthquakes of greater than magnitude 4.5 in the past seven days

Everything around Ridgecrest and China Lake is strange

The 2000 US Census Asked Citizenship Question — Obama Deleted it in 2010 — Trump Wants It Back in 2020

Trump: Immigration Raids Coming 'Fairly Soon'

WH twit

Warmbier Family - Claim - 7.3.2019

anon digs Boring Co/Musk and Equake connections

In a sign of evangelical voters’ importance. POTUS is sending five senior advisers to a Christian pro-Israel gathering

pf reports

KANSAS Tweet- "thank you @CMC-Marince Corps, @MBWDC…"

anon speculates 'Coincidence that ALL July 4th, 2018 Q-drops were Airplane/Airport related?'

Top VPNs secretly owned by Chinese firms-july 3rd

Soros: Online Trump Supporters Will Be Entirely ‘Silenced’ By 2020-from Jan. 2017- Brock 'spoogin

US Army Tweet- 'Iraq's largest dam is now safe- red castle

POTUS' Fed Nominee Dr. Judy Shelton discusses her support of a return to the gold standard and her critical take on central bank activity-repost

Spain Says Iranian Oil Tanker Was Seized by Britain at US Request

Many succesive USMC tweets at 5:00 / 17:00. → Q500/1700 pointing to shifty

Moar on Ca E quake

Federal judge moves forward on census citizenship question UPI

Democratic congresswoman secretly sending staff into Mexico to coach asylum-seekers (POTUS press)

Some Underground Bases Listed by State

CIA tweets on FIFA WW C(o)up

HRC [1 of 22]

Scorcese’s The Aviator – Howard Hughes, Hollywood & the CIA related to Hughes digs above

Macron, Rouhani Speak for Hour Over Phone on Saturday

Whole world shaking?

Kevin Spacey questioned by Scotland Yard

Anon made an Adrenochrome vid

Why should I prepare? Be Ready!

Q Proof - "Promise jobs & money to all"

Undersea World War?

POTUS signs EO re. housing

Russian official helicopter crash

NASA twat: Can't track every single drop of water

Iran to lift Uranium enrichment to 5%

U.S Dept. Defense: A watchful eye / Q?

U.S Army: Doing your duty

Big Pharma Hikes Drug prices 879%

Continued dig on the names appearing on the last FBI Vault drop. Call to shovels

USMC Q proof tweet storm

The next crew to liftoff to the space station arrived at Kazakhstan

ISS Research twat: Floating water droplets

Single plan crash Civil Air Patrol - Oxford, MS

Explosion at Florida shopping centre

India's PNB says detects 38 billion rupee($556 million)fraud

Planefag update

HRC FBI Vault drop bun. (from multiple breads)

Epstein arrested

Anon dig on ann sarnoff

CIA made numerous redactions on Clinton's docs

USMC Tweet: "Judgment Day!"

Companion truth for Gardasil dig notable

Helicopter was transporting Cline's daughter to the hospital?

DB 'restructuring': 18-20k employees to be fired

WH Tweet: "The future belongs to the brave, the strong, the proud, and the free."

Illegal alien arrested on 100+ child sex crime charges in Louisiana

Obama's house in Indonesia?

Q: July 2018 - the month the world learned the truth

Bald eagles stir U.S. patriotism as web-cam stars

Attorney General Barr talking about Epstein

Florida explosion dig

Marketfag weighs in on DB's woes

Kevin Spacey grilled by Scotland Yard over sexual assault allegations

Q drops on Epstein

Epstein's flight logs

Occult symbolism on Epstein's island

Libya’s Haftar says he wants to expel militias from Tripoli

Oregon man pleads guilty for Instagram threats against Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

Information about the Department of Justice’s Attorney General China Initiative

Marine Tweet / Q drop connection

Buns of Epstein images, articles and memes

Bay Area home prices plunge in May, largest in 7 Years

Collected counter points for mockingbird spin

Biden says he has the dirt on Dem candidates

Buffalo man sentenced to 10 years for soliciting minor

Epstein once claimed he co-founded the Clinton Foundation

Epstein case tied to suicided NYPD officers?

Blackbird pilot dies at 93. o7

Team of fed prosecutors, public corruption unit on Epstein case

More: Epstein case involves dozens of alleged underaged victims

Turkey: $72 Million worth of nuclear weapon material found in traffic stop

vanity fair article Epstein/Wexner

Planefag update

Comey's daughter is one of the prosecuters

Epstein articles/memes

My Sweet Audrina synopsis r/t pic


Christina Pelosi on Epstein

Boatfag update

Notables for Jul 6, 2019

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