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Notables for Jun 18, 2019

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planefag report

Vanderbilt pics

Update on Toronto Shooting at Parade Today

@JohnCornyn"What does Joe Biden mean when he calls for a “physical revolution”

Obama and Former Italian PM Renzi Are Holding Secret Meeting Today – Experts Including Papadopoulos Suspect Meeting Linked to Spygate Scandal

Fitton: Emails Show Obama State Department’s Role in Anti-Trump Coup Cabal

Huma Timeline


DJT deleted pos

DJT screen cap, delete (EST)

Video of Shootout Outside Dallas Courthouse https://youtu.be/Hv0JM-bur4M

The Co-Authors of a Bestselling QAnon Book Are at War With Each Other!?!

Bethesda Millionaire To Serve 9 Years in Prison for Death of Tunnel Digger

Authorities say an emergency communication tower near the Oregon coast has been destroyed, causing over $60,000 in damage

It appears the Payseur fortune is now contained in a Corporation called GAALT industries

Virginia Man Gets 20 Years for Anime Child Porn

resignations in the news today

China's Social Credit Score (8min vid)

Why will someone pay $91mil for a Jeff Koons rabbit?

Anon's list of recent victories/happenings

Pentagon must meet new requirements before Cyber Command can split from NSA

Pacific Marines: "Start the week off the a BOOM!" (not a typo, kek)

Hong Kong leader apologizes, says she has heard the people 'loud and clear'

Aussie treasurer Josh Frydenberg pleased to meet in DC with US Treasury Sec'y Steven Mnuchin

DJT Aussie twats ABC. twat not corrected. Australian Broadcasting Corp? POTUS signalling? (In Australian bred)

NEW DJT w/CAP: Mario Draghi just announced more stimulus could come, which immediately dropped the Euro against the Dollar…

NEW DJT w/CAP: European Markets rose on comments (unfair to U.S.) made today by Mario D!

anon ties DJT twat to Qpost 1543 (D). One year delta for (D)

NEW DJT w/CAP: The Fake News doesn’t report it, but Republican enthusiasm is at an all time high. Look what is going on in Orlando, Florida,…

US Marines: Stand together, Fly together

For Keks: 18 People Attend Eric Swalwall’s Gun Control Speech Near NRA HQs

State Department identifies 23 violations, 'multiple security incidents' concerning Clinton emails

Presidential candidate vows to abolish federal government on day 1, then resign

Merkel visibly shaking as she poses with new Ukrainian president

Hillary Operative Who Met With Ukrainians to Manufacture Dirt on Trump Tries to Shut Down Public Event with Top Critic

Chief Investigator for Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Indicted on 6 Counts of Perjury

Facebook has announced a digital currency called Libra that will allow its billions of users to make financial transactions across the globe

new Merkel video not in lb notes

planefag reports on AF2 and GITMO activity

Orlando rally kicking off

Hong Kong protests: Leader Carrie Lam refuses to scrap extradition law

Donald Trump: U.S., Guatemala Negotiate Legal Wall Against Migrants

anon theories on Merkel shake attack

The @TorontoPolice Service is responding to 'numerous' bomb threats to post-secondary campuses throughout the city

New DJT w/CAP: German DAX way up due to stimulus remarks from Mario Draghi. Very unfair to the United States!

NYS: Undocumented immigrants can get driver's licenses

anon seeing 4's in prep for 7/4/19

The White House: We are building the wall!

Rep Mark Meadows: Let’s declassify the documents and find out once and for all what everyone knew (and when they knew it)…

Google Calendar is DOWN and no one knows where they're supposed to be. (bad guy comm hit?)

#US #CENTCOM just released video of #IRGC|ASF's Shahed-129 UCAV armed with Sadid smart Bombs supporting #IRGCNavy's special forces attack…

Iran: Two independent fuel dealers shot dead

Trump planning to live-tweet first 2020 Democratic debates: report

US MIL Tweetfag report

FinanceFag reports

lb MOAR FBI goin after 8 stuff

Planefag reports

Merkel shakes like Hitler did

Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Five Additional Broadcast Television Companies

Saudi Arabia puts it oil stations and terminals on alert

7.4 Tons of Venezuela’s Gold Landed in Africa—and Vanished

Dozens of Jimmy Buffett Fans Get Violently Sick in DR more digs bun

President Trump's Tweets and info

Past Bread Related to Payseur dig

Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples" (2016)

Asked who approached him about creating clinton server, Justin Cooper replied: “It would have been a discussion with Huma Abedin.”

What a great day to be alive Patriots! Rally Day! Bread 8672 FG&C!

The CDC has deleted the references in products using the WI-38 cell line from publicly accessible online materials

Cabal is desperate to keep their Sandy Hoax psyop going

Pat Shanahan steps down

MOAR Clinton in the water pic digs

33,000lbs of cocaine seized in Philly port

When POTUS Keeps the water or Takes water away. Comms?

Blackwater founder expands operations in DR Congo:

British neo-Nazis jailed after calling for ‘race traitor’ Prince Harry to be shot

US MIL Reports and Tweets

American Airlines Monday canceled 30 flights at Los Angeles International Airport following what it called an “illegal slowdown” by mechanics

The demonrats certainly are panicked about July 4

GITMO Frens pose outside the compound for Q research rally day! better post from lb

New acting Sec Of Def graduated from the US Military Academy the same year as Pompeo

Obama Alumni May Be Prodding Iran, Inadvertently, to War

Planefag reports bun

Gas pipeline explodes in Oklahoma

New Zealand man who shared Christchurch mosque massacre video sentenced to prison

Starbucks Goes Overboard on Progressiveness, Will Provide All Transgender Surgeries for Employees Now

Katherine Gorka, wife of Sen Gorka, is expected to be named by Trump as new secretary for Customs and Border Protection

US MIL tweets and reports

Americans are being recruited to spy for foreign countries

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bills That Hurt Free Speech And Due Process Rights

Tom Fitton: Obama State Dept. was ‘At the Center of the Storm’ over Anti-Trump Dossiers

Shanahan Steps Down as Acting Defense Secretary After Reports of FBI Investigation says mil.com

US Market Report anon with an update

Orlando Q people

New DJT and video - sparting for Orlando W FLOTUS

lobbying scandal regarding Ezra Friedlander from big league politics

moar Q apparel

PF Report(s)AF1 Orlando bound followed by AE4AE8, GRZLY 50 back in air, AF1 descending

culpability of 15 individuals implicated in DoS email investigation

FBI Vault Release Saul Alinsky Part 01 of 01

Fitton breaks down John Kerry's links to Steele dossier

Drugmakers' lawsuit ramps up fight with POTUS

Officials say they've seized over 16 tons of cocaine worth more than $1 billion in Philly-update

BUSTED: Clinton Arkansas Friend Richard Mays Exposed As Top NXIVM Cult Member

IL Sen. Taunts Gun Owner: Forget the Fine, Maybe We’ll Just Take Your Firearms

Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure

Rally Cam-Live Orlando

Former Disney VP Imprisoned for Child Sex Abuse!

PF reportU2 @60K over Beale AFB

Former UEFA Pres Platini Arrested into Corruption re: Qatar World Cup Award

One more mention for the GITMO frens crew "Q Research, Bread #8672, 18 June 2019"

Anons get SS guy to check out suspicious attendee to rally

Planefag reports

Trump Said Sponsors Will Pay U.S. Back for Welfare Benefits Given to Immigrants

"Whatever tonic Mr. Trump is selling, we need more of it." Arthur Laffer

Anderson Cooper says goodbye to mother Gloria Vanderbilt as her coffin is carried off ahead of her burial

Several Anons request noteable for >"WE ARE Q" as a chant

Grassley Responds to State Department’s Findings of 23 Violations Concerning Hillary’s Emails – ‘Violators Should be Held Accountable’

Hannity and Q used same [Wednesday] crumb

PG&E settles California fire claims with local governments for $1 billion

Arkancided or MS-13 Assassinations? Six Related Pizzagate Deaths In 72 Hours

Popular Music Website Accuses Google of Ripping Off Its Content

Pittsburgh Mayor Presents DICK’S Award for Gun Control Advocacy

DJT Tweet

USMC Get Some

FLOTUS Yellow Q wink

This is Not Another 4-year Election

Maggie's Twat

Corey L Tweet


Senators reach $4.5B Border Deal

Air Q(?)

POTUS refering to deleted HRC mails being existent in State Dept

Tourist: flight from Dominican Republic full of sick passengers

Even Drudge "Greatest Show Yet"

Trump spiritual adviser says 'demonic networks' have aligned themselves against president

POTUS 2020 Election Kick-off Rally Notes

Dog Rapist, Criminal Aliens Released by Sanctuary Cities Despite ICE Holds

Trump has more media attending his rally than dems in total attendance at their rallies

New POTUS Tweet

America's Managerial Elite Has Failed, But We Can't Get Rid of Them

USSS joint investigation leads to iowa man charge with multiple aggravated child sex offenses

Fifth Third to close 44 Chicago-area branches in July after completing MB bank merger

AMEN! Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Opens Rally with Prayer vid

Did someone say more flexibility ?vid

@101stAASLTDIV staff recently supported @10MTNDIV Warfighter, a culminating staff exercise merging real-world and digital battle scenarios to validate @USArmy units in preparation for future missions and deployments

A SATAN-obsessed boy sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl

Ama says mature 12year olds can consent to vaccination without-parents

Asian market report

planefag report

Saul Alinsky call to digg! Renegade?

AOC Sics Lawyers on Her Own Ex-Campaign Aide, Slaps Him with Cease-and-Desist

Rubio responds to journalist who called it 'strange' to see him at Trump rally

Maggie Haberman co-wrote review of tonight's rally in NYT

Roy Lynn Oakley of Harriman, Tenn., was sentenced to 6 yrs in prison for trying to sell stolen uranium enrichment equipment from a U.S. Dept. of Energy facility in Oak Ridge to an FBI undercover agent for $200K

Notables for Jun 18, 2019

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