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Notables for Oct 15, 2018

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80+% of F-35’s now cleared for flight

POTUS on Warren’s ancestry: “Who cares?”

Pedo director preemptively denying accusations, pending upcoming article

Spygate infographics

PA Democrat forced to resign over patriotic facebook posts

UK Ministry of Defense breached 37 times last year

Rasmussen: 51% of likely US voters approve of POTUS’ job performance

Turkish police entering Saudi consulate in Istanbul

Russia and UK might switch to economic settlements in their own currencies, as opposed to USD

MSM coordination sample for today

'Deep Fakes' worries are making the MSM news cycle again. Happenings imminent?

11 of 14 White House Fellows are Military

DeVos will not seek further delay of Obama for-profits rule

Sessions / Rosenstein press conference

Retiring Buncombe sheriff leaves Democrats, citing "anti-law enforcement sentiment."

Donald Trump assassination attempt by ISIS operatives was foiled by Secret Service last year

Possible happening from clockfag prediction

FBI concealed evidence that "directly refutes" premise of Russia probe

Saudis grant Turkish authorities access to consulate to investigate Khashoggi disappearance

Saudi Arabia buying up US Southwest farm land

Former WV star RB Justin Crawford has been arrested in Georgia on incest, sodomy charges

MIT plans college for AI

Glenn Simpson, James Baker and Nellie Ohr scheduled to testify this week

US Strat Com: "When you have a 'playbook'..."

JA communication not restored; will have severe restrictions

Unsealed documents show FDIC targeting lawful businesses

CIA releases 3rd set of PDB for Truman

Deputy Director McCabe OPR investigation documents (FBI vault)

Rumors of undercover McCaskill footage

ICE, CG and CBP seize 2,325 lbs of cocaine in PR

Human errors delay launch of James Webb space telescope

Authorities investigating suspcious letter that was sent to Senator Susan Collins

Syria update

Saudi Arabia reportedly preparing a statement that journalist was killed in 'botched interrogation.'

Meme-friendly news sites to use in lieu of social media

Sinema summoned a coven a witches to try and stop the Iraq war in 2003

Google's CIA/In-Q-tel roots

Antifa placed severed pig heads at polling stations and campaign offices in Austin, Tx

The CIA had a policy of ignoring declassification requirements

No Soup For You! MN Lefties protecting restaurants from mean Republicans

Go Deutschland Go! Germany deports associate of Sept. 11 hijackers to Morocco

Twitter is reportedly being investigated in Ireland for tracking users

Anon summary best summary: "Trump responds to fake Indian lady," Keks ensue

Florida Supreme Courtt: Rick Scott can't replace retiring justices b4 leaving

POTUS's approval ratings among blacks 35% now vs. 23% this time last year

Former Senate aide James Wolfe arrested for lying to FBI

Wolfe Plea Agreement

Sen. Hatch: Dems sent nothing-burger complaint letter

Cherokee Nation's Official Statement on Pocahontas

Cherokee nation official statement against Pocohontus

Ortel sauced twats re CF/frens failures to meet reqs of tax-exempt entity

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil (((Khazarian Mafia))) (2015 article)

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dead at 65, family says

Moar on Carlos Bustamante: education and board relationships

Anons suspect fuggery re: Vid of "Far-right Proud Boys" v. Antifa

Um, guys? What's with the all-seeing eye logo on FBI's Inspection Division?

Beaucoup de Q Clocks: Yesterday's, Today's, and classic 180-degree :42

Digg: sale of Paul Allen's private island

Pompeo Effect: Saudis admit "interrog'n gone wrong?"

Judge to Stormy re POTUS suit: "Dismissed, take her coat!"

Jewish Jew from Jewland shill overdoes it so much even newfags can see it

So much winning: Dean Heller pulls ahead of Wacky Jacky in Nevada

RedState OpEd takes a stab at explaining our NPC Tsunami of SJW BTFO'ing

Prayers needed for OpEd writer who believes HRC "Could still win in 2020"

Meet the Jewish "matchmaker" who brough Harry & Meghan together

Voter records offered for sale month ahead of elections

Good planefag stuff

Facebook Weighing Ban on Hacked Info - Cyber Head

‘No warplane to take off’: Russia’s S-700 missile system can cover entire planet

Some basics of the first two people in the [batter box]

Reminder: Pocahontas' cookbook was plagiarized

Trump could be the most honest president in modern history (WaPo)

Carter Page suing the DNC for RICO

Troll level 9000: POTUS will only pay Pocahontas bet if he can test her personally

POTUS headed to Houston to stump for Ted Cruz 2018/10/22

Sessions complains about Federal Judges in Heritage Foundation speech

Project Veritas Action: Sen. McCaskill hides liberal agenda from voters

Planefag update on C-5 squawking 7500

Highlight of Sessions’ remarks re: international crime EO and how he’s worked on it

POTUS gunning for oil pipeline regulations (sauce dubious owing to bias)

POTUS considering using military bases as transit points for hydrocarbon shipments

China getting pushback on new Silk Road project

New FBI docs show McCabe was investigated for leaking in 2017/02 re: Flynn, Trump

NXIVM Update

Planefag Updates

Defrauding America chapter re: C_A covert airlines (beginning post)

More Than Me founder steps down after article detailing sexual assault at her Liberian girls’ school

Carter Page on why he is suing the Democratic Party

Headquarters of Howard Beach nonprofit raided by feds in financial crime probe

Ex-ambassador to SA: “King Salman told me Israel was behind 9/11”

Australia recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Dating app for Trump supporters leaked entire database on day of launch

Cardiac stem cell treatment pioneer fabricated 31 studies

NPC tweets (for keks)

No, Facebook is NOT “Private,” Their Censorship Arm is Government Funded

China plans to launch satellite to test space-based gravitational wave detection

Fast, accurate estimation of the Earth's magnetic field for natural disaster detection

Caravan of Hondurans Marching to US Border Now at 3,000 People

Jeff Sessions names MS-13 as top transnational crime threat, ahead of drug cartels

Anon's theory: was Rodman a courier for POTUS to KJU?

US needs a space force because Russia is ahead on it, Trump says

Planefag Update Bun

Notables for Oct 15, 2018

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