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Notables for 8chan /qresearch/ thread #8676

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One more mention for the GITMO frens crew "Q Research, Bread #8672, 18 June 2019"

Anons get SS guy to check out suspicious attendee to rally

Planefag reports

Trump Said Sponsors Will Pay U.S. Back for Welfare Benefits Given to Immigrants

"Whatever tonic Mr. Trump is selling, we need more of it." Arthur Laffer

Anderson Cooper says goodbye to mother Gloria Vanderbilt as her coffin is carried off ahead of her burial

Several Anons request noteable for >"WE ARE Q" as a chant

Grassley Responds to State Department’s Findings of 23 Violations Concerning Hillary’s Emails – ‘Violators Should be Held Accountable’

Hannity and Q used same [Wednesday] crumb

PG&E settles California fire claims with local governments for $1 billion

Arkancided or MS-13 Assassinations? Six Related Pizzagate Deaths In 72 Hours

Popular Music Website Accuses Google of Ripping Off Its Content

Pittsburgh Mayor Presents DICK’S Award for Gun Control Advocacy

Notables for 8chan /qresearch/ thread #8676

13 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#9402)