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Notables for 8chan /qresearch/ thread #8670

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China's Social Credit Score (8min vid)

Why will someone pay $91mil for a Jeff Koons rabbit?

Anon's list of recent victories/happenings

Pentagon must meet new requirements before Cyber Command can split from NSA

Pacific Marines: "Start the week off the a BOOM!" (not a typo, kek)

Hong Kong leader apologizes, says she has heard the people 'loud and clear'

Aussie treasurer Josh Frydenberg pleased to meet in DC with US Treasury Sec'y Steven Mnuchin

DJT Aussie twats ABC. twat not corrected. Australian Broadcasting Corp? POTUS signalling? (In Australian bred)

NEW DJT w/CAP: Mario Draghi just announced more stimulus could come, which immediately dropped the Euro against the Dollar…

NEW DJT w/CAP: European Markets rose on comments (unfair to U.S.) made today by Mario D!

anon ties DJT twat to Qpost 1543 (D). One year delta for (D)

NEW DJT w/CAP: The Fake News doesn’t report it, but Republican enthusiasm is at an all time high. Look what is going on in Orlando, Florida,…

US Marines: Stand together, Fly together

For Keks: 18 People Attend Eric Swalwall’s Gun Control Speech Near NRA HQs

State Department identifies 23 violations, 'multiple security incidents' concerning Clinton emails

Presidential candidate vows to abolish federal government on day 1, then resign

Merkel visibly shaking as she poses with new Ukrainian president

Hillary Operative Who Met With Ukrainians to Manufacture Dirt on Trump Tries to Shut Down Public Event with Top Critic

Chief Investigator for Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Indicted on 6 Counts of Perjury

Notables for 8chan /qresearch/ thread #8670

19 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#9402)