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Notables for /qresearch/ thread #8576

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Democrats hate when America wins: Push back on POTUS win vs Mexico

PapaD Tweet on the status of the countries involved in SpyGate

List of recent 'mishaps' and suicides

Pence Tweet: Happy Anniversary!

Texas police chief, Army veteran, missing after being knocked overboard from boat

USMC Tweet: 44 rivets in the photo

Syrian Army reportedly kills over 150 jihadists, Turkish-backed rebels in 72 hours

France uses tear gas against Yellow Vests

Fitton trolls Comey

Oberlin College’s insurance company says their policy doesn’t cover the huge verdict against it

Seattle further spirals down into a dystopian hell hole

How the Clintons made money from Huawei

Vietnam elected as new U.N. Security Council member

DJT Tweet: "Just watched the Great @RickBarry44…" and POTUS correction

Planefag updates

HPV & Other vaccines dig

Notables for /qresearch/ thread #8576

16 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest