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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #9478

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New Zealand shuts down gun buyback website amid fears of massive leak of law-abiding firearm owners' data

Rabobank: "The Global Institutional Architecture Is Collapsing"

US to help ‘legitimate Latin American govts’ to PREVENT protests from ‘morphing into riots’ – Pompeo

Zuckerberg Defends Policy to Allow False Political Ads, Refuses to Discuss White House Meeting

POTUS campaign tweet and Habberman tweet: "no longer credential B'Berg reps, case-by case basis per Parscale"

Media Pulls UN Report After Finding Record-High Child Detentions Took Place Under Barack Obama not Trump (Video)

BREAKING: Lisa Page Interviewed By Left-Wing Rag, Daily Beast: Married Mother of Two Who Had An Affair With FBI Hack Peter Strzok, Claims She’s A Victim Of Trump…Feels Threatened By Americans Wearing MAGA Hats

USMC Tweet:"Cruise through this week with some aviation motivation"

Philippines evacuates 200,000 ahead of Typhoon Kammuri

Killary twat

POTUS leaves WH: on NATO and "BIG TIME HOAX" President Trump Says Democrats LOVE To DO NOTHING-Vid

anon(s) post moar on Senate seat election: Loeffler vs. Grayson: Loeffler/Sprecher/Abrams connections

Daily Georgia Senate seat update for Monday December 2 from metro ATL anon

Top Five Media Co's-2019 'tute investors- graphic

Predictive comic re: POTUS 1990 Heavy metal

CNN twat: "MockingBirdComms warns DeepSatetSwampers to go to warmer places for Christmas because it's gettin' too hot in DC!"

FLOTUS screencap (bakers present)

Trade War Propaganda → USA [Globalists] Teamed-Up w/ China Against (We The People) & POTUS

Where ya going Lynn?

(kek), (guardian article from 2015) Federal Reserve Proposes New Rule To Let Inflation Run "Hot" Ahead Of Next Recession

Invisible Dem quits Pres. race-MT Gov Bullock

Walter Bosley vid (good for newfags about NYMZA)

Big bldg fire in NE China

New law (Sweden) forces banks to receive cash, from Oct 2nd: Philly pushing for cashless stores

Jim Jordan Tweet: Page/Strzok

Anon graphic or theory or "delta analysis"

POTUS tweet(s)

(E-4b callsign), - AF1 up-Godspeed! pf reports

Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #9478

28 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest