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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #9475

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Screencaps of WH letter declining participating in Judiciary Impeachment Hearing

Supreme Court may expand Second Amendment rights despite repeal of disputed gun restrictions

India in very deep economic crisis, warns former FM

TLDR on the connection between Gamergate, NATO, Vatican, Islamic extremism, transgender state religion, and the Rothschilds

Lisa Page tweet/article: "I'm done being quiet…There's no fathomable way I have committed any crime at all." kek

Australian MP blocks release of info over AFP travel probe; Anon speculates this is the start of pedo disclosure in AUS parliament

Solomon: Ukraine Reopened Burisma/Biden Investigation Five Months Before Trump-Zelensky Phone Call

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Re: Fiona Hill, Anon speculates dual-citizenship is another way of looking at "FISA goes both ways"

‘Highly contagious’ human urine found in movie theatre forces evacuation…

9/18 article: Facebook Admits It's a Publisher in Court Filings

Anon's huge PDF of digs/news during 8ch/8kun downtime (8/7 - 11/21)

Incoming vax push: 53 dead in measles outbreak in Samoa

POTUS/Netanyahu call readout

Some DOJ press releases during 8kun downtime: TX Judge & former Mexico State AG sentenced to prison; charges in healthcare fraud scheme

Lisa Page not admitted in D.C. Bar, currently practicing under D.C. bar member supervision

Anon's notes on fake news 60 minutes segment

Biden falsely claims he has "spent a lot of time" with Kim Jong Un

Dan Scavino video: POTUS supporters cheering along the motorcade route as he departs Mar-a-Lago

Israel gets ready to join global quantum computing race

Video of 60 minutes's latest attack on Q: Youtube, "hate speech", and "conspiracy theories"

Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #9475

21 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#12692)