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U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta releases Thomas Caldwell, Trump Supporter at the Capitol FF on Jan 6th, to home confinement

Marker [2] today on Q day

North Korea's Arsenal Has Grown Rapidly. Here's What's in It

Little girl accidently shot by firearm in drug infested Apartment Complex

Ted Cruz controlled opposition?

VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effect Reports System) is hiding the alarming amount of injury due to the China Virus vaccine

Baltimore Will No Longer Prosecute ‘Low Level Crimes’ Like Prostitution, Trespassing, Urinating in Public and Selling Drugs

Evergreen Fire, Evergreen Suez, Evergreen Bridge BOOM BOOM BOOM?

Plane Fag Report

UK Supreme Court Judge Expects People Will Be Forced To Wear Masks, Stay Home For Ten Years?

US Makes Large Military Hardware Delivery To Ukraine's Army Under Cover of Biden Cabal Edict Of "Crimea is Ukraine"

Iran & China ink 25-year strategic partnership accord as both nations face US pressure?

Paramount+ reportedly removes SpongeBob episode about ‘Clam Flu’ due to similarities with China Virus pandemic

Utah Passes Law Requiring Porn to Be Blocked on All Cellphones, Tablets in the State

‘Quiet professionals’? US Special Operations Command appoints partisan ‘Diversity & Inclusion Pussification’ chief who compared Trump to HITLER

EXPOSED: Kristi Noem Is Pro-Syrian ‘Refugee’, Pro-Gender Bending Bathrooms, Pro-Trans In Women’s Sports – Revolver

Award-Winning Biologist Slams Peter Daszak And WHO China Virus Colleagues For Peddling Chinese Communist Party ‘Disinformation.’

Where is the Trillions of China Virus relief going?

Q has been dark for 109 days

GOP Senators Demand FBI, Secret Service Records On Alleged Hunter Biden Gun Incident

Head of Spain's 'Islamic Commission' , Mohammad Ayman Adlbi, arrested over Terror Finance Links

Facial Recognition Vaccine Passports Being Developed by British Tech Firms

Facebook bans Iranian Media Outlet 'Press TV' page AGAIN as Iranians decry move as ‘censorship’ & ‘attack on free speech’


Piles of People: New Photos Show What Biden Is Trying to Hide at the Border

3,964 Dead 162,610 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”

Eight marines and a sailor who drowned in an amphibious vehicle training accident were NOT wearing breathing devices because they had been axed to save money

MH370 Missing Airliner shot down?

Court Rules ATF Cannot Classify Bump Stocks as Machine Guns

6,000 apprehended at southern border Thursday, a third more than at height of 2019 crisis

How the Pentagon Accidentally Funnels Millions to Iraqi Militia Groups It’s Also Fighting

Cabal Puppet Biden’s Gun Grab Plan Is Really Class Warfare

The Ebola FF in Washington State, Oregon

Criminal charges (DUI, Reckless Driving, Attempting to Evade Police) filed against Kansas Senate GOP majority leader

Australian economist quits government after being censored for trying to reveal the truth about the lockdowns. The China virus is not a pandemic

"Absolutely An Open Border Situation": Cabal Puppet RINO Sen. Lankford Gives Firsthand Account Of Border Crisis

Watch: A Naval Historian And Master Mariner Discuss The Suez Canal Blockage

UN Israel continues demolition, seizures of Palestinian homes

Border tour: Senators heckled by ‘coyotes,’ Biden Cabal officials tried to block photos

LIVE: Save the children' protest in Los Angeles (video)

Cabal Puppet DHS Sec Mayorkas fires almost all members of Homeland Security Advisory Council

Cabal Puppet Kamala Harris backed decriminalizing illegal entry, closing detention centers; cited ICE-KKK 'parallels'

Big Tech's Outsized Influence Draws State-Level Pushback

Who funds Illegal Immigration? Who funds the Caravans?

Stanley Johnson Boris's DAD talking about population reduction in 2012

Biden is running a huge child trafficking ring at the border and using your tax dollars to run it

Piles of People: New Photos Show What Biden Is Trying to Hide at the Border

For the KEK!

Pentagon Linguist Spied For Hezbollah, Exposed Assets Involved In The Assassination Of Iran’s Soleimani

Texas GOP votes to close GAB account after Texas RINO Abbot smears platform as 'anti-semitic'

Here's the Debunking of CNN disinformation on Guns You Need to Read

‘Where’s Durham?’: Busy Trump chases ghost special counsel, prepares to visit US border

Another Al Qaeda affiliate member hunted down in Idlib Syria

Cuomo out of the news? Mass murder of the elder in Nursing Homes in 5 Dem run States to drive China Virus deaths up out of the news?

Another hit piece on Q Research - Many Q Followers Report Having Mental Health Diagnoses

RINO Cabal Puppet Kevin McCarthy whines about Illegal Immigration he helped create

Zuckerberg’s Election Rigging Group Sends VP to Be Biden Cabal’s Tech Director

Stuck in Suez Canal: Thousands of animals packed tight in ship hulls? Is a human classified as an animal? Comms?

FBI ignores Vote Fraud, searches for Yacht Captains

Indiana Gov. Holcomb to lift the mask mandate and all capacity limits on April 6. Arizona Gov. Ducey lifts mask mandate, reopens bars without restrictions

RINO Senators whine about Hunter Biden while ignoring massive Election Fraud

Biden Cabal's DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas FIRES all but three members of his advisory council - including Trump appointees - in the middle of the border crisis

A River of Doubt Runs Through Mail Voting in Montana

Look over there, not here



Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #16861

66 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#17031)