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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #16591

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Matt Crane, Critic of TGP’s Article on Obvious Questions of the 2020 Election Results in Colorado – Wife Worked for Dominion and Sequoia

Colorado Bill Would Limit Mail-In Voting, the Country's "Gold Standard"

Warren Buffett Just Sold His Pfizer Stock. Why?

El Chapo's Wife Arrested and dig

115th fighter wing airman one of two killed in a civilian plane crash in Wisconsin, was from same group that lost a pilot in F-16 crash in Michigan

Malcolm X's family releases letter alleging FBI, police role in his death

NYPD to stay out of mental health crisis calls, social workers will respond instead in Manhattan

Rush Limbaugh's widow announces virtual memorial service for radio legend in coming weeks

Chuck Grassley letter to Samantha Powers about investigating World Vision, wants to know why she protects terrorists and funds organizations

US treasury secretary floats idea of digital dollar maintained by the Fed

DJT Jr. tweet: The latest COVID "relief" plan seems to have much more Pork in it than relief

BREAKING: Boeing Delta flight diverted to Salt Lake City after engine issues

Cop Fired After Department Finds Out Shocking Intel He Allegedly Supplied to BLM Protesters

Biden tweet about Covid

Harmeet Dhillon calls out Kimberly Klacik's claim of losing because of RNC lack of support

Merrik Garland wants brief with FBI's Wray about CapitolBombing

Navy Will Make All Sailors Reaffirm Oath to the Constitution in Extremism Stand-Down

Video of Biden saying he was arrested at Capitol

Jill Biden about Joe: “I met him at a fundraiser for his campaign in 1972", despite earlier claim of meeting in 1975 blind date

Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #16591

19 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#16932)