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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #15278

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UK warns people with serious allergies to avoid Pfizer vaccine

DJT Jr for the Kek - Swalwell shat himself live on TV

Workaround for posting on clearnet

Vincent Kennedy on Ric Grenell commenting on the Swalwell situation - 'Tip of the Iceberg - Pelosi'

Firefox plugin workaround for Clearnet posting

Hunter Biden Criminal Probe Bolsters Chinese Scholar's Claim Of Beijing Infiltrating 'Top Of America's Core'

Dominion Voting Machine Flaws – 2020 Election Coffee County, Georgia Video 1


Briefly Noted: Roberts' Folly

Baker Change

Another workaround for posting on clearnet, WITHOUT disabling CORS

New Dan Scavino tweet (video cap 2nd link)

New ECW tweet - NROL44 launch Dec 10

Banning outside dining has no scientific merit

General Flynn tweet - #OVERTURN

Maryland WILL NOT be joining the Texas Lawsuit

Lin Wood - Keep an eye on EVERYTHING the CCP does over the next days/weeks

Kraken dig in wikileaks

Ric Grenell - The CCP asked Biden 2 weeks ago to change his messaging and he did

Ric Grenell - I wonder when the unbiased DC reporters will start asking who the CCP has leveraged?

Ted Lieu fantasizing about a Biden Presidency

Swalwell scary art

Happenings in DC with gun play

Sensitive equipment has been stolen from Russia’s top-secret military aircraft

Need sauce - 'CEO of Dominion subpoenaed by SCOTUS

PF Report

USMC tweet - towards chaos

Are we finally getting to the rotting corpses in the US Senate? 'DIFI trending on Twitter

Texas candidate for municipal judgeship dies of COVID-19 days before runoff election (dig needed?)

Jenna Ellis goes fight club on Washington Post and Cynthia Johnson

Virginia Schools being renamed to erase American History

Jeh Johnson says he won't serve in Biden administration

Kasich: GOP AGs Suing to Overturn Biden Win ‘Are Morally and Ethically Bankrupt’''

Colorado State House of Reps to hold Election hearing

PF Report - 17 MIL planes over CONUS

PF Report

Pa. weighing indoor dining ban, closure of gyms and casinos

Christine Fang was on the Dem payroll?

Mayo Clinic - Causes of Bell's Palsey (side effect of Pfizer vaccine)

Migrant caravan of hundreds sets off to U.S. from Honduras

DJT - We will soon be learning about the word 'courage' and saving our Country

Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #15278

41 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#16932)