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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #15075

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Despite push from progressives, Biden unlikely to offer Sanders and Warren jobs

8 U.S. House Races Still Have Not Been Called. Republicans Lead All 8 Races

In fresh blow to Trump, U.S. court rejects Pennsylvania election case

WOW! Shifty Dominion Uses a “FactCheck” Statement by CISA Group that INCLUDES DOMINION to “Prove” Its Innocence on Its Own “FactCheck” Page

Legislature to Seek to Reclaim Power to Appoint Electors: Pennsylvania State Sen. Mastriano

Carter Page Sues DOJ, FBI, James Comey, And Others Behind Crossfire Hurricane FISA Abuse

How Diplomatic Immunity Kept A British Teen’s Alleged Killer From Facing Justice

Keith Olbermann: Turn Trump hotels into prisons for 'enablers'

World Economic Forum –What do we mean by a balanced diet?#BoldActions4Food #Health

"Devout Catholic" Joe Biden does not know how to pronounce famous book in Bible

Liberals can't stop giving tyrant Democrat governors awards, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is up for TIME's Person of the Year

New book meticulously debunks NYT's 1619 Project. Instead, offers positive, accurate narrative of America's past

Mike Tyson Eats Roy Jones Jr’s ‘Ear’ in Thanksgiving Video

@AFResearchLab: With many folks enjoying #Thanksgiving leftovers this evening, it's hard not to keep flying high on that #FridayFeeling

Dr. Anthony Fauci Warns of Bleak Winter: Looking Forward to ‘Christmas in 2021’

Dark Money, Assailed by Dems, Aided Biden: Analysis

NOMINATION SENT TO THE SENATE: Brian P. Brooks, of California, to be Comptroller of the Currency for a term of five years, vice Joseph Otting

Acting US Defense Chief Pays 1st Ever Visit to Somalia

Statues Across Country Torn Down on Thanksgiving

BREAKING: USS Nimitz carrier strike group which had transited #HormuzStrait to return its home port #Bremerton, #Washington on November 9 is scheduled to return #PersianGulf in-order to provide top cover for the last #US troops in #Iraq during their…

Former CIA Director John Brennan Slams Assassination of Iran Nuke Chief as ‘State-Sponsored Terrorism’

Gov. Ron DeSantis Accused of ‘Killing Spree’ for Extending Order Blocking Shutdowns and Mask Enforcement

Big Labor Readies for Major Concession from Biden

@StateDept: Addressing China’s Coercive Tactics

Democrats' Gratuitous Awards and Questionable Accomplishments: Time's 'Person of the Year' Edition

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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #15075

26 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#16974)